Pretty Rhythm After Party event info

prad after party official artwork various artists prad3 all

Bell one of my favorite irua san
Naru MMM37 san, veteran drawing puririzu fanart since Aurora Dream.
江ノ内愛 san, another favorite.
Ito chan
『Coo san?! いや、あれわ。。。 KUROKAWA REI!!』
Kazuki senpai
JUNÉ SAMAAA 赤坂 択 san, another artist who’s been doing great fanart since AD
Rinne chan
Kouji kun
Pair tomo
Penguin sensei&Tanaka:じろ様, no Pixiv account

Fanart poster made by artists fans of Pretty Rhythm. It was displayed at the event along other fan creations.

Pretty Rhythm’s anime is over. Arcade game machines too will start to be replaced by Pri Para machines this July. It’s way more abrupt than I predicted. When they announced Pri Para in March I thought they would remove them progressively. Like the article says, some Prism Stone shops will keep the game though, but they’ll stop selling memory passes, (so if I ever go back to Japan and want to play it I’ll probably have to buy one from someone)
Pretty Rhythm is done, completed, dead. So there was this event to commemorate it’s three years of service (four if you count from when the arcade game was launched)

I’m not living in Japan, so I didn’t attend.  I really wanted to go though, and am really interested about what happened there, so just like with the xmas event, I looked around 2ch about it. Someone nice wrote a report of the talk show part, and they also published something about the event on Animate.
Been a while I wrote a long post like that. I read it because I’m interested in it myself and I know no one gonna translate it anytime soon. As it takes me some time to translate, writing things down is easier, so posts like these just come in naturally sorta. I’m reading and writing this first for myself. And more importantly, it’s fun.

Needless to say there’s spoilers for all three seasons so I wouldn’t recommend reading if you haven’t seen them all. It doesn’t spoil things too major, so I guess it’s still safe to read even if you haven’t seen Dear My Future as it’s not fully subbed yet. (Besides the horrible quality ones on youtube. I wonder if they’re still online)

Introduction of the event:
(stuff you should already know if you read my Rainbow Live posts)

The event was announced around the same time as the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Music Collection. The director of all Pretty Rhythm seasons: Hishida Masakazu san was present, along with chara designer of Rainbow Live&original chara designer of Hiro, Kouji and Kazuki: Matsuura Mai san/Odeco san.

prad3 tower record machida juné cardboard prad3 tower record machida naru beru flag prad3 tower record machida hiro belly button apple prad tower record machida cardboard prad3 rinne end prad tower record machida cardboard kaname banana prad tower record machida cardboard prad3 wakana ann duo prad tower record machida cardboard prad3 guys kouji kazuki hiro over the rainbow prad tower record machida cardboard prizmmy mars prad tower record machida cardboard serenon with k prad2 puretty tower record machida cardboard prad all tower record machida cardboard

The event was announced at first for the release of the RL music collection album, but it ended up being a commemoration party for all of Pretty Rhythm. The event took place at the Tower Record shop in Machida. The shop’s staff are big Pretty Rhythm fans. They used to decorate the shop with various Pretty Rhythm things whenever a new Rainbow Live CD came out. Around half into Rainbow Live, the staff there started calling the shop “Meruhen Dream City”, as I think their favorite Rainbow Live is Otoha. All the photos above are from the shop’s Twitter account.

prad3 otoha music collection cd special cover only at tower record machidaprad3 ticket patterns tower record machida twitter

If you wanted to attend for sure you had to preorder the Rainbow Live Music Collection album DX version from their shop. You’d then get a ticket for the event as well as the special cover above. The pic on the right are the different illustrations featured on the tickets. Else you could go there directly I think.
I remember in an old tweet they said the shop is small so they’re limiting the tickets to around 200. After a while there was a tweet saying that preorders with tickets are on sale again, as they decided to go further than that. In the end, with the preorders+customers who went there directly, around 300-400 people attended.
The 9th of May, the day before the event, the shop’s staff tweeted that it’s the first time they’re organizing an event in their shop with more than 200 people, so they apologize early for any inconveniences and asked for everyone’s cooperation.
(Nice thing the report mentions these numbers because I’m sure I wrote them in a previous post but wouldn’t find them, as the “search posts” function of WordPress really sucks)

