Cross Ange

laughing normas cross ange

The show I’m enjoying the most this season with G Reco and Sega Girls.

cross ange there can't be two twintails in one show

I’m not a big Mizuki7buta so I wasn’t planning to watch this. The mechas looked cool but the super tryhard sexual fanservice turned me off. I still watched episode 1 