Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 51 (END)

prad3 51 end

That was an excellent ending to a great show. Now that was completely satisfying as opposed to episode 50. Episode 50 didn’t have any cameos and stuff so I was getting worried, but everything turned out nicely in the end.  Really glad I watched this show.
As a side note, just like a few others occasions throughout the show (Bell manager episode, inn episode), that whole episode felt really Pretty Rhythm-like, as opposed to most of Rainbow Live which was quite different from the other seasons.

prad3 51 01 prad3 51 02 prad3 51 03 prad3 51 newspaper

Episode starts just like the first one, with Naru waking up. It also starts just like Aurora Dream’s final episode, with Aira waking up.
The only difference is that Aira woke up as Prism Queen and didn’t change that much, oversleeping, still being klutzy and all, while Naru didn’t become Queen but doesn’t get up late anymore and is a little less clumsy.
Newspaper says that Juné and Hijiri did love each other. Hijiri becoming new chairmain of Edel Rose. Beef, Chicken, Fish and Chips starting a new group.

prad3 51 04 prad3 51 05

Ann’s dad got more character development than Ann herself.

prad3 51 06 prad3 51 07 naru classmates

Naru’s classmates which we saw five or six times in the whole show. One of them is actually voiced by Hara Sayuri/Rizumu too, but I never know which.
One is called Jozenji Ai and the other is Uchida Rina.

It’s normal Naru won’t be Prism Stone manager anymore since it was for her professional experience in 2nd year of middle school. She’s a third year now so it’s over now.
Ann joined so she could bake sweets but she can do it at home now so she doesn’t have any reason to work there anymore.
Ito was working there to save up money to buy her dad’s guitar, she doesn’t need to do that anymore either. That’s why everyone is graduating from Prism Stone.

prad3 51 08 prad3 51 09

THIS SCEEENE. Really laughed at how they made Tanaka say “Tanaka desu… ga”, stealthily imitating Yamada’s “Yamada desu”.

prad3 51 10

These costumes are based on their very first outfits. The hats are different along with a few other details.

prad3 51 11

Yeah Ann! Show some respect to the real boss please.

prad3 51 12

Hahaha Rabbittchi  crying. These guys are still as cute ugly as ever.

prad3 51 13 prad3 51 14

Momo became recognized as a legendary designer, who surpassed the seventh coord dresses. When declining Peacock Sensei’s offer to stay in the Prism World, she said that there’s no “high and low” in Prism Shows. That’s what she said to Coo some time ago when he told her that Naru and co are now aiming for higher heights in Prism Shows (when they started training seriously after episode 13). Basically she means you should just do it for fun and that’s how you’ll get better. It’s not like both ideas oppose each other, she meant that people shouldn’t be arrogant etc about Prism Shows, basically what Edel Rose was doing.

prad3 51 15 prad3 51 16

This was so hilarious. They even put the AD/DMF bgm too. Too bad Penguin Sensei ended up in mascot hell. It’s true he screwed up badly but that was still mean.

prad3 51 coo momo

Coo x Momo confirmed. That’s what the Director actually means when he always says on Twitter that Pretty Rhythm isn’t aimed at kids but at everyone rite? There’s Hiro being gay, Otoha being gay, and even this for penguin-sexuals. And that’s not even bringing up the SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP between Yamada/Tanaka and Penguin Sensei.

prad3 51 17 prad3 51 18prad3 51 19

This alongside his white suit are my favorite outfits Hijiri wore. Kou decided to make Hijiri the new chairman of Edel Rose, with Bell as the female leader and Hiro as the male leader.

prad3 51 21 beru audition girls

The girl on the top left is one of the girls who participated in the audition to replace Otoha in episode 21. I think we saw the one at the bottom some time too but can’t remember. And of course there’s Fake Otoha girl. They all didn’t know about Bell’s change so that’s why they weren’t enchanted when she was announced to be leader, but once she sincerely apologized to them they all felt much better. Fake Otoha won’t go through with her revenge plan and assassinate Bell now.

prad3 34 fired girl from edel rose

I didn’t see in there the poor super cute girl from episode 34 who got fired by Jin though, I hope she got back in Edel Rose or another prism show school.

