PriPara – 04

prad5 04 11 akaii meganee

This episode didn’t directly follow up with the previous one.

I still don’t like the rewinds in each episode taking up time but I’m not gonna complain about it. I already said it last week but wow they really put a lot of rewind to eat up time.

prad5 04 01

>Amamiya kun
>Hibiki’s blue hair
That guy is totally the son of the Pripara world version of  Rizumu and Hibiki rite. He was voiced by Yuta Kazuya, who wasn’t in Pretty Rhythm.

prad5 04 02 ikemen

This week’s maybe-not-random-foreground-ikemen-while-Laala pass-behinds

prad5 04 04 eiko prad5 04 05 eiko prad5 04 06 eiko

Whoever drew Eiko did a really good job.

prad5 04 07 eiko

That scene felt kinda weird to me because they made her talk like if she was lying about being crushed by her tennis’ match PURESSHA. She should have just asked Laala directly to sing for her. Then it turned out she was serious about being scared for the match.

prad5 04 08

Non is pretty not stupid for her age that’s cool

prad5 04 09

Sun effect again

prad5 04 10

Laala is so lucky to be going to school and have such a good teacher looking out after her. Nice thing her school isn’t a UN school in Gaza or the Israeli army would have bombed her already.

prad5 04 12 prad5 04 13

Like I said above, I thought she wanted to hear her sing and was just using her tennis match as an excuse, so that was kinda surprising. They should have made her go full crazy and beat her up with her racket.

prad5 04 14 prad5 04 15

Her hair like that looks better than the buns type.

prad5 04 16 cosmo first appareance

Yaaaaaaay it’s Cosmo. Also that’s totally a Dragon Ball reference. I wonder how a fusion of Cosmo and Laala would look like. If you never saw Dragon Ball you should totally watch Dragon Ball Kai. Also maybe I’m wrong, since you can’t really tell from the small movements she does, but it looks like they’re animating her dress with the design not moving. I don’t really know how to explain it or if it has a particular name. It’s the same way as the clothes in Gankutsuou. This scene also reminded me of the morning radio stretch scene in Ika Musume s2, which was really hilarious.
prad5 04 17

Yeah she’s beautiful Laala.

prad5 04 18 prad5 04 19

Come to think of it, if you assume her mom says Kachikomarimachita a lot to the clients, Laala’s Kachikoma must come from her.

prad5 04 20

Eiko’s tennis clubmates are cute and kinda look like two of the girls on this pic. It’s like the 4th time I post this pic.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 10

prad5 04 21 prad5 04 22

Hahahaha that was hilarious. I can see why she was scared now.

prad5 04 23 eiko tennis not ace wo nerae dezaki postcard prad5 04 24 prad5 04 25


Though not really because they didn’t do the three times replay thing with the ball. It was the perfect opportunity to do it too. Too bad.
Come to think of it, 3x replay is like one of the only cliche thing from old sports anime that wasn’t in Pretty Rhythm.

Though, if you suppose that there’s actually only one ball getting kicked in the solo version of Hat Trick Star (like the one Otoha did at the end of Rainbow Live) then you can say they did do three times ball replay in a sense.

(I only saw the Ace Wo Nerae anime in French. I saw a bit of the live action. It’s been ten years since it aired, time goes so fast.)

prad5 04 26 prad5 04 27

I’m not a tennis specialist but I know psychology plays a lot and that you can make a real come back if you get morale

prad5 04 28 prad5 04 29

Mireille’s clothes are pretty cool. Seems she wants to compete against Sophie, and Laala kinda wants to too since she admires her so maybe it’ll actually happen.

That was a pretty cool episode focused on a side character. I didn’t think they’d even show Eiko playing tennis too. It’s cool. Plus Cosmo’s pre introduction.

Jikai youkoku

Eh so the trigger for Sophie to team up with them is just Laala plainly asking her directly. Feels kinda disappointing. I wonder if Sophie will have a reason of her own. I wonder how she’ll react too.
I don’t think they’ll actually form their team next episode though.

prad5 rival girls from animate shion leona

At a event at Prism Stone Harajuku the 19th July: they revealed the names of the rival trio. Right to left: Dorothy West, Toudou Shion  and Leona West. The two that dress the same really are twin sisters after all. That’s what a lot of people speculated at first. Too lazy and uninterested to check which  i☆Ris member voices which. I’ll post the rest later in the next episode post normally.

4 thoughts on “PriPara – 04

  1. Mina

    I’m so glad they have the jumps/cutscenes again. Making drama, I was about to be super sad if the whole series was just them singing and not showing any cool cutscenes. I hope they do more, like 3 in a row or something like that lol. I also have a love/hate for the pritickets. I miss the stones but I like the pritickets b/c they can have souvenirs after they finish. I hate that they can only perform at Prism Stone though. They should be able to perform and change anywhere.

  2. Laala

    Shion Todo is voiced by Saki Yamakita, Dorothy West is voiced by Yuki Waki, Leona West is voiced by Azuki Shibuya.


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