Pretty Rhythm news&twitter 21/08/2014 edition

artist irua prad2 mia hye in kiss


Pretty Rhythm related news and random background info stuff the director tweeted since the last time I made a post like that in April. If you don’t wanna spoil yourself the best twists in Dear My Future, I recommend not reading the DMF part.

News (all the pics are from the twitter official accounts etc)

CG director said on Twitter that “it might be good to rewatch all three Pretty Rhythm seasons before the PriPara christmas live event in December”.
In July they started replacing the Pretty Rhythm game machines with PriPara machines. So Pretty Rhythm is definitely dead and I highly doubt they’re gonna release anything big, like a new Pretty Rhythm season. It wouldn’t make sense marketing wise. Japan is a poop capitalism country ruled by money so stuff like that or a second season of Baccano! or Seto No Hanayome isn’t gonna happen. One thing sure however, is that they’ll reveal more about the PriPara movie at the xmas event. I have multiple ideas as to why CG Director said that:

  • It will be revealed that the movie will feature all the Pretty Rhythm main characters. It’ll be a cross over thing. Basically what All Star Selection could have been.
    That’s what I want to happen the most.
  • It won’t be an actual crossover but it will be a story about Laala and co finding out stuff about Saints/notMia, notAira and notNaru.
    Since they show Saints in the movie teaser that’s the most likely idea.
  • They will release some sort of bonus OVA, possibly that will be screened at the beginning of the PriPara movie. Think of the pikachus specials of pokemon movies. That bonus thing will be Prism Show footage of Aira and/or Mia, using the CG of Rainbow Live/PriPara.  That’s what I want to happen at the very least.

At the very least it’ll probably be something CG performance related since CG director tweeted about it. They made CG models of Aira and Mia with the Rainbow Live/PriPara CG level, to use them as Saints in PriPara, so they’ll probably use them for something someday. That’s also one of the reason why the 2nd idea is the most probable. Anyway, all of that is me speculating, we should know more in a few months.

prad special visual book cover

Cover of the Pretty Rhythm Prism Star Visual Book. It was announced at the beginning of August. The cover got revealed the 15th. Release date is 28th of August. On amazon it says it’s 100 pages and that it’ll have illustrations of all the characters and interviews of the seiyuus. Would be nice if it has design details on the costumes worn in the seasons, some are pretty good and I’d love to have a book with all of them for reference. Not sure if it will have new illustrations or if it’s just a compilation. The cover is new though. They sure want otaku’s money, using this swimsuit cover.
The cover says “23 characters”, so seems there’s no pics of the guys.
(23 =MARs+Serenon with Kaname+Prizmmy+PURETTY+RAINBOW+Juné)

prad3 dvd box bonus cover boys prism kings

Illustrations of the bonus covers for the limited edition of the DVD box 2 of Rainbow Live which was already released. The version with these covers is probably out of print now.

prad3 dvd box 2 covers photo

That’s how the normal covers look, forgot if I posted them already.

prad3 beef or chicken or fish or chips dvd ad prad3 tower record akaii meganee adprad3 beef or chicken or fish or chips dvd adprad3-beef-or-chicken-or-fish-or-chips-dvd-adprad movie tower record machida magical mion adprad movie tower record machida magical mion adupload already uuurghprad movie ad machida magical mion

Tower Record shop in Machida’s ads for the movie etc.

prad3 hiro cake pride

There was a Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live event the 28th of April, a (staff only I think) party to celebrate it’s successful completion. That’s where the Hiro PRIDE cake you may have already seen is from. They cut it in half too. That’s super funny. Prizmmy did a live there and also posted about the event on their blog. Linking it because there’s funny pics.

prad those reporters girls but irl at prism queen championship 14th 15th june 2014

There was also a Prism Queen tournament event for the Pretty Rhythm arcade game in June. It’s nice they did one big tournament for all the little girls in Japan before the game stopped. These girls are cosplayed just like the reporter girls in some of the episodes of Aurora Dream.

prad3 final movie event cosplayers

Fans cosplaying at the final screening&singing event of the movie the 4th of July. One guy on twitter also went there wearing a selfmade Hiro PRIDE T Shirt

prad4 movie tower record machida special cover

Alternate cover for the movie you’d get for buying it at the Tower Records shop in Machida.

prad3 prism boys collection cover otr

They revealed the cover of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Boys Collection.
Super ridiculous awesome outfits like always.

