Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 43

prad3 43 01

As much as I like anime, I tend to try to never get too deeply involved with it. There’s more important things in life and in the end, it’s just a hobby.
With that said, OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD THIS EPISODE WAS SO AWESOME. PRETTY RHYTHM RAINBOW LIVE BEST ANIME OF 2014. FINALLY GOT MY JUNÉ VS RINNE AND IT WAS SO GREAT. I don’t think something else will top the level of awesome, incredible twist, and deepness of this episode, besides more episodes from the show, specifically it’s ending.

prad3 43 000000

Momo did some really funny faces.

prad3 43 0000000000

I want a daughter so I can watch Pretty Rhythm with her.

prad3 43 00

Blasting off organs is a pretty old trick in the book to indicate that you’re about to go super deep. The fact that the venue looks like a church and the statue placement seems to have been all for the sake of this scenery presentation at the beginning of their performance.

prad3 43 rinne juné leg lift left prad3 43 rinne juné leg lift right

Not gonna lie, their legs look good. If there’s one thing done bad when characters are in CG, and that Rainbow Live does perfectly, it’s proportions. (Well I can actually enlarge that to most character designs these days even not in CG but it’ll make me digress)

prad3 43 02

Notice how in some scenes you can actually see the partner in the background. The camera switching was really great too, since they used the whole stage skating and dancing around and didn’t stick together. Like I already said, the CG in Rainbow Live is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and not only on looks, the camera, effects and lip synching are great too.

prad3 43 08

All that commenting of the characters watching. Like the guys on 2ch says, “SUDDENLY ITS A BATORU ANIME”. I’m happy Coo made a comment on their aura too. They don’t talk about the whole STAR AURA and ZOOOOOOOONE!! thing much in Rainbow Live anymore. There was an interesting comment too by Kazuki, who said “it’s beyond the level of male Prism Shows”. Remember he’s supposed to be a huge Kurokawa Rei/Coo fan so to his eyes Rei’s Prism Shows are the best. In any case, this means that male Prism Shows have a huge place in Rainbow Live. Speaking of which, Jin will tell Hiro to compete for Edel Rose at the Prism King Cup, so I really wonder if they’ll be able to make a boys unit after all… Seems like Kazuki gonna get trained by Coo next week? So I’m not that sure about how things will go anymore.

The lyrics of their song are really well thought too. It didn’t shock me as much as Kazuki’s reprisal of Hiro’s words”We don’t want to be winners, we want to be heroes” but that’s mainly because I watched the episode first on the big tv, and when they were singing my mom was on the phone so I tuned down the sound(She really laughed when seeing Juné’s haircut). Only got to hear them properly when I listened to it again now. Also, not only the choreography is good, but just like with Juné’s solo song, some of the stuff they say in the lyrics reflects their current movements.(“close your eyes” etc)

About the song itself, I think it’s based on one of the BGM songs but I’m not sure. I’ll check the jp blog I go to that has super deep analysis, once they posted about the ep, to see if I’m right.

prad3 43 13

Some of the lyrics is stuff Rinne and Juné said throughout the show, like to Ito in episode 37  :”You can’t change the past, but you can change people’s heart”. And Juné’s “It’s small things that make up a world” from last week’s jikai.

prad3 43 09

Didn’t think we’d get to see Juné sama rock a guitar. That’s really nice. The guitar getting crazier and crazier at the same time of their jumps is just too awesome.prad3 43 juné rinne gif 01prad3 43 juné rinne gif 02 prad3 43 juné rinne gif 03prad3 43 juné rinne gif 04


prad3 43 12


prad3 43 11 prad3 43 10

It was the most Shounen-ish Prism Show since DMF ended, complete with the commentaries. Hijiri and Coo did a nice job commenting with “Their level doesn’t belong in this world (how fitting)” also:
They sure managed to get me fanboy like crazy there. This was one of the hypest things ever in the history of anime, along with the best scenes of DMF and AD.

