PriPara – 15&16&17

which shion would you shion

Which Shion would you Shion
Contrary to what I implied in my previous post I ended up watching PriPara before G Reco

Episode 15

prad5 1501prad5 1502

>Dodging Mireille’s sure kill strike
Shion is so best

prad5 1503prad5 1504 prad5 1505prad5 1506 prad5 1507prad5 1508 prad5 1509prad5 1510 prad5 1511prad5 1512

WOW DID SHE JUST REVERSE IINCHOU THE IINCHOU.  That scene immediately made me think of that time when Kenshiro first fought SEITEI Souther and Souther is the one who did the “you’re already dead” 3 second count to Ken.

prad5 1513prad5 1514 prad5 1515prad5 1516

There needs to be more smug faces like these. Also I like how Shion says “Waga DORESSHINGU PAFFÉ” I already said it but they’re doing a really great job with her character from her way of speaking to everything.

prad5 1517prad5 1518

I was right about how they’d add CG of DORESSHINGU PAFFÉ in the OP. They sped up the CG part of Laala and co to add it, so they didn’t replace or remove anything. I still wish it was dancing rather than stills though. RL OP2 wasn’t lazy and had EZ DO DANCE CG dancing specifically for the OP.

prad5 1519prad5 1520

Been a while I saw the people fight for lunch scene in anime.

prad5 1521

They still haven’t forgot about the bodyguards. I give them 3 more episodes(episode 18) before they stop appearing completely.

prad5 1522prad5 1523 prad5 1524prad5 1525

I thought she would say that she bought all the bread before Mireille like a Looney Tune villain but it turns out she did a convoluted plan to make other people buy it like a Looney Tune villain.

prad5 1526

Sophie’s sound effects and Shion and Mireille running sound effects are very cartoony  too.

prad5 1527prad5 1528

Didn’t know concierge was used in English(and thus in Japanese since they use English words).
Was also my first time hearing 言語道断/gongodoudan so I had to check what it means. Still, Shion is much more understandable than what I first expected.

prad5 1529

Burst out laughing when Shion (accidentally) slapped the receipt on Laala’s face. Nice funny details.

prad5 1530prad5 1531prad5 1532

Hahahaha Karuta. Burst out laughing again. Really nice idea they had there.

prad5 1534

Green book and correct one was “the girl who sold maccha(green tea things)”. The black book was “the girl who sold maccho”. They’re both a pun on “The Little Matche Girl” story.
Rather than the original story, hearing “the little girl who sold matches” always makes me think of when Princess Sarah did it. It’s fine though since it was a reference to the original story in the first place.

prad5 1535prad5 1536

Gloria’s book is “間違いだらけのとのだち選/machigai darake no tomodachi sen”. Don’t really know how to translate it but basically it’s “having friends is a mistake”
(Urgh it took me like 10 minutes to find that 選 kanji)
They still haven’t forgot that she doesn’t like friends and PriPara, but I still highly doubt they’ll do something with it in the end. Not with how the show is as of now anyway. There’s no hint about anything whatsoever.
They could reveal that Faruru is spending all her time in PriPara and is actually Gloria’s daughter and that’s why she started to hate PriParaing because PRIPARA STOLE HER DAUGHTER FROM HER or something.

prad5 1537prad5 1538 prad5 1539prad5 1540

>Good kids shouldn’t do this!!
Yeah that’s pretty dangerous. All those Mireille smugfaces though. Untransformed Mireille really is the best. After Shion.
My preferences right now are Shion>Untransformed Mireille>Sophie>Transformed Laala>Dorothy with her arms up>Leona>Dorothy>Laala=Transformed Mireille

prad5 1541prad5 1542 prad5 1543prad5 1544 prad5 1545prad5 1546

It’s really funny how they compete at everything and act both so childishly.

prad5 1547prad5 1548 prad5 1549prad5 1550 prad5 1551prad5 1552 prad5 1553prad5 1554 prad5 1555prad5 1556

