PriPara – 03

prad5 03 01

prad5 03 02prad5 03 mireille op prad5 03 mireille op 02

Nice thing they changed the OP to show Mireille before transforming. She looks pretty cute without her glasses but untransformed.

prad5 03 03

I want an Akaii Meganee too.
Mireille’s plan to get more poplar by doing gap moe actually isn’t working since no one actually noticed her real identity so far, Laala being the first. It was also pretty surprising PriPara actually isn’t prohibited for grade schoolers. I totally didn’t expect it. That’s what they said in every promotional material after all. I wanted to see Mireille abuse her power and kick some rules or something for Laala’s sake but I guess this is fine too. She did use her authority and intel to help Laala. She warmed up to her much faster than I thought and the two of them are already friends.

prad5 03 04

You don’t see light effects like that often anymore. Though it’s not a replica of the old one.

prad5 03 05

That was funny.
There was the same exercises in Aikatsu, even with a machine for the handshake thing, I guess they both tried to add a comedic touch to it. it’s typical idol stuff though so there’s no reason to scream plagiarism. Back when Ichigo followed her first lessons in Aikatsu, they often showed how hard it is. Aikatsu! made me think that some of the girls watching it wouldn’t want to become an idol anymore after seeing how hard it is. They managed to depict the harshness of it really well. In PriPara however, it doesn’t seem like they’re going this way. That isn’t a bad thing either.

prad5 03 06

Laala’s goat imitation to avoid getting found out was really funny. Most of the jokes in this episode were funny as opposed to last week. I was getting worried for nothing.

prad5 03 07 prad5 03 08

EVEN IN YOUR TV, F! O! E!  AKAII MEGANEE!! Maybe I’ll get a 3DS soon.
So she even does MC for the PriPara TV things. She really does everything. What if the PriPara idol world (as in, the world they go to for idoling, not the actual world where the anime takes place in) is a world that Akaii Meganee already put her vile clutches on and conquered? It would explain why there’s an army of her running the place. I wish I had an army of Akaii Meganees. But then I guess I’d give it to the Palestinians since they don’t even have an army to defend themselves.

prad5 03 sophie 02 prad5 03 sophie 03 prad5 03 sophie 04 totally not stolen fom jojianiprad5 03 sophie 05 prad5 03 sophie 01

Nice thing they actually showed a performance of Sophie. I totally didn’t think they’d use a TV live to show a performance of her early. It makes sense too since she’s poplar. The song she did is called 太陽のフレアシャーベット/the sun’s flare sherbet.
As expected Laala ended up being a fan of Sophie. Like how Aira was a fan of Mion.

 prad5 03 10

Sophie in a jersey lying on the floor made me think of Kare Kano. You know, easy at home, etc. She wears it for training probably. It would be a nice twist if she’s actually a fushoji or something and really wears jerseys at home though. I mean, I wonder if she genuinely trains, since last week she said she never tries hard to do something.
Another theory is that she could be just playing a role, like Mireille does, and is in fact a super hard worker type instead of a genius type. Or maybe she’s both types, like Hermit in Kenichi. I need to restart reading this someday. When it ends probably.
As for why she’s down like that, she’s always down/low tension before eating umeboshi and turning her SWITCH ON.

prad5 03 11

RANDOM BISHOUNEN WHILE LAALA RUNS SCENE. Hahaha they’re really going to do it every episode, this is hilarious. Someone for sure will make a collage with all of them once the show is over.
Would be awesome if there’s an episode dedicated to them, showing each of their lives. Like, that one runs a rock band based on YuGiOh cards, others will be boys idols, etc.
EDIT: Someone on Twitter noticed that this guy is a reference to Hiiragi Jun from Onegai My Melody: Kuru Kuru Shuffle! another show the director of PriPara worked on. Maybe the others are from other shows too, way too lazy to find out though.

prad5 03 12

She probably made that vacuum rifle herself.

prad5 03 13 prad5 03 14

I like Mireille’s normal appearance much more than her idol appearance. She’s super cute like that.
When seeing Gloria(vacuum woman) reacting to Mireille telling her about friends, I thought they’d reveal she’s against grade schoolers doing PriPara because some friend of her betrayed her while they used to do PriPara together, or something like that. But then she just said the typical “friends are worthless” villain line and they didn’t explain anything. I was disappointed. They didn’t completely dismiss the idea though and it could still happen.

prad5 03 15

It looks more impactful than in the game. so I was pleasantly surprised. There’s still hope for some amazing Prism Jump looking Making Dramas. I wonder if there will be Making Dramas as ridiculous as some Prism Jumps though. Like, going ridiculous so much it gets awesome. They did just make a giant pizza pop out of a present box so yeah there’s hope.

prad5 03 16

Chae Kyoung looking hair girl and cute fangirl numbah WAN from last week.

prad5 03 jikai 01


Yay next episode actually gonna have more of Laala’s fangirl numbah WAN, who’s called Eiko. So I was wrong last week, she isn’t that Niina girl from the game.

Overall it’s still a bit slow. A little more happened this week, and they actually showed a live performance of Sophie + did her pre-introduction. I don’t mind if the story progresses slowly but surely in every episode.
I do mind the PriPara Seed Destiny style rewind though, and it seems like it’s staying in the show, just like the random bishounen scene. I don’t really like it. It’s kinda like they’re underestimating the kids watching, something rare for a kids show in my opinion (though besides Pretty Rhythm and now PriPara, I didn’t watch much kid shows these past 4 years or so, so maybe that’s how things roll now). Kids can understand  the relation between Laala’s emotions and what happened to her without having to watch the precise scenes where it happens again. I feel like that’s one of the methods they decided to use to make the story unfold slowly, and it’s a shame.

The episodes starting exactly where the previous one left off isn’t something I’m used to seeing in kids shows either. (Then again like I said above maybe it’s actually not as rare as I think) It’s nice they’re even trying out new things storytelling wise. Makes it different from Aikatsu! and other shows.

7 thoughts on “PriPara – 03

  1. Uknkown

    This one really surprised me too. I didn’t like Sophie’s voice at first, but after going back, it grows on you. Also, an extremely early speculation: Because many people are saying that they hope there will be actual boys in this season like the previous seasons, and not just the casual bishounen in every scene, could Cosmo maybe have a boyfriend? Also, Non is holding a priTicket in the opening, so is it possible that she will perform too. Finally, if you find out any early information on the mysterious girl with green hair in episode one, please post.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Cosmo having a boyfriend who becomes a recurring character would be cool
      Someone in the previous comments said Non might be Nanami and I think so too, but in any case yes you’re right she will perform
      I’ll try to post about it if I find interesting stuff

  2. janus

    Akaii Meganee still in Puri Para?? Present in the first, second and third season of PR and now Pri Para?? BRING BACK AIRA AND THE OTHERS IF MEGANEE’S HERE. Hope this will come true one day.. Cant wait.. Still not expecting much.. Might be depressed again if I expect too much from this little hint.. But maybe.. hmm…

  3. Akari

    I want to ask please,maybe this is an idiot question,but i really don’t know.Who’s Akai Meganee?Sorry,i really don’t know,so,please tell me.Thanks.


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