Pretty Rhythm’s successor Puri Para announced

prad5 girls

Similar to the time when All Star Selection got announced, the article on ANN is pretty complete, but it’s still missing little bits of info I read on other Japanese news site, like Animate. So you should read the ANN article BEFORE reading this. I’m not gonna repeat stuff they already said. (Unless if by the time I finish typing this, they edit their article and add the things they missed). I’m also including some news I read on Twitter. Sorry if the post is a bit confusing, I’m not a very good writer or journalist. Just read it twice if you don’t understand something.

EDIT after All Star Selection started: Yeah I was so optimistic when I wrote this post hahaha. All Star Selection turned out to be just reairs with SD segments at the beginning & end. Really disappointing.

puripara event 04puripara event 03 puripara event 02 puripara event 01

Takara Tommy revealed the new arcade game machine for Puri Para and announced the anime today, 13/03/2014 at an event. These I pics I found from various sources. those from Animate have the Animate logo on them.

prad4 all star selection promo duo outfitsprad4 shuffle duo 3ds game, maybe gonna happen in prad4

1st pic is a promotional picture for Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection.
2nd pic was released to announce they’ll update the 3DS game with the All Star Selection costumes.

I think I finally get the point of All Star Selection now. With Puri Para, Takara Tommy is starting a new series, the successor of the Pretty Rhythm series. Instead of immediately doing Puri Para, Takara Tommy thought about bringing back together all the characters one last time as a homage. Lala isn’t the heroine of All Star Selection, but is the heroine of Puri Para. They thought that since they’re doing this, they might as well bring her in All Star Selection as well.
Takara Tommy even said about Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection that it’s about “The heroine of Puri Para, Lala, taking lessons from her senpais before her debut and the start of her show this summer”.

prad4 all star selection promo aira

Puri Para will air on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM on TV Tokyo, taking the time slot of Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection, the same time slot which has been holding Pretty Rhythm for three years. As Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection starts the 5th of April, and that Puri Para starts the 5th of July, this confirms that Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection will only be 13 episodes.
13 episodes + the movie is more than enough for a homage I guess. One thing worrying me now since it’s only 13 episodes, is the fact that they can do a lot of rewind after all. Sigh. I hope it won’t be too much.
The promo picture and the 3DS game update suggests that we will see these pairings in the show and I really hope they happen. That would mean we will see cross character interaction. I guess they won’t do a crazy story in All Star Selection but if they can show all the characters laughing together and stuff I’d be really happy. We’d get galaxy level and dimension breaking jumps all the time too. The pairings are pretty meaningful:

  • Aira and Naru are the heroines of their respective seasons and are both dojikkos. They’re both clumsy but with hidden super talent heroine types. Naru is very similar to Aira.
  • Rizumu and Ito are powered by love types, they’re the first to have a boyfriend in their respective seasons.
  • Hye In and Ann are super hard working/training girl types.
  • Juné and Mion are the BEST GIRLS EVER in their respective seasons (This is a totally legit reason, I totally didn’t make it up from my tastes)
    They both are the current Prism Queen at the start of their respective seasons and all the other characters admire them. Aira is a huge Mion fan and Naru is a huge Juné fan.
    They both lived an unrequited love. Hijiri for Juné and Jun for Mion.
  • Can’t think of anything for Rinne and Mia. Rinne does Kirameki Future Star like Mia so they paired them up I guess. Or you could say they are the two most obnoxious and crazy. I mean, if I was a kid browsing /a/ I’d call them the autism duo. Trio if they’d include Kaname. I love Mia and Rinne so it’s cool.

prad3 45 aracde game ad 05prad3 45 aracde game ad 04prad3 45 aracde game ad 03
Pics from a CM for the All Star Selection version of the arcade game. It first aired during Rainbow Live episode 45’s CM break.