I’m surprised myself I was right all along about Juné=Rinne. I didn’t even believe it myself anymore at some point. They’re not exactly the same person but clones kind of thing though. Like we already know, Juné is also from the Prism World. What they said is that she’s the “Rinne” who came to this world before the current Rinne. Part of me is a little bit disappointed I did manage to figure out their connection after all, because it means they didn’t pull off something I didn’t expect. But that’s just a very small part of me. I greatly enjoyed the ride till today’s reveal. I guess the fact that I just really like Pretty Rhythm and it’s one of my favorite shows ever, explains why I can speculate about it so much, and how I managed to guess things so well. It doesn’t happen often that I predict everything right about a show’s plot.

I did get something backward though. Juné is actually the one who wants to stay, and Rinne is the one who wants her to go back to the Prism World.(And Rinne herself will go back too at some point). I thought that Rinne would be the want to stay with Naru and that Juné resolved herself to get separated from Hijiri.

prad3 43 2deep4u 00

Juné changed into Rinne’s appearance at the last second of their clash. All the Prism World messengers are Rinne clones. Juné is the previous one who came to this world before the current Rinne.

Btw, the thing they call “purizumu no kirameki/prism radiance”, they never really explained it, but basically based on my knowledge of the three seasons, it’s some magical thing that makes you do special stuff. It’s thanks to that that Prism Shows work. For example in Rainbow Live, everyone can do Prism Shows, but only those with a lot of Prism Radiance can do Prism Live or a variation of it? Something like that.

Translation of the deep chat to the moon along with my comments:

Juné: I’m the only one who can propagate prism radiance in this world.
Rinne: Your duty is already over! Return to the Prism World!
Juné: Not yet!! I’m sure I can still make this world’s (prism)sparkle shine.
Rinne: It’s impossible! Both your body, and this world’s prism radiance have started to break down.(I guess unless Juné returns to the Prism World, Rinne can’t take over the job, and as Juné can’t do it well anymore, this world’s prism radiance is falling. Which is why current Rinne got in this world)
Rinne: The Night Dream Feather are wings that feed off on lives, if you stay in this world any longer, you’ll end up annihilated. (I think current Rinne’s wings and every Rinnes/Prism World messengers have that problem too.)

prad3 43 2deep4u 01

Juné: I can’t go back yet. Not before the prism radiance becomes more and more powerful.
Rinne: This world’s radiance needs to be supported by this world’s inhabitants. An inhabitant of the Prism World staying at the top (of Prism Shows) in a world is something that must never happen.
(I guess Juné’s initial job was to do 4 jumps and make people like Hijiri who were anxious/getting uninterested about Prism Shows get back to their feet. After that she stayed in the world instead of going back.)
Juné: I can’t leave this job to this world’s inhabitants yet (=Naru and co. That’s pretty much what I guessed and wrote about last week: “Juné and Rinne both have  “something to do”,  Juné doesn’t believe in Naru and co and wants to do it herself while Rinne believes in them)

prad3 43 2deep4u 02

Juné: If I go back now, this world’s prism radiance will be lost. (Meaning Prism Shows will disappear or that people will get uninterested in them)
Rinne: Which is why you should leave it to me!
Juné: I can’t rely on you, why would I when I’m stronger than you.
Rinne: You’re out of time! We can’t stay in this world forever. You have to go back to the Prism World as fast as possible or not only your body will break down, but also the prism radiance will completely disappear from this world (Naru’s world)
Juné: There’s nothing wrong with my body.
Rinne: The first thing to break down is your heart!! Then your body. Eventually your heart will completely break down, then your body will decay (That’s what the line from the jikai last week referenced. Now that I saw this episode, I realized in that jikai, Juné and Rinne were actually answering each other. When Juné said the heart’s glitter is the prism radiance, she meant that she can propagate it thanks to her love for Hijiri)

prad3 43 2deep4u 04

Juné: We have eternal lives. We will never die. If you don’t like what I’m doing, then beat me at a Prism Show!!
Rinne: You can’t win against me!
Juné: I’m the one who will win. After all, you don’t know true love. Usually we,  travelers of worlds, always loosing our memories, can never find true love (This means Rinne and Juné will loose their memories of everyone when they go back. Well, if they go back.)