prad3 51 23 prad3 51 24

Mfw when this whole scene. “I got a small place for you guys to do your live at”
I was like: “Is it going to happen??? Is it going to happen??
Kitagawa san saved Rainbow Live. Everything after that was just so great I could’ve cried.

prad3 51 25 prad3 51 26 prad3 51 27 prad3 51 28

Great how they didn’t forgot how Kazuki is actually really stressed about doing Prism Shows in front of a large crowd. I think he could guess Wakana is bad under pressure because he’s actually the same.

prad3 51 29 prad3 51 28 audience

Fish looks waaaay too excited there.

prad3 51 excited fish

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too excited.

prad3 51 30

Kazuki took over his role model Kurokawa Rei’s title as the “Street Charisma”.

prad3 51 31


prad3 51 32

OVER THE RAINBOW!!! The boys trio unit is finally born!!

prad3 51 33

It finally happened!! Kouji doing a Prism Show!!!

prad3 51 34 prad3 31 kazuki 02

Hiro doing his version of Kazuki’s Freedom pose.

prad3 51 37

These capes are so hilariously ridiculous it’s awesome.

prad3 51 38

Hiro is doomed to wear stomach exposing outfits till the end of his life.

prad3 51 35 prad3 51 36

Bros being bros.

prad3 51 39


prad3 51 40


prad3 51 41


prad3 51 42


prad3 51 43

prad3 51 jin rose 01prad3 51 jin rose 02

Also notice how he disappears under the rose petal.
The only thing missing was him choking from evil laughing too much.Probably the only reason they didn’t do it is because
SPOILERThey actually already did it once with the villain in DMF SPOILER
I knew Jin would definitely appear again before the end of the show but I thought he’d reform and become a good member of society. Usually even the irredeemable guys get redemption and end up as good persons in Pretty Rhythm. Really didn’t think he’d turn into full PRISM BLACK ROSE VAMPIRE villain and scheme revenge.  Too bad the show is over.

prad3 51 44

prad3 51 over the rainbow kazuki hiro kouji trio unit jump gif


prad3 51 45




prad3 51 46 prad3 51 47 prad3 51 48prad3 51 49.5 prad3 51 49

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Yay Juné finally got her happy end. That was so sweet. Seems after loosing her memories she just wandered at the place they first met all the time, and Hijiri found her there and confessed to her.
In terms of development Bell is the best but Juné is the most beautiful 2D girl of the show.

prad1 51 kyouko sonata riverside sceneprad2 51 aira mia riverside sceneprad3 51 50

Well I guess this counts as Rainbow Live’s riverside epilogue scene,  except it’s a lake. It was really sweet and I love Juné and Hijiri.
It definitely didn’t mark me as much as Aurora Dream’s scene though(top pic)
I’ll remember forever Kyouko’s line there:  “Being at the riverside like this… if we were both guys I’d give you a good punch right now.”
Dear My Future’s (middle pic) was really touching too with Aira and Mia thanking each other.

prad3 51 51prad3 51 naru smile

Hiro did confess to Bell and she rejected him. Sadly they didn’t show it but I guess in the end she still only thought of him as a friend. Then Naru realizes that she actually loved Kouji and that the reason she cried in Rinne’s arms back in episode 26 was because Kouji and Ito already loved each other. I’m surprised. Back then I thought they made her say “huh, why I am crying?” because it’s a super classic line in these kinds of situations.

prad3 51 naru hiro gifprad3 51 52

I guess Hiro and Naru gonna end together? They hinted to it a lot thorough the show.  Last time was episode 42. Well we’ll never know  as it’s over.

And then just like with Dear My Future, we got a slideshow of all the characters going on with their lives, with the heroines’ song playing.

Stitched Panorama

Ito is super cute. She’s my favorite by far in Happy Rain. She also got the most development by far between them, going from easily annoyed bitch to LOVE.
Also, I think that outfit is actually the one in the stone her mother gave her.

prad3 51 54 gen ito dad prad3 51 55 tsuru ito mom prad3 51 56 ito brother yuu

They made their family band and Yuu became the batter just like he said in one of the flashbacks.