Most of the people attending were fans on Twitter.

prad after party schedule

The event’s schedule which was posted on Twitter. The talk show happened last.

prad after party poster naru mia aira

Talk show translation:

prad after party photo 01

At the left is chara designer Matsuura Mai san. At the right is the director Hishida Masakazu san. And the hand you can see at the far right is the person asking the questions, called Nishi-san. The report says he’s familiar with Pretty Rhythm events so maybe he was also the guy asking the questions at the xmas event and at other events. (Edit from the future, I think “Nishi san” there was actualyl Nishi Hiroko, the Avex producer)
Like usual, I put my own comments under parenthesis.

First question was what in Rainbow Live left them with the biggest impression.
(They started from RL as it just ended)

Matsuura san: I’d like to say episode 18「俺はヒロ!絶対アイドル☆愛・N・G」 , or episode 45「薔薇の革命」, but the one that marked me the most is definitely episode 24 「ひとりぼっちの女王」.  All of the staff checked the episode for errors countless times after it was completed. One anecdote I remember is how someone in the staff working on the finishing touches called Akama san said “is it really fine to broadcast this?” (laughs). ((Episode 18=Hiro’s idol debut. Episode 45= Hiro’s final live. She really likes Hiro. She made him from scratch after all. Apparently the PRISM DIVE and Bell humiliating herself was a popular topic among the staff.)

Hishida san: Before answering, I’d like to say, this event sure is incredible. Usually, there’s always seiyuus at this kind of events. There’s none today and yet it still turned out like this. I’m reflecting about this in various ways(laughs). As for the thing that left the biggest impression on me… Deciding on something is hard…

Nishi san: It’s fine even if you tell us about a time when it was painful to work on the show.

Hishida san: RL was always painful from start to finish. Golden week, Obon or new years, I feet like I didn’t rest during these holidays for 3 years straight after all. We always had to keep up with work, so it’s difficult to choose something.

Matsuura san: There was about two RL episodes with much longer content than usual.

Hishida san: That’s right that’s right. First one was episode 31「目指すは勇者!フリーダム!!」, which was about 10 minutes too long. The other was 45「薔薇の革命」, which was pretty long, in the end half of the flashbacks that were supposed to be in it were forwarded and put in episode 44「虹の救世主は君ジャ!」 instead. The truth is we planned to draw what kind of life Hiro had when he was brought up and trained by Jin, but we couldn’t find any room at all for it, so we cut it all.

prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 4prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 3 prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 2 prad3 director twitter ep45 cut scenes 1

(Episode 31=Kazuki FREEDOM. Episode 44=Rinne reveals. Director had already mentioned on Twitter about how episode 45 had cut scenes. Back then he didn’t mention the Hiro’s life stuff and only said they cut stuff with Jin. See the storyboard drafts above. He called those “toilet graffiti” though, so I don’t think the Jin stuff was too interesting. The Hiro stuff would’ve been cool to see though.)

Matsuura san: There was also Hiro&Kouji’s daily life at Edel Rose.

prad3 45 hiro kouji 03prad3 45 hiro kouji 04

Hishida san: About this, we crammed it all into Hiro’s recollection during his Prism Show in episode 45. The truth is, we really wanted to draw about how Hiro and Kouji ate curry rice together or that time when they were playing in the water. Ah, I think the thing that left the biggest impression on me is episode 10「謎の生物 プリズムストーンに現る!」. The episode when Momo gets found out about being a penguin. The episode’s script was written by Iuchi Shuji san, who did the series composition on RL. The way Bell asks Hiro to manipulate Naru into participating in the tournament, it’s the moment when you realize Hiro is a bad guy. Until then, you’d think Hiro is just a jerk ikemen, but then you understand he’s such a cruel person, I shivered when I first read the script.

(I could write for hours about how Hiro is such a great character)

Nishi san: Next question. If you were stranded on an deserted island, which RL character would you like to be with?

Matsuura san: If you think about it normally I’d say Coo san, but then I guess Hiro would be better. He’d immediately take us back home by train.


Nishi san: I see. What about you Hishida san?

