prad3 director twittter hiro g reco mask

A few days ago Pretty Rhythm director modified his Hiro happy birthday avatar to this.

prad2 ayami g reco mask  エボラ出血レズ twiter avatar

A Pretty Rhythm fan on twitter copied him and started doing it with his/her avatar too. I hope it becomes a trend and everyone does it with other characters too.

I still haven’t seen episodes 4-5 of G Reco. I still haven’t seen PriPara 15-17 either but unlike G Reco I ‘m not in a hurry to.
I sure hope you’re watching G Reco and that you’re not one of these impatient kids  going “baaaw why they still haven’t explained everything in three episodes and aren’t explaining things twice or more along with flashbacks, this show sucks baaaw” oh and also: “there must be a meaning in every scene/word and I didn’t get it!! What did this scene mean!!!”

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