Not pictured but I liked how Shion takes care of her fans and doesn’t shun them or anything.
Also not pictured but during that Kuma and Usagi scene, it was the first time they said their aristocrat names without being interrupted. And what the hell? Usagi got bonjour in his name!? Who would call his kid BONJOUR.

prad5 1557prad5 1558 prad5 1559prad5 1560 prad5 1561prad5 1562

Poor Akaii Meganee almost got shocked by the shocks. It was fun they kept showing them even after closing up to her face and bothered to draw her glasses’ shading.

prad5 1565

I understood what Mireille said, but I gotta admit I didn’t get that joke. A mix between Totoro and a pokémon?

prad5 1566

>That scene in the beginning of the episode
>Now Shion is cracking her fingers
This episode is actually a big Hokuto No Ken reference right?

prad5 1568


prad5 1567

Shion is a pure and honest girl. If she says she’ll do rock she’ll do rock. Mireille is too devious so she fell for it hard. Too much PURESHA for her.

prad5 1571prad5 1572

Mireille saying Shion is honest and does what she says, so she forces her to use rock again like she said was unexpected. That’s the kind of keikaku I want from Mireille. Not the stupid forced drama in episode 12. She’s supposed to be intelligent. She haven’t done anything truly inventive and smart since how she tricked Laala in episode 1.

prad5 1573prad5 1574 prad5 1575prad5 1576

Shion actually changing and doing Paper, justifying herself with another Yojijukugo, was unexpected too. That’s the kind of stuff I wanted to see. A battle of wits between Shion and Mireille. My point about how there’s no world building and they used a mini game to circumvent that still stand, but I gotta admit this is fine too.

prad5 1577prad5 1569

I dislike transformed Mireille but she did nice faces in this episode.

prad5 1581prad5 1582 prad5 1583 prad5 1584

My sides what are they doing. I swear this episode is actually a Hokuto no Ken parody. They should have made them move in slowmo and replay it three times though.

prad5 1585prad5 1586 prad5 1587prad5 1588 prad5 1589prad5 1590 prad5 1591prad5 1593

Shion did win at the end.

prad5 1596

The episode was so funny I almost didn’t notice that the other characters besides Shion and Mireille barely had any lines or did anything.

prad5 15 shion dorothy leona transormation collage stolen

Yay transformation scene of Shion. I wanted to see that.
That china rock outfit isn’t bad. It’s cute, something rare in PriPara. I like the detached sleeves.

prad5 1597 prad5 1598


prad5 1599

They sped up their Prism Lives.

prad5 15101 prad5 15102

Taking pics while they blink to see their high faces is still funny.

prad5 15103prad5 15104

Salami Smile
I still don’t get why they’re wearing pirate outfits but I guess who cares, Mouretsu Pirate’s movie gets out in BD in only a few days now; Really hyped that’s it’s TIME FOR PIRACY again. I hope they’re gonna announce a second season soon and that Madan no Ou anime is only 1 cour because Sato Tatsuo gonna work on it when it’s over.

prad5 15105

In that scene, Shion and the two girls totally insignificant before the might of Shion, are wearing their glowstick dresses without the glowstick, instead of the rock panda dresses they wore before. These are their “basic” dresses. I call them that because they’re the ones you can see them with in every promo material and in the eyecatchs. They’re similar but different than the ones they wore in this episode during the janken match and in episode 14 for their debut.
I guess when you’re done with your PriPara live you keep your glowstick dress without the glowstick switched on. That’s weird though and shouldn’t be possible, since Cosmo explicitly said to Laala and co when she gave them the new glowstick dresses that she’ll remake the older ones into normal dresses so they can wear them normally, so I think this implicitly means you can’t just turn off the glowsticks on a glowstick dress. I must be just thinking too hard about this though. I’m not sure if my theory is right and it’s an oversight of the animators or not.

