Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 44

prad3 44 op

We’re in the middle of the last cour now and every episode is just as awesome as the other with plot revelations, crazy awesome prism shows and character interactions. My posts should get shorter starting now. Besides saying how awesome it is, I don’t really have things to say anymore you won’t figure out watching the show. While I did it exceptionally last week, translating word by word and saying stuff for each sentence isn’t interesting either, since it takes too much time, and the episodes get subbed anyway.
I don’t think I would be able to blog a show weekly and find interesting things to say about it every week if it wasn’t Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 44 tanakaaaa

Tanakaaaaa. Also notice how the girl has the same haircut as Kaname in AD. She was even voiced by Itou Kanae too.

prad3 44 03 prad3 44 01 prad3 44 02

Juné’s apartment is so fancy. In the Guide Book there’s actually a real architectural plan for each of the main character’s homes. (Her apartment isn’t included though) At first, I was really impressed by it and how much work the staff put into the show. But after thinking about it, I guess every studio’s staff puts this much dedication into every show, if it’s 26-50 episodes show with lots of indoors scenes. At least I hope they do.

prad3 44 04

They missed a joke opportunity there. Naru should have said “Prism Show wa dekinaku NAAARU??”

prad3 44 05

It’s been around a year since Rinne appeared so they’re keeping up with real time like always. They didn’t do anything Valentines related in this episode though. Maybe next week.
I wanted to act smart and write about how in episode 1 there was the same rainbow light you can see during the PENGUINS GATTAI in this episode, pointing out that Peacock Sensei divided himself, but they showed the scene again in this episode, so I guess everyone noticed.

prad3 44 06 prad3 44 07

Last week I said my Juné=Rinne theory only turned half right, and that they only had the same appearance and that the Prism World Messenger all have that appearance. Peacock Sensei said the same thing this week but also said that Juné really is Rinne. So my own interpretation is that while all the Prism World Messengers/Rinnes are literally all the same person, they each have their own free will. Else this whole situation wouldn’t happen. Or maybe it’s just Juné that separated from the main Rinne will consensus. Well anyway I’m thinking too much about that. In any case, Rinne = Juné, and I had already said it since episode 20.  I’m pretty proud about myself.
The reason a Prism World Messenger shouldn’t be at the top is because it makes them steal the prism radiance from the world’s inhabitants. Peacock Sensei didn’t give a reason for the stealing part so I’m not sure why. They’ll get disinterested because someone way too strong is at the top? In any case, Juné was supposed to guide people and make them like Prism Shows etc, but she became Prism Queen herself for some reason. The reason is Jin breaking Hijiri’s leg. That’s what made Juné participate and become queen and fall in love with Hijiri.  Though maybe she already liked him the instant she met him. In any case everything is Jin’s fault.

prad3 44 08 prad3 44 09
prad3 44 juné blush

Juné was sooo cute there. While she’s a bit love crazy now, she’s still like a 16-17 years old girl.
Continuing on, Momo asked Peacock why Rinne lost her memories. He said that only one Rinne can exist in a particular world at the same time so it caused an error. He didn’t say directly that the error caused the memory loss, but that it caused Rinne to be in an incomplete state.
By incomplete he means that rather than just loosing her memories, you could even say Rinne lost her personality. I think the “normal” memory loss they experience when traveling between worlds just wipes their memories about the people they met, not their whole personality. The other interesting thing he said was that the one who would have lost the duel would have been absorbed by the other but it ended in a draw, and that Rinne’s Rainbow Feather and Juné’s Night Dream Feather both exhausted them and shortened their time even more. He said Rinne still have until the next new moon. Juné is already disappearing a lot though so maybe she has even less time. I wonder what she’ll do. Seems like she’s planning to hide herself from Hijiri so he won’t notice but will she even make it to the Prism Queen Cup: Over The Rainbow Session?

prad3 43 2deep4u 01

In any case, another over thinking analysis: Peacock Sensei did say that Rinne will last until the next new moon, but he said that the 7 person Prism Live to return her to the Prism World will make a Rainbow Bridge appear the night of the full moon, which also coincides with the Prism Queen Cup day, like Otoha said. Assuming we start from a random phase that isn’t new moon and full moon. In a lunar month, the full moon phase comes before the new moon phase right? The full moon phase lasts for 3 days at the middle of the lunar month: the 13th, 14th and 15th. And the new moon phase is at the end. So while Rinne can live in Naru’s world until the new moon/end of the current lunar month they’re in, they only have until the next full moon to do the Prism Live, so the bridge can appear the days of the full moon and send her back to the Prism World. So they actually  have a little less time than what it seems. They don’t have a full month.

