Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 50

prad3 50 op

prad3 50 01 prad3 50 03

That scene with Naru checking if you can still go to the Prism World was kinda funny. Like, that expressionless face. Naru took Rinne’s death much better than I had imagined. She didn’t even cry. She was really calm compared to everyone else. Even Coo cried. She did get manlier. She still sucked at her show later on though.

prad3 50 02 penguin sensei

Hahaha Penguin Sensei got tired and stopped running right before he reached the entrance. It’s not like he was THAT incompetent in AD and DMF. He used to give everyone really nice advice.

prad3 50 naru outfit full

Naru doesn’t give up and decides to do a Prism Show anyway. Her clothes are really cool. There was barely any focus on clothes design in Rainbow Live but Momo was a pretty good designer. Forgot when it was, but she once said to Akai Meganee she wanted to make designs that surpass the Seventh Coords dresses so she finally managed to do, it in a sense.

prad3 50 naru majestic fall 01 prad3 50 minna no haato happy naru

So you skate better with prism radiance. This explains a lot of things. Naru keeps falling because she can’t skate that well without it. I’m sure Bell and everyone else could do it without prism radiance but Naru sucks so yeah. They didn’t tell the audience about how there’s no more Prism Radiance, just that the system is down, but since it was a worldwide thing people started to guess something was wrong.

prad3 50 naru parents

Naru’s parents cheering for her.

prad3 50 naru falling gif prad3 50 06prad3 50 07. naru fall 02jpg

Just like Aira at the end of AD, Naru got cheered by the whole audience screaming her name. That whole sequence with her keeping falling was really funny. It was also surprising. In the end they never intended to cover Naru with plot armor. She still sucks at Prism Shows and even more now without Prism Radiance. I hate Naru’s voice and her song sounded even more squeaky today, but I do think she’s cute, even if I don’t like dojikkos.

prad3 50 naru im gonna violate youprad3 50 dead naru
prad3 50 naru prism live wink

Naru isn’t my favorite character but she’s really cute sometimes. Especially in CG. If my 12 years ago self knew I’d say “CG can be good” one day he wouldn’t believe it.
Seems the Prism Radiance is related to the audience’s cheers. Since it goes up if a lot of people are interested and love Prism Show, and goes down if it gets boring, and/or only focuses on scores, like what Jin wanted to do when leading Edel Rose. I think the Prism Radiance already existed in AD and DMF but they talked about it differently, and that it was the Fan Calls in DMF.

prad3 50 recycled audience shot

Recycled audience shots.

prad3 50 naru jump gif

Her wings look a lot like Aira and Rizumu’s Aurora Rising wings, or the wings the statue had at the Try Grooving Session. Except they’re pink.

prad3 50 happy naru arrow mugen dai

Happy Naru Arrow Mugen Dai!

prad3 50 juné hospital

Ambulance Juné. As for how she got out, she must have teleported. Rinne used to do it all the time during the show, so I guess Juné can do it too.

prad3 50 naru panel

Since she already wore the ultimate version of her dress, the fact that her panel features it is normal. Also only 2540 Karats huh. The judges are merciless.

prad3 50 kou

Kou saying that Naru is actually the true winner is kinda cheesy, they could haven’t said it and we could have all still guessed. That made it feel way more like a kids show than usual. Gonna say more about this at the bottom.

prad3 50 05

SHIMATTAAAA NO JYAAA THERE’S ONLY SIX PEOPLE. They should have asked Coo or Hiro to do it.

prad3 50 juné 01 prad3 50 jainbow live 01


prad3 50 juné 02prad3 50 juné 03

Juné really is the best. So that’s the ultimate evolution of her own Seventh Coord dress. It’s a recolor and more detailed version of one of Rinne’s seventh coord evolutions, the one she wore in the third OP.