prad5 15107 prad5 15109

So yeah they’re just ranking them based on iinee. I’m fine with it I guess. I guess my complaint about PriPara lacking a versus system was answered.
Laala and co are also wearing their new glowstick dresses without the glowsticks switched on in these pics so I guess it’s just that you can switch on and off the glowsticks.

prad5 15110

Eh a draw huh. I expected Shion to win. I hope they won’t go full stupid and always do draws like in Aikatsu! s2. Or so I heard. I’m forever stuck at episode 45 of Aikatsu. Or was it 43. It’s already been more than a year now so I don’t remember.

prad5 15111prad5 15112 prad5 15113prad5 15114


prad5 15117

Only after two episodes Shion is and is still the best character. From her gestures to her everything she’s super fun.
Maybe once day they’ll do a Cat’s Eye reference with them becoming thieves and throwing purichikes like shuriken.

prad5 15119

Funniest episode since they went full Gyakuten Saiban in episode 7. Still no plot though.

Episode 16

prad5 1601prad5 1602

Tokuda Nene huh. Nice meeting you, and goodbye. Everyone knows you’re never gonna appear again after this episode. She’s voiced by Nanjo Yoshino, who is also voicing Nao and kyupikon. I like her voice. Her way of laughing as Nene is fun too.
Mireille covering up Laala was cool of her, but then she reprimanded her as well. She’s right though, Laala should know these words already. I’m not a fan of how stupid Laala is sometimes. It’s not funny too.

prad5 1603prad5 1604

I wonder why Nene hates PriPara. Maybe she lost her first Purichike and they don’t do refills, so if you loose it you’re screwed forever.

prad5 1605

>Damn Grade Schooler!!
Not really, you’re the one lacking endurance Nene chan. She ran like 10 seconds before getting tired. Even Lelouch can run longer.

prad5 1606prad5 1607


prad5 1608prad5 1609

She does have her ticket. She looks pretty cute on it.

prad5 1610

Wow how rude. You should totally let Akaii Meganee read everything about you so she adds it to her datacollection for when she’ll take over the world.
She’s wearing Akaii Meganee’s outfit.

prad5 1611

I think that Hina girl(left) is wearing one of Rizumu’s outfits but really too lazy to check. Plus I’m not 100% sure too. Hina was voiced by Takeuchi Emiko, a seiyuu at 81produce who does some random character voices in PriPara sometimes. Come to think of it a lot of seiyuus that were in Pretty Rhythm are there, and i☆Ris is part of it too. Aoi(right) was voiced by Mikami Yurie also at 81produce. She also only did random mob characters in Pretty Rhythm and PriPara so far.

prad5 1613prad5 1614

I’d totally join DORESSHINGU PAFFÉ’s fanclub. Also, doing their fanclub event just to steal fans from Salami Smile. Still being so childish. But it’s fun.

prad5 1616prad5 1617 prad5 1618prad5 1619 laala armpitsprad5 1620prad5 1621

They always show her on TV interviews but Akaii Meganee even takes care of the magazines and stuff too.

prad5 1623

This looks pretty complicated for grade school stuff. Also the top three equations at the right are correct but in the bottom one she forgot to divide by 2.

prad5 1624prad5 1625prad5 1626prad5 1627prad5 1629prad5 1630

I guess dealing with paparazzi is the manager’s job so this is logical.

prad5 1631


prad5 1632prad5 1633 prad5 1634prad5 1635


prad5 1636prad5 1637

Shion going “I’ll be the one to defeat them don’t interfere” was typical.
Training your model walking using go boards to balance is cool but I wish Shion would do a planet space Go themed making drama instead.

prad5 1638 prad5 1639


prad5 1641

Confirmation that Mireille really is a Kuma fan.

