Pretty Rhythm news 19/10/2014 edition

prad3 kazuki hiro kouji buying stuff artist odeco

I hope there’s a OTR OVA with them hanging together and buying stuff at the supermaket soon. Other new Odeco pics can be found on her twitter. Too lazy to save and reup them here today.

There was a puniket sponsored/organized/whatever how it’s related to puniket event called the Pretty Rhythm doujin event SHT2014 thing the 23rd of September.
There was some new doujins sold there, along with already released ones too. Irua also sold a new Cosmo Sophie doujin there along with reprints of older ones.
Next Puniket Pretty Rhythm doujin event is the 9th of November. info here.

I rapidly checked and didn’t find any info or report bits on the Ookubo Rumi/Mia talk show from September I mentioned in a previous post. I guess the 100 people who attended got better things to do than chatting about how good it was on the net. Haven’t checked twitter yet though. Got not time for now.

prad bd box bonus aira rizumu

Bonus covers by Watanabe Akio you’ll get if you preorder the first AD bluray box. Aira and Rizumu as Rabicchi and Bearcchi.

They announced the Pretty Rhythm Special Complete CD Box, to be released on January 14th. Ten discs in total.

Song list

[DISC-1]【Songs from オーロラドリーム】
「You May Dream」
「Dream Goes On」
「Switch On My Heart」
「Never Let Me Down ~がんばりやぁ!~」
「Hop! Step!! Jump!!!」
「Shall We Go?!」
「Wonderful World」
「Don’t Give Up」
「Happy GO Lucky! ~ハピ☆ラキでゴー!~」
「We Will Win! -ココロのバトンでポ・ポンのポ~ン☆-」
「Everybody’s Gonna be Happy」

[DISC-2]【Songs from ディアマイフューチャー】
「Dear My Future ~未来の自分へ~」
「Life is Just a Miracle ~生きているって素晴らしい~」
「Mirage JET」
「cheer! yeah!×2」
「Que sera」
「my Transform」
「Body Rock」

[DISC-3]【Songs from レインボーライブ】
「Butterfly Effect」
「Sweet time Cooking magic ~胸ペコなんです私って~」
「Blowin’ in the Mind」
「Get music!」
「Rosette Nebula」
「nth color」
「cherry-picking days」
「Little Wing&Beautiful Pride」
「Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend」
「athletic core」
「I Wannabee myself!! ~自分らしくいたい!~」

I think discs 4-9 will have BGM. The only new things in all of the box will be in disc 10. For now the only thing they revealed about it is that it’ll have a new song by Akaii Meganee and Akaii Meganii. They haven’t revealed the title yet or what else is there on the CD.

Also if you preorder it you’ll get a sticker, and bonus CD with a 60m commentary by director Hishida Masakazu, Asumi Kana(Aira) Hara Sayuri(Rizumu) and Enoki Azusa(Mion). This means there’s 3 episodes with commentary. Maybe they’ll say interesting stuff so I hope someone rips it.

prince animage 2014 autumn cover

Prince Animage 2014 Autumn got a new OTR interview and pics.

akesaka satomi esdeath cardboardyugioh arc-V ayu voiced by Akesaka Satomi

Akesaka Satomi (Kanon & Chae Kyoung) tweeted yesterday that “her chest hurt for some reason”. Ensuing funny jokes like “it’s growing, want me to rub it for you” etc. These days she’s voicing Esdeath in Akame Ga Kill. She seems to like it. She’s also voicing a little girl called Ayu in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V and she seems to like it too.

tomino staff hishida masakazu pr director working on G Reco, from G Reco official twitter

Pretty Rhythm’s Director Hishida Masakazu said on Twitter he’s working on Gundam G no Reconguista as 演出/episode director. The episode(s) he works on isn’t airing anytime soon though, so he said to watch it every week. That pic above was posted on the official G Reco twitter, staff people during a dubbing session. Guy with the phone on foreground is Pretty Rhythm director. Tomino looks boss.

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