Stitched Panorama

Kouji looks so cooooooooooool!! And he’s wearing the same clothes as his dad.


prad3-51-band-audience-full prad3-51-ito-kouji-full

prad3 51 57 prad3 51 58 prad3 51 59

This ended up super silly just like in episode 40 with Kazuki’s cousin Naomi. So I guess it’s in continuity with what happened so far.
Wakana Ann and Kazuki’s love triangle was played for comedy almost all the time. The time when they went at the cinema, then episode 40 with fake girlfriend Naomi, then this. They didn’t do much with it since Ann never got too much development or screen time and only Kazuki and Wakana did.
I always say that Pretty Rhythm feels a lot like older shoujo&sports shows I watched as a kid. In all of these, if there was a love triangle it would actually get resolved at the end, so I was pretty surprised by this uncertain outcome. If I was Kazuki I’d choose Wakana right away.

prad3 51 60 hiro mom prad3 51 61 prad3 51 62

Hiro sure is a nice person, his mom definitely wasn’t the best around when he was a kid and yet he never hated her, and even actually called her the best mom there is. The same can also be said with Kouji and his mom. That’s a really good moral there.

prad3 51 63 prad3 51 64

Otoha started teaching at Edel Rose as she’s actually one of the top Prism Stars there is.

prad3 51 65 wakana dad tadashi prad3 51 66 wakana mom fatuba + wakana

In this epilogue they only showed Wakana’s parents among the Edel Rose girls. Her parents were the best by far. After Futaba and Tadashi, the parents I liked the most are Tsuru and Gen, since it’s Aira x Shou 2.0. Then Natsuko because she’s beautiful and because of the Lucky Star flashback ep with the Beverly Hills feels, even though she was a bitch with Kouji and Ito for a while. Then Bell’s mom. Then Hiro’s mom. Then I guess all the others parents.

prad3 51 fake otoha hana beruprad3 51 wakana funny faceprad3 51 jelly otoha

Bell is teaching the other students too, as Prism Queen. She’s on good terms with Fake Otoha now too. Speaking of which we finally know her name thanks to Bell. She’s called Hana. She was credited too, as 研究生/Research Student. She’s voiced by Miyazaki Ui.

prad3 51 67 prad3 51 68 bifichikiprad3 51 Prism cooking

So Dragon Dining is the name of the restaurant they all work at.
This is really hilarious. The director once said on twitter a long time ago that maybe Bifichiki one day will get Pair Tomos/penguins and do a Prism BBQ. In the end it really happened, it turned into Prism Cooking.
It’s nice they’re having fun with the show and put all the crazy ideas they had in this final episode. Would have been better if it was like that the whole show but eh whatever.

prad3 51 suddenly a tatsunoko

I guess now that Rinne propagated the Prism Radiance in this world and taught Prism Live, a lot of Prism Stars got their own flying animal and started doing their Prism Whatever. Like I just said, Director hinted at this a long time ago too. The reason he brought this up back then was because someone told him that tournaments starting the second cour are unfair for the others who can’t do Prism Live, and that there’s no way they can win. He said that the others could learn it too if there’s enough Prism Radiance and/or if they’ve got pure hearts or whatever was it he said again.
Also, that sea horse is a reference to Tatsunoko studio’s emblem. Tatsunoko means sea horse too.

prad3 51 painting

Kazuki added Bell and co to the painting.

prad3 51 momo winkprad3 51 naru dear crown

Momo is looking for a new manager and employes now that Naru and co are gone.
Naru realized her dream and became Dear Crown’s products and events manager, replacing Juné.

prad3 51 naru endprad3 51 rinne

And then we get the same scene as in episode 1, with a new Rinne version going to a new world. She’s wearing Momo’s new legendary design. She forgot about Naru and everyone but still remembers HAPPY NARU. Also Starn got a promotion and can speak now. And then it’s over.

I was daunted with how episode 50 wasn’t awesome enough and that we didn’t get a boys trio prism show but this final episode rectified all that. I’m really happy.
I guess the only things I would have liked to see in the show that never happened are:
1/ Someone going full ZONE super saiyan and doing ten jumps.
2/Ito doing a Prism Show with the stone her mother gave her.(though that’s probably what she’s wearing at the end)
3/A discussion between Hijiri, Jin’s dad and Coo.
4/No EZ DO DANCE performance
Else I got to see Jin getting punched, Wakana’s dad getting slapped, Bell going from bitch to nice, Hiro going from gay for Kouji to gay for Kouji, Rinne vs Juné, moving planets, lion riding, seven jumps, etc. It was hella fun. Another anime year dominated by Pretty Rhythm. Gonna feel pretty empty when it all ends.