prad5 1642prad5 1643 prad5 1644prad5 1645 prad5 1646prad5 1647

Hahaha so that’s why she hates PriPara huh. Her first love KOGA SENPAI turned into a wota. That was fun. Also he has Kouji’s hairstyle, guy at right got Kazuki’s hairstyle and guy at the left got Hiro’s hairstyle.
Koga senpai was voiced by 武内駿輔/Takeuchi Shunsuke, another seiyuu at 81produce. Can’t find anything on him so I guess like the other two he only ever did mob characters.
Maybe next I’ll discover that Takara Tommy owns 81Produce.

prad5 1648

>If only idols didn’t exist!!!
She should have added some KISAMA YATSU along with that line.

prad5 1649prad5 1653

Laala’s speech about how PriPara is important to her blablabla sounded too adult like, compared to how stupid she is usually and doesn’t get the simplest things. I did complain a few paragraphs above that sometimes they make her act a bit too stupid, but that kind of adult like acting isn’t right either.
They could have used the opportunity to make Sophie shine too. She literally didn’t do anything besides pshuu since she joined. That speech was more fitting for her.

prad5 1650prad5 1651 prad5 1652prad5 1654 prad5 1655prad5 1656

Nene is so lucky to be hugged by Shion.

prad5 1657

Wow it’s Eiko chan, her clubmates whose names I can’t remember, and Rabu chan!! They’re alive!! Maybe they’ll appear next episode too. Only Eiko and Hina spoke though (Hina is brown haired girl, she was at the beginning of the ep) so I bet they actually didn’t even call their seiyuus.
Come to think of it, I want Eiko to appear more so there’s more plot and developments, but also because she’s voiced by Bridcut Sarah, the seiyuu that got poplar last year right from her first anime role in Mondaiji. Her voice is cool.
>Maybe Koga senpai was moved by idols’s earnestness and decided to cheer them up
I can’t say that for most idols these days.

prad5 1658


prad5 1659prad5 1660 prad5 1661prad5 1662

Mirelle is kind of mean, she won’t let Laala and Sophie have fun doing some DONUTS MACARON RAINBOW KARTING too. Though actually I just remembered that this is her own Making Drama, so maybe the others will never get to ride the kart.

prad5 1664

From right to left: Otoha’s hairstyle&clothes, Bell’s, Naru’s, flashback Juné’s.
Also I guess you can point out that the girl with Juné’s style got Hijiri’s hair color, and that the girl with Naru’s style got Rinne’s hair color but then yurifags gonna go crazy so I’d rather not.

prad5 1668prad5 1669


prad5 1670

Come to think of it, with her peculiar way of speaking, her coolness, and now throwing cards, Shion is satisfying one tenth of my Jun needs.

prad5 1671

That episode was classical anime episode about a newspaper club person barging in and being super intrusive, discovering the main character’s secret but then having a change of heart and not revealing it. Nothing really interesting.
Still no plot.

Episode 17

prad5 1701

People into crying girls will be happy about this again.

prad5 1702prad5 1703

halloween episode. Usually in Pretty Rhythm it was episode 30 but since PriPara started in July it turned into episode 17. PriPara s1 is only 38 episodes though, so PriPara’s 2nd season will start in April like usual(it hasn’t been announced yet but anyone can guess) and it’s own halloween episode will be episode 30 again.

prad5 1704

Made me think of Bewitched.

prad5 1705

Oh look Nao is alive too.

prad5 1706

Also since this guy is called Amamiya and got blue hair, in my head he’s PriPara’s notHibiki and notRizumu’s son.

prad5 1707

Little educational segment

prad5 1708

>The PriPara world’s sky is actually holographic so they can make it whatever they want.
Eeeeh is that so. I keep saying the show needs more world building among other things so that’s cool. Still took them 17 episodes though. Half the show. And it’s not the kind of thing I want to know either. Like, what is Prism Voice.

prad5 1709prad5 1710prad5 1711prad5 1712

prad5 1713prad5 1714 prad5 1715prad5 1716

That’s Akai Meganee with pumpkin heads manning the shops.

