PriPara – 05 & 06 & random news

prad5 5 00

So Sophie is that kind of idol. Playing a queen like role. Though it seems she’s always like that as long as she ate some umeboshi, so I don’t know if it can be called acting.
Last time I saw a character like that was pretty recent, it was the yuri bitch girl in Date A Live s2, I need to finish watching that. The previous time was Yurika in Aikatsu. In any case her personality is different from what I expected. From her short appearances so far I knew she’d play the cool type but I didn’t think it’d be this much. I though she’d be a little more humble or reserved, not the flirty type calling her fans kotori chan tachi.

prad5 5 01

Saints again. Come to think of it, it means the staff actually did CG models of Aira and Mia with the Rainbow Live/PriPara CG. Would be nice if they showed more of them.
Funny enough the first time I remember hearing the Turtle and moon comparison proverb was in Aikatsu!

prad5 5 03

That was pretty funny. Someone should make a gif, I mean webm, of it. In the few videos of her I watched Akaneya Himika does a manly voice like that quite often, it’s on purpose and part of her idol acting, but it’s funny. Didn’t think she’d do it in the show.

prad5 5 04

I guess they did it in reverse this week, a random bishonen passed by while Laala was standing still.
Sadako, the Sophie guards leader girl, is voiced by Kusuda Aina. Apparently it’s the girl voicing Nozomi in Love Live. I’m not interested in Love Live but I like Nozomi.

prad5 5 05prad5 5 06

“Having a crocodile fan is fine too”. Sophie got a nice sense of humor.

prad5 5 07

That was so random. How did she even end up there.

prad5 5 08prad5 5 09

Yay it’s Cosmo. Though that scene and her reaction was pretty weird. It’s like she’s sequestrating her sister. Maybe she makes her go through super harsh training. Or she doesn’t want anyone to see her sister like that. I wonder if Cosmo also changes when eating umeboshi. I hope she goes COSMIC SAIKOOOOU soon

prad5 5 10

Since they seem to get along fine, my Sophie and Cosmo will fight theory cuz Sophie won’t wanna use her family’s influence to get poplar is thrown into the water.

prad5 5 11

Reverse mascot abuse, for once. Then again right after that Mireille strangled him.

prad5 5 12

I like meringue.

prad5 5 13

Mion’s switch on was something she made herself and controlled. Sophie’s switch on with umeboshi is something independent of her own will. She literally can’t do anything unless she eat umeboshi.
They could have done something else than show us the episode’s beginning again. Sophie even says the exact same lines. I said I won’t complain about it anymore but I end up doing it anyway. Really sucks they keep flashbacking.
As expected they didn’t make up their team with Sophie just yet. I guess it’ll happen at the end of the first cour.

Episode 6

prad5 6 01

So Akaii Meganii is in charge of giving out songs. I wonder if he also writes them.

prad5 6 02

Kinda scary
That’s surprising. Sophie’s guards are real helpers and not just fans. I wonder if it means they’ll keep sticking around once Sophie joins Mireille and Laala. They also know about her umeboshi problem, even calling them red flash just like her. If even them knows about it, it makes me feel even weirder about Cosmo trying to hide her in episode 5. I guess besides them no one else knows and she doesn’t want everyone to know.

prad5 6 03

Eeh Sophie is a debut class idol. I thought Sophie was a kami aidoru. In episode 2 when Usagi said that she “すぐに神アイドルにのぼりつめて”, I interpreted it as that she became a kami idol quickly, but I guess it meant that she started climbing to kami idol quickly. But then he actually called her the number one idol. I guess Usagi was actually lying, to taunt Kuma. Well whatever. The “plot” really isn’t worth thinking that much right now.
I don’t watch with subs so misunderstandings can happen. Last time I got something wrong was in Rainbow Live when Jin got introduced. That was fun.

prad5 6 05

I really like Mireille untransformed. I like the smug look she has too.