prad3 43 2deep4u 03

Juné: Someone who doesn’t know true love, cannot release true prism radiance. But I have learned about love. I have someone I love. There’s someone who loves me!!
Rinne: We cannot stay forever with people of this world. We don’t age. However humans grow old and die. We will definitely get separated from them one day.
Juné: If I have this love, I can live in this world forever. I can propagate the prism radiance in this world forever!! (You think she’s planning to make Hijiri immortal? If Pretty Rhythm was like most of today’s shoujos then that would be her plan, with vampires stuff being popular and all. In any case that’s where you can easily see the flaw in her reasoning, just like Rinne pointed out right after).

prad3 43 2deep4u 05

Rinne: Human’s hearts are hollow. People can lie just fine. You shouldn’t believe them this easily.  (Wow totally didn’t expect that, this is just like the HEROES & JUSTICE GETTING TOLD speech that Aira did all over again)
Juné: Hijiri really loves me! His love is real!! He loves me!!
Rinne: Are you really sure about it?
Juné: I’m not wrong! I can tell! It’s obvious he loves me!!
Rinne: Thinking like that is dangerous.
Juné: Someone like you who doesn’t love anyone doesn’t have the right to speak to me about it!! I don’t have anything to tell you anymore.

Now you could say, why did Rinne have to go with Juné and do a Prism Show with her so they could talk? Couldn’t they have just done it normally?
NOPE, THIS IS PRETTY RHYTHM YOU NEED TO FLY TO SPACE TO HAVE PSYCHOLOGICAL DISCUSSIONS. Not gonna spoil but this is pretty much asking “couldn’t they have just talked normally” when speaking about the end of DMF and how they resolved the Aira Shou Yun Su love triangle. They had to do all that to make it awesome. That’s how they roll.

I’m happy all the hints so far do makes sense now. Some I can think of now:

1/ The comment on the Night Dream Feather Wings explains why Rinne was shocked to see Juné’s wings in episode 32. It made her realize that Juné is a Rinne/messenger just like her, and that she’s overstaying in this world. My own interpretation is she got sad and cried thinking Juné will die if she stays like that, but she’s doing it anyway, which is why Rinne asked her “Is this your happiness?” As in staying there with the one you love even though you’ll end up dying.
2/ Juné used to have the same wings as Rinne (the before 5 jumps version) because they’re both prism world messengers.
3/ Juné was tired and asked for Naru to do the charity show because her time and power in this world is running out.
4/ Starn was really restrained by Juné in some way and we weren’t just thinking too hard about it. Starn doesn’t acknowledge Juné as the current Rinne/Prism World Messenger anymore which is why he went with Rinne.
5/ When Juné talked to Hijiri about how Kaguya Hime must return to the moon, she was actually talking about all the Rinnes/PW messengers, not just her or Rinne. It’s even more fitting now too, because just like Kaguya Hime, they loose their memories each time they move from world to world.

prad3 43 juné full

I feel really bad for Juné. They did a really good job with the scene backstage with Hijiri. Seriously that was really painful to watch. Rinne’s speech and that whole scene really made me wonder if he loves her or not after all. Though, I can understand he was pretty much scared of her after the show. Like Hijiri said himself: “Prism Shows are evolving into a whole another dimension” (That Prism Show was as flashy Saga’s ANOTHER DIMENSION after all) And like how Coo said: ” That’s not stuff humans can do anymore”, so yeah. And then Hijiri had to mention Rinne too… Juné’s situation really sucks. The show managed to make me feel bad for Bell after she was a huge bitch, then the same thing happened for Hiro and now for Juné too. I hope Naru finds a way to help her like she did for them.

prad3 43 16

If you’re wondering why the Juné & Rinne duo only won by a small margin, they said it’s because they didn’t do duo jumps even though it’s a duo tournament. Pretty much a way of saying they won even though it wasn’t even their final form. No one saw their discussion to the moon, except Naru who somehow perceived it, as she’s the heroine and Prism Newtype. Seems like Rinne will tell them all about it next episode.

prad3 43 17

I also really loved Bell’s “I’m thankful to be born in the same era as Amou Juné”. I could make some Hokuto No ken references now and how THREE INHERITORS WERE BORN IN THE SAME CENTURY THIS IS THEIR TRAGEDY but that post is already long.