Juné and Rinne’s dresses are the best.Then I’d say I like Otoha’s and Naru’s dresses the most. The part of the song when Bell’s violin starts sounds a lot like Judai’s theme in Yugioh GX. Because of that I ended up rewatching a lot of Yugioh this morning.

yugioh tag force 6 ruka ending

Looking for Judai’s theme on Youtube made me find this. Didn’t know the Tag Force games had specific endings for each characters. I want to paly these games by I don’t have the time so I need to resist the urge. I’ll just watch it all on youtube. Ruka is super cute there. They’re all super cute. The Yugioh girls are great.

prad3 50 rinne 01prad3 50 rinne 03 prad3 50 rinne funny face

Rinne did a whole new choreography so I guess that’s also what CG Director was mentioning some weeks ago when he said they did the last motion capture session for RL. Also Rinne still has that funny face when she blinks. I don’t even know why I’m taking so many pics. This along with some other scenes like Kazuki’s FREEDOM are already in the rotation of anime scenes I’ll rewatch forever. I don’t have time so it’s not often I rewatch whole shows, I only rewatch some awesome scenes every now and then. I rarely feel down, so it’s not to cheer me up or anything. More like to cheer me up even more when I’m already in a good mood. Like, I’ll never get tired of rewatching Yugi summoning the Sangenshin against Zorc.

prad3 50 rinne 04 prad3 50 rinne 05prad3 50 rinne 06

Just before the refrain, at the MEGURU MEGURU deai wa, KAWARU KAWARU otozure, all her movements are synched perfectly with the song. Actually all of her dancing is synchronized, but it’s the one part that was the most noticeable to me. All these steps!!! And then there’s how every line of the song is lip synched perfectly. The guys at CG did an excellent job.
Oh yeah and Rinne’s dress changes colors. The stripes things rotate between the rainbow colors.

prad3 50 juné rinne 01 prad3 50 juné rinne 02

You may think it’s stupid that Juné tells Rinne once more to absorb her body, while she already refused last week and gave her own body instead. Juné says this because like they said multiple times, no mater who fuses with who, they still BOTH need to return to the Prism World anyway.

prad3 50 juné 05

And then suddenly PRISM GODDESS. Lolwat. It’s like I’m watching Purikua with the girls trying to always save *insert a Purikua season magical world’s name here* Queen. And then the Queen talks to the girls through all the *insert a Purikua collectible item name here*. That was just weird. But at least it does answers some questions. The Rinnes and mascots are working for her and she’s the Prism World boss. Remember when Akai Meganee once said she’ll “report” Momo for forgetting about the Seventh Coord? The Prism Goddess is the one Aikai Meganee reports to. I guess my Akai Meganee = Prism World boss and true final boss for All Star Selection and being Kamen Rider Prism Decade theory is null now.
Actually now that I think about it, the Prism Goddess thing isn’t too far fetched. In Aurora Dream, Jun always said that Aira, Rizumu and Mion are blessed by the Goddess of the Skater’s Constellation. In Dear My Future, Mia and Hye In were blessed by the Symphonia Goddess. And now we got the Prism Goddess. I guess each one of them is the boss of the department taking care of each world.

prad3 50 juné 06

Anyway, I find it weird they used such a typical girls kids show conclusion for Juné’s plot, when usually Pretty Rhythm gives a more adult feel and doesn’t use these kinds of plot devices. Especially Rainbow Live who was even a bit too mature at times I must say, being always NO FUN ALLOWED ONLY DRAMA. They could have used another resolution. Still, it’s not all happy either. Prism Goddess said Juné can become human and stay, but as compensation she won’t be able to do Prism Shows anymore (how she’s gonna manage in All Star Selection?!?) and she’ll still end up loosing her memories till now anyway. She’ll become mortal and there’s no guarantee the person she loves will continue loving her.
Well in the end I’m happy at least Juné didn’t end up dead and may get her happy ending. She’ll probably reunite with Hijiri next week.
The Prism Goddess was voiced by Kuwashima Houko. She voiced Sonata in Aurora Dream. This isn’t a coincidence as all the statues in Rainbow Live look a lot like Sonata. So they’re actually really Sonata statues?? Maybe Sonata became the Prism Goddess?
Also when they revealed that Rinne = Juné in episode 43, I was wondering how it worked. Like, they don’t share opinions else the conflict between them wouldn’t happen, but maybe they have some sort of collective consciousness or something. And the Prism Goddess made it and controls them. Gonna check what director said about it on Twitter later.
Siiiiiigh, can’t believe I’m talking about Goddess mythology in a Japanese skating cartoon.

prad3 50 10

Naru took Rinne’s disappearance at the beginning like a man but there she still ended up crying and clinging to her.

