Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 47

prad3 47 01

This episode is yet another one that sums up why Pretty Rhythm is my favorite show airing at the moment.

prad3 46 otoha panel prad3 46 ann panel prad3 47 ito panel

The girl all look so cute in the announcement panels. For Otoha and Ann, they featured them wearing their ultimate 7th coord dress. However they got them during their show, so how did they know it’ll look like this? Seems the staff realized it was weird because in Ito’s case she’s wearing the 2nd version and not the one she evolved to right then.

prad3 47 juné full prad3 47 04

Natsuko started to figure out about Juné liking Hijiri. They know each other and been working together for a while after all. It’s little things like this that really makes me hyped about pretty rhythm. Hijiri better comes to see her show.

prad3 47 05

Tsuru makes clothes designs and waves it as her job but seems like she’s still a clumsy person, just like Aira.

prad3 47 02 prad3 47 03

I really like how they use all the characters in Pretty Rhythm. Everyone ends up pretty important to the story, and the story is actually good enough for every character  to have a role in it. If you got 50+ episodes you could end up introducing way too many characters and making some of them barely relevant but it never happens here.

prad3 47 06

Yuu finally got to meet his favorite girl bell. Again, it’s really nice they didn’t forget about his crush on her it and used it for hilariousness now that they finally met.

prad3 41 kitagawa producer

Kitagawa san was Lucky Star’s producer and he’s the one you could see with the shades  in episode 41.

prad3 47 07

I was wondering how Natsuko would change her mind. I thought they’d make Kouji do a Prism Show but it didn’t happen (yet) so it turns out there was still things they didn’t reveal about the accident. Just like Tsuru being kinda clumsy is a reference to Aira, Gen wanting to shoulder everything himself and not telling Natsuko the truth is very similar to how Shou used to act.

prad3 47 08

DRAGON DINNING IS BEEF OR CHICKEN. And lol that Bruce Lee looking pose.

In the Prism Queen Cup participant list, all the participants were listed with their affiliation so I guess Dragon Dinning is the agency/school/whatever Beef or Chicken or Fish is from. It’s also the first time we know how Beef is actually called, Takahashi Toriko. Her first name literally means bird girl. She looks awesome in that outfit. Seriously that pose. Plus those Chicken Splash and Chicken Spiral jumps, I wish we could see them. The song she performs is Shooting STAR, sung by Akesaka Satomi. She’s Kanon, Chae Kyoung and Kazuki’s cousin Naomi (who’s totally coming back before the show ends). She also sings the other Bifichiki song that plays when they do their performances, called Free Dreamin’. She also did a few other insert songs that plays sometimes. Usually when an insert song plays and it isn’t a prism show song, it’s her singing.
The participant list had 3 people from Dragon Dining. There’s Takahashi Toriko/Chicken, 鈴木 牛子 Suzuki Ushiko/Beef and  佐藤 真魚/Sato Mana/Fish (Mana is written with the kanji for Fish so it can only be her) I wonder if they’ll show Beef and Fish too. Would be great to see Fish in a gorgeous outfit like this.

prad3 47 09

Seems like a Gold Lightan parody.
That sequence had so many feels. But all this aside, back when he was alive, it was Joe who used to cook. And now it’s Kouji. It seems Natsuko doesn’t know how to cook. Though there’s also the chance that Joe/Kouji are a great husband/son and don’t want to let her cook since she’s working.
If Natsuko can’t cook, I can only imagine what kind of ordeals Kouji’s stomach probably endured from the time his father died to the time he was old enough to start cooking for them. He must’ve started pretty early. They aren’t short on money though so maybe Natsuko hired someone to do it, or they’d go out eating everyday.  Would be great if we get a scene in the epilogue with Ito and Kouji teaching Natsuko how to cook.

prad3 47 10

Rinne is realizing that Juné may be right that they should love someone to propagate the true prism radiance. It’s the 3rd-Juné-gonna-get-saved flag so far.
1/Penguin sensei.
2/Rinne didn’t tell Peacock sensei that Juné isn’t leaving because she loves someone.
3/This scene.
I have actually no idea how the future episodes will go and how the show will end. Will Rinne and Juné go back or not? Is Juné gonna stay till the end in case Hijiri changes his mind about her and die? One thing I can see happening is Rinne hugging Juné. She hugged every girl in the show so far except her. Well, Bell, Wakana and Otoha didn’t get hugged by Rinne either, but Bell got hugged by Hiro and Wakana by Kazuki so they got the hug quota too. No one hugged Otoha cuz if another girl hugs Oto she’ll think she’s into her.
If Juné doesn’t get saved, she’ll probably disappear right after her Prism Show, using all of her last energy in it.