prad5 6 04

I would have acted the same as Mireille. How the hell can you mix up “Sketchbook” and “Step Up”. Even a French kid, the only kids as bad at English as Japanese kids, wouldn’t mix them up. Reminds me of that time in Sumapuri when Yayoi couldn’t answer 2*2. Seriously? She was supposed to be bad at studying, not supposed to be lacking a brain. I guess she wasn’t ready as it was during a fight, but I bet even a Palestinian kid with his house being bombed by the Israeli army could still tell what 2*2 amounts to.
I wanna finish watching the original purikua someday, it’s also my favorite. Watching it ten years ago was great. Too bad I was too stupid back then and stopped watching it after a while. I can’t be called a lolicon for liking Honoka because I first saw her when I was 12.

prad5 6 06

Wow this is genius, I need to try that one next time I chat with a Japanese. I only noticed it now but Laala’s dad does it all the time, mixing in Italian words like that.

prad5 6 07prad5 6 08 prad5 6 09 prad5 6 10

Mireille’s mom is really cute.

prad5 6 11

Eeh, so I guess Mireille partnered up with Kuma as manager cuz she likes cute bear things. It’s also nice how they aren’t forgetting Laala is a grade schooler and still can’t read a lot of kanjis. I wrote in a PriPara post some time ago, forgot which, that PriPara was the first time the heroines age would be so different. That’s actually not completely true. Mion in Aurora Dream is older than Aira and Rizumu by a year, accentuating her senior role. In Dear My Future, Ayami is the youngest in Prizmmy. Besides a few details it’s not really important to the story and not really used though. it’s nice to see they’re trying to use the age differences in PriPara too. Mireille is pretty mature for her age to be able to be friends with Laala. Most kids at the age of Mireille wouldn’t have the patience to. They would find it too annoying to hang out with a grade schooler like Laala.

prad5 6 12 prad5 6 13 prad5 6 14

Making Dramas are “what you want to tell to your fans”. Prism Jumps/Acts reflect your heart etc. They are similar things both in meta and in in-show theory.

prad5 6 155

I guess kids and teenagers these days don’t think of that Clark Kent anymore when they see a guy in a suit with glasses. There sure was a ton of cool American series back in the day. Though I actually didn’t really like that Superman one much. Nowadays it’s just bitches and bitches.
You had great ones like Sabrina, Buffy, Sliders, Parker Lewis etc. I guess the only american shows I hear good things about recently are The Walking Dead and Games Of Thrones. I don’t like the latter cuz 2grimdarkreap4me but the former is okay from what I’ve seen. I still don’t feel like watching it though.

prad5 6 17

So, Non does that with everyone. Their dad seems pretty young when he’s not in his italian chef clothes. He looks like their older brother or something.

prad5 6 laala mom eating pizza with her left hand how horrifying

>Eating with your left hand

prad5 6 18 laala mom not fat
Eeeeh they actually talked about Laala’s mom being cautious of her weight. So like I said in episode 1 she probably does work out a lot.

prad5 6 19

Gotta admit I burst out laughing at Laala mistaking their professions for their names. That was really funny. It actually wasn’t stupid unlike the sketchbook joke too. Someone not fluent in Japanese or a little kid like her would definitely think Kenji is a name.
It must be great. They can roleplay Gyakuten Saiban at home.

prad5 6 20

Explaining cultural stuff for kids like that is something they used to do a lot in Pretty Rhythm too. In AD, most of the time it was Mion teaching international cultural knowledge or showbiz things to Aira and Rizumu, like haloween celebrations, random pâtisserie names etc. Then you had a bit of fashion stuff. In DMF, you had all of the above plus tons of Korean culture things explained by the Korean girls. I really like how their Korean origins were actually used. There pretty much wasn’t any of that in Rainbow Live though. Besides Otoha explaining once or twice tea related things. There was no fashion element in it either.

prad5 6 21 prad5 6 22.prad5-6-mireille-mom-igiari-full prad5 6 23.

