Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book GET

prad3 ogb

There’s tons of info in it. Didn’t think it was that complete. There’s stuff I didn’t expect too, like a detailed summary of all the tournaments in the show so far,with the participants list, including BEEF OR CHICKEN, etc. Probably won’t post much from it, I can’t read it much after all. My Kanji knowledge is still far too weak. I read Japanese slower than Viewtiful Joe using his SLOW skill. Also director asked people not to divulge all the info in it on the net. I’ll just read in priority the things that interest me and take some time to look up every Kanji. Then I’ll post things I feel interesting enough to point out. Like, just discovered they use motion capture for the CG; They ask someone to do the choreography then they reproduce it.

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One Response to Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book GET

  1. blade says:

    Hey, thanks for all of your translations! I really appreciate it. I actually wanted to buy this book but missed my chance and now it’s getting scalped like crazy online. Instead, I ended up getting the Prism Star Visual Book, the PriPara & Pretty Rhythm Perfect World mook, and some of the magazines. I was wondering, if you wouldn’t mind, if you could send me some pics of the anime guidebook? I’m interested in the profile pages and the character/settings/etc. design pages for reference. I would be happy to send you pictures of the comics and anything else from the books that I have. We can discuss this more somewhere else if you’d like. Thank you.

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