Copypasta of what I already wrote about the boys collection:

They announced the CD single: Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Boys Collection for the 3rd of September. It’s a CD+DVD.
The CD will have Athletic Core, a new song by OTR not in the anime called Flavor, drama CDs like monologues of the boys, Boy Meets Girl boys version, and the Hiro x Kouji version of Pride, not heard in the anime.
The DVD will have Prism Show footage of Hiro/Pride, Kazuki/Freedom and Pride -revolution ver.-, which is new CG Prism Show footage of Hiro and Kouji performing Pride together.
Note that the DVD doesn’t have the full Prism Show of Athletic Core in it. It’s still exclusive to those who preordered the 2nd DVD box.
You get the DVD even if you don’t preorder.
If you do preorder, you get bonus covers illustrated by Mai Matsuura and a membership certificate for the Over The Rainbow fan club.

prad3 boys music collection kazuki coverura

Those are the bonus covers. They haven’t revealed the Kouji one yet.

August 2014 issue of Otomedia magazine released the 10th of July had an interview of Over The Rainbow.
September 2014 issue of Animage magazine, released 9th of August, has some Rainbow Live interviews.
September 2014 issue of Animedia magazine, also released 9th of August, has another Over The Rainbow interview too.
I guess I’m writing this in case someone who will read this post is rich, can read Japanese and is a huge OTR fan.

prad3 otr dvd tv special dvd differencestwitter kk_subprad3 otr full version comparison kouji from Yoshiki_PRSN twitter

Like I was saying above, only the special DVD you could get when preordering the 2nd DVD box got the full version of Athletic Core. There’s multiple comparison pics like that on twitter of the TV version, the DVD Box version, and the special DVD version. They added Kouji’s guitar strap.Notice how they didn’t update the in-episode version on the DVD as you can see in this comparison pic.

I’m pretty sure someone upped the full prism show of Athletic Core on niconico, but with different music to avoid copyrights issues. (As of now as I’m writing this after proofing this post, Niconico is currently on maintenance so can’t really check. I’ll link it later normally)

Real life PURETTY announced their disbandment in May. Honestly I never really cared about them as a band but I do care about them as fellow human beings. It really sucks for them. They never got to actually get into KARA too.
The only music group tied in with Pretty Rhythm that managed to make it big is Prizmmy. Maybe Over The Rainbow too, if the single sells a lot.
For AD, Lisp got disbanded before the show’s end. For DMF, Prizmmy worked, but PURETTY never debuted in Korea and got disbanded. I think that’s one of the reasons why they didn’t even do a group for Rainbow Live, and decided to push out one with guys instead. That’s also probably one of the reasons why they stopped Pretty Rhythm. And that’s also probably one of the reasons why for PriPara, they decided to change their strategy and use an already established idol group, i☆Ris, instead of making their own group.
All of this is my opinion based on all the info I know, but it’s not like I have actual evidence though.

prad3 tower record machida cardboard shi yoon illustration

Stuff Pretty Rhythm director’s said in his tweets
He said some of the things he tweeted are also discussed in the All Star Selection guidebook.

Dear My Future stuff:

He said he can’t say a lot of stupid funny background trivia on Mia, because she isn’t a character he made from scratch. Akao Deko and Tsubota Fumi were the one in charge of the characters setting creations on DMF. Because when they were working on the beginning of DMF, they were also working on the end of AD which was currently airing, and Director san already had his hands full with that.
(Akao Deko, Tsubota Fumi and Iuchi Shuji are the main scriptwriters of Pretty Rhythm along with the director. Maybe I should also point out for better comprehension that first the script is written, then the storyboard is made.)

He’s aware that the beginning of DMF feels a bit different from how AD feels. But he thinks it’s super fun. He thinks he definitely wouldn’t have been able to create a powerful straightforward character like Mia. He didn’t know himself what kind of character Mia would be. When Nabeshin did the storyboard for episode 2, it gave him a good taste of how the series& Mia will turn out.
(The difference between AD and DMF is even more blatant because you watch DMF right after AD’s ending, which is the best part of the show. You have all the amazing things happen at the end of AD, then when DMF starts, it goes back to square one and doesn’t have the same level of all around quality)
(I didn’t know Nabeshin worked on DMF, explains why some eps are so funny. I just checked in the PRASS Guidebook, and he worked on the storyboards of almost all the best episodes too.  The ping pong one, the mecha race one, Yong Hwa’s introduction episode,  37-39 aka the three first episodes of the save Aira arc, the 4 last episodes, etc.)