Lol’ed at how Ito was surprised Kitagawa was Lucky Star’s producer. They didn’t show it but she must have felt pretty stupid for a sec there. He would have never sold the guitar to anyone after all.

prad3 47 oto full

While everyone was busy applauding the happy resolution just like with a theater play, Otoha is the one to remind them that Ito needs to go soon. She’s the one who keeps track of everything so she’s the one to speak up. It’s little details like this that makes me like the show. I still hate her voice though, especially the UWAAAHWAAAAWAAA sounds she makes then.

Ito still didn’t use her mom’s stone… I guess in the last episode they’ll show it. If it really ends up being something Aira wore it’ll probably be a wedding dress, then she could marry Kouji wearing it maybe.
I really like how Ito’s aura slowly sets in at the beginning of her performance.

prad3 47 ito live

KUURU BEAUTYYYYY. Coo is really gonna say something for each one of them. Looking forward to the others. I don’t know if you remember, but some weeks ago someone asked the director on twitter the different Pair Tomo’s genders. He said they never thought about it (it’s not even in the guide book) but he thinks Kurun is a boy. Maybe they decided to go with what he said back then because Kurun wears a tie. Ito lit up her statue too. There’s only Wakana’s and Bell’s left.

prad3 41 27 jump comparisonprad3 41 27 jump comparison 2prad3 47 jump comparison

I was waiting for Ito’s turn as her wings are the easiest to differentiate in my eyes: In episode 41 when she started the Prism Live with Oto, you could see her wings at the first level. When they did their fourth jump it went to the 2nd level, with two layers. And now in this episode, when she got past 4 jumps they got to the last form, with three layers, the last one being near the edges. Their wings evolved just like their 7th Coord Dresses and penguins.
About the 7th Coord Dresses themselves, they never mentioned them in the show but they actually all have names, I’m just not dedicated enough to mention them all the time.
Also, each version/evolution look similar. The basic design is the same. For example with Otoha’s case, in the first version of her dress, the music note badge wasn’t there. In the second version it appears with a silver tone, and in the last version it has a gold tone. Taking pics takes time so I’m not going to.
One last thing, all the girls so far who performed are keeping their dresses on. I guess that way they won’t have to change again for the Rainbow Live at the end. Speaking of that it would be nice if every heroine use their jumps according to the situation when they do Rainbow Live, kinda like the end of DMF.

prad3 47 ito doremifa soraido

I knew Ito would do Doremifa Solaido. Among the old jumps, it’s the one that fits her by far since she plays the piano. Nice thing the staff and I thought the same thing. First person to do Doremifa Solaido was Mion btw.

prad3 47 ito gif 01 prad3 47 ito gif 02

Mune Kyun Taiken fits her really well too, as she’s the one in the show who fell in love/got with her love interest the fastest. First person to do Mune Kyun Taiken was Aira iirc.

prad3 47 ito moeru grand cross spin jump gif

Finally found the gif thanks to Erasu

OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD THIS LAST JUMP . Gotta admit I totally didn’t think Ito would do 6 jumps. Plot wise it makes sense since Jun in ADMF used to always say Prism Jump sare the heart’s glitter, and it’s literally super important in this season, and she just got her heart freed from all her problems. Meta wise it makes sense  they’d go up fast in the number of jumps since Naru needs to do 10 jumps at the end. BUT SERIOUSLY THAT LAST JUMP THAT JUMP THAT JUMP THAT JUMP THAT MOERU GRAND CROSS SPIIIIIIIIIIIN. That CG, that choreography, that whole idea, seriously just how do they get the ideas for the jumps. It’s surprising how even though they already did tons of super crazy jumps they still mange to make new crazy ones and make me super hyped like this.  Jewel Spin Cross is one of my favorite jumps in Rainbow Live so it makes me ultra happy to see a ultimate version of it like that.

prad3 47 ito family gen tsuru yuu full prad3 47 11 prad3 47 12

I was pretty wrong about how this episode turned out, I knew of course that Ito’s plot would get resolved and I knew it would be awesome, but I didn’t think Kitagawa san would be such a bro and that it would be THAT awesome. I knew Natcchan and Tsuru would cry hugging together, I knew Ito would do doremifa soraido, but that’s it. I thought Wakana’s show would happen now and didn’t think it would be completely focused on ito. Ito probably won’t go to Hokkaido anymore now. Her parents doesn’t need to stay separated anymore after all. I’m looking forward to Ito and Kouji making a new Lucky Star band in the epilogue.
In the end, the Ito x Kouji plot itself was nothing special, but just like with all the other stories in Pretty Rhythm, it was executed perfectly. I don’t think it was dragged on either. Ito and Kouji got together in episode 26, and they only learned about their parent’s relationship in episode 37. It took ten episodes. And in any case, in sports shows like this, you need to make the protagonists resolve their personal problems right before their most important performance so they can power up for it.

prad3 47 13

Yatteyaru nya!!!