Hishida san: I feel like this is gonna be wrong regardless of what I answer. If I say Naru chan everyone gonna go EEEEEEEEEH?!

Nishi san: You’re trapped right.

Hishida san: If I say Kazuki everyone gonna say I’m discriminating against females. So I’m gonna say Norizuki Kou’s private secretary which was besides him. With her I’ll be safe age-wise and visual-wise.

Nishi san: Isn’t she just a background character!!

prad3 49 kou's secretary

(That’s her, in episode 49)

Next they started talking about background info of Rainbow Live. They started by showing the original drafts for the prism boys Hiro Kouji Kazuki that Matsuura Mai brought with her.

prad after party photo 02 first design draft kouji

Director san holding the illustrations.

Matsuura san: This is Kouji’s drafts. The one who decided on number two(middle) is director Hishida.

Hishida san: Matsuura san asked me to “please write down which guy you like the most.” showing me these 3 variants. Number 1 looks like Aurora Dream’s Shou san, so I chose 2.
(They ended up using the middle one design for the show, so number 2 = middle. The one at the bottom looks like Shou so number 1=bottom. The numbers are actually written on the pages but you can’t see them on this photo)

prad after party photo 03 first design draft kazuki

Nishi san: Next is Kazuki. the one with the hair shaved on both sides looks dangerous.

Matsuura san: When I showed these to Director Hishida he told me “they’re all fine” so I decided myself and went with something simple.

Hishida san: Kazuki isn’t naturally silver haired by the way. He’s bleaching his hair. (He already said this during the xmas event. In the show, Kazuki looks like the one at bottom left, so that’s the design she chose in the end. It’s simple indeed. I don’t think I would have liked the others.)

prad after party photo 04 first design draft hiro

Matsuura san: For these too director Hishida told me “whichever is fine”.

Hishida san: I had already decided for Kouji at that time, so we went for the one where the hair doesn’t cover his face. At that point in time, Hiro’s navel wasn’t drawn yet. After that his navel was drawn even though I didn’t ask about it.

Matsuura san: If you draw a belt, you need to draw the navel after all (laughs)

(They picked a style for Hiro where his hair doesn’t cover his face because they had already chosen a face covering hairstyle for Kouji.)

prad after party photo 05 first design draft norizuki jin

Nishi san: Next is Jin. I like number 1(left) the most but Matsuura san chose number 3.

Matsuura san: We decided by vote in the end.

Nishi san: Thanks to this the nickname “seaweed”(wakame) appeared.

Hishida san: When we started working on RL, we asked the opinions of the female staff about this for the first time. There was no ikemen in Dear My Future after all.

*Everyone started screaming YUUUNSUUUUUUUUU in the audience*

prad2 ep2 01

(Yun Su first appearance in DMF episode 2)

Hishida san: Yeah, but Yun Su didn’t sing (laugh). During DMF’s production there wasn’t many females in the staff. We decided to make RL more appealing to women so we thought that we should hear female opinions anyway. (Then I think he said jokingly that he reflected on Nishi’s san opinion too)

(They mean female/women as in adult women, not little girls.)
(This means during AD and DMF’s production they didn’t have many female members in the staff, that’s interesting. Gonna sound sexist but maybe the rise of female staff (assuming it was more than one or two) and the will to appeal more to women starting RL is what made RL have more drama. That’s simplifying things though, as after thinking about it for a long while, the other seasons had just as much. As an example the Shou x Aira x Yun Su love triangle in DMF did take 47 episodes to get resolved. It’s the way the drama’s presented in RL that’s different. There’s also the fact that in RL, the drama isn’t counterbalanced by comedy, and how there’s rarely goofy resolutions of the problems unlike in AD and DMF. The only example I can think of is Futaba slapping Tadashi and snapping at him(Wakana’s parents). Anyway, I’ll write about all that in my RL final impressions post. I’m also planning to read as much of the Guide Book as possible before completing the post to see if there’s any answers about the lack of comedy in RL.)