DIrector says except for the Symphonia foreshadowing hints, he didn’t write Mia’s story. Everything was left to Akao Deko which he has a lot of respect for. He said she can pull in everyone into her story and way of writing.

Right from the start, he had in mind the plot twist that Don Bonbi would be Asechi Kintaro. However, it was some sort of insurance, and he actually didn’t want to do it at first. (I guess he means insurance as in if the show didn’t have enough plot. And I’m not surprised about this. When you think about it there’s tons of foreshadowing about it, so they definitely didn’t decide to do this twist on a whim. At first you’d think Don Bonbi disguising himself and following Prizmmy&PURETTY everywhere is just for comic relief. But when you think about it, he’s actually giving them advice and tailing them to follow their growth, to see if he can use them for Grateful Symphonia or not. Then in the end they didn’t meet his expectations, so he settled for MARs.)

Director decided to use the twist around when they started working on the 2nd cour of the show. It was also at the same time they decided on Hye In being the 2nd main character of the show. At first they were planning on only having Mia as main character. Hye In is the only Korean girl that appears right from episode 1 of DMF,  but she pretty much doesn’t do anything in the first cour, besides being Mia’s best friend. They didn’t think about what she’d do yet. The one who thought up everything about Hye In was Tsubota Fumi. You can see that the hot springs ping pong episode (episode 11) is the first episode that shows Hye In a lot, and that she turned out to be the complete opposite of Mia. Episode 11 was pretty much the birth of Hye In as a character and is super important to the show.

When they were working on the 2nd cour, they didn’t have the idea to make Mia and Hye In fight for the center position of Grateful Symphonia. They didn’t think they’d both win too.

All of Pretty Rhythm, and DMF particularly, is a Japan+Korea collaboration. They had massive problems sometimes. He didn’t precise what kind. DMF aired in 2012 and in 2012 there was a “new boom” of Korean culture in Japan. There was tons of K pop and Korean dramas on Japanese TV etc. There was also territorial conflicts&etc between the two countries. Because of all of these factors, sometimes the higher ups were getting pretty nervous about the show.
(There’s always conflicts about islands, mostly thanks to stupid Abe& stupid current jp government, but I guess there was one case in particular back then. (I guess higher ups=the bosses at Takara Tommy etc))

That’s one of the reason that made him share his Kintaro twist idea with the others and use it, to reassure them about the show.

Like he already said at the after party event, they didn’t really know what to do with Grateful Symphonia at first. First they thought about making a big dance with all the characters. Then something about all the characters joining forces to beat a big enemy. Lastly, they started thinking about the black and white symphony story, which is what happens in the show.

He actually wanted DMF to have fun and weird things during all the show, and wanted to show more ridiculous and stupid sides of every single character. But starting the third cour, things become a bit more serious,  like with the progression of the Aira Yunsu Shou triangle, so they couldn’t do that.

(DMF is always hilarious and got a great story. I think they did a pretty good job at keeping the fun from start to finish. Things get more serious at the end but there’s still some hilarious moments. When Kintaro revealed he rigged tournaments to make Kyouko win, and started choking at the end of his speech, I couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t believe they actually did that. I guess what he means is that even though there’s still funny scenes  like that at the end of the show, he wanted to do more stuff like episode 19. The one with the mecha race, where they parody and make fun of the arcade game and gatchas. Or the episode where they go to Prism World.)

The anime Prizmmy’s personalities have nothing in common with real life Prizmmy. Their real families are also different. He says Mia is Nagashima Shigeo, Hye In is Oh Sadaharu. But that reference is a bit too old for young people though, so he rephrased it: Mia is a genius type, Hye In is an effort type. The usual stuff you see in sports anime. Reina is the type of girl to always help others, so they decided to give her a love story. Real life Reina isn’t that interested in love, so back then, real life Reina asked director “why did anime Reina turned out like this”. In the same vein, real life Mia also asked him back then “Why did anime Mia turn out like this??”.

They had to sell the toys and the arcade game, but also Prizmmy and PURETTY. They were supposed to give their characters as much background as possible and show each of their families. That’s what was supposed to happen. In the end though, only Chae Kyoung got that treatment. Plus her family is entwined in the main plot and is super important. He doesn’t really knows himself why did it turn out like this.

prad2-16-reina-family-appartment-outside prad2-16-reina-family-appartment

That said, they actually showed Reina’s home once. It’s in the Magical Mion episode, episode 16. The apartment they’re in at the beginning is Reina’s home. It’s a large apartment in the suburbs. Reina’s dad is a prestigious salaryman and her mother is a prestigious housewife. Reina is an only child. Reina’s parents get along well together so she always though she’d fall in love too someday like a normal little girl. She’s good at dancing but she’s a bit shy and has trouble stepping up by herself.

