PriPara – 02

prad5 laala on drugs even early in the morning

Smoking PriPara tickets is bad Laala.

prad5 02 02

Girls wearing Bell sama and Oto’s clothes. A few of them appeared through the ep, and it’ll probably happen a lot with other clothes so unless I really feel like it I’m not gonna bother mentioning them all. It’s a way to tell the little girls playing the arcade game they can use the Pretty Rhythm clothes stones in PriPara. Accessory stones don’t work though.

prad5 02 03

I think they’re making them do a little bit too much faces. They should keep some for later, it’s funny at first but if it’s always the same ones  it’ll get boring fast.

prad5 02 04

Usagi and Kuma are rivals like they already said before the show started. However Usagi is producing Sophie instead of the three rivals girls as I predicted. I guess when Sophie joins Laala and Mireille, she’ll be managed by Kuma too, so then Usagi will go to the three rival girls? It would be cool if Mireille and Laala clash with Sophie like how their mascot managers do, and see the two of them get steamrolled hard by Sophie, but I doubt it’ll happen.
I’m starting to wonder about what reason Sophie will have to join them. Their power level differences isn’t a problem, Mion was Prism Queen in AD and she still joined with Aira and Rizumu. But that’s cuz Mion was part of Pretty Top too. In here, I can’t think of any reason right now as for why Sophie would want to group herself with a noob like Laala and a not noob like Mireille. Maybe she’ll get fed up of being the one of best, demote herself and restart from scratch? Or maybe she’ll get into an argument with her sister Cosmo, like, they’ll reveal she could debut as a kid because of her family’s backing and now she wants to start from scratch using her own means. Or maybe she’ll get into an argument with Usagi.
Maybe they’ll really do something unusual and interesting and make the three of them clash? I hope so.

prad5 02 05

Sadly I didn’t find a single joke in this episode funny. I did smirk when Akaii Meganee splashed water on Kuma and when Laala and Mireille saw each other at the end though.

prad5 02 055

The only thing missing there for the typical lonely-poplar-girl-in-search-of-friends-badly scene was Sophie sighing or squinting her eyes just a little bit at the end. In terms of storytelling Sophie is Mion/Aikatsu!’s Ran, but in terms of personality she’s definitely closer to Mion. Early Mion. Being a genius bored by everything etc. Plus she’ll do a Switch On like thing too when eating umeboshi. (I say Mion but of course there’s also tons of other character prior to Mion following the same stereotype.)

prad5 02 06prad5 02 07prad3 22 wakana pairtomo gif 02prad3 22 wakana pairtomo gif 01

Seems like the good old mascot abuse present in all of Pretty Rhythm (to a great extent in DMF and to a lesser extent in Rainbow Live, pictured above) is staying in PriPara.

prad5 02 08

What’s with the bishounen on foreground when Laala runs scene. They did it in episode 1 too. Gonna be funny if she runs to Prism Stone in every episode and they reuse the scene with a different guy each time.

prad5 02 09 prad5 02 10

I already thought about it in episode 1 and didn’t mention it, but the song with a chorus for the transformation scene is something typical from Mahou Shoujo shows maybe started with Sailor Moon. I hate it to be honest.  This is something they never did in Pretty Rhythm and that they started with PriPara.

prad5 02 11

During the last section, when they Sairum Change, their choreography is a bit different compared to episode 1. There’s different shots too like this one. I guess it’s because they played the end of the song instead of the beginning. If they have one full CG choreography for a song, they show the choreography part corresponding to the part of the song played, something like that I guess.
They wear the same glowstick dress regardless of what they wore before Sairum Change. Their current clothes don’t turn into glowsticks. I guess the glowstick dresses will change later when Laala’s Solar Hands Prism Voice evolve.

prad5 02 12

Not really important but: this is the first time ever that CG was used for when the girls salute or cheers after their performance. In all of Pretty Rhythm, once they’re done they switch straight back to 2D. It was also nice to see Sophie’s CG at the beginning even though we won’t see her perform anytime soon (I hope I’m wrong). Maybe they’ll start using the characters in CG for a bit more things than just the performances. The CG is really great so I wouldn’t mind it at all. It’ll also make them one step closer to differentiate themselves from other idol shows like Aikatsu!.