Nishi san: There’s also the original illustrations for the custom covers of the third RL prism solo collection. Starting with Hiro. Matsuura san was entrusted with drawing the covers. Among one of the selling points, the comment that it should have the “boys with little clothing” was brought up, and how they’ll keep it at a level that won’t make the people from above angry.
(3rd RL prism solo collection=the one with the boys’ songs. The solo collections CD covers 1&2 of Naru Ann Ito and Bell Wakana Otoha were drawn by Okama. The custom covers are bonus covers you’d get by preordering the CDs, it’s been sold out since long ago. My instinct tells me”上の人/people from above”=Avex)

prad after party photo 06 design draft hiro headphones

Matsuura san: When he saw them Hishida san told me “I thought you would have drawn something more erotic”.

Nishi san: Next is Kazuki, with him naked with earphones, that illustration makes you think “just how can someone end up in this situation” (laughs)

prad after party photo 07 design draft kazuki headphone

Hishida san: She’s the worst right (laughs)

Matsuura san: Well it was specifically for the boys’s single, so I thought I’d “up” it a little.

Hishida san: And this is how rumors about me started in some far away places (laughs)

Nishi san: Next is Kouji. It’s a compromise between a seductive pose with his clothes on, and something more “healthy” with no top clothes. The latter would have been too erotic… or rather, too seductive, so it went like this with his shirt half removed.

prad after party photo 08 design draft kouji headphone

Hishida san: She’s terrible right? (laughs)

prad3 19 02 hiro x kouji

Nishi san: Next let’s talk about Hiro x Kouji’s clothes.
Matsuura san: Hiro is a prince, Kouji is a knight, it’s that kind of image.
Hishida san: Originally their duo unit name was supposed to be “Hirokouji”, but during the recording session, the seiyuus told me “that’s lame”.

Nishi san: They said harsh things like “it sounds like shiokouji“. Especially Ayaneru(laughs)

prad3 rinne ayane sakura wearing crab

(Ayaneru=Sakura Ayane, Rinne and Ayami’s seiyuu. I think I already heard about that being her nickname but I still had to google it to be sure, my memory tends to be very unreliable whenever it comes to female seiyuus. I found that vid about her on a radio show, she’s wearing the same crab hat Rinne did. Posting it because it’s funny.)

Hishida san: It’s a name I came up with when walking around ueno hirokoji but…fine never mind, I’ll never forgive the seiyuus for this. (laughs)

Nishi san: Then at the recording session it was decided that it would be written “Hiro x Kouji” and spelled “Hiro and Kouji”.

Hishida san: Notice how it’s not “Kouji x Hiro”, I don’t know the meaning behind that though (laughs)

Nishi san: I don’t understand either (laughs)
(Only fujoshis can)

Nishi san: Next, let’s hear Hishida san tell us about some background info.

Hishida san: I didn’t know what to talk about, so I asked for questions on Twitter. First is “I want to know the name of Hiro sama’s mother”. I can’t think of anything else than “ヒロ子/Hiroko” (large applause)

(Hahahaha that’s funny. Also, the day before the event he tweeted about what the people attending would like to know, I haven’t posted about these tweets yet)
(Edit from the future: He probably said that because of Nishi san whoose given name is Hiroko)

Hishida san: “Which Pretty Rhythm character are you the most attached to?” I can’t choose one.

Hishida san: “I’d like to hear about the environment and upbringing you were brought up in” I’m not gonna talk about this here (laughs)

Hishida san: “What became of the RL girls after the last episode?” I think you can get a general idea of that by watching the last episode.

Hishida san: “Please tell us the history of RL’s Prism Stone shop from the meeting of Coo san and Momo to the shop’s opening” This is gonna be long. When we started working on RL, a lot of people each made their own different settings. About Coo san and Momo, assistant director Kobayashi Kousuke san brought up the story that “Chisato was the teacher Coo san looked up to when he was in high school”. During his high school days Coo san used to drive his bike without wearing a helmet, rampaging at daikoku futou, and the one who stood against him was Chisato sensei.  But that teacher is dead or got killed or something like that, and it was the kind of back story that makes you go “we can’t use this!!”. In any case, there’s a rumor saying Chisato was the name of one of Coo san’s teacher in high school who set him in the right path.

Hishida san: “What can you tell us about Naru’s childhood?” This is just as you can imagine. She had a normal happy life, she grew up without any hard time.