prad3 50 rine naru chest touch yuriprad3 50 23prad3 50 24

That scene was really great. I kinda smirked at how Rinne used her song to answer Naru’s “I don’t want to you to forget about all of us”. Sure felt Disney there. All the staff and the one who did the lyrics, Akao Deko, are pretty awesome since they planned from the start for the lyrics to fit this scene.
Naru was much less clingy to her than I thought. Rinne’s songs word really touched her. “Try touching your chest with your hand. You’ll see it’s wrong to think there’s nothing there. You can feel the certain heartbeat in your chest, right?”
Rinne told her  even if she forgets her heart will still remember.
This too felt kinda kiddy compared to the usual stuff. Especially Bell’s “Naru. Rinne got other worlds where she needs to propagate the Prism Radiance”. It was like, “You need to act like an adult and not only think about yourself and let her go as she got more important things to do”. That’s the most basic of basic morals you can put into a cartoon to show to kids. Seriously. Seeing how she TOLD Juné about human love in episode 43, Rinne should have TOLD Naru and tell her stuff like “Bitch, I’ve got other worlds to save now, you’ll grow up and work and get into life, you won’t need me anymore. Now stop crying before you stain my rainbow dress.”

prad3 50 rinne final wings

She has the wings they showed last week when Juné almost got back to the Prism World. I guess these are the wings they use for dimension travel.

prad3 50 21 prad3 50 22 prad3 50 23 coo

Rinne is like a humanitarian. She goes to worlds to help people. She goes everywhere too since it’s thank to her they could do Aurora Rising in AD and the ultimate act in DMF. Director said that each version/Rinne evolves. They even made up numbers for it too. Juné was a Rinne version 2.5. Her particularity was she could jump 4 consecutive jumps, and her job was to make the RL world inhabitants do it too. Rinne, the one right now, is a Rinne version 3.1 , who can do Prism Live, and her job was to teach it etc, you get the idea. Then he says they probably upgrade every three months. Like, there’s a Moore’s Law for Rinnes hahahaha. This reminds me about my own Moore’s Law I made some time ago. Every 13 years, Eva gonna get remade, and each time they’ll add a new girl.

You have to wonder if she ever got to a world and failed and the Prism Radiance totally disappeared. Maybe that time in RL was the first time she ever experienced it. I don’t think it ever happened because it seems it’ll make the Prism World disappear. That’s what you see at the beginning of episode 34 at least, in Naru’s dream. That’s also why I think in episode 44, when Rinne asked them to save the world, she was talking about her world.

prad3 50 25 prad3 50 rinne putting up with naru's dumbness and imperfection because she's perfect and can tolerate everything 01 prad3 50 rinne putting up with naru's dumbness and imperfection because she's perfect and can tolerate everything 02 prad3 50 rinne putting up with naru's dumbness and imperfection because she's perfect and can tolerate everything 03 prad3 50 rinne putting up with naru's dumbness and imperfection because she's perfect and can tolerate everything 04

Rinne being perfect and indulgent with Naru who can’t do anything herself and suck at everything.

prad3 50 26

Tabidachi no Luna Rainbow Heaven!!

prad3 50 session completed

Next week isn’t a rewind, in case you’re asking yourself. Episodes 51 in AD and DMF were epilogues of sorts showing what each character is planning to do now so they’ll do the same thing here.
At the end of the jikai, the comments in the sides during the sponsor display says that “Everyone will take their new first step in life ” and “The curtain of the legendary stage will rise”. Maybe we’ll get some kind of story introduction for All Star Selection? Maybe it’ll just be something small like the cameo of Mia and co in the finale of AD. Maybe it’ll be something big, like Rinne coming back and bringing Naru and co with her to dimension travel together, leading to All Star Selection.  Maybe it’ll be a Laala cameo where she does a declaration of war and say they have no hope and she’s here to kill Pretty Rhythm. We’ll see. At the very least, at the end of next week’s episode, instead of the jikai there will be a PV for All Star Selection.

prad3 50 aikatsu ad at the end prad3 50 ad at the end arcade game

There was ads for the arcade game at the beginning before the OP and at half too. At the end there was an Aikatsu! ad. Tfw Aikatsu! killed Pretty Rhythm and even invaded it’s ad time. Then right after it there was another Pretty Rhythm arcade game ad.

prad3 juné post artist タツキ


About the episode as a whole

Now before ending this post I gotta say I have really mixed feelings about this climax. I’m definitely not disappointed. However there’s just something wrong with it.

How I feel was summed up pretty well by another watcher I chat with:” I don’t know if I’m glad or disappointed that Naru didn’t turn into a skating mega god for the last performance. It’s nice that she didn’t pull out results from nowhere and was still a total klutz but SOMEONE needed to be skating mega god and it never happened.”