Karin is the eldest of her family and has tons of little brothers. She’s the type that can’t leave someone alone and wants to take care of them, so she takes good notice of her surroundings. She’s good at jumps. Her dad is a blue collar worker and a bit clumsy. Her mom is healthy and got a big body and personality, not loosing to her dad. He wanted to make Karin’s seiyuu Tsuda Minami voice all of her little brothers, but he couldn’t bring it up when he saw the seiyuus doing it have so much fun.

Ayami is an only child like Reina. Or maybe she has a nice older brother. Her parents are both working. Fashion is her specialty. She’s actually quite spoiled at home. Both her and her parents are reserved.

Mia’s family are either ninja descendants, or residents of Kasukabe.
(Yeah, he actually said that. I’m not sure what he means by “residents of Kasukabe”  though. Maybe there’s a popular ninja clan originating from Kasukabe? Anyway here’s the original tweet if you can make more sense out of it than me)
Mia, like the other members, grew up innocently in a happy family and received lots of love from her parents. She’s definitely an only child. They live in Kanagawa. Her dad is nice and her mom got a powerful personality.

All four Prizmmy members saw Aira at the Prism Queen cup and that’s what made them want to do Prism Shows. (They show this in the show itself. It’s funny how they only realize this fact near the end of DMF.)

A lot of people says that he likes doing unfortunate heroines but that’s wrong. Actually almost all the heroines in Pretty Rhythm got raised by both of their parents with plenty of love and are innocent. It’s a message to the parents watching telling you to take care of your kids. The first show he directed, Omnyou Taisenki, also had a protagonist like that. He thinks people who were raised like that are optimistic and perfect to be main characters, as they can overcome difficulties more easily. In contrary people who don’t know parental love become villains who wanna destroy the world. Then he said he’s just speaking of anime etc and you shouldn’t take it seriously or misunderstand.

One thing he has remorse about is the way the Korean girls are introduced in the first cour. He honestly thinks it lacks a bit of impact. He wanted to give every character a bit more impact. I think he said that maybe it would have been better to introduce them all at once, but then it would have made it harder to remember their names.

(All 3 seasons have more or less a slow start but it’s always worth it. The problem with DMF’s start is the fact that you watch it right after the end of AD, and things are obviously not at the same level of quality. Plus, the Korean girls introductions episodes of the first cour are actually dedicated to the Prizmmy girls, not them. For example Shi Yoon gets introduced in episode 4, but she only supports Karin and we don’t learn much about her. The Korean girls themselves aren’t given much depth on purpose because they save their development for 2nd cour. I guess the best way to drive the point is the fact they don’t do a Prism Show themselves even though it’s their introduction episodes. Even I found DMF’s 1st cour a bit dull at first except when they showed the older characters. Sticking with it is well worth it though. I also loved Mia right form the start, as I love her don’t judge stuff beforehand personality. While she gets even more awesome during the show, if you don’t like how Mia at the beginning and don’t like loud girls, things can get pretty rough.)

Another thing he has remorse about is how the 2nd cour was actually supposed to take place in Korea. He’s still remorseful about it now. In the end they couldn’t make it happen. He didn’t specify the reasons as why it didn’t happen.

(My own theory is that some of the staff was supposed to go to Korea, or the staff in KOrea was supposed to share info with them but didn’t get enough or not in time. Stuff like location reference material, to draw real life Korean famous touristic spots etc. They actually use tons of real life places in Pretty Rhythm. They didn’t do it much in Rainbow Live though. Besides that bridge Bell cried at in Omotesando, and the bridge tunnel place where Kazuki and his friends hang out. Anyway there was probably too much tensions or trouble between the 2 countries like mentioned above. Also the fact that the 2nd cour was supposed to be in Korea doesn’t surprise me much. The 2nd cour focuses heavily on the Korean girls. The 2nd OP even features everyone doing PURETTY’s Prism Act.  And in turn all the episodes are great, but they definitely have some kind of “filler” taste to them. I mean the mecha race episode is one of my favorite ever, but when you think about it it’s weird they did a mecha race to decide an official Prism Show tournament. It shows they actually had something else planned at first, the trip to Korea, but changed it.)

artist odeco prad3 kurokawa rei momo dat cape

From Matsuura Mai’s twitter

Rainbow Live stuff

Hijiri seems like an optimistic person but actually quite a lot of bad things happened to him during his childhood. He overcame these problems thanks to his mother. When he first met Juné at the lake, he was angry about the fact that he couldn’t beat Jin. That’s because Prism Shows for him are like a memento of his mother, as she was a Prism Star too. He couldn’t bear to be bested at Prism Shows. When Juné decided to help him, she didn’t only want to carry on his dream, but she basically wanted to replace his mother. But of course that’s impossible. Back then Juné was pretty childish.