(He talked about Naru on twitter not too long ago, about how she was spoiled by her parents etc, dunno which post I put it in, too bothersome to search for it and link it, just go look for it yourself if you haven’t read it and you’re interested)

The audience: She was a premature baby right?

Hishida san: That’s right. She weighed around 1500 grams. Next: “How did Tadashi and Futaba’s love start?” (Wakana’s parents) This one will be long too. When she was around 15 years old Futaba san was a sukeban ruling over Tokyo’s 23 wards. She’s from ashi***** district in tokyo and used to fight using a blunt object looking like a tokyo sky tree miniature replica.

(That’s the first thing I’m not sure of so far, can’t make out what he means, the person who wrote the report censored the district name& Tokyo Sky Tree for some reason. One thing I learned looking for Pretty Rhythm info on 2ch this past year is how sometimes 2ch jargon and stuff is really incomprehensible. Here’s the original sentence if someone can figure it out please: フタバさんは15歳くらいでスケバンとして東京都23区を制覇したんですよ。足○区出身で、東京ス○イツリーのオブジェが武器という設定で。
In any case, Futaba is awesome.)

prad3 48 04 futaba sukeban

Hishida san: She, who attained such summits, was now working as a temporary employee. At that time, Tadashi worked at a company where his office was located at the last floor of the highest building in the metropolitan area. He was a brilliant salaryman, always on top. Futaba san who was once at the top too, seeing him she felt “why Tadashi is so awesome?” and gained interest in him, and that’s how they fell in love.

(They already showed in the show how Futaba was a sukeban, and how they later worked in the same company and she confessed to her because she liked how he works so hard. Then Director said on twitter that the company is a foreign stock company. it’s in my episode 49 post. Besides that, the rest is new.)

Nishi san: Thank you very much. Next, it’s time for the Q&A session with the audience. If you would please.

Audience person: When is Wataru’s birthday?

Hishida san: I might have decided about it, but forgot. I will report about it later.

Audience person: In Hiro sama’s dance, there’s a portion which re-utilize a portion of Aira chan’s motion. Could you please tell us who decided to do this?

Hishida san: Similarities in the motions themselves like this are originally in the game to begin with.
(I think there’s a little part where their arm motion look similar. I guess they re-use a lot of stuff when they make the motion of Prism Shows in game.)

prad3 hiro gif 03 idol ai n g

Audience person: Who decided to put in Hiro sama’s kiss?
(The one in his Idol Ai N.G jump I guess.)

Hishida san: It’s me. (laughs) I thought I wanted to see it.

Nishi san: In general, weird things like this are ideas of the Director.

(The ridiculous/weird things are one of my favorite part in Pretty Rhythm. If most of it are ideas of the Director then he’s really a funny guy.
I’d like to know someday who created some of the jumps. It must be someone working on the arcade game as all the jumps are from the arcade game originally. I guess the anime staff and game staff used to meet each other to see what they would do. Hiro and the others boys of Pretty Rhythm aren’t in the game so they must have made all their personal jumps from scratch.)

Audience person: Please tell us the story behind the formation of Serenon.

Hishida san: It’s not something set in stone, but in the first place Serena is a rich person, so she used to act friendly with people while in fact she kept her distance emotionally. She didn’t have friends. Kanon has a blunt personality when so when she saw Serena lonely like that their relationship began.

(I never thought about it because of how happy and outgoing she is but yeah Serena’s childhood must’ve sucked. She probably got even more isolated when she became Prism Queen. No idea if it was before or after she met Kanon though. Nice thing Kanon met her and became her friend. Kanon is such a great girl. Of course I like all the characters I lot but Kanon is actually my favorite in AD with Mion.)

Audience person: In the last episode of DMF, 「Dear マイフューチャー」, Mion becomes the president of Prism Top, Kaname goes back to Russia to try to find her real parents. What made you decide to do this?