prad5 1717

If there was a joke there I didn’t get it.

prad5 1718

Wow it’s Faruru finally. Laala should totally run if she meets a strange girl in a dark alley like that though.

prad5 17 faruru gif 02 stolenprad5 17 faruru gif 01 stolen

Stolen gifs from /a/

prad5 1723

Kinda scary

prad5 1721prad5 1722

Her voice sounds robotic but not that robotic either.

prad5 1724

Oh right it’s a unicorn so she’s called Unicorn. She got the typical annoying acute mascot voice which I hate, and which got popularized by Purikua. Except Meppuru, they all have it from the ones I know and can remember. I actually like Candy in Smile but I hate her voice. And speaking of which, Unicorn has the same seiyuu as Candy: Pikachu. I actually like Pikachu’s voice though since Pikachu doesn’t talk. I also liked Pikachu’s voice when he voiced Merle in Escaflowne and the small alchemist sage girl in Slayers Next. Beside that I hate Pikachu’s voice. Pikachu should retire from voice acting already and only stick to Pokémon.

prad5 1725

Wow are they finally explain what is Prism Voice after 17 episodes of Kuma talking like if everyone knows?!
>It’s a legendary voice that’s super nice
Well. Okay…
Kuma says he heard about Faruru before but conveniently can’t remember now. Can’t have too much plot in a PriPara episode!! What would you do if it scares the little girls watching! All they need is to do to be stupid, buy the toys and play the game.
Anyway, my conclusion is that she’s a previous kami aidoru. Official site says she has Prism Voice too so my guess is she became kami aidoru 2000 years ago with her prism voice but then mysteriously disappeared, got put in a coma or whatever. Now Laala appeared and is the new successor of the Prism Voice, so it resonated with Faruru and made her wake up. Now the two will clash to reveal who is the true savior of the end of PriPara’s century and end the 2000 years history of PriPara Shinken. Kuma and other people forgot about Faruru since it was 2000 years ago. This theory implies that she is indeed a robot though, while I still believe in my theory that she’s actually a human being acting like a robot and not an actual robot.

My other theory is that she’s Gloria’s daughter and is addicted to PriPara which is why Gloria hates it. It fits with her not being a robot too.

Oh and I hope Faruru’s super technique won’t be “can copy her opponents moves” cuz it’ll be boring as they already did that with Kaname.

prad5 1726prad5 1727


prad5 1729 prad5 1730

Sadako reference. Maybe they put it in since there’s actually a girl called Sadako in PriPara (Sophie’s bodyguard leader). Come to think of it, isn’t that her disguised. She got the same eyecolor. It must be her yeah, considering the other bodyguard girls were also in charge of scaring people. Nice joke there.

prad5 1731

Kuma telling them to act scared is a nice touch. Idols play a role after all. When they go kyaaa or laugh on TV it’s all faked. Still not as brutal as Aoi in Aikatsu! saying that idols need scandals though.

prad5 1732prad5 1733

I guess Chyanko was supposed to scare people but decided to train her dossukoi instead.
Also, Rabu chan.

prad5 1734

That Akaii Meganee is wearing Naru and co’s halloween clothes from RL ep 30.

prad5 1735prad5 1736

Ran tan is cute. And I usually don’t like lolis. Ran is voiced by Inokuchi Yuka. She did a good job. Her voice is acute but not annoying, something rare these days. To me at least.

prad5 1737

They must have put Dorothy in the eyecatch because she’s mad she didn’t do anything for 3 episodes now and barely had any lines.

prad5 1739prad5 1740

Ran tan is so cute. You know the drill though. She probably won’t appear again for at least five episode, if she ever does.

prad5 1741

Wasn’t funny.

prad5 1742

Ran tan.

prad5 1743prad5 1744

Nice expressions there Laala.
Also, >Make me a costume so I can prove how great your skills are!
And then Laala stole all of Ran’s costumes and started her own fashion line without putting Ran’s name on it, and then started being yuri yandere for Ran and harassed her to force her to make new clothes.