I’m also scared and wondering if the other girls not featured in the promo pictures will appear or not. This CM says there will be every girl including Cosmo in the All Star Selection version of the arcade game, so I hope the anime will do the same. But anyway, there’s no use worrying about it now. We’ll be certain of it when the show starts airing.

prad4 all star selection promo mia

In other news, Otobe Yoshihiro, the CG director twitted that “There’s only two weeks left until his three year long work on Pretty Rhythm ends”. Meaning he won’t be working on Puri Para? Puri Para doesn’t start until July though, so why did he say that? I guess he means that even though All Star Selection will have stuff he worked on, he didn’t do anything on it? I have no idea. We won’t know until it airs. From what I read about the movie they didn’t redo the AD and DMF Prism Shows with the CG quality of RL so I don’t think they’ll do it for All Star Selection either…

prad4 all star selection promo naru

They announced some of the staff both for Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection and Puri Para:

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection

Animation Studio: Tatsunoko & Dongwoo A&E
Director: Hishida Masakazu
Screenplay: Akao Deko

Puri Para

Animation Studio: Tatsunoko & Dongwoo A&E
Director: Moriwaki Makoto
Series Composition: Tsuchiya Michihiro
Character Design: Hara Shoji

The Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection main staff is the same people as always. Puri Para has new staff. I know I said multiple times that Director said “he won’t be participating in the next Pretty Rhythm”, but I guess when he said “the next Pretty Rhythm” he meant Puri Para. Btw about that, since he deleted his old tweets some time ago, I can’t prove it anymore, so you’ll have to trust my word if it’s the first time you’re reading this blog.

Speaking of Hishida Masakazu/the director, he tweeted that Puri Para is inheriting the genes of Pretty Rhythm. And he’s happy to finally pass the baton. He was getting burned out. He was super happy and said quite a lot of Gundam related jokes, like “Laala could’ve been my mother!!!” Laughed so much when I read that.
He also said to not throw out your Prism Stones since you’ll be able to use them in Puri Para. About the name “Puri Para”, he said that nothing beats short titles with four syllables like this. He said he’s going back to Prism World now lol.

prad5 girls
Reposting the opening pic so you don’t have to scroll up to see who is who.

Like you should have read on the ANN article, all the heroines in Puri Para will be voiced by i☆Ris members. They will also sing the songs. They announced three of them for now and will announce the others later. I like Lala’s design, but I’m not a big fan of the other two.

Like you already know, the heroine Lala is voiced by Akaneya Himika. She’s the one in the middle and totally looks like Creamy Mami. I really like her design.

The one on the left is called Mireille and will be voiced by Serizawa Yuu (Ann in RL). Mireille is a French name and she wears a blue and a red ribbon with white on them, and her outfit is full of these colors. These are the colors of the French flag. She’s even blonde and got blue eyes too. She presents all the stereotypical traits the usual Japanese person would imagine about a French little girl so I guess she’s French. I bet she’ll even spout out random French words since it’ll sound cool to little girls. Siiiigh.

The one on the right is called Sophie and is voiced by Kubota Miyu.

prad4 all star selection promo lala

Something a bit similar already happened in Dear My Future with Prizmmy and PURETTY. The Prizmmy and PURETTY members in Dear My Future weren’t voiced by their respective real life counterpart though.  This time the real life singers are voicing the characters along with singing, but unlike in DMF the characters doesn’t share the real girls’ first names. When we’ll have more info, we’ll know if the idols in the anime will use the name i☆Ris for their group or not. Notice how I use the word “idol” since they’re definitely idols and this is definitely an idol show now. That’s what I want to talk about next.

prad5 puri para logo
Puri Para’s logo.

Anyway, it’s funny because whenever someone said that All Star Selection could be ditching the skating because Lala doesn’t wear skates, I’d say that the Pretty Rhythm logo has a skate on it so they definitely won’t remove skating. Turns out now Pretty Rhythm will end once All Star Selection is over and it’s successor Puri Para will be focused entirely on idoling. All Star Selection is the last time we’re seeing ice skating.