prad3 44 11prad3 44 10

Pokémon’s first episode. Also, I wonder if Momo went to school with the other mascots.
Anyway, what will happen at the ending is what we can see at the end of the 4th OP. You could also see a glimpse of DMF’s ending at the end of it’s 4th OP. What happened at the end of DMF turned out much more impressive than what they show you in DMF OP 4 though, so I hope that RL’s finale too will be much more crazy and awesome when it happens for real.

prad2 04 10

MARs already put a rainbow to space in DMF too so they need to do better. I’m looking forward to see all the girls burning their cosmo to the maximum. Peacock Sensei saying that the world’s inhabitants prism radiance will definitely surpass the prism messenger’s one day is a way of saying we’ll get to see Naru do 10 jumps plus probably the rainbow finish thing you can do in the arcade game.

The last interesting bits to analyze from Peacock Sensei’s dialogue are:

1/ The fact that Rinne didn’t tell him that Juné is staying because she loves Hijiri. I wonder what she’s thinking. Some kind of different ending than them just going back perhaps?

2/ The fact that he said that it’s weird no one stopped Juné since there should be someone who accompanied her in this world.
This means there’s a third person from the Prism World. He used the word “otomo” so I think he meant there should be a penguin with Juné. Maybe it was Momo? But yeah Juné probably had another penguin before Starn. Starn only appeared when the other penguins appeared, since he’s a fragment of Peacock Sensei. Juné probably had a penguin during the 5 years she spent in this world before Rinne came. That’s something I didn’t predict or think about so I’m looking forward to what he meant by that. I wonder who it is. Maybe that will play a role in saving her.

prad3 44 12

It was weird seeing Rinne act like a normal (Japanese) person for the first time and bow like that. It was also weird how she told them to “save the world”. The only thing that’s gonna happen if they fail is that Prism Shows will disappear. In the jikai, An says that not only Prism Shows will disappear from this world, but that the Prism World will loose it’s power, so maybe that’s what she meant. In any case we’re moving to a worldwide scale problem with the Prism Shows’ biggest crisis yet. Yet another similar situation to DMF, where right after the save Aira arc, the form of entertainment known as Prism Show faced it’s biggest crisis yet.
It’s nice how it’s not about saving the world just like every other show but saving Prism Shows. I also have to admit the crisis in RL feels a bit more realist than the one in DMF. It’s not the first time too RL feels realistic too. Remember back when Prism Lives weren’t scored because it was a random super power little girls had, that no one heard about before? Rainbow Live has some surprisingly realistic turn of events. The end of this episode as well.

prad3 44 13 prad3 44 14

Jin doesn’t deserves to be called a demon coach. Unlike those worthy of the title he overtrains Bell without actually caring about her at all.
The words Jin told Bell: “you need to throw away your heart etc”, are the exact same words Sonata used to say to Kaname when she was training her to do the Aurora Rising.

prad3 44 15

We know why Jin is so mad about Juné now. He got TOLD by her. She was sooo cool there.

prad3 44 21

MFW EZ DO BUUUUUUUUUUUUURNING. Hijiri’s NANIIIIIIIIIIIII and everyone reaction was hilarious. I like the idea that they did Rei’s show in 2D because it was a flashback, just like how they use BGM from the previous seasons during them (episode 32) they also did the male Prism Shows just like the good old days: in 2D only. Hijiri’s quick show in ep 32 was 2D too.

prad3 31 kazuki floating prad3 44 25

MFW HE ACTUALLY DIDN’T TOUCH THE RINK WITH HIS HANDS AND WAS FLOATING. Seriously he’s too awesome. Speaking of the floating thing, isn’t that the same technique Kazuki also did in his Prism Show in episode 31? It must be some kind of Street Dancing technique using the Prism Radiance only Street Dancing Prism Stars can do, because they’re too FREEDOM. It’s probably a really advanced skill. I bet it’s a much higher level skill than the skill practically everyone can use that makes skates appears on your shoes. Or that other super popular skill used by every decent Prism Star which makes you able to keep singing while shouting your Prism Jumps’ names.

prad3 44 20

Also that judge was such a ikemen. Doesn’t he looks like Lex from Fire Emblem Seisei no Keifu? Hahaha. The woman is really good looking too. Compared to the current judges… I don’t even feel like capping them.
Coo didn’t abandon his street style, and he got penalized because the judges thought he touched the floor, influenced by Jin. Everything is Jin’s fault. Hijiri, in order to answer Rei’s challenge, put himself at the same level of handicap by trying to do 4 jumps. They both took risks. Jin only believed in the same skills he always did and won. Not only with this flashback you get even more development for the three, it also clearly reflects the different ideologies of Jin and Hijiri/Rei=Coo. A Correct dance, style & choreography VS doing what you want, trying new things and having fun.