When they met, Hijiri and Juné fell in love with each other, and Hijiri actually noticed her feelings for him but he didn’t want to admit it. While Hijiri was almost already an adult, he also used to be a big star, so he was busy and never really had  any experience in love.
(According to RL Guidebook, Hijiri was 19 when he met Juné, and Juné was “12”.Wrote  “12” since she’s not actually human. So since RL takes places around 4 years later, in the show he’s around 23 and Juné is supposedly 16. In the show, episode 40 says she won when she was 13, four years ago. Rainbow Live in universe lasts for a year so it fits)

Since he didn’t know how to handle it, Hijiri continued to pretend he didn’t notice Juné’s feelings. Then he got injured and started coaching her. Because of that, at that time he also thought that Juné’s love for him is only a temporary feeling since she’s just a young girl(actually not human but he didn’t know ofc).

Hijiri thought: she’s in love with her coach, but she’ll get over it soon. He cared for her but he was asking himself if it was because she reminds him of his mother or if it was real love. Meanwhile Juné never knew about this. Even if she’s a Prism Messenger it’s not like she can read people’s minds. And Hijiri wasn’t in a hurry to find the answer to his feelings.

However Juné’s time was limited. She wanted to know Hijiri’s answer as soon as possible. Even if he rejected her she at least wanted to get an answer before returning to the Prism World. But then before she knew it, she liked him so much she didn’t want to leave him, so she decided to break the rules and stay.

In episode 49, Juné does the Prism Jump La Flamme d’Amour. That was Hijiri’s mother Maria’s last jump. Seeing it made Hijiri remember that time he was at the lake with his mother. At that time at the lake, Maria was already terminally ill and dying, and it was just before she was about to participate in the Prism Queen Cup. She decided to participate using the last of her strength, for Hijiri and for the person she loved(Hijiri and Jin’s dad, Kou). Maria did La Flamme d’Amour using the last of her strength. But just like Juné in episode 49, her strength gave out and she couldn’t land properly. She violently fell on stage from exhaustion. She died soon after. After that, Hijiri was brought in by Kou, and he started living together with Jin. (Jin and Hijiri are half brothers. When they participated in the Prism King Cup four years or so before Rainbow Live’s start, Hijiri was 19 and Jin was 21.)

Anyway, that’s what Hijiri remembered when seeing Juné fall, so he hurried and caught her without caring about his injured leg. When he caught her, he felt that her body was eerily light and he had the thought she would die. Hijiri realized for sure then that what he was feeling for her was completely different than his feelings for his mother. He loved Juné for the bottom of his heart. Their love would just begin. They’d fight and disagree etc, things normal like these, Juné wanted to experience them. Since Hijiri also became just a commoner now she thought it could happen. (I’m pretty sure he said that jokingly, cuz you know, commoner=ippanjin, aka what Jin called Hijiri in episode 45 and one of the director’s favorites lines in RL)

(All this story above isn’t in the guidebooks)

Back when Wakana transferred to An and Kazuki’s grade school, An already used to help her family with the senbei shop, so she wouldn’t stay a lot in the prism show club after school. So after Wakana’s first meeting with An which they show in the anime, she actually didn’t see her much. When Wakana moved again, it was before the start of the second semester, so her classmates and herself didn’t even have time to remember each other very well. Wakana’s childhood was a bit grim like that, until she started Prism Shows.

Juné can do Aurora Rising, but she can’t do Aurora Rising Dream. Rinne can do Kirameki Future Star, but she can’t do Kirameki Future Star Revolution. That’s what they mean at the end of RL that a world’s resident will always surpass the Prism Messenger of that world.
(Basically director said that Aira/Mion/Rizumu/Mia/Hye In/Bell with super saiyan newtype 無限の可能性 powers at the end of their respective shows, are more powerful than Juné and Rinne. Everyone that was butthurt about Juné doing Aurora Rising can stop being butthurt now. Then again it’s weird because Juné can do Mugen Hug Eternal, and Aira learned that after learning Aurora Rising Dream. Still, I guess ARD is still her most powerful jump, since that’s what she did when she and Mia competed at full power at the end of DMF. I guess that’s because of that ambiguity that he also cited Rinne as an example too. Apparently the staff talk about this too in the audio commentary of the movie but I haven’t listened to it yet.
Anyway, Aira and Mia are more powerful than Juné and Rinne.)