More about the Puri Para arcade game now. The game will be launched in July, around the time Puri Para starts airing. They’re keeping the idea of the Pretty Rhythm arcade game system with the clothes data in collectibles. Instead of Prism Stones, Puri Para’s arcade game will use a ticket system with tickets/cards called “Purichike” (Contraction of Prism and Ticket)
Like they say in the video, if you have Prism Stones, you’ll be able to use them to get the corresponding outfits in Puri Para. You’ll also be able to transfer data from your 3DS Pretty Rhythm game too. Taking this into account, Takara Tommy will probably remove the old Pretty Rhythm arcade game machines in two or three years and replace everything with Puri Para. The slogan of the game promotes the fact that you can take photos with the machine and immediately debut and become an idol.

prad5 puri para lala card

A Purichike containing one of Lala’s dresses. Notice how it has some sort of appellation, “Dreaming Girl”. I don’t think I ever brought it up, but the Prism Stones clothes in Pretty Rhythm are divided into multiple categories. Lovely, Pop, Cool, Sexy, Ethnic, Feminine and Star. I learned this a long time ago thanks to Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream’s 3rd ED.

This is why btw they decided to give each of these attributes to the Rainbow Live girls.
It seems they will divide the Purichike using some kinds of brands now, instead of attributes. JUST LIKE AIKATSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To end this post, I’d like to bring up possible reasons for these major changes. I gotta say though, I’m not a little girls anime and toys industry specialist, and I definitely don’t want to pass as one, unlike so many people on the net. So all of this is just my own interpretation based on my own experiences. The biggest reason I can think of is AIKATSUUUUUUU

Certainly, Pretty Rhythm is ok profitable for Takara Tommy, else they wouldn’t have continued the arcade game for more than 4 years, released 4 anime seasons + a movie and two video games. The thing is, Aikatsu! is doing really well in Japan, even rivaling Pretty Cure in terms of popularity. For example, the second Aikatsu! game, “Aikatsu! Futari no My Princess” on 3DS sold 170.716 copies in 2013. It’s in the top 100 of the most bought games in Japan in 2013. Meanwhile the second Pretty Rhythm game “Pretty Rhythm: My Deco Rainbow Wedding” on 3DS sold around 70.000 copies.
(The numbers are from Famitsu. I’m too lazy to find the actual number for Pretty Rhythm.
I can’t really compare the popularity of their respective arcade games.
I could look at the TV ratings of the anime but screw that, not gonna waste minutes of my life for this.)

Anyway, since Aikatsu! started after Pretty Rhythm and got much more popular, Takara Tommy is now copying from Aikatsu!.
They’re stopping Pretty Rhythm and starting Puri Para to focus on idols too. This is really funny because Aikatsu! copied ton of things from Pretty Rhythm in the first place. Among the ones I can think of right now:

For the arcade game:

  • Using a card system with the Aikatsu Cards to collect clothes just like Pretty Rhythm and the Prism Stone system.
  • Aikatsu! being based on a rhythm game just like Pretty Rhythm.
  • Adding new idols using instruments when Rainbow Live got released. This would be a coincidence if not for the fact that the new idol in the new Aikatsu! used a guitar, just like Naru in Rainbow Live which got released a few months before.

For the anime:

  • Ichigo’s family owning a restaurant, namely a bento store. Aira’s parents in Aurora Dream had a patisserie.
  • The story twist of one of the main characters’ mother being actually the most famous performer a few years ago. (Sure, that one is a classic in anime but you still can’t ignore it)
  • Said mother also “mysteriously disappeared” in both shows when they were at the peak of their popularity.
  • Using CG for the performances (though you could argue this is a common thing nowadays)

aikatsu copying pretty rhythm's jumps

  • Last but not least, the most popular and blatant one: a good portion of the “Appeals” in Aikatsu! season1 are literally copy pasted from the Prism Jumps in Pretty Rhythm.
    I actually never watched videos of the Aikatsu! arcade game, or played it myself, so I never checked if it is also the case in the game or if it’s limited to the anime. I also haven’t watched Aikatsu! past episode 44 so far because of a lack of time so maybe they stopped copying in the second season. They should just remove the appeals anyway, they all suck.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Aikatsu!, and I already said multiple times that in the end, the Aikatsu! anime and the Pretty Rhythm anime are pretty different. You can like one and not the other. In my case, I think Pretty Rhythm is the best anime airing for three years while i think Aikatsu! is just a good show. In any case, I just had to bring this up.
And you know, Pretty Rhythm too copied stuff from it’s predecessors, mainly Sega’s Oshare Majo: Love & Berry released in 2004. Maybe you know about it thanks to back when Bakemonogatari didn’t use to suck, as there was a reference to it in one of the episodes.
As far as I know (and I’m probably wrong) Love & Berry is the first arcade game to have coupled a collectible card system you can use for getting clothes with a rhythm & fashion game.
In the end that’s just how the world of toys or business in general work.