That was really hilarious

Mireille dad is voiced by Tsuboi Tomohiro, Mireille mom was voiced by Orikasa Ai. They were credited as such and don’t have names just like Laala’s parents. These two haven’t done any roles in Pretty Rhythm.
Unless I recognize someone’s voice from Pretty Rhythm, I think I’ll stop checking the credits for seiyuus. PriPara’s sound director is the same person as all the Pretty Rhythm seasons, and he’s the one who decided to reuse voices so much in DMF and RL, but seems he’s not planning to do it this time.
Random credits related thing: even in the way they’re credited they reflected the differences between Laala and Mireille’s families. Laala’s parents are credited as Laala no papa & Laala no mama, with papa and mama written in katakana. Mireille’s parents are credited as Mireille’s father and Mireille’s mother, using the kanjis 母 and 父, giving it a more serious feel.

Speaking of which, Wizard Barristers was an okay show. I should have just waited for the blurays though, so I wouldn’t have had to watch that episode with literally no animation. I can stand bad animation, else I wouldn’t call Pretty Rhythm the best thing of these past three years, but literally no animation and only stills? I might as well watch old Capcom games intros.

prad5 6 mireille attorney prosecutor idol full by kasugaharumi twitter

Collage by this twitter person

So the real reason Mireille changes her personality when idoling is because she wants to hide she’s an idol to her parents? Is what I thought at first just like Laala. Turns out it was just another joke. I totally agree with Mireille’s parents. She should ditch the puri pop stupid thing and become a attorney/prosecutor idol. They both look way better than her current style.
Anyway, they could have used that for future character development for Mireille, or just an actual story.

prad5 6 rainbow donuts macarons kart


prad5 6 24.

That was a pretty nice Making Drama. With this, I’m sure that so-ridiculous-it’s-awesome things are staying in PriPara, that’s good. I’m looking forward to the others. Still sad we won’t have any boys doing ridiculous things though.
Come to think of it, they’re more similar to Prism Acts than Prism Jumps, they’re a bit long and multiple things happen in them. They’re Prism Acts in CG.
It could have been even better if they used the court thing as a making drama.
There was Pretty Rhythm heroines silhouettes used again in the rank up scene.

prad5 random ikemen by yukianilog twitter

Someone on Twitter made a collage of all of them so far. Didn’t notice the one in episode 6 at first.


prad5 6 jikai 01


prad5 6 jikai 02 stolen from jojiani

Yeah, I really don’t think they’ll make their team before the end of the first cour. They’ll just keep showing all three of them interacting for now.

That was the show’s funniest episode yet. I also didn’t expect them to show parents other than Laala’s. At least they’re keeping that from Pretty Rhythm, though then again I bet they won’t get much screentime or an actual story. I like funny shows and it’s not like I’ll stop watching, but Pretty Rhythm and tons of other shows got both the hilariousness and a good plot (except Rainbow Live that was no fun allowed mode, but you should know this by then if you’re actually reading this blog)
For now in PriPara there’s really no plot points or whatever I should call that. Nothing to speculate about. No overarching story. Besides mysterious girl X in episode 1/OP. I guess you could say it’s character driven story. But even then it’s a bit too much for me.
That’s one of the reasons I end up getting so much sidetracked in my posts so far, there’s not really anything to say about the show itself. Writing about it wouldn’t be fun otherwise.
To take Aurora Dream as an example, when the show started, I of course didn’t think I’d turn out that good. But it at least did have hints of overarching stories, like with Rizumu’s mom disappearing. Or the romantic subplots. PriPara is really funny, but that’s it. I hope that changes.

Random news

Animate has been posting complete pictures summaries of each episode since the show started. They post them on Fridays 6pm Japanese time, so around 16 hours before the episodes airs.  So if you want to spoil yourself you can go there each Friday.