I’m really glad CG director wasn’t lying when he said there’s an actual new song before the end. He wasn’t talking about the Jainbow Live song in episode 50 after all. I was really loosing hope about boys trio unit actually happening.  He gave tons of hints till now too, like how “he still can’t imagine how Kouji would look on CG” and how they did one more motion capture session for the CG not too long ago. They really surprised me there. Really happy about it.
That’s also why the song list of the music collection album had a “and more tag”. They did this so to not spoil it.

Really happy about this episode. Was a great epilogue and one of the best episodes in the show. Way better than last’s week somehow unsatisfactory feeling.
I really don’t get why Rainbow Live turned out like this. This episode plus the others I mentioned at the beginning clearly shows they can still make fun ridiculous over the top things like in the previous seasons, so I really don’t get why the whole show wasn’t like this. I guess this is just gonna make me believe even more that a show can turn out really different and good or bad even if it has the same staff of another show. Maybe they wanted to try something different? I guess I’ll get answers the day I finally finish reading the guide book.
But yeah I’ll write more about all that in my final impressions post.

I should post about twitter on Monday or something maybe.

All Star Selection news + random

Real life Ayami said she’s leaving Prizmmy. She’ll “graduate” like they call it, from the group after their live in Odaiba the 30th of March.

The website for All Star Selection got opened. Doesn’t say anything in particular.
“Staff” section only says Hishida Masakazu (Director) and Akao Deko (Series Composition) like they already announced.
The “introduction” section has a PV with scenes from the previous seasons, with Akai Meganee commenting and saying “Aim for the idol debut!!” at the end. More like “aim for Pretty Rhythm’s death!!” amirite?

The page also says that the 5th of April, the 3rd of May and the 31st of May, there will be a Prizmmy related thing. I guess a real life segment at the end of the episodes airing on those days, and that you’ll be able to send your ideas for Lala’s debut in Puri Para. We’ll get more details about how it’ll work on those dates.

I’d like sending the idea that Lala acts evil in the first episode of Puri Para and takes a Pretty Rhythm poster and rips it on top of a mountain, saying that the age of Pretty Rhythm is over, with lightning roaring behind her. And then she breaks the blades of a pair of skates with her bare hands, with a “good kids shouldn’t try this at home” message. Would be cool.

prad3 51 jikai 01 prad3 51 jikai

Speaking of which, judging from how the preview + ad at the end of episode 51 didn’t have any new footage, and judging from how CG Director basically tweeted Director some days ago:
“Dude, it feels great living without thinking about a deadline anymore right?”
I feel like All Star Selection might be 90% rewind, with something like the characters in SD commenting the scenes of something.
Though, there’s also the possibility that they already finished working on all the new parts in the show and don’t have anything to do anymore now. I really hope this is the case.

prad4 official site duo

Would be cool if they at least put new Prism Shows performances with the duos. At the very least, if we get all the characters commenting about some scenes it’s gonna be really hilarious, especially if Jun is there too. Kinda sucks they might spoil some of the best parts in Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, it’ll be a shame for those who haven’t seen them yet. You should really watch them if it’s your case. In my opinion I guess Rainbow Live is better than Aurora Dream by a small margin, but the best of the three seasons is still definitely Dear My Future. All Pretty Rhythm as a whole is part of my favorite shows ever though.
Looking forward to how All Star Selection will turn out. One thing certain is that we’re getting new OP and ED.

23 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 51 (END)

  1. Jade

    For me, I don’t like the last episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Because first, I REALLY REALLY want Bell and Hiro end up together!!!! And also, I wish Kazuki would answer since I think they won’t really appear anymore in the next season. I also don’t like the bad guy, it doesn’t even seems like the end yet!!!