To end this post, here’s some of my first speculations about Puri Para:
Since they explicitly use the word idol, do you think there won’t be love interests anymore? Or are they going to do the no romance policy crap cuz they’re idols? I wonder if they’ll have follow this romance is taboo stupid rule, and if it’ll be idols for otakus instead of idols for little girls?
Do you think Puri Para’s anime will be a typical kid anime or will try to appeal to a broader audience like Pretty Rhythm, with actual character development among other things?
Moriwaki Makoto worked on Captain Tsubasa, one of my favorite shows (though I’d say I like the Road to 2002 anime better since they remade the parts covered in the first anime with less dragging on. I feel the same with Dragon Ball Kai). She also worked on Doreamon and Gintama. Also on Jewelpet Sunshine and Jewelpet Kira Deco and over at that blog I read about them being aimed at adults so I guess she knows how to do a kids shows also interesting to adults. It’s not like the director is the only factor that will make a show this or that though.

I’m definitely blogging Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection.
I’ll probably watch Puri Para to see how it turns out since I don’t like judging things before watching them. Maybe I’ll blog it too since it’ll air in summer and I will be done with university.  I’m not gonna go WAAAAAAH THEY’RE KILLING PRETTY RHYTHM MUH SKATING MUH DRAMA MUH ROMANCE MUH PARENTS MUH SPACE JUMPS I DON’T WANT IDOLS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but I gotta admit a little part of myself does feel like this. I’m definitely not hyped about Puri Para. I knew Pretty Rhythm would end someday but I’m still surprised about this turn of event and curious about how Puri Para’s anime will turn out, but that’s it.

32 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm’s successor Puri Para announced

  1. Anonymous

    The skating is one of my favorite parts. If they can’t manage to recapture the Aurora Dream charm and won’t replace the prism shows with something worthwhile, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

  2. MaidForge (@MaidForge)

    I think the most telling parallel for director Moriwaki Makoto is actually Lilpri! Lilpri is SEGA’s successor to Love & Berry, and also uses cards like Aikatsu. Lilpri was pretty good (except for a few things) so I’m not too worried about Puri Para, though I expect the drama to be toned down. Some interesting connections: Lilpri was 2D animated by Telecom, who is now working with Sunrise on Aikatsu. The 3D animator for Lilpri, Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment, also did the 3D for Kirarin Revolution, which has the same series compositor as Puri Para.

    Integrating purikura is genius. Keeping prism stones relevant via backwards compatibility is a smart move. The QR code system has interesting implications. It’s a bit depressing to see them copy Aikatsu (the logo in particular) but this is clearly a counterattack to regain market share, hope it works out.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Thanks about these insights, I didn’t even know about Lilpri’s existence.
      And yeah I didn’t write it but the Puri Para logo is hella copied from Aikatsu’s. I find the whole situation funny, but it’s true that it’s also pretty sad.
      If they didn’t do retro compatibility with Prism Stones, little girls all over Japan would have started a riot hahahaha.

  3. blipdelishix

    I’m just happy Serizawa Yuu will be back, even if her character doesn’t look as cute as Ann, so I’ll have to at least give the new season a shot.

    I just love her voice, and she was the main reason I was able to stick with Rainbow Live (at least for the beginning) … eventually the story, characters, and music just took over!

    I’d want Shishido Rumi and the majority of the seiyuu to return, but Itou Kanae just has to be back at least.

    Great blog! After I got obsessed with rainbow live, I tried Dear My Future but eventually dropped around episode 17 or 18 … but after checking this blog, I feel obligated to give it another try, but I might skip a few episodes.

    btw, Serizawa Yuu has a radio show if anyone is interested (in Japanese of course) here

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      That’s a good question. I wonder if Itou Kanae will stick around or not. Serizawa Yuu isn’t bad as a seiyuu yup.