I don’t know if a lot of people read the posts till now, but while I always enjoyed Rainbow Live, I always thought and still think it’s not better than DMF. There’s some episodes though, like 13,26 etc that got really close to it, and episodes like 31,43,45 or 47 that were just as good as the best eps of DMF. And now these last 13 eps are just as good as DMF’s last eps. I’m really happy I’m watching this show. I could drop everything and just watch that and still be satisfied with my anime watching. This last cour is better than everything else airing and by far.

Speaking of which, one of the reason I didn’t enjoy Rainbow Live a whole lot when it started, is the fact that DMF’s ending was so crazy awesome, the difference is clear when a new season starts and all the tension goes back down. I’m only remembering it now because Rainbow Live is finally at the same point now, and it’ll be a real downer when it ends. At least we don’t have to say goodbye to the characters thanks to All Star Selection keeping and bringing back everyone.
Anyway, this is why I’m really hyped about next episode, as it’ll be just as good as this one or even better. Even if you think Rainbow Live sucks, just for the last cour I think it’s worth it to sit through all the episodes.

prad3 47 jikai 01prad3 46 futaba wakana mom parents chart


Futaba looks so cuuuute with the make up. I think she’s my favorite mother in the show. Didn’t point it out last week but Bell’s mom stopped putting on the horrible makeup. She looks really beautiful too. I’m looking forward to ep48 just to see more shots of Wakana’s mom. Also, there’s small details like how she only wears make up outside. At the beginning of episode 46 when Wakana leaves home(see above), she’s not wearing it yet. Plus, Wakana’s dad Tadashi came back from Singapore as expected, you can see him in the jikai.

Seems we’ll get a double confession with Bell x Hiro and Wakana x Kazuki?!? I knew that if Hiro confessed it would be at the Prism Queen Cup, bringing her roses like he always used to. I wonder what’ll happen between Wakana and Kazuki. Who’s going to confess first? Is Kazuki gonna reject her and go for Rinne??
If Bell and Wakana get the power of love I’m sure they’ll be able to surpass Juné. Ito just equaled her and Rinne with her six jumps.
Instead of seeing one old jump like with Otoha and Ann, and instead of seeing two old ones like with Ito, if Wakana and Bell does seven jumps, this means they’ll each do 3 old jumps from ADMF!! Meaning we’ll see 6 old jumps!   I really really really hope Wakana does King of Jungle. It would fit her perfectly. I want Rainbow Live only watchers to see what it means to ride a lion on top of the ocean and see how awesome Shi Yoon is because King Of Jungle is originally her jump. I still want to see Prism Rainbow Hurricane and Rainbow Rising. There’s tons of old jumps that would be cool to see with Rainbow Live’s CG.

As a random note, since I watched this episode pretty late(this Wednesday), I watched it with subs. Been forever since I did that. I remember back when Aurora Dream was airing and I hit the latest subbed episode, I wanted to know what happens next so I decided to continue watching it raw. I already knew back then I had an average level of oral comprehension of Japanese, but I was still surprised by how much I actually understood. Since Pretty Rhythm is targeted to little girls, (and everyone else like the Director always says but that’s not the point here), while the story is great, there’s never too much complicated things or terms and it’s really easy to understand. It’s great to practice your Japanese.

On Twitter

Random stuff: (I wrote that part last week before the episode aired so I don’t really remember where or when I found it)

prad3 from pretty rhythm fan march released the 20 february

From the Puchigumi comic in March’s issue of Pretty Rhythm Fan magazine, released the 20th of February. One way or another, some of the girls switched bodies. Rinne and Wakana switched with each other. Wakana in Rinne’s body captures Ito to make her swap with someone too. In the bottom panel there’s Otoha in Naru’s body and Bell in Ann’s body. You can tell by their way of speaking: Naru says “Ito san” while she usually call her “Ito chan”. You can also tell by the pair tomo holding signs saying who is in who’s body. It’s Femini at Naru’s side and Sesshni at Ann’s.  I really wish I could see the rest of this manga…

prad3 five qross cards 03 rinne prad3 five qross cards prad3 five qross cards 02

Pics of some of the Five qross cards.

