PriPara – 11

noir best mireille

The best Mireille.

I have Noir on my mind as Nolife started airing the show today. If I had to describe quickly the channel I’d say it’s one of the very few things that makes me proud of being French. I’m not sure if I ever brought up Nolife on my blog, so here’s the engilsh wikipedia page of the channel. The channel exists for seven years now and that page is outdated, but it does the job at explaining what it is. I watched City Hunter as a kid and then tons of times in the course of my life, the latest time being when some of the show aired on Nolife in 2008.  So I always liked anime + guns. I’m not into guns themselves though. I’ve seen some of Noir when it aired in 2001. “I’ve seen some” because back then was the start of what I call my elitism period. I used to judge stuff by the cover and call a loooot of shows crap. Including things I saw recently then like Cowboy Beebop or Escaflowne. I did like them a bit but thought it was crap. Basically my sense of rating was messed up. Think of a show of the current season that you’re watching, but doesn’t think it’s anything great, just barely mediocre. That’s how I used to think about them. That’s the brain of a twelve years old for you. Anyway, back then I didn’t watch Noir properly. I’d skip episodes etc. My bros watched it but I didn’t.  I only did when it first aired in France in 2004. Because of that too, I actually never watched all the episodes of Madlax and El Cazador de La Bruja properly. Anyway you should watch Noir. And maybe I should watch those two properly.

prad5 1101

Okay so they need a third member for the grand prix live this month.

prad5 1102 prad5 1103

“I’m her manager so I’m the one deciding everything, she wasn’t in a position to choose anyway.
Uuuurgh just punch this stuffed rabbit bastard already please.

prad5 1104 prad5 1105

prad5 1106

Wow a Sophiemobile.

prad5 1107

Mireill’s strategy to approach the bodyguards is good. If they can make them understand and cooperate it’ll be cool. Sadako geniunely cares about Sophie too so she’ll probably help or play a role in episode 12 or 13. As Pretty Rhythm’s successor it’ll probably happen.

prad5 1108prad5 1109prad5 1110prad5 1111 prad5 1112prad5 1113 prad5 1114prad5 1115

As expected of Mireille. She knows Cosmo is the best character in the show.
>Cosmo is the one who created Sairum Change clothes
YEEEEES COSMO PLOT CONFIRMED. Later, they’ll reveal she comes from another dimension and started making glowstick dresses because she needs to save the world using a giant mecha powered by PriPara powers. And it’s final attack will be powered with Laala’s voice, just like Raideen(I haven’t seen it yet). And then they’ll finally put Pretty Rhythm and PriPara in SRW.
Also, she isn’t the designer of Holic Trick like I imagined.

prad5 1116 prad5 1117

prad5 11 cosmo sit full

Cosmo do understand how Sophie feels. She is her sister after all. Just kick out Usagi please. At this point I’m imagining Usagi will get a four hit combo by Cosmo Sadako Laala and Sophie.

prad5 1119prad5 1120 prad5 1122


prad5 1123

Mireille and Laala interviewing people wasn’t something I expected.

prad5 1124

Why the eyecatch suspense. That girl doesn’t have hair looking like any of the other important characters. We all know third member isn’t gonna be her.

prad5 1125prad5 1126 prad5 1127prad5 1128

Wow she’s pretty cute. Kinda looks like Ran in Aikatsu! too. I alreayd said it tons of times but Ran’s my favorite. Then it’s Hikari and Yurika.

prad5 1129 prad5 1130

Wow that girl is crazy. That was funny. She should go make a team with Sana chan instead. They’d get along fine talking so fast.

prad5 1131prad5 1132 prad5 1133prad5 1134

Hahaha a girl singing Enka for PriPara. Didn’t think we’d get to see that. Would love to see that recurrently. I hope she appears someday again.

prad5 1135

That one should go to that teacher in Keion. (I never watcher K-ON)
I’ll add later who did the voices for these three girls normally

prad5 1136

Hahaha Kappa mascot is back.

prad5 1137 prad5 1138

Was a pretty funny sequence. They mixing up funny things and serious things pretty well in this episode, like in AD or DMF(no fun in RL). Too bad I still have to say the serious part here is forced though.

prad5 1139 prad5 1140

“Paring up with Sophie will be impossible as long as Usagi is here”
Kuma does get it. Now that he told them they should go over and punch him.

prad5 1141prad5 1142prad5 1143prad5 1145

See? Because they wasted so much time in previous episodes, now that things are getting interesting they have to speed up. That training sequence was nice but it would have been cooler to see more of it.

prad5 1144

1 liter is 1000 millilitters. But how many “iine” a live is worth?