      If you haven’t, you should watch Aurora Dream before watching Dear My Future.
      Dear My Future is better than Rainbow Live in every aspect except the CG quality in my opinion. (Though like I said in my episode 48 post, depending on how the finale goes, maybe I’ll like Rainbow Live’s ending just a little bit more than Dear My Future’s ending.)
      Mia can be a bit annoying and all the the new characters can feel a bit shallow at first but they all get really interesting. And I don’t know how to explain it but like I always say, Dear My Future is just more fun.

      1. IvaniSamaTVHD

        I think they might mantain Akai Meganee because of the machines. They may continue with the “welcome to the world of Prism Show”, but with the cards, of course. She’s been in the franchise so long that I think they’ll not toss her way. I heard a rumor that in the all-star movie she introduced puri para or something and met laala. It’s rumor, they may be lying.

  4. IvaniSamaTVHD

    Oh god… I’m really glad they’re making All-stars selection for us to say goodbye to our beloved characters and series, but, at the same time, I’m really sad. I knew that the prism shows were over once i noticed that laala didn’t have skates! -.-
    Atleast I hope they have a similar or better writing than Pretty Rhythm had. All episodes broke me into pieces and it was awesome. I never knew a Shoujo, sports, music, competition anime like this. It’s insane! I’m gonna miss my 7 best girls: Naru, Aira, Ann, Ito, Rinne, Ayami and Bell. 😦

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      There’s a lot of series mixing shoujo and sports/music like this I feel that Pretty Rhythm took inspiration from. Stuff like Attacker You, Ace Wo Nerae, Hikari no Densetsu, Aishite Knight, etc, you should check them out if you have the time someday.

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  6. Diana

    maybe Mia and Rinne are paired up together cause they can see the prism sparkle? (mia had star in her eyes and rinne…..well she’s the prism messenger)

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      It really does.
      But well, everything isn’t all bad: the CG director is staying and it seems most of the CG team if not all of them will work on Puri Para too so at least the CG should turn out just as good as Rainbow Live.
      Puri Para will certainly be different but maybe it’ll be good.

  7. Cindy

    It’s okay if puri para doesn’t used skate, i just want this puri para have many romance like the other pretty rhythm.I hope there were romance in it.

  8. Aira Harune

    Frankly i prefer Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream than other two season.Although i kinda like the end of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future where Aira realize she was not alone ( I think ) and Rizumu was married and Mion will take over Pretty Top.I feel disappointed when Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection have 13 episodes and all are repeats of the last seasons.I lost interest after there was no MARs in season 3. So, I did not watch season 3, I watched the first episode only.Maybe just maybe I will watch Puri Para.I heard that Puri Para have no ice skating. I’m so sad. I love when MARs skates.

    (PS:I love MARs very much that why i see Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream alot of times and never
    gets boring)

  9. Lucy

    This new season,the character is nice i think.I can’t wait this season.Are you know if there were prism jump,the darkness (like pretty rhythm aurora dream and Dear My Future)? but rainbow live doesn’t have darkness.

    1. Aira Harune

      can you tell me what are you talking when you said “are you know if there were prism jump” I can’t really understand what are you trying to said.

    2. Marie

      It’s look like i’m understand what she’s trying to said.She’s wanted to know if pripara has a jump like the other season like fresh fruits basket.Sorry if i’m wrong

  10. Fanny

    My friend told me that pripara was created by Takara Tomy and the other season weren’t created by Takara Tomy,Is it true? I didn’t believe my friend it’s because she’s such a bad liar.She often lie to me about anime.It is not because i’m rude

  11. sonata kanzaki prism

    I’ll miss prism jumps…….. (sigh)
    Those prism jumps were soooo graceful….but I’ll watch pripara

    1. Nevermind

      I guess I prefer Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream over Aikatsu but not Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future and Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. I like Aikatsu, PRDMF and PRRL equally. Aikatsu Stars is an exception as I love it on the same level as PRAD.

  12. aarjounika rehinna

    I think puri para will be less preety because aurora dream was the best season although it is a part of it so we can’t do anything but I don’t it will be charmfull as aurora dream but I should have to watch this to know that I was write or wrong but skating is the base of preety rythm if it is not involved in it then it will be preety sad . Anyway I can’t wait to see it although its preety late because in my country the anime series released a little bit late in compare to other but I like this anime series very much .And also thanks for this information so.
    THANKS A LOT “:) 🙂 🙂 ”


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