PriPara – 18

prad5 18 leona full

カミーユわ男の名前だ! 俺わ男だ!!!

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Mireille is always so cute when she admits that she’s Mireille.


prad5 1809

That was pretty hilarious. Mireille’s dead eyes, Laala’s eeeeeeh and Sophie’s totally unchanging expression. Does Sophie even know what’s crossdressing and stuff. Or maybe she literally doesn’t care and just pshuu.

prad5 1810

I didn’t predict it either Shion.
Not really sure what to think of that. In one sense it’s good. I always say the show is super predictable and that nothing happens. It actually does make sense too. Leona does whatever Dorothy does to the max, so he started dressing as a girl and started PriPara because Dorothy does. But in another sense it feels like blatant pandering. There’s also no explanation as to why their parents named him Leona.

prad5 1811

Mireille’s eyes are still dead even after the OP

prad5 1812 prad5 1813

>There’s a rule saying if you got your first Purichike delivered then you can do PriPara regardless of what you are
Okay I guess. They should actually use this though and introduce newtype dolphins doing PriPara. So now that Dorothy and Leona transferred, Dorothy is in 1-B, Leona in 1-A with Mireille. Shion is in 1-C.

prad5 1814 prad5 1815

Gloria’s reaction was fun.

prad5 1816prad5 1817 prad5 1819prad5 1820

prad5 1821

That guy became a boku ko fan fast.

prad5 1822prad5 1823 prad5 1824prad5 1825

They gave Mireille the wrong eye color there.

prad5 1826prad5 1827

Hahaha poor Amamiya kun.

prad5 1830prad5 1831 prad5 1832prad5 1833

Dorothy please let Shion do a Go themed making drama already.

prad5 1834

Pretty much had the same reaction as Usagi there. Typical development is typical. Plus it again belated the Go themed making drama. They’re making us wait so much for Shion’s own making drama so I sure hope it’ll be great and be some galaxy level Go stuff. I hope Leona’s at the end of the ep is crazy too.

prad5 1835 prad5 1836

I guess they did plan for Leona to be a boy from the start. They didn’t show his eyecatch until now because it would have given it away.

prad5 1837prad5 1838

When they showed him watching the moon I knew they’d whip out the “I’m only the moon reflecting the sun” line. Another thing checked on the “typical stuff to do in an idol anime” list I guess.

prad5 1840

Funny face.

prad5 1841


prad5 1842prad5 1843 prad5 1844prad5 1845prad5 1847prad5 1848

prad3 47 kouji book gold lightan parody

Gold Lightan reference, and also the same as in Rainbow Live 45 on the book Kouji had when he was a kid.

prad5 1849prad5 1850 prad5 1851prad5 1852 prad5 1853prad5 1854

Dorothy’s max beam making kids cry was funny. Their instincts can detect she’s actually dangerous.

prad5 1858prad5 1859prad5 1860prad5 1861

Poor Laala.

prad5 1862prad5 1863 prad5 1864prad5 1865 prad5 1866prad5 1867

They should have done a joke of Laala getting mixed up with the kids when going back in class or something. Leona does everything Dorothy says because she’s super nice, unlike Dorothy, and always wants others to be happy. That’s cool.

prad5 1868 prad5 1869

I lost my bet about them getting forgotten starting episode 18. Also salami smile needs a new making drama.

prad5 1870prad5 1871 prad5 1872prad5 1873prad5 1873prad5 1874 prad5 1876prad5 1877 prad5 1878prad5 1879 prad5 1880prad5 1881 prad5 1882prad5 1884

ZENRYOKU DAAAASSHUU. Well it was okay. Not crazy but okay.

prad5 1887

prad5 1888prad5 1889 prad5 1890prad5 1891 prad5 1892prad5 1893

Cool they’re not gonna do draws forever. DORESSHINGU PAFFÉ’s well earned victory.

prad5 1894prad5 1895

At least they’re admitting that Sophie already had the same development since she’s the one who helped Leona. She did nothing for 4 episodes so it was nice to see Sophie do stuff again.

Was an okay episode. A bit of fun and character development. Leona went up in my character esteem but still not as best as Shion.
Still nothing on the plot side of things but I’m used to it now.


prad5 1897prad5 1898prad5 1899prad5 18100

Eeeh how Mireille and Kuma met huh. That sounds interesting and is one of the things I wanna know too. Sounds like a good story.


Pripara Official Fan Book 1st & 2nd Live Go 2014 November Issue 02 I guess

That pic I posted in my previous post. The first row. I didn’t actually read it at first. It’s actually a roadmap for the game, not the anime. There will be new characters in January, Feb and March in the game, not the anime. Though it may mean we’ll also see new characters in the anime too since they try to synch them.

prad5 akaii meganee haloweenprad5 dressing pafé haloweenprad5 solami smile haloween


prad5 bonus purichike ciao magazine december issue

Xmas themed Purichikes in the December issue of Ciao magazine released 1st Nov.

9 thoughts on “PriPara – 18

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      That’s what I’d like to think too, but it still feels a lot like the main point was generate trap Leona hdoujins making otakus more interested in the show and thus gaining more money. Some artists on Pixiv even already announced they’re making making some for the next Comiket. (though to be fair maybe they already planned to do so before)
      But then again it’s logical, seeing Leona’s personality of copying his sister.
      It’s also not like they didn’t plan it from the start. I never noticed myself(and never bothered to look around about it since PriPara isn’t a show I’m a big fan of) but I noticed now that a lot of people on 2ch were expecting Leona to be a boy because of how the official site description just says the “West siblings” instead of “sisters” and how his chest is completely flat during CG scenes.

      As a side note, I’m not a specialist so I may be wrong but cross dressing and/or being gay as always been accepted well in Japan. At least since the Sengoku period. Cross dressing, traps and even actual gay characters isn’t rare even in kids anime in Japan. Last time I can remember is the fat purple guy in the 3 goons team working for the evil guild in Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits.
      PriPara isn’t the first idol, mahou shoujo, or kids show to feature a crossdressing idol/mahou shoujo character by far. If some people were expecting Leona to be a boy it’s because it has been done before.
      Maybe it’s the first time a kids show managed to hide that a character is crossdressing for so long though. (though then again some people guessed it)
      (And that’s also unless you count kids who watched Sailor Moon in French and thought for years that Frédéric was a boy that had a twin sister that was Sailor Uranus)

      1. Bin

        I read that rumours too, they expected Reona to be a boy for a long list of things, one of the main points was the lengh of his eyelashes, I find this to be a normal progression from stuff like Over the Rainbow, but yeah, we can also call this an operation to get more attention or something like that.

      2. rockmanshii Post author

        kinda gay boys band
        >Love Mix/Hwong Fa and Itsuki
        Totally gay
        >Over The Rainbow/Hiro
        Even gayer
        Dorothy is a boy
        My sides. Yeah that’s a normal and expected progression come to think of it

  1. pinktaleanime

    I really hope Leona doesn’t become a transgender, if he’ll be one in the future than it will be so weird.Though I hope his voice will change than it would be a little big twist to it when he goes to his puberty stage, that’ll be funny if it’ll be shown in the anime

  2. Camomile

    > There’s also no explanation as to why their parents named him Leona.
    Well what about it’s an omission of Leonardo? In Japanese it pronounces like Leona.

  3. Jamie

    Hey you guys I will now give you a spoiler whether you like it or not don’t worry you won’t be hearing the same songs anymore in episode 22 hehe


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