Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live 43 + staff tweets since episode 42

artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 juné rinne duel guitar final version


Besides the usual tweets from the staff and merchandise info I want to write more things about episode 43 first. Was so hyped about the Juné Vs Rinne thing I didn’t take the time to write about all the other little details of the episode.

prad3 43 funny rinne 01 prad3 43 funny rinne 02 prad3 43 funny rinne 03 prad3 43 funny rinne 04

Rinne makes a really funny expression in the split seconds she blinks.

prad3 43 starn

Starn can become the orchestra with the baton or a guitar.  Also in my episode 42 post I said that Juné didn’t use her full power in episode 32 because starn never goes to the 2nd form(with hair) but maybe she can’t anymore and only Rinne can.

prad3 432 juné guitar

Juné had the exact same guitar as Rinne except with her name written on it.
Juné and Rinne’s duo song is called “Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend”. I guess Sevendays Love refers to Juné and Sevendays Friend to Rinne. Lyrics were written by Akao Deko/Mieno Hitomi like every other Prism Show song in Rainbow Live. Arrangement and composition was done by Sato Tsuneyoshi. The only other song he did is “nth color”, Juné’s solo song, which is why they sound similar. That’s why I though the duo song was based on a song I already heard in the show like a BGM song. It reminded me of Juné’s solo song.

prad3 43 juné door

There was a very tiny animation error when Juné was leaving, they forgot to draw her gloves when she opened the door.

prad3 43 half

This episode also had the longest first part ever since Pretty Rhythm started.

prad3 op1 rinne tears

Besides the need to follow the anime tradition of “the girl crying in the op” shot, we actually know now why Rinne is crying in the first OP during the shot with her and Juné. Like I said in the other post, she’s sad that Juné’s staying in this world even though she’ll end up dying.

prad3 43 jikai 05

If you look closely at that scene in the jikai you can recognize the tatami mats and walls of Hiro’s  apartment. Kazuki will go to Hiro’s place in episode 44. I said in a previous post that episode 44 will be the aftermath of 43 and that 45 will have the boys unit thing but seems they’ll do both in one episode. Some other predictions too: the Prism Queen Cup will probably last three episodes, so I guess it’ll start in episode 48. Don’t worry if you think they won’t have time to resolve everything, they had even more characters and plot points in DMF and still managed to tie up everything and give everyone a satisfying conclusion.

There’s also stuff I didn’t notice myself and read on other blogs, 2ch and twitter:

prad3 43 chips

Chips/fake Otoha is nervous to stand near Bell because of what she did to her before. I wonder if she knows Bell isn’t a bitch anymore.

prad3 statue comparison pic

Not sure I ever pointed it out: The Prism Show Association statue is a statue of Sonata. What I didn’t notice about it is the fact that back in the Try Grooving Session, it had Aurora Rising wings during Prism Live but now in the Winter White Session, it has butterfly wings, representing Symphonia jumps.

prad3 43 ranking fullprad3 43 other duos

The duo pair in kimono(top left) are the Iwaki Yamada duo the announcer mentioned at the beginning of episode 41. Like I already said, they’re a reference to Dokaben.
The two wild savage girls  Kyoko and Mika(top right) are doing the Athena Exclamation pose again. The third girl from episode 25 isn’t here though.
The two at the bottom right are the Julian & Charlotte duo. Got no idea if they are a reference to something or anything. Didn’t see anything about it.
And of course, at bottom left is BEEF OR CHICKEN.

prad2 prad3 hiromi

You didn’t see him in this episode, but one of the classmates of Naru and co is Hiromi Yuu from Dear My Future. He’s the guy from episosde 32 of DMF who worked for Pretty Top.

prad3 irua rinne juné version 1


Someone on 2ch said: “What if Hijiri doesn’t love Juné because just like they showed in episode 32, she reminds him of his mother. So he can only think of the affection she shows toward him as motherly love.” Now that’s deep stuff.

From the usual deep analysis jp blog: “What if in Aurora Dream and Dear My Future’s world, Kei (Kyouko’s mom) was actually that world’s Rinne? It would explain why she acted so cold toward human beings too.”
Well now that’s something I wouldn’t have thought about. It makes sense too now that I think about it. She’s the first person ever in the AD/DMF world to have done the Aurora Rising after all. That’s a really good theory but sadly it can’t be correct. Rinne said that Rinnes are supposed to be immortal and do not age. Kei did age.

There’s a lot of new Juné pics on pixiv&twitter. Some pretty funny too. I feel like posting a few of them plus the artists comments on the episode:

artist ここあ prad3 juné post

“Why do all the Pretty Rhythm characters I like end up falling into the dark side…”

prad3 juné water joke artist blush

Joking about how Juné was actually thirsty after all that talking.

In other news, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is licensed by Animax Asia for the English Dub and started airing on January 31, 2014 in the US.

On Twitter

Director’s tweets

On the pages dedicated to the boys in the Guide Book, it says that all three of them are in 2nd year of high school. Director said that he realized that this info is wrong. Hiro, Kouji and Kazuki are still in first year of high school and 16 years old. If that’s not the case, Kazuki wouldn’t have been able to be Ann’s club senpai in middle school. He apologized for that mistake.
(RAINBOW girls are all 14 and in 2nd year of middle school. If Kazuki was 17 and in 2nd year of high school, this would mean that two years before, Kazuki would be 15 and in middle school but Ann would be 12 and not in middle school yet. So Kazuki is actually 16.)