prad3 44 16

Hiro is angry that Kazuki didn’t end up joining Edel Rose because if he had him along with Kouji, they could have changed Edel Rose form the inside. Kazuki says that you can do Prism Shows anywhere but then Hiro points out that Rei did come out in the open and did Prism Shows tournaments to confront Hijiri. In any case, Kazuki didn’t end up joining because of Jin’s remarks. Again, EVERYTHING IS JIN’S FAULT. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jin is actually a third person from the Prism World, and is actually Prism Rider Decade. EVERYTHING IS DECADE’S FAULT, ONORE DIKAIDO.
Another note: It’s the first time Kazuki actually said in the show that he’s a fan of Kurokawa Rei. We knew about it for a while though thanks to the xmas event.
Oh and Kazuki said “CHO MATTE YO!” again.

prad3 44 22 prad3 44 23 prad3 44 24

I wonder what Ito’s dad is thinking. What is he going to do if he closes the shop and Ito goes to live with her mom? Natcchan is still in huge denial too and won’t let Kouji say anything. Ito needs to listen to her dad so she can go to her mom and bring her back so she can resolve this.

prad3 44 juné sitting full

Poor Juné, even her snoozing has the disappearing each sound effect thing, making her snore really loudly.

prad3 44 17prad3 44 watching juné hijiri news on tv full

Nice they didn’t forget how Ann gets super flustered as soon as it comes to love. The newspapers Rinne is reading reports the same thing as the TV so they could use this reason to make her look super smug there.

prad3 44 18 prad3 44 19

In any case, totally didn’t expect Jin to use this to not only prevent Juné, but Prism Stone from participating as well. Hijiri did change the rules for them once (prism live stuff I mentioned above) so it’s believable. In Juné’s case though, I guess you can say it’s weird no one ever thought Hijiri and Juné could be dating seeing they’re always together. Rinne didn’t even react to the news. She should go gangsta for real, put that hood outfit back, actually put on the hood, take a gun and shoot Jin.
Also btw, If Jin had said something like “Juné isn’t fit to be an Prism Star anymore cuz she has a lover”, I would have stopped watched Pretty Rhythm. They never did any idol showbiz related crap like this, and you have Prism Stars who kept doing Prism Shows when they were married with kids (Sonata in AD), so if they started now I would have got so butthurt mad. Anyway. That was just a little parenthesis to remind what I always say: I never consider Pretty Rhythm to be an idol show. I don’t mind people calling it that, but it’s important to note how different it is from every other show you can call an idol show. In the end it’s just an anime though, so it’s not like I ever get actually angry about it.

I’m really surprised they managed to bring up yet another mystery with the thing about the person who accompanied Juné in Naru’s world. I totally didn’t expect that. It makes me happy too because that’s probably a plot point that’ll be useful to give Juné an happy ending. Maybe she’ll get one after all. The other thing this episode made me think about is whether Juné liked Hijiri as soon as she met him that snowy day or if she only started liking him after he started training her. Also, if the person who was with Juné turns out to be Momo, they can use it to explain why she made the Prism Stone shop. They didn’t give us a reason for that yet and I’m sure they will, so it would fit perfectly.

prad3 44 jikai 01jpg


Seeing the title is “The Rose’s Revolution” I guess next week is finally the day Hiro and Bell are going to rebel against Jin.(btw there’s a real historical event called Rose Revolution) Also Valentines is this week right? I thought it was last week since I never know the dates of stupid money grabbing events like these. Normally Valentines ep is ep 44 though, but if next week has Hiro and Bell getting together and beating up Jin it would be perfect for a Valentines ep too. So maybe next episode will have Valentines stuff.
Also I wonder whose house is this.
Also it seems we’ll know what Gen is planning with closing the Live House.
One last thing. If it’s really a rose revolution and they do the Kakumei no Rosette Nebula and/or there’s Otoha fangirling and/or there’s tons of roses or whatever maybe I’ll be able to fit in what I always wanted to say but forgot: Otoha isn’t really a lesbian, the way she fantasizes and how the artstyle changes is a homage to shoujo shows like Versailles No Bara. Also, even then, they don’t look that shoujo in Lady Oscar. Well, exaggerating is the point of some homage/parody though. Anyway I’ll try to write about this in detail in the post about the last Otoha focusing episode.

prad3 artist mokan wakana ann duo


On Twitter

Director’s tweets

Someone asked Director if the subliminal Butterfly Effect and Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live messages in the OP have any meaning. He answered that like he already said, Kawaguchi Keiichiro did the OP’s storyboard, so he doesn’t really know, but he thinks he probably only did it for fun.