prad5 1745prad5 1746Those outfits are super cute. I like different legwear Shion is doing too.
prad5 01 38
Her right leg’s thigh is the same as the one on Mireille’s first outfit. Or very inspired from it
The top’s colors are the same too. I guess they’re both Candy Pop dresses.

prad5 1747prad5 1748 prad5 1749prad5 1750

Dorothy being scared easily was the kind of thing I expected from her. She’s the type that acts all high and mighty and likes to play pranks on people but actually got a few weaknesses. Pretty typical. Usagi is the same too.

prad5 1751prad5 1752

Shion being the best character as usual.

prad5 1753

Seeing how she consoles her, I’m sure Leona knew that Dorothy was just putting an act earlier and was scared herself, but didn’t point it out because she’s not wicked like her sister and a cute nice honest girl.

prad5 1754prad5 1755 prad5 1756prad5 1757 prad5 1758prad5 1759

Hahaha my sides. Burst out laughing when Leona faked fainting because Dorothy did. You can do some really funny jokes with her “I’ll do whatever if Dorothy does it” catchphrase.  Leona didn’t have many lines since Dressing Pafé’s debut. They should do it more.

prad5 1760

So you can instantly create Purichikes of a drawn clothing design you have.

prad5 1762prad5 1763 prad5 1764prad5 1765

Except for the pants that outfit is pretty nice.

prad5 1766prad5 1767

Gotta admit I smiled. At least it was better than the horriwood joke.

prad5 1768

salami smile

prad5 1769prad5 1770 prad5 1771prad5 1772 prad5 1773prad5 1774prad5 1775

Pretty Rhythm’s director explained why they did that. Kyougoku Takahiko is the one who made this jump in Aurora Dream. Remainder: the brains of the CG in Pretty Rhythm are director, CG director and Kyougoku Takahiko, who later directed Love Live’s anime. (He also directed the bonus Love Live animation single things that got released before the Love Live anime and before Pretty Rhythm)
Director felt it was a waste since Kyougoku san put so much effort in making the jump while they only used it once and never again. So they decided to reuse it here. He ended the story saying “what will happen for next Halloween episode next year??”. Maybe they’ll reuse the haloween Prism Act from DMF.
CG director joked saying that halloween CG Kouji will appear.
I’ll probably write about this again when I translate the interviews of the two guidebooks and Visual Book. It has pretty much everything that was said on Twitter along with more details.

prad5 1776 prad5 1777 prad5 1778

Poor Laala thought Ran was really a ghost. Nice hair she had under her mask.

prad5 1779prad5 1780

Hahaha. Non is kind of a bitch.

Okay Halloween ep. Funny but not as funny as 15. Not that I particularly like haloween or like to have special event themed episodes in kids shows, but at least this was an actual haloween episode compared to Rainbow Live’s.
A little bit of plot with Falulu’s introduction. It wouldn’t kill them to at least put that much in each episode. It had a bit of explanations and world building like I wanted(holographic sky and turning designs into Purichikes), but they only scratched the surface about the Prism Voice thing and didn’t say anything about it you couldn’t already guess yourself.


prad5 1781prad5 1782

Leona finally will get more lines and screentime. Seems like her character development will be getting independent from Dorothy and doing things herself, like I expected ever since they revealed her personality. I sure hope it turns out differently than this though. They already did that with Sophie. It sounds boring to see it again.
They should make her become a yandere or something when she gets separated from Dorothy. It’s not original either but at least it’ll give the show a change of pace.

So in conclusion, episode 15 was super fun but no plot, episode 16 could have been skipped, episode 17 had a little bit of plot. A little bit of plot for 3 episodes. Seems they aren’t planning to solve the show’s problems I mentioned in my previous post anytime soon.