    1. Yuu

      Same omg, I thought I was the only one who shipped Hiro x Beru real hard. TT

      From what I’ve interpreted, the heartbreak he referred to was not being able to be with Beru, mainly because they’re idols and are therefore not allowed to be together. That’s why he says he’s heartbroken, not because of Beru ever rejecting him, but because their statuses do not allow them to be together officially and that’s why he can’t get the courage to confess to her/be with her. In other words, nothing’s ever started between them for it to actually end right now. So now, he is not able to convey his feelings and therefore has to cope with the fact that he’ll never be with the girl she likes. And besides, it doesn’t make sense that he had confessed to Beru beforehand. The last interaction between them in episode 48 implies that Hiro has not yet DIRECTLY admitted to her that he does in fact like her. If he did, Beru’s reaction would’ve been much more different.

      Tbh I’m quite dubious of the idea of Hiro x Naru, basically because there is little to no proof that Hiro may like Naru (or the other way around), other than him blushing when Naru says he’s a nice guy. If that is what people consider as evidence, then what about all the numerous events between Hiro x Beru? Surely the latter is more stable as evidence as compared to the first.

      Plus if this talk between Hiro and Naru implied that a romance could blossom between them, then I could say the same for Naru’s words: ‘I’m sure you can turn things around!’ implying that Hiro will try again to overcome whatever is stopping him from being with Beru.

      All in all, I just think that it doesn’t make sense that they didn’t show the confession scene between Hiro x Beru (IF it did happen, which I highly doubt). Let’s say Jin is the next season’s villain – since it’s not logical they added in that psycho scene just for kicks if he doesn’t ever return – he’ll be getting his revenge against Edel Rose, like he said. If that’s the case, then we can assume that Puri Para occurs in the same world as Rainbow Live, like how DMF was with Aurora Dream. Then we can be quite sure that we’ll be seeing our new progress leaders: Hiro and Beru. Let’s just hope that they make Hiro x Beru canon in the next season, like how Syo x Aira became official in DMF. ;A; IMO I just find it too preposterous and illogical that they would show us so many Hiro x Beru moments and then want to convince us that it’s Hiro x Naru they’re making canon.

      1. rockmanshii Post author

        Sorry for the late reply. And well I don’t think I’ll be able to convince you but let’s try. And don’t get me wrong, I’d like Bell and Hiro to end up together too.

        Hiro was already planning to give up being an idol and leave the reform of Edel Rose to Kouji and Kazuki, until Kouji and Kazuki reached out to him so they do it all together. Thinking about this I highly doubt his career as an idol would have stopped him from confessing. Now, the fact that he confessed to Beru in episode 51, is my own interpretation indeed. If he didn’t confess, and if he can’t get the courage to do it, it’s because he think he can’t be together with her, it’s not because of his idol status, Recall what he said in episode 48. Basically Hiro thinks Bell is too good for him.

        About Bell herself, her “idol” status doesn’t prevent her from answering Hiro’s feelings either. Because Bell isn’t an idol. Something important in Pretty Rhythm is the fact that the girls aren’t idols, they’re Prism Stars. (Most of the guys are indeed idols too though, like Callings, hence the problem when they reveal you know what between Hibiki and Rizumu in DMF)
        Hiro is an idol who also does Prism Shows. Bell is a Prism Star, not an idol.
        Getting a boyfriend wouldn’t really have any impact on her career.
        An idol’s career is compromised when they get a lover(something super stupid and I hate the idol system in Japan but that’s another story). However as shown in Aurora Dream with Sonata you can even get married and still be a Prism Star.

        It’s sad but the only other possibility I can think of, like I said in my post, is that Bell doesn’t like Hiro that way and only thinks of him as a friend. And that’s what Hiro realized, whether he confessed to her or not. In his discussion with Naru, they use the word “shitsuren/unrequited love”.

        Hiro ending together with Naru is a possibility, she’s the girl after Bell he interacted the most with. But in the end, it’s not like it happened either, it’s just a possibility. Like you said he might as well end up with Bell sometime later. Sadly the show is over and we’ll never know.
        A general advice regarding stories I could give you is that you shouldn’t care that much about what is canon and what isn’t, it’ll only cause you headaches.

        I do think they added the Jin scene just for kicks, because the Director REAAAALLY likes Jin. Rainbow Live getting a sequel is unlikely. And Pretty Rhythm in general having connections with the Puri Para universe is unlikely too, as they didn’t even bother setting up any sort of connection with All Star Selection. Like you’ve probably seen by now, this whole fourth season is just a recap as of now, and they chose to lazily just make the characters meet each other without any explanation.