When I saw that the official site got updated with the profiles of the rivals girls around two weeks ago, and the article about them that animate posted, I didn’t bother reading them.   I thought that if they put that up, they’d show up and introduce themselves in the anime anyway. Turned out they still haven’t showed up in the anime, so here goes:
(Note: I didn’t directly translate what’s on the pictures, I added up what it says with the info in the animate article I linked)

prad5 toudou shion character intro from official site

Toudou Shion, voiced by Yamakita Saki. She’s in first year of middle school at Paprika. She’s the world champion of Go in student category. She has a cool and calm personality but her real nature is a hot blooded person. She can read situations easily and she’s the type to gamble and take risks to win. She has a habit of speaking mixing  四字熟語/よじじゅくご/yojijukugo and Go terminology.

She seems like a pretty interesting character.  They showed a side character, Eiko, playing Tennis, so I really hope they show her playing Go. I also can’t wait for her to do a Go themed Making Drama. I actually haven’t seen any Go in anime since Hikaru no Go. I used to like it so much, yet I never finished it. Since the time the anime aired, I’ve seen a lot of people rant about the ending but I don’t really care, I really need to get to it someday.
All the characters were so fun too, it’s a really good sports series, mixing up all the nice things that should be in a sports series. Just like Pretty Rhythm. I especially liked the basketball red hair guy, the childhood friend trying to learn Go so she can keep up, the rival’s sister working at the cybercafe, etc etc. I was young and stupid so for some stupid reason or another I stopped watching. Pretty much like with Futari wa Purikua which I mentioned above. Though I think remembering that in Hikaru no Go’s case it was because of a lack of subs… Back then, I used to diss on a lot of shows for no reason, and pass on watching a lot of them, thinking they suck before even watching them.
One reason I dislike it so much when people are prejudiced about anime or anything, is because I used to do it myself. Anyway.

prad5 dorothy west character intro from official site

Dorothy West, voiced by Wakai Yuki. She’s Leona’s twin sister. They’re half Japanese, with a Canadian father and a Japanese mother. They’re both in first year of middle school. She’s bright, cheerful and amiable. She seems to be the type that’s naturally an idol, but she actually has a little mischievous side. She uses “boku” to refer to herself and sometimes mixes in English when talking.

HERE WE GO. So she’s the typical hey-I’m-gonna-mix-a-random-language-to-sound-cool-to-the-kids girl character. Back when the show got announced, I thought that would be Mireille with French, but I was wrong. In the end they still used this stereotype though. I already hate her. It will be nice if they manage to make me like her. I guess mischievous side means she acts like a bitch sometimes. But even if they’re rivals, I don’t think they’ll actually be bad. They’ll probably all get along by the end of the second cour and make a six person group. Then again PriPara is an idol anime unlike Pretty Rhythm which is more sports anime so I wonder if it’ll actually happen. It probably will.

prad5 leona west character intro from official site

Leona West, voiced by Shibuya Azuki. Unlike Dorothy she’s quiet and shy. When she isn’t with Dorothy, she seems to be in a withered-like state. She can’t do anything unless she’s with Dorothy. Her catchphrase is “If Dorothy’s gonna do ****, then I’m gonna do it too”.

She probably started PriPara because of Dorothy. She’s definitely the overcute shy character of PriPara. I hope her voice won’t be early Otoha levels of cringeworthy, or I’ll hate her.

All three of them are in first year of middle school( They’re all 12 or 13), just like Mireille, so maybe one of them will end up in her class.  I guess Sophie’s rival will be Shion. Then Mireille and Laala’s rivals will be the twins. Their introduction will bring up even more character interactions and funny things. I hope there’s an actual plot soon though, PriPara’s just cute girls doing idoling for now.