If it wasn’t cuz of the Pretty Rhythm relation I would’ve stopped watching the show for now and either restarted watching when it ended or never watched again if I heard it never got truly interesting. Or I would’ve only watched the Shion centered episodes.
So far the show is pretty much a fluffy slice of life comedy show with idol elements which is only really really funny every 7 episodes(episode 7 and 15) and there’s tons of better comedy shows you could watch.

At this point I’d rather the show just focus on comedy and try making better jokes in every episode instead of finally waking up and rushing to do a story in the last cour and make it suck. That’s how I feel it’ll end right now. They’ll try do to a story in the last cour and it’ll all feel super rushed or forced because they wasted time not doing anything for 20+ episodes. However since Faruru’s performance should be soon I still hope they’ll at least start her story/the show’s story in the 2nd cour climax so around 25-26. I still have hope.

Random stuff

CG director tweeted the 16th that modelling Faruru’s hair is really hard. They’re working on Faruru’s CG model, so her performance should be soon.  I’m betting on episode 21-22 then another performance either every following episode or at 25-26 depending on how the story goes.

Pretty Rhythm director tweeted the 22th October that at this day they motion captured a new choreography for PriPara and that it’s super fun and that you should look forward to it. Even if he doesn’t work on the show he still knows the stuff they do with it.
Guessing from the date it’s probably Faruru’s choreography.

They opened an official site for the PriPara movie. There’s nothing on it for now except a new pic of Laala. Also they announced the release date 7th March 2015.

prad5 laala initial game design 01prad5 laala initial game design 02prad5 prism stone harajuku early design expoprad5 leona dorothy leona initial game designs

The Prism Stone shop at Harajuku is exposing the initial game designs of the main characters. Dorothy and Leona look like actual canadians and are pretty cute.

Ad for the xmas event

prad xmas event 2014 flyers

Flyers advertising the xmas event

They announced Asumi Kana/Aira, Mikako Komatsu/Ito and Ayane Sakura/Rinne will also be participating to the christmas event talk show.
Still hoping the PriPara movie will be about PriPara’s Saints notAiraMiaNaru.

prad xmas event 2014 seiyuu list
They made a collage of all the female seiyuus which will be present. Since both Rinne and Juné are attending CG director said that maybe they’ll sing their duo songs live and if they do he’ll cry.

prad5 fan book cover released 9oct 2014

Cover of the Pripara Official Fan Book 1st & 2nd Live Go 2014 November Issue I mentioned in my previous post. Got released the 9th of October. Maybe they’ll release another one in 6 months.

prad5 Pripara Official Fan Book 1st & 2nd Live Go 2014 November Issue i guess laala mireille cosplayprad5 Pripara Official Fan Book 1st & 2nd Live Go 2014 November Issue i guess 03 sophie shion cosplayPripara Official Fan Book 1st & 2nd Live Go 2014 November Issue 02 I guess

Random pics I found that are probably from the book. Not sure.
Not that I mind but Kubota Miyu/Sophie looks incredibly fat there. In the current state of showbizz where you need to be anorexic I have no idea how the hell this got allowed.
The third pic says Faruru will be added to the game in December so I guess that’s when she’ll do her performance in the anime as well. They’ll also add new game characters each month from January to march, so maybe there will be new characters in the anime too. Still, long ago I used to think that PriPara would go SEKAI LEVEL in it’s last cour and introduce idols from all over the world but I highly doubt it’ll happen now.
Btw, Yamakita Saki/Shion is the boss in i☆Ris, so maybe that’s one of the reasons they worked on her character and polished Shion so much compared to the others. Though I don’t think being leader in an idol group has any meaning these days except in the Morning Musume, which is coincidentally the only group I’m not indifferent about.

prad5 sophie drawn by kubota miyu

Kubota Miyu also drew Sophie and posted it on twitter. Looks like a Keion. I’m not a fan.

