Why Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future is the best show of 2012-2013

prad2 17 shi yoon king of jungle

This pic alone should be enough to convince you.

Because yeah I just realized I never wrote a final impressions post for DMF.  This is more a joke&3615 ma life post than actual final impressions though. Back when Aurora Dream ended I wrote both a joke post and a serious one. I didn’t do one specifically for Rainbow Live but I blogged the show weekly so it’s not necessary. I’ve been a bit stressed recently and when I am, I rewatch scenes of my favorite shows. It happened to be DMF today. Man just how perfect this show is. Everything starting the end of the second cour is so materpiece level. Episode 38 gives me shivers whenever I rewatch it. I lost my composure so hard when it first aired. Plus, it was just before New Year break in Japan, so back when it was airing we actually had to wait two weeks before the next episode. I kept saying myself that if the show ended there, it would have been one of the best bad ends in cartoons ever. Everything is so hammy, so ridiculous, so hilarious, so overplayed and yet still so dramatic, sad and horrific. I have a big no spoiler policy so I won’t say anything more. One of the great things about DMF though is that there’s even more crazy after that, and it continues that way all the way to the end. This is why Rainbow Live, while still being best show of 2013-2014, really disappointed me with it’s ending. If you’re reading this and have been watching DMF, you’ll see it soon for yourself anyway. Subs are almost there. AD and RL are great and masterpieces too but DMF really is the greatest among the three. The only flaws of DMF are that it’s not subbed fully properly yet and that you need to watch AD first. And I guess some episodes can be boring at the beginning. But the third and last cour way way way makes up for it.
Gonna go back to studying now. Or more like sleep. Time goes so fast when you have fun, rewatching anime scenes is so dangerous.

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