(Thanks Laala for the voices)

prad5 houjou cosmo character intro from official site

Houjou Cosmo, voiced by Yamamoto Nozomi (She’s also Beru’s penguin&Ai, Naru’s classmate).
Her real age is unknown, but she looks like a 20 years old woman. She’s Sophie’s older sister. She’s a charisma designer, designing PriPara clothes. Their parents are currently overseas, so she’s Sophie’s guardian and taking care of her.

Maybe Cosmo’s age being unknown is a hint to a possible plot. Like her being a dimension traveler. Maybe Cosmo will be the savior that will make PriPara have an actual plot and be more than cute girls doings idoling and make me enjoy the show even more. Hahahahha as if. Keep dreaming me.

prad5 akaii meganii stolen from animate 01

They also posted stuff about Akaii Meganii on Animate. He’s voiced by Suwabe Junichi. He’s the manager of a VIP shop inside the PriPara world that only idols of a certain rank can go in. He’s in charge of giving out special items and new songs. He will first appear in episode 7, like you can see in the jikai youkoku.

So while Akaii Meganee (and her army of clones) is the manager of the Prism Stone shop, Akaii Meganii got a shop of his own. In the game he manages the gacha shop you can go to after a performance iirc.

prad5 akaii meganii design rough posted on official takara tommy arts pretty twitter

Design rough posted on of the official Pretty Rhythm/PriPara twitter accounts.

prad5 laala mireille sophie design rough posted on official takara tommy arts pretty twitter

Idem, but for the girls.

prad5 magazine airplane dress

There was another dress contest for Laala in some magazine. That AIRPLANE DRESS won and will appear in the anime and arcade game. The AIRPLANE DRESS name is Dream Attendant code or Global code. The one on the right will be in the anime too.

They also announced a movie for PriPara to be released in theaters in Spring 2015. There’s also gonna be a christmas live event coming this December. I guess it’ll be like the one they did for Rainbow Live last year.

CG director said on Twitter that “it might be good to rewatch all three Pretty Rhythm seasons before the christmas live in December”. I wonder what he means. Definitely not a sequel, it’s not possible capitalism wise. They need to sell PriPara now, not Pretty Rhythm. Maybe they’ll announce a BD box of all three seasons. Or maybe the PriPara movie will be an actual crossover like what All Star Selection’s anime could have been.  Anyway I’ll talk about it again in a Pretty Rhythm news centered post.

They also announced the release schedule for PriPara anime DVDs. They’re aren’t doing two DVD boxes like with RL but doing it in small parts. Volume 1 will be released the 24th of October, then they’ll release a DVD volume the 1st Friday of every month (except volume 8 which will be released the 2nd Friday of the month). There will be 13 volumes in total.

EDIT: If you preorder each DVD volume, you’ll get a limited purichike in it. Also the announcement said that volume 1 has 2 episodes in it, and that subsequent volumes has 3 episodes. So if you add them up it means PriPara will be 38 episodes. I think they decided on this since PRASS was only one cour long. With PriPara being 3 cours, it’ll end in April so they can start the next season in April, just like they always did. There’s a high chance the next season will be a direct sequel to PriPara, like PriPara 2 or something, keeping the characters etc, so you shouldn’t worry about it being only 38 episodes.

All of these announcements (movie+DVD releases+christmas event) were done at the Ciao Summer Festival 2014 the 9th and 10th of August.

6 thoughts on “PriPara – 05 & 06 & random news

  1. solthegrimoire

    Great post today! :))))))

    MAL says that there will be 38 episodes…do you know if this is true? I looked everywhere, and I couldn’t find anything to confirm.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      I didn’t read the whole announcement yet and was planning to edit my post later. I did now. Yes, it says PriPara will be 38 episodes long. You shouldn’t worry about it though, there’s a very high chance the next season will be a direct sequel, so it’s not like it changes much in the end.

  2. JohnValjean

    i☆Ris the Anime confirmed.

    Yoshino Nanjo, Best Love Live is playing one of Lala’s friends. All they need to do now is cast Sora Tokui


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