Random stuff about Nobunaga The Fool part 2

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Part 1

Posting a random unrelated picture as always, I don’t want to waste time trying to take a screenshot or find something that would fit here. Though it’s actually not that unrelated as Mouretsu Pirates and Nobunaga The Fool share staff.
The post is short but I still put a read more as I’ll spoil things up to episode 14 included.

I’m really enjoying the show, though there’s some things I don’t like, like Jeanne being a notcharacter and literally not doing anything. And the few times she did something she screwed up badly. Surprisingly I don’t burst out laughing anymore upon hearing JEANNE KAGUYA D’ARC. Though they don’t say it as much either, everyone calls her Ranmaru now.

Another thing I don’t like that much are the fights. The fight’s conclusions are always exciting but the fights themselves aren’t dynamic enough.  They’re super slow. I actually love mecha when they’re slow and got all that inertia. Every fight in Escaflowne and Break Blade makes me really excited, but in Nobufool it’s not the good kind of slow. Not really sure how to explain it. I think it’s due to it being CG.

Sometimes the show is pretty predictable, sometime it isn’t. I totally didn’t think both Charlemagne and Hannibal would die the same episode as their first real appearance.
I guess you could say that Mitsu’s skill of always picking the WORST CHOICE EVER in what he must do is due to bad writing, but I think it’s actually exactly what they’re planning. If they will follow history and make him kill Nobu at the end, they need to make him screw up many times. In any case, I’m sure it’s a way to show his destiny of being screwed over rather than bad writing, that’s also what both OPs point out to.
Speaking of the writing, Nobunaga The Fool was first a stage play. Meaning all the plot is already written. Thinking of this I highly doubt there’s any kind of poor writing involved, due to time constraints, staff changes, or whatever.
The only episode I thought was bad and didn’t like so far is episode one. It was a really horrible start. Not that they have anything in common, but the last show I watched where this happened is Psycho Pass, which first episode is utterly horrible compared to the rest of the show. (HEY I JUST GRADUATED AS TOP OF MY CLASS TO INTEGRATE THE POLICE BUT PLEASE REEXPLAIN TO ME HOW OUR SOCIETY AND PSYCHO PASS SYSTEM WORK PLZ)

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As expected, GAIUS JULIUS KAISAR, or “Eyepatch silver bishounen” like I called him after watching episode 2, switched sides. They did something interesting though. Instead of simply becoming a good guy, he formed an alliance with Nobu by marrying his sister. He didn’t kidnap her as expected but actually married her. That sure was surprising. He’s now gradually changing and is much less of a bastard. I can’t help but like him. That VENI VIDI VICI CANNON sure is awesome too. As seen in episode 14 he genuinely likes Ichihime too and is gradually loosing his scum side, so I’m really warming up to his character.
Anyway, Caesar did turn out good. My other guesses which haven’t been verified or denied yet:

  • I said that Himiko would die, she almost did but survived.
  • Hideyoshi didn’t die. Nobuhide got unexpectedly killed fast.
  • There’s nothing on reincarnations plot yet, except for Jeanne’s fear of fire. They didn’t give reincarnation as much importance as I thought they would so far.
  • Maybe a third planet will indeed appear as it’s implied King Arthur wants all the “Shinki/Regalia” and stabilize both planets to face off something even bigger.

Like I said on the previous post, I hope I’m wrong on these so we can get a nice surprising 2nd half. Really looking forward to it. And while I was right about Caesar switching sides they did manage to surprise me with the way they did it.

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