Lastly, some general funny stuff (no spoilers)

Director said: “Prism Stars aren’t idols but athletes. Things gonna be pretty different in PriPara because the characters are actual idols.”
In July he also said that he thinks PriPara will sell a lot and more than Pretty Rhythm.(I think the same too.)

prad3 juné snowball by irua

One of the presents he got at the after party was this Juné swnocsrystalballthing. There’s a Rinne one too. Original pics are on Irua’s pixiv.

prad majinamenna glass

Another present he received, at the final movie screening this time. It says “maji nameena!!”/Don’t underestimate me!! I forgot if a character actually says this in Pretty Rhythm or not. I think that’s actually one of the expressions the director uses on twitter sometimes.

kids lame robots pic

At the end of July, this photo circulated a lot on the net. He saw it too.
IIRC basically in some morning show they asked kids what they think about robot games/anime etc and they said they’re from a dead era and not cool anymore. I think I also had bookmarked a Jojiani blog post or another 2ch archiving blog archiving the 2ch thread where this was posted, but too lazy to find it now. Not planning to organize my bookmarks right now. Wanna finish a few things first including this post. Anyway. About this, he said that as a anime maker he feels kinda responsible about it. It sucks that you could say the era of robots being kids’ dreams etc is over, and he wanna do something about it.

He said he worked on Love Live s2, episode 2 iirc. Coincidentally Love Live shares a few persons staff between Pretty Rhythm. Nagasaki Yukio was the sound director of all three seasons of Pretty Rhythm, of PriPara and of Love Live 1st season too. Then there’s Love Live director Kyougoku Takahiko who also worked on Pretty Rhythm. There’s even an interview of him too in the PRASS Guidebook.
Next time you see people on the net wasting their time arguing about which is better between Love Live or Pretty Rhythm, tell them the makers of each shows are friend with each other and that fans should be friends too.

prad3 real life double rainbows from tsubota fumi twitter

Tsubota Fumi twitted this the 11th of July. Real double rainbows.

prad3 odeco Jin gendoposing

Jin’s birthday is the 18th of July, the same day the movie got released in dvd/bluray. They actually mentioned it on the movie’s official site and did a special lottery. It was free to participate too.  The 40 people who won the lottery could attend the Norizuki Jin festival. The date&place of the event were only sent to the winners of the lottery by email. I thought it was just the director and Matsuura Mai who liked Jin, but now after taking into account what they said at the after party and now this, they all reaaaaally like Jin.
I didn’t see anyone who went to the party post about it on twitter or anything, so I don’t know what they did there. I guess the party consisted of a meeting with Jin’s seiyuu Miki Shinichiro, who’s one of the best seiyuu ever, so if they met with him it must’ve been fun.

prad3 jin bday cake by omumogu twitterprad jin cake and juné doll by sekigucheapprad3 jin bday by ry0nch1prad3 jin bday tower record machida

Multiple fans on twitter/twitpic and Tower Record Machida shop posted stuff for Jin’s birthday.

Apparently there’s going to be a nationwide Pretty Rhythm arcade game tournament in Korea.

prad comiket 86 doujins omumogu twitter loot pic

There was multiple Pretty Rhythm doujins released at comiket 86. The two Prism Cube books are compilations by tons of authors. That pic is the loot of one of the artists who contributed. I haven’t really read much on it, so I don’t know if it’s in very limited quantities or not etc, I’ll check later. I’d like getting them someday. If you search for C86_prrz on twitter there’s tons of little teasers the authors posted.

Now that the PRASS guidebook is out, the staff doesn’t really talk about the show on twitter anymore. That’s probably the last post like this I make. I’m planning to make posts about the 2 guidebooks, and the movie, then finish my rainbow live final impression post and my how to get into pretty rhythm post, then I guess I’m done with pretty rhythm.
Though if they announce another book or merchandise I’ll make posts about them.
If you wanna check yourself, Matsuura Mai still posts new pics of the Rainbow Live characters at least once a week on her twitter.

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