      2. PrettyRhythmFan+Kazuki x Wakana

        Oh, I don’t really ship Hiro with anyone… I don’t even like Hiro that much… I thought he was the antagonist because he looked so evil because he wanted Kouji’s song so much…

    2. PrettyRhythmFan

      I ship Kazuki and Wakana ❤ I think Wakana is better for Kazuki. Kazuki has done more "romantic" things to Wakana than he has to Ann… for example, he held Wakana's hand, let her cry on his shoulder… cute stuff like that ❤

  2. mokanyu

    Can’t believe it’s the end. *crying*
    But your blog helped me very much, ‘coz I don’t speak Japanese as good as I want (and as good as needed) Never get, that Hiro was gay…
    I really hope you write your commentary to Puripara, too! Please! That would be great!

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Thanks, and hahaha Hiro isn’t gay, it’s just a running joke between many fans, because he really does look like it for Kouji. And because it’s not the first time. There was a character in DMF that acted REALLY GAY too.
      I’ll try blogging Puri Para.

      1. PrettyRhythmFan

        I love your blog Rockmanshii, thanks for all this stuff! Please keep blogging… and could you maybe talk a bit about what All Star Selection and King of Prism is about? Thanks so much!!

  3. ayame0yume

    I like the comment “Dear My Future is my favorite season” because I felt the same. It’s the best season ever I seen in my life for anime T_T

    Anyway, I’m Hiro x Beru fan xD Although they didn’t end up together.. Ah, I have a broken heart :’)

    I really glad you wrote the summary of the episodes. I would be glad if you still wrote for All Star Selection.

    1. PrettyRhythmFan

      For me Dear My Future was my least favorite season. It had some really awesome scenes like Hibiki and Rizumu getting married but I just found the whole “Symphonia” thing too complicated for me. Also, almost 10+ episodes were not subbed and were released “raw”, which I was not happy with :T. I don’t speak Japanese and I can’t read it either which made it hard to understand what the episodes were about.

  4. Bambi

    Oops, computer error.

    Anyways, other than Ito who was your favourite character in the show Rockmanshii? I quite liked Ann, I felt that she had loads more potential as a character. But Kazuki’s face! XD

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      In terms of looks
      In terms of character development/story

      While I say that, I really love all the characters a lot. Even Otoha and Ann. Though I did dislike Otoha at first.

  5. Yuu

    Thanks for replying, rockmanshii. (: and thanks for the advice too. I’ve realized that at this point thinking of this show is useless since it’s hopeless by now. But how I wish they could’ve resolved every single thing if they were never going to continue its story anyway.

    But yes, there are countless possibilities. My OTP still lives on in my heart! ^o^ (Who knows, maybe Hiro can stop being so self-hating now that he’s back with his mom. And besides, if Naru x Hiro was close to happening, part of me thinks Naru is too nice to actually let it go if she knew that Hiro once liked/still likes Beru. I just don’t really like the pairing, but I still like her as an individual and with Rinne. \m/)

    1. PrettyRhythmFan+Kazuki x Wakana

      Yeah, I wish they just clearly stated the couples at the end of Rainbow Live, whether they crushed the fan’s hearts (because it didn’t match their ships) or not. Especially with Kazuki, Wakana and Ann… they both confessed to him but they never showed who he actually accepted. :/

  6. Jade

    I like Hiro, Wakana (definitely), Kouji and also Ito. I don’t think they will continue the story of Pretty Rhythm but anyway, I have a good time watching it, I think my favourite season is Aurora Dream. I like Wataru and Mion so much!

    1. PrettyRhythmFan

      Rainbow Live is completely different to the other Pretty Rhythm series… none of the characters shown in the previous seasons were mention (except for Yamada (who became Yanaka) and Penguin-sensei.)

  7. Nur

    The best reaction I’ve ever read. Like, this reaction is far beyond on what i expected. I really love this show and i am on my full fangirl spirit towards kazuki. Heck, i do cry lol when i saw that you would pick wakana for kazuki.. because i really want him to be with wakana thooooo. FINALLY A HUMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS AND IN THE SAME SIDE WITH MEEEEE!!!!


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