I guess you can finally call Juné the “antagonist” with an actual reason now. I still like her though. Also, in my opinion there’s never been a real antagonist character in Pretty Rhythm seasons. They don’t put out obvious bad guys like in kids shows. In Aurora Dream it was Kyouko and Sonata’s views clashing together, there was no villain. In Dear My Future, there was a villain, but while he did some pretty evil thing, in the end too, you could see it as a clash of views of how you should consider Prism Shows as entertainment. It was very similar to the dynamic between Hijiri and Jin in RL. Jin thinks Prism Shows are based around skills and performance only and doesn’t want to hear about any “heart” and “prism radiance”. Speaking of Jin, he’s the one I’d call the antagonist rather than Juné, Juné is just stupidly in love with Hijiri even if there’s a risk of making Prism Shows in this world disappear. Jin’s the only one who did some really really evil stuff, breaking Hijiri’s leg. But even then I’m sure he’ll get a beating from his dad at the end and become a good person. I also hope that Hijiri will realize that he loves Juné after all. Not sure whether they’ll get their happy ending together or not though, since she’s already starting to decay. But that’s where Naru will come in. I really hope Juné & Hijiri gets happy.

There’s surely going to be a round 2 of Rinne VS Juné duel, with Naru and co helping Rinne this time. I guess once all the penguins can evolve to final form with clothes they’ll do a Rainbow Live and manage to beat Juné, and save her if they can.

Back to what I was saying in the introduction & side notes. I never used to call shows “best of the season/year” until I saw Pretty Rhythm. I don’t like the expression, it’s mostly used for trollish purposes. But I just want to accentuate how much I like it to those not watching it by saying it. I’ve never been a fan of ranking shows or such. I have a long list of “favorite shows ever”, and Pretty Rhythm is just a part of it like many others. It’s true Pretty Rhythm is my favorite thing airing for three years straight though.

I wonder if there’s going to be some Valentines stuff next episode. They did a Valentines ep in Aurora Dream(ep 44, and it was really great, that scene with Rizumu and Hibiki in the snow) but they didn’t do one in DMF iirc.

I was right about Jin being the demon coach of Rainbow Live, seeing he wants to over train Bell… Maybe it won’t happen though as I think Hiro will take Bell and get out of Edel Rose before he strains her too much. Also usually demon coaches still care about their students, but Jin doesn’t care about Bell.

It would be cool if they change the OP a bit starting next week to reflect what was revealed in this week’s episode, like they did with DMF 4th OP. They could make Juné’s appearance change to Rinne’s or something.

Anyway, I didn’t tremble this much with excitement watching anime since the ending of Dear My Future so it was pretty much just as great. And that’s knowing Dear My Future’s ending included stuff deeper than eva and swords and time travel, without spoiling anymore. That GUITAR STAR SPACE DUEL + DEEP EARTH TO MOON TALKING was just as over the top. Really looking forward to the next episodes.

Random things:

prad3 manga page december issue puchigumi

In this manga page from the “Puchigumi Rainbow Live” manga from Pretty Rhythm Fan Magazine December issue, Naru made up different haircuts for everyone. She’s talking about how she can’t change Rinne’s because Rinne went with Juné and how they’ll win the duo tournament and get her back. The Rinne betrayal happened in episode 39 which aired the 28th December. That magazine gets release at the beginning of each month, so it was released before. And it’s the December issue if I’m not wrong, so it means it was released on November (month issue magazines gets released the month before)
This means they don’t mind doing side stories about stuff that didn’t happen in the anime yet and spoiling stuff (though if you saw DMF or even not you’d know Rinne would leave them).
Maybe that’s the only time it happened though. Kinda sucks I can’t read Puchigumi unless I import it since no scans.

prad3 otoha replacement girl fish & chips

The Otoha lookalike girl is in a little corner in the “side characters” pages of the guide book, implying she really is Chips.

Gonna post Twitter stuff later along with more details about the episode if nothing goes wrong.

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