Where’s the DIMENSION BREAKING, TIME TRAVELING, DEEP MONOLOGUES IN MONOCHROME UNDER SPOTLIGHTS, FAMILY REUNIONS AND THE GIANT NAKED REI TREE??? Even Juné last week or Bell’s Prism Show were more exciting than this. There wasn’t any jumps besides Naru’s jump and Rinne’s dimension travel jump at the end… Where the hell is the crazy awesome??? What the hell?

The JAINBOW LIVE wasn’t even as awesome as what you can see in the OP; The other girls didn’t even ride the rainbow and fly to space or anything. We didn’t even get to see ten jumps. Unlike in DMF or AD, there was not a single cameo by the side characters that appeared throughout the show (Kazuki’s cousin, Megumi, Tanaka, the old lady from the inn, etc).
Of course, there was Rinne’s song playing, but they didn’t even play one of the opening themes! Playing the opening theme while something awesome happens is the basis of basis. Seriously what were they thinking??
The boys didn’t do anything. Coo didn’t do anything. Penguin Sensei didn’t do anything (though in Penguin Sensei’s case it was used as a joke.) What about the fact Naru can see the color of hearts and stuff and is pretty much a Prism Newtype? Like, she could have used that. Sure it’s probably thanks to that she managed to get the Prism Radiance back, and not because people cheered her, but still.
It was going great when she regained the Prism Live after she jumped and shot all statues, I was trembling all over and feeling the tension going up, then they rushed to the roof to do the Rainbow Live, and it’s super awesome. Then Rinne comes back and do her show which was really gorgeous, perfect enough for me to want to rewatch it forever.
But then, that’s it. Nothing else. Seriously? All that tension and then nothing. Rinne could’ve done jumps while riding the Rainbow, like when they do with the rainbow runway during Prism Live. The JAINBOW LIVE was great but they could have at the very least skated a bit faster… And they could have all done their signature jump. Make Wakana ride the lion, make Ito cross planets, make Otoha do a disco party, make Bell summon a phoenix, make Naru summon ducks, make Ann rain cakes. I dunno.

It definitely wasn’t disappointing, but it was not satisfying either, like, I’m still hungry.
It wasn’t even  nearly close to the level of Dear My Future’s episode 50, and it definitely didn’t surpass it. Episode 48 and 49 did get close, but this Rainbow Live episode 50 was lukewarm like Ito would say. It was definitely great, but it could have been a lot better.

Now that I think about it, this is pretty much my overall feeling about the whole season. I’ll write more about it in my final impressions post. Like, if I had thought back about how Rainbow Live was during it’s whole run, I could have guessed this penultimate episode wouldn’t live up to my expectations. I almost feel stupid for having written multiple times these past few weeks “Maybe RL’s ending will be better than DMF ending”. Rainbow Live only got close to DMF’s level a few times (Kazuki’s show, Rinne vs Juné, etc etc) so I should have expected this.

Well anyway, it’s still the best show that aired in 2013-2014, and I don’t think I’ll see an ending I’ll like more this year, but frankly: I don’t want to sound like an elitist or something, but by “Pretty Rhythm standards” if I may say, that Rainbow Live episode 50 was super underwhelming.
It has some unexpected qualities though, like how I didn’t expect Naru wouldn’t wear plot armor and suck till the end, but it still somewhat feels lacking. Just watch Dear My Future and you’ll see what a real Pretty Rhythm ending is.
At least the CG for all of the Rainbow Live was great and we got a completely new show of Rinne to look at.

Random stuff

Last week when episode 49 finished, someone on 2ch said “because of Rinne killing herself to save Juné, there’s no prism radiance anymore and that’s why they removed skating and did Puri Para.” Really laughed.
A looooot of people said they cried watching episode 49. On 2ch, Twitter, or fanartists drawing stuff on Pixiv. Literally all the Juné pics on Pixiv that got posted after episode 49 only has JUNEEEEEEEEE SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as title/description.

Remainder I’m not posting about Twitterand saving up for one post with all the stuff from episode 49 to 51. Since the show is ending soon, Director says tons of interesting things on Twitter, a few bits I mentioned in this post. He’s even talking about stuff all the way back from Aurora Dream so I’m looking forward to when I’ll have the time to read it all and share it here. He of course talks about Rainbow Live stuff too. Normally I’ll post about it next week. Tuesday at earliest. Normally I should also be posting about Kaoru Mori’s conference at Salon Du Livre 2014 if you’re interested.

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