Hishida san: Mion, just like Asechi san, isn’t the type to get too much involved with men. People with athletic temperaments like them tend to get married late too. The two of them are actually pretty similar. About Kaname, it was necessary to finish in DMF the story about her which started in AD, and it would have been sad for her if she never ended up finding her true parents.

prad3 arcade game ad mion juné duo

(Mion, Kyouko and to a certain extent Juné are alike. Serena too.  I think that’s why they paired up Juné and Mion in the All Star Selection game update. All four of them became Prism Queen for the first time at a very young age. IIRC Mion became Prism Queen the year after Serena. That’s why Serena is Mion’s rival.
Mion was Prism Queen before AD started. Then Aira won at the end of AD. Then during the three years between AD and DMF, Rizumu, Mion and Aira all won the tournament once. Mion, Aira and Kyouko too iirc are the only characters in all of Pretty Rhythm who won the Prism Queen Cup twice.)

Audience person: Please tell us how Chips joined Beef Or Chicken Or Fish

Hishida san: This too is a side story Kobayashi san made on his own. The fake Otoha in episode 21,「2度目のオーディション」 is Chips. They don’t have the same voice actor though, we only noticed this mistake later and we’re sorry about it. They are indeed the same person.

prad3 43 chips fake otoha

(There were various hints in the show, like in this scene in episode 43. She looks at Bell in a weird way there, as she remembers how she treated her. That side story is one of the best things in Rainbow Live. It was really great and satisfying seeing Bell finally apologize to her in the last episode, showing the staff didn’t forget about it. There’s also how Fake Otoha has a little corner for her in the guide book. A lot of fans already knew about it and I wrote about it already, but it’s the first time the Director says himself that Fake Otoha=Chips. I don’t think Chips ever got credited. Fake Otoha got credited in the last episode as “Edel Rose 研究生/research student” voiced by Miyazaki Ui. Bell also calls her “Hana” so that’s her name.)

prad3 51 excited fishprad3 45 fish chips fake otoha girl

(Left is from episode 51, right is from episode 45)

Audience person: Fish chan seems to be on good terms with Hiro sama right?

Hishida san: This setting too was something Kobayashi san decided without consulting anybody, he put Fish (and Fake Otoha) in the concert’s audience. Kobayashi san once said “Fake Otoha actually entered Edel Rose because she wanted to meet Hiro”. He’s pretty wicked.

Nishi san: The Q&A session is over. We will now show a little bit of the full version of the boys’ group Over The Rainbow performing Athletic Core. It will be in the DVD version of episode 51. Please tell us the important points about it.

Matsuura san: First, we added a clothes change scene for the boys. I really asked the impossible to Hishida san and CG director Otobe san.

Hishida san: At some point we had a fixation on how they were standing and how far their legs seemed, so we asked Matsuura san to draw something to be used as reference. What I wanted to see the most was Kazuki’s jump but we can’t show it today…

prad after party photo 10

They showed the clothes transformation scene, then the boys scream “Lets Prism Show!!” and the show starts. They dance a lot then Kouji does Mune Kyun Taiken, then they cut the video. All the audience was cheering.

prad3 47 ito gif 02 mune kyun taiken

(That’s pretty cool, besides their personal jumps they’ll do general jumps that the girls do too. Mune Kyun Taiken was done by Ito in RL so Kouji doing it fits. Still, Mune Kyun Taiken done by a guy must look so gay. I really wanna see it.)

Nishi san: What are your impressions?

Hishida san: The audience’s reception is good so I’m honored. But Kazuki’s jump is really great. it makes you shiver and think “When Kazuki becomes an idol he can do things like this too”.

(If he says this, Kazuki’s jump must be really something. I bet it must be something ridiculousawesome. Maybe even more than Hiro’s jumps. I’m more hyped about seeing Kazuki’s jump than I’ve ever been for Pri Para hahahaha.)

Nishi san: If it piques your interest, the only thing left to do is to preorder the 2nd DVD Box!!!(Yeah sure, I would if I had 200€to spend on chinese cartoons) Next is the presents corner.

The presents: one year worth of printed storyboards from Director Hishida. Matsuura san gave out a postcard of Hiro, Kouji and Kazuki dressed as Tower Record employees. There was also Kouji’s necklace which was given out.

prad3 boys after party odeco hiro kazuki kouji

The postcard was posted by Matsuura san on Twitter some time ago.

I dunno who got the presents or the way they decided who they should give them to. The report don’t say anything about it.

Nishi san: Lastly, we will ask Hishida san to look back on his three years as director of the Pretty Rhythm series and give us his impressions. How was it?