Director’s tweets:

prad3 tower records machida happy restaurant ed 4 single

The single of ED4 was released some days ago.

Hiro’s seiyuu Maeno Tomoaki received a message book from his fans for Valentine. Everything is at Hiro’s name and not his though lol. He said he thinks Hiro is the character that developed the most through the series.  I gotta agree with him, though I’d say Bell is first, and Hiro is second. I really like Hiro, not simply because of his personality, but as a character, metaphysically speaking. Maeno Tomoaki wrote that at first he didn’t know well how to play Hiro. He admires Hiro for being someone professional with a sense of pride, who’s still nice and acts to help others. He said to watch the show and see Hiro’s development till the end.

prad 3 twitter udonkoippon wakana bday cake

Director retweeted the bday cake of someone’s daughter.

There’s going to be a talk show and sing together event with the seiyuus the 16th of March. Seems you’ll be able to sing together with them. Gonna write more about it in a news post.

The tickets for the movies are selling well. Some of the day one screenings were almost filled as of February 28th.

The 10th of May, the director and Matsuura Mai(chara design) will be at the Tower Record of Machida in Tokyo for a special talk show. The Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Music Collection gets released the 23rd of April.If you order it from TRM, you’ll also get a special cover.

prad3 tower records machida naru bday

3rd of March was Naru’s bday so the guy taking care of the Tower Records Machida twitter posted this. 3rd of March is actually also Mion’s bday. I like Aira and Rizumu a loooot but Mion is my favorite MARs girl.

prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 1 prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 2 prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 3 prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 4

Director said they actually had enough material to do a one hour special for episode 45. As they went on, they cut more and more stuff. These are some of the various storyboard sheets of the scenes they cut. Most of it was scenes with Jin talking. I think he said they cut it because it wouldn’t be interesting anyway. He said it’s at the same level as “graffiti in the toilets”. And there was a joke with Jin’s last name, “norinorinorizuki”. Nori is seaweed in Japanese, and his hair looks like seaweed. And norinori is getting hyped,excited, just like when he went crazy. And I think he said to not make these pics circulate… Sorry pal.

Yamamoto Nozomi tweeted the 2nd of March that they had finished recording for the last episodes of Rainbow Live. She’s Bell’s penguin Sesshni, and also Cosmo in the 2nd 3DS game, and also Ai, one of the girls friends with Naru at school. Forgot which one. Speaking of them they’ll probably appear at the end. At the end of a season, they always bring back every character in Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 uchida maaya rookie award seiyuu 8th place

Uchida Maaya (Wakana) won the rookie seiyuu award in the 2013 Seiyuu Awards.

prad3 naru 3 days left until the movie

That was posted the 5th of March, saying 3 days left before the movie.

Director said you can see the movie even if you haven’t seen the previous seasons so be sure to go watch it. He also said there won’t be spoilers in it, and it won’t have any of the “dark and dirty side of Pretty Rhythm”. I guess this means they won’t show stuff Kei or Kintaro or Hiro’s mom. Also it’ll have new scenes not from the past seasons. He said it would have been cool to see a Prism Show by young Kei but it’s not in sadly…

prad3 reantal dvd cover

The cover of the latest rentable dvd (number 17) at a Tsutaya shop. (A chain of rental shops in Japan). This reminds me I need to look for the rental dvd covers of Rainbow Live. They often have unique art made specially for them. For example on this one, the Juné pic seems to be recycled from a shot in one of the OPs, but I’m pretty sure the Rinne illustration is new and nowhere else. Back when Aurora Dream was airing, since there wasn’t much art or fanart of the show in general, I remember spending a whole night looking for the covers of Aurora Dream’s rental DVDs and saving them.


prad3 artist odeco twitter rinne post

For March, she switched her avatar to the Rinne pic above she drew. Seems I read it wrong last month about the Juné pic being the last. This is the last one.

prad3 hiro sitting artist odeco

One of the old Hiro pics she drew.

If nothing goes wrong, gonna write a separate post later about the some new info on the fourth season and my expectations, the new movie info and the talk show & singing event the 16th of March.

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    “And I think he said to not make these pics circulate… Sorry pal.” LMAO YOURE THE BEST THANKS (i just finished watching rainbow live and im on a reading marathon on all your rainbow live posts ppffftt ur rlly gr8 n hilarious BAHAHAAHA pretty rhythm’s gr8!!)


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