He warned the episode broadcast may be hindered by the L shaped report on the heavy snow. On TV Tokyo it was.

prad3 oto ito from twitter えんがわ osstbti umbrella lovers

Speaking of the heavy snow, director retweeted this. This weekend this thing started. A couple got interviewed and the boyfriend said he doesn’t care about the snow because being with his girlfriend gives him 特別な気分/special feeling. This became a tag on pixiv with characters imitating the scene. There’s already more than 40 pages just on this tag alone on Pixiv, and it just started this Sunday.

Director: “The other day, the newly wed Asumi Kana san came over for dubbing
(It’s certain Ito’s mom Tsuru will make another appearance before the end so I guess she came to dub that).
Maybe it was my imagination, but it felt like her acting of Ito’s mother has deepened and seemed even more mature than before. It’s like she’s a different person compared to when voicing Aira”
(You think they already started the recording of the 4th season?)

Director:”Kurokawa Rei’s Prism Show makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it, but at the same time, watching it makes me feel something incredibly tremendous. Male Prism Shows are something ridiculously amazing.
(Makes me remember DMF episode14 with that totally not Galaxian Explosion Prism Act by Callings. Boys Prism Show are too crazy.)

He also posted a tweet about how he ended up tweeting reguarly again even though he said he wouldn’t anymore… He explained that in the first place,  he stopped doing it because of a misunderstanding. He said you shouldn’t think there’s any deep meaning in what he tweets, and that you shouldn’t read them if you’re scared of any kind of spoilers. (that phrase is also his twitter’s description)

Since last week when Mamoru Samuragochi admitted faking his works and hiring a ghost writer for years, it seems there’s been more and more reports on ghost writers. Director linked one of those articles, being surprised that there’s practically a whole ghost writer industry. That’s what the Hiro pic faking a ghost writer report last post was about btw.

Uchida Maaya(Wakana) started a Twitter account if you want to stalk her. Time to whip out my favorite “I’m not a seiyuu fag” line, so yeah I’m not going to follow it. Speaking of which, the other day I noticed I actually am quite a big seiyuu fag, but of male ones only. Maybe I’ll write a post about it later.

Director did a tweet to announce the participation of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live in Five qross, the Bushiroad card game. The cards pics from the previous post are from it. There’s also an ad about the show’s addition to the card game. Thanks Maidforge!  Director said everyone should support the game a lot so maybe we’ll get male Prism Star cards too, like a Starlight Express Hijiri card.

hiro winter olympics photoshop prad3 twitter baumkun

Retweet:(Photoshopped) “The worldwide star Hiro sama appeared at the Sochi Winter Olympics”

prad3 twitter hinorema momo juné hair

Another retweeted pic. “What incredible radiance!!” it says. Parodying ep 43.

prad3 tower records door ad ito oto

A door ad at a Tower Records shop to remind the release of the Duo Collection the 19th.

prad3 director aobajo twitter movie script or something

Lastly, Director upped this pic. Not sure what it is, he didn’t say it. I think it’s the storyboard of the movie.. You can read “Magical Mion” at the bottom. MFW Magical Mion stuff in the movie.


prad3 artist odeco twitter kazuki after ep 44

What odeco drew.

prad3 twitter artist inumimiusagi_ak kouji glasses cool


Also Odeco changed her twitter icon to Juné. She said that the relay is complete. It first started last year when the show started with Rinne, then the different girls and boys, and now it’s Juné.
Also she said it might be a good idea to prepare a red or yellow rose with you when watching episode 45 next week. Things seems really exciting. Is Bell gonna stab Jin with her Rosette Nebula sword and make him fall in a bath of roses? This tweet made me even more hyped about next week episode.

CG Director

prad3 snw starn twitter hanan_0112

Snow Starn

He said he was watching the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics. I think he said that it’s shame they didn’t have the luxury to look at Russian real skaters as a model when they used to work on Kaname. Not sure how to translate his sentence. He also said that in episode 45 there may be things from the opening ceremony but in a different form. I wonder what he means. Well I didn’t even watch the opening ceremony… But it still makes me even more hyped for episode 45. Seems we’ll see some really crazy incredible things.

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