prad5 02 13prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 10

That girl is pretty cute, I hope she comes back soon. She looks a lot like Niina(far right) but I dunno if it’s really her. Also, the one on the left has Chae Kyoung’s hair. You can see her in episode 1 too. Not caring enough to post a pic though.

prad5 02 jikai 01


Next week Laala gonna start training. Though she probably won’t do as much pushups as Ichigo in early Aikatsu. Seems they’re training for Making Drama. If so, it’s funny because she’ll train for it even though she can already do one. I guess they’ll do a new one next ep, maybe it’ll be the first kinda amazing one, like a Prism Jump??? If not, then I guess awesome prism jump craziness is gone for good and it’ll be Aikatsu-like stuff forever.

Nothing much happened in this episode. The only thing that really happened is Mireille and Laala figuring out about each other. Mireille abusing her power in some way to make Laala allowed to do PriPara will probably happen next week.

Either it’ll continue this way and then Sophie will make the show really good,(like Mion in Aurora Dream) either it’ll start being really good before Sophie appears.  Seeing how this episode was I’m not betting on the latter. A 50~ episode show with a entertaining start is rare. Even I will admit sometimes they’re just bad, like Aurora Dream’s start; which I already wrote about in the previous post. But to be honest, I don’t really have a particular opinion on the show for now, it’s too early to tell for me.

However, if there’s one thing I can say which is getting me worried, it’s how even though there was many joke attempts and funny faces in this episode, I didn’t laugh once. The show really lack a good wacky character, like Jun.

If you’re interested about Pretty Rhythm twitter stuff, I’m kinda busy with other things these days, so I still haven’t read the stuff Pretty Rhythm director said on twitter since when I stopped reading in May. If you’re a regular and know about how he sometimes delete tweets,  I’ve been saving them since then so I should manage. I should be able to post about it sometime soon maybe perhaps.

prad5 02 idol ranking

I still checked CG director’s twitter cuz he rarely tweets stuff, like once a week. This week he joked about how there’s no Zettai Idol rank in PriPara, cuz you know, ZETTAI AIDORU, AI N.G.
KAMI AIDORU makes me laugh.

prad5 special akaneya himika hat

I also watched the PriPara niconico special thing that aired the 29th of June. Well I only watched some of it. It’s pretty much just one hour of seiyuu/i☆Ris fans pandering so I just couldn’t bear it.
One of the only interesting thing they said is that Mireille adds puri to her sentences when playing her cute idol facade because it comes from burikko. Burikko is a girl who acts cute/innocent in front of others. She came up with the gap between her school personality and idol personality since she’s so intelligent and knew it would make her sell. That’s funny because the meta reason of her being like this is also the actual reason she’s doing it in the show.

prad5 mireille artist okama

Okama, original character of the RL girls, posted a pic of Mireille on his website.

Pretty Rhythm director tweeted that the PriPara arcade game is super popular and it makes him happy. He still haven’t started playing it though, “it’s hard to debut” he said. (Well, when you’re an old guy, it’s no wonder. Taking your pic etc… It would be pretty hard for me too, being a 22 years old black guy. Plus you’d only have other old guys to share Purichike with, hahaha)

Lastly, wanted to say something. Even though PriPara is related to Pretty Rhythm, I certainly don’t like it as much. Like I said before, it’s simply too early for me to like it. The reason why I look up so much info on Pretty Rhythm is because no one else does, so I decided to do it myself.  I’m not really interested in PriPara background info(for now) so I won’t look for it or post about it. If I stumble into it while looking at Pretty Rhythm stuff then why not, but I’m not gonna go out of my way for it.
Since PriPara doesn’t have guys(except akaii meganii) maybe all the yuri fans will assemble and do the job anyway haha.

2 thoughts on “PriPara – 02

  1. pinktaleanime

    I sure think guys will be always inculde though, ’cause when the time where Laala always pass the mall, the males will appear out of nowhere but I don’t like if their only a side character not like main characters.Well, for me I only like it when an anime has romance involve not happy happy animes without romance. Thanks for the post though!!

    1. khin

      I think that the guys will be characters in the movie, and i think they are just giving us hints for the character. The guy with the yellowish hair looks like Mion from Aurora Dream


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