Hishida san: It was really exhausting.

Nishi san: Please tell us a pleasant story (laughs)

Hishida san: I can only think of negative things…  There was a lot of things that had to sell in AD and it was fairly difficult. It didn’t end with just making the arcade game more popular.  We had multiple targets and were told that the Batopons needed to sell, LISP san needed to sell, so we were squeezed.

prad how to make a batopon yourself

(Thanks to this post I get to use pics I found I never thought I’d have the chance to use. It’s a kit they used to sell to make your own Batopon. Pretty Rhythm is so great I tend to forget in the end it was still made to sell toys and make money. I never thought about all the trouble the anime staff encountered with advertising the toys. Everything didn’t went well too, as LISP, the seiyuu singing group with Aira, Mion and Rizumu’s seiyuus, got disbanded before AD even ended IIRC. In the end, they still managed to do Que Sera for DMF and the You May Dream DMF version, and the You May Dream remix for the movie)

Hishida san: The first 3 months or so were exceedingly painful. I remember I used to think “I’m going to stop once the first cour is over”. In the same way, I persevered and persevered, until the third cour was over, and then I finished with the last cour frantically. In the past, I was the director of a different work which also lasted a year so I understood the meaning behind “if you go too fast at the beginning of a race you’ll burn yourself out before the end”, so for AD, I had decided to do it like a horse race where you standby in the rear and go slowly till the last straight line, where you give your all and climb up the ranks. Partly because of this, when DMF started I was really burned out.

(Thank God they didn’t stop after the first cour/13 episodes. The last 13 episodes of AD were the best thing I had seen in a while among airing shows at the time, and what convinced me it was the best show at the moment. I know work in Japan can be particularly extreme, but hearing stories like this never stop to amaze me. If I’m not wrong the different work he directed for a year is Onmyou Taisenki. Never watched it. I know it thanks to Pretty Rhythm as a fan mentioned once on Twitter there was a onmyoudo symbol from the show that looked like a symbol in Pretty Rhythm or whatever. Can’t remember.)

prad2 mia stuff from twitter aib_dream

This nice person posted this for Mia’s birthday some months ago.

Nishi san: What about DMF?

Hishida san: We had already decided that DMF would be the sequel+end of the AD story so we made it with this in mind. Just like how we made AD keeping in mind that Aira would become Prism Queen at the end. But besides that we just asked Akao Deko san(series composition) san and Tsubota Fumi san (series composition assistant) “anyway just do it for now please”,  so even I progressed without knowing what we would do for the ending of DMF.
In December, we still didn’t know what “Grateful Symphonia” would be. The persons working on the game also pretty much told us “it looks like a giant tree growing, and then it’s like BOYOOON” so it didn’t help much (laughs). In the first 3 cours composed by Akao san the concept of acting could be felt, and in the last cour when the center for Grateful Symphonia is decided, acting plays a big role and was decided to be the concept of Grateful Symphonia. Tsubota san who used to do acting participated greatly in making this a success.

(December=Episodes 35-38 of DMF. Also I checked Tsubota Fumi’s jp wikipedia page, she graduated from Nihon University College of Art with a degree in acting or something like that. She used to be in a female only theater troupe and soon started writing the screenplay of the plays they did. Then she quit and started working as a scriptwriter for TV dramas and anime.)

prad3 prism queen all participants panel post

Nishi san: What about RL?

Hishida san: When we begun RL, my superiors indirectly told me “do as you please for this third year” so I could do everything I prevented myself doing until then. Around that time I used to feel like “if I screw this up maybe there won’t be a next time”. My “drinking” master, Iuchi Shuji san told me” let’s do something we haven’t done before” so that’s how it went.

(Iuchi Shuji is the person who wrote RL along with director and Tsubota Fumi. He’s there since AD. Superiors=I guess the sponsors or the bosses at Takara Tommy&Syn Sophia&Avex or something. Probably the same guys who decided to kill pretty rhythm, to make PRASS to milk money by just rebroadcasting episodes, and to make Pri Para. About the last part, he had already said when RL started that if there’s a next Pretty Rhythm season he won’t work on it. I guess that’s a story from before he decided that.)