BfR5Ry-CMAAk1Or.jpg large

Posters and flyers for the movie. I just noticed that the logo for the 4th season has the form of the new heroine’s hair. It has the ribbon she wears in the middle too.

Director praised the CG team of RL, saying it’s made of veterans who don’t cut corners.

Someone told the director they should have made Rainbow Live to last two years/102 episodes. He answered that if it happened he would die.

They announced the release of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Music Collection album for the 23rd of April. It’ll have every solo, trio and duo songs, including Juné’s songs, “nth Color” and “Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend”. It’ll even have Kurokawa Rei/Coo’s version of “EZ DO DANCE” which you could hear a bit in episode 31. The cover and full song listing isn’t out so I can’t check for new songs. Though if boys unit thing happen, I don’t think they’ll sing a new song but sing Boy Meets Girl, as one last time before the show ends.
Also, the news about the album release purposely said that Coo’s version of EZ DO DANCE is in, which makes me think we’ll get to hear it again. Possibly he’ll actually do a show in episode 44.  I still believe Coo will make a comeback and will be a key character in solving the eternal rivalry between Hijiri and Jin. It’s also written he’s a Prism King so I guess he was the winner of the previous Prism King Cup before the one when Hijiri hurt his leg and Jin won. I could actually just check in the Official Guide Book if it says he ever won the Prism King Cup or not on the page dedicated to him but my Japanese isn’t good enough…

The album will be two CDs, the first CD will have the character songs/Prism Show songs and the 2nd CD will have the BGM songs. There’s also a limited edition of the album, which will contain two DVDs with the creditless versions of the OPs and EDs, and the Prism Shows footage. If you’re familiar with the music collection albums from the previous seasons, this is pretty much the same thing for Rainbow Live.

prad3 valentine choco

Seems you can currently buy Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live decorated valentine chocolates at the Prism Stone shop of Harajuku.

prad prizmmy mia movie poster

Real life Prizmmy’s Mia posing in front of a movie ad.

The director watched Happiness Charge Purikua and really liked it. He said that he didn’t notice at first that “Beru sama” Tomatsu Haruka is voicing Cure Fortune.
I watched the episode to understand his comments about it. Well I was planning to watch it anyway. It was okay. Princess, Lovely and Fortune looks okay. Cure Honey is the best and looks really beautiful but only when she’s transformed. Anyway, regardless of the first episode, I had already decided I won’t watch it. Not now at least.
If there’s something I like about the Happiness Charge Purikua it’s their way of speaking. I just really like how they talk. How they pause and emphasize everything.

Director retweeted some Hiro cosplay pic.

Poor Kawada Kiyotaka got his motorcycle stolen… He worked on the sounds effects in DMF, and is probably still working on RL. Director joked saying there won’t be sound effects in RL anymore if he doesn’t get back his bike.

He’s not sure if it’s written on the Guide Book so he said it there just in case: Director remembers Okama once said that Juné’s drill twintails are a self parody of Mina. Self parody because Okama did the original character design for Mina.

prad3 joke report about ghost writing frauds

Last thing Director retweeted is a photo montage about a show dealing on ghost writers and frauds. Hence why the Hiro pic, since he takes the credit of Kouji’s song.

CG director tweets

Remember how I said I saw in the Guide Book that they use motion capture for the CG? CG Director tweeted the 2nd of February that they finished the last motion capture session for Rainbow Live. This means we’re getting at least one more new choreography/song before the end. I was sure they’d bring out more anyway. In AD, they brought out Kaname, Serena and Kanon’s solo Prism Show songs in the last cour after all. Had tons of new songs just for the end of the show.

Odeco tweets: She didn’t draw anything this week but retweeted a few pics instead:

from  2_4_1_6_5 にし twitter prad3 hiro ribbonartist よしはら twitter prad3 boys artist よしはら twitter prad3 rinne naru cafecreamy mami from twitter 高田明美-#mami30thartist twitter 貞方 希久子@サダ prad3 juné

She also bought some Versailles No Bara pudding.

versailles no bara pudding

Random things and pics etc:

prad3 card momo im not a pink kappa prad3 rinne card word censor

Found these pics from a magazine on 2ch. I don’t know which magazine. Seems like it’s about Pretty Rhythm cards that’ll soon be in some children card game. I think it’s from a general children magazine, if it was from Pretty Rhythm Fan magazine they wouldn’t need to introduce Rinne like that. At least I’m sure it’s from a children magazine since there’s Hiragana for every kanji.

artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter wakana ann pajama partyartist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter popun candy rocket ann artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter naru artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter mugen prism phoenix naru artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter oto ito prince artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter juné rinne guitar baton artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter bed otoha artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter juné rinne hair doing artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter beru wakana hair down artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter oto ito

To wrap up here’s more pics from the artist who did the opening pic. There’s NSFW stuff too so be careful, she/he’s drawing a yuri AnnxWakana hdoujin and posting his progress. His pixiv haven’t been updated for a while so I thought he didn’t draw anything but then I stumbled onto his twitter and he still posts pics there. He even did some really nice animated gifs:

artist 江ノ内愛 prad3 twitter beru aikatsu opening parody gif

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