prad5 dream girl audition seiyuu contest winners

The 18th of October was the final of the Dreaming Girl Audition contest thing. These are the two girls who won the seiyuu contest and will each voice a character in the show. Big one is Oozeki Rika, 17 years old and in 2nd year of high school. She was ultra happy because it was also her birthday that day. Small one is Iwamura Mai, 11 years old and in 5th grade.

prad5 dream girl audition idol contest winners

Winners of the idol contest. They’ll sing the third ED and appear in it too. At right is Dairiki Chie, 11 years old in 5th grade. Center is  Sakamoto Mayu, 10 years old and in 4th grade. At left is Sugimoto Madoka, 9 years old and also in 4th grade.
Komuro Tetsuya was there too and gave a small comment, that it was fun working on Pretty Rhythm and he’s happy to compose the 3rd ED for PriPara and that you should look forward to it etc, the usual.

prad5 ikebukuro cosplay festival sophie from abura_mushimush twitter prad5 ikebukuro cosplay festival akaii meganii kuma cosplay from SHONATiN twitter prad5 ikebukuro cosplay festival akaii meganii kuma akaii meganee sophie from sknifram twitter

Pics I found on twitter of PriPara cosplayers at the Ikebukuro Cosplay Festival the 26th of October.

prad5 dvd volume 1 tower record ad laala

Tower Record ad for the 1st DVD volume

prad5 dvd vol1 bonus cover and purichikeprad5 dvd vol1 preorder bonus cover laalaprad5 dvd vol 2 mireille coverprad5 dvd vol3 preorder bonus cover sophie

DVD volumes covers so far.

Puripara Idol Collection by Lala & Mirei & Sophie cover prad5 okama

Cover by Okama of the Puripara Idol Collection by Lala & Mirei & Sophie. Release is 26th November. Preordering gets you a bonus cover and a Purichike.

Sample of the album along with song list. It also has drama CD like discussions like the Pretty Rhythm CDs.

prad5 op2 single cover

Cover of OP2’s single

prad5 phone cleanersprad5 sd priparas

SD priparas phone screen cleaners and key things

prad5 puchigumi 214 november issue comic

From the PriPara comic in the nov2014 issue of Puchigumi mag

febri magazine october 17th released prad5 director interview

Some magazine called Febri. The issue released October 17th got an interview of PriPara’s director Moriwaki Makoto.

prad5 sophie promotionnal purichike dvd1 toyrus

Special Sophie purichike you can get by ordering the first DVD at toyrus

prad5 toyrus 11th octo weekend quizz event

Some toyrus shops did a PriPara quizz event the weekend episode 15 aired and the following monday. You can get the Shion purichike if you participate. Limited to 50 people a day so there’s 150 tickets in total.

prad5 purichike sorting case 03prad5 purichike sorting case 01prad5 purichike sorting case 02

Cases to put your Purichikes in. Those in the pic are hidden cuz they’re the staff’s personal Purichikes.

prad5 arcade machine right normal left lightprad4 arcade machine light version fullprad5 arcade machine light version

They released a light version of the arcade game. The light version machine can’t take pics, don’t have connection with idolink pripass and you can’t use Pretty Rhythm’s prism stones. Besides that it’s the same stuff. It’s so you can play faster if you don’t use prism stones or the pripass function. You can use this one which will probably have less customers. Think of how they do different queues for people with fidelity cards and people without at supermarkets.

prad5 iris purichike

If you preorder the single of the 2nd OP(either the CD only version or the CD+DVD version) you get a random i☆Ris purichike out of these 6. (There’s 12 pics because it’s front and back photos)

prad5 laala official doll

Takara Tommy will start selling official Laala dolls in December.

The Takara Tommy Arts goods official twitter (where most of my pics are from) always use character names when tweeting goods news etc. Like, [Penguin Sensei]: “blablabla”
These days they’re using Nanami’s name too. That’s what she’s been doing while she isn’t in the show. Kyupikon’ing promoting PriPara on twitter.

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