Hishida san: Target audience wise, AD is for 7-9 years old, DMF’s first 3 cours are for infants to nine years old. Since we wanted to sell as much CDs and DVDs as possible, it was decided in the planning stage of RL that we’d do 3D Prism Shows for the boys too. So we could also target the boys and girls in the upper grades of elementary school.

(I like how he indirectly said that DMF’s last 13 eps isn’t really for kids. In my case I’d say DMF starts really going story wise by the end of the second cour.)

Nishi san: Thanks to everyone the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Music Collection DX CD ranked 5th place the day of it’s release.

Hishida san: I could do as I please. Also TV Tokyo san never skip a broadcast no matter what happens, except for new years. While Nihon Terebi san for example broadcasts between 40-45 weeks out of 51 weeks in a year. There really was no time to rest. By the way everyone, would you like to hear Tsubota san?

In response to the audience’s request, Tsubota san appeared on stage.

Tsubota san: That’s impressive. So many Yakuzas came to attend.

Hishida san: Please say members instead (laughs). Tsubota san worked on all of RL as Series composition assistant. Whenever Iuchi san was in trouble she contributed greatly.

(The Yakuza thing is a pretty old joke. I think I first saw it when DMF was airing. I don’t really remember where it originated but I think one day someone told the Director on Twitter he saw a Yakuza looking guy playing the Pretty Rhythm arcade game. Then everyone on Twitter started calling the director “Oyabun” as in Yakuza boss. It was also around that time that Aikatsu! started and got popular, and people started calling salaryman and other older people playing the Aikatsu arcade game “Aikatsu oji sans”. So then it became like: adult Pretty Rhythm fans=Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas, Adult Aikatsu! fans= Aikatsu ojisans.)

Tsubota san: I covered for Iuchi san when we had to write multiple stories in succession.

Hishida san: Around the time when Ito’s family story enters its climax in episode 41「星がつなぐ絆」, Iuchi san was a mess and Tsubota san started complaining that “his heart his broken and he’s no good right now”.

Tsubota san: But Iuchi san once said “I want to do Ito’s story no matter what”. Iuchi san is 64 years old and 34 years older than me, so I sent him high school girl sounding mails to persuade him to draw. (He was sick, couldn’t work, she send him mails to ask him to draw like a high school girl, and he did, that’s the gist of it)

prad after party photo 11

Nishi san: There was really a lot of things who happened, thanks you for the good work during these past three years!

Then some people in the audience rang crackers, and people on the staff gave the director a bouquet of black roses. Black roses symbolizes death and ominous things etc but also hope and a new era and a new beginning. The Director posted a photo of the bouquet on Twitter but I haven’t covered it in my Twitter posts yet. The bouquet is also his current Twitter avatar.

prad after party comemorative photo with director from animate

Comemorative photo they took at the end. From the animate article.

Nishi san: To conclude please tell us your final impressions.
Matsuura san: I didn’t think that many people would come so I was surprised. Thank you for all your support during this year.
Hishida san: about the black rose bouquet, Nishi san is the one who had the idea to do it. But before that I want to rest (laughs)(as in before directing something again, as like I said black rose= new beginning).
Hishida san:Pretty Rhythm is ending after it’s non stop three year run, but Pri Para looks like it’ll be really interesting. Please look forward to it.

Then Nishi san announced that if you buy the DVD/bluray of the movie at Tower Record Machida you’ll get a special cover drawn by Matsuura san, she then thanked everyone for attending then it ended. They’ll reveal what the cover is at a later time.

The talk show was around one hour long. Also, some of the fans who attended brought up random things they created. Some of them were exposed in the shop. The opening picture is one of them.

prad after party event fan creations 01prad after party event fan creations 02 prad after party event fan creations 03 prad after party event fan creations 04 prad after party event fan creations 05 prad after party event fan creations 06

Again, thanks to the person who wrote this report. Unlike with the xmas event, there wasn’t many 2ch posters who attended and/or posted about the event so if not for this I wouldn’t have been able to know what happened there. The animate article just summarizes things briefly and wouldn’t have helped much.

Well that’s it. I was super busy with my exams period, and still not done, it all ends for real the 18th of June, so I haven’t read in detail the director’s tweets for like a month now. Gonna take me a while to read it all.

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