I know you need いいね to rank up, but I never actually read the arcade game’s rules. So I’m not sure if you spend them when leveling up or if they just stay.

prad5 game from noirium twitter 1billion iine still no rank up wat

Because the other day I saw this twitter person posted a pic of having 10million iinee and sill at debut class.
If you do need to spend them to rank up, maybe that’s what Sophie did in the anime. She forgot to spend her points. So she got tons of fans but is still debut class.

prad5 1146prad5 1147prad5 1148

I think that was one of the outfits who won one of the outfit contests.

prad5 1149

That girl kinda look like Ayami. Same hair.

prad5 11 dorothy gif

Wow it’s Dorothy. They made Mireille meet with her first so it seems that just as expected, the rivalries will go Dorothy -> Mireille, Leona->Laala and Shion ->Sophie

prad5 1152prad5 1151

Sophie’s face then was pretty much the face I did seeing them too. Usagi should pick even more boring looking girls next time. Seriously go back to Captain Earth plz. I wonder if the resemblance was done on purpose. (Side note: I’m not watching Captain Earth)

prad5 1153

But then I immediately liked New&Mew when they opened their mouths. Because Blue/New is voiced by Kataoka Azusa aka Mion. Her way of talking was really similar to Mion so it was easy to get. Didn’t even have to check. Purple one is voiced by Takahashi Minami. She’s pretty new, never heard of her. She’s also voicing Sora in Aikatsu!. I never heard her voice though. I still haven’t watched past episode 44 of Aikatsu and not sure if I’ll watch s2 when I’m done with s1.

prad5 1154 prad5 1155

>They’ve been doing PriPara for ten years and are in high school
>They’re only Major class, only one class above Sophie

I don’t know what to think anymore. I guess I was just estimating these power level rankings wrong. They said there’s only a few Major class, so there’s probably no Kami Aidoru or only one.
Though, it still doesn’t explain the whole Sophie thing I already pointed out. Just how Sophie has been doing PriPara since she was a kid and is not at least major class like them, but Debut class just like Mireille.

prad5 1156prad5 1157 prad5 1158prad5 1159

It was obvious they wouldn’t CG the NMews sisters. I hope they appear again. As expected of a cour end episode we got three performances in one episode. We’ll probably get two or more in episode 12 and 13 too. I hope.

prad5 1160prad5 1161 prad5 1162prad5 1164 prad5 1165prad5 1166prad5 1167

Sophie’s Making Drama was pretty DEEP. Poor Sophie. It’s nice they’re not forgetting that Making Dramas are the reflection of your feelings, and use them in accordance to the plot, just like the Prism Jumps. Either next episode or in 13, when the forced drama is over and she gets with Laala, she’ll do it again and complete it by grabbing the key. I hope she breaks the cage all the way to space. Though it’s probably too early for space Making Dramas to happen.
That key is on her mic btw.

prad5 1171

Cosmo looks really cute here.

prad5 1178 prad5 1179


prad5 1180prad5 1181 prad5 1182

I want to save sophie san from that cage!! Laala’s resolve there was pretty cool
Though if it was Mia she would have got on stage right then and punched the cage to another dimension.

Jikai youkokuuuu

prad5 1184

Seems Laala gonna infiltrate the guards. I really hope Sadako does something too like I predicted.

Like I said in previous post, they could have done a better arc for the cour end. Sophie suddenly can’t join anymore because she got scolded by Usagi feels forced as hell. They could have made a bet with Usagi or something and made her and Laala do a duo sing bout. They could have done a tournament. Anyway.


The 9th of August they did a second PriPara live thing on niconico. I think they’re going to do one each month, so there’s probably a third one. I haven’t listened to them yet. Seeing how the first one was I don’t think I will anytime soon.

prad5 serizawa yuu mireille cosplayfrom her twitter 02 prad5 serizawa yuu mireille cosplayfrom her twitter 01

Serizawa Yuu tweeted those. She looks scary. I kinda wish someone would have told her. But I kinda don’t wanna as it’ll make her sad.

prad5 cosmo 3ds design for 3ds game from official twitter

One of Cosmo’s design drawing from when they worked on the 3DS game. (Cosmo appeared in the 3DS game first) Was posted on PriPara’s official twitter.

If you’re interested in watching this. Iris did the first throw at some baseball match in August. Probably a very big and important Baseball match. Not that I care.

The 12th of October there’s going to be a talk show with Serizawa Yuu and Ookubo Rumi at Keio University in Kanagawa. Classroom 12-210.

They revealed the first DVD cover. Linking the page instead of posting the pic so you can check yourself when the show the other covers later.

prad5 stolen from avex site shion

prad5 stolen from avex site dorothyprad5 stolen from avex site leona

They added pics of the rival girls some time ago as background on the avex site.

prad5 key visual rival girls

New Key visual with Faruru(mysterious girl) and rival girls. There’s probably a bigger version somewhere.

prad5 others animage october issue posters

Posters that will be in the October issue of Animage

prad5 puchigumi october 02 prad5 puchigumi october 01

prad5 puchigumi comic I guess

From this month’s Puchigumi. Laala says Sophie is still Sophie even if she’s useless when not eating Red Flash.

The other day I saw on twitter a link to a report on the 63th share holders meeting of Takara Tommy, in June. Here.
When answering questions about Takara Tommy’s strategy on marketing new toy ideas, Takara Tommy’s boss Tomiyama Kantaro called Aikatsu a Pretty Rhythm ripoff. He said they decided to launch a new Pretty Rhythm franchise ( what turned out to be PriPara) in July because Bandai ripped Pretty Rhythm.

 I just wanted to point the makers themselves are aware of the whole PriPara copied Aikatsu which copied Pretty Rhythm thing, if you’ve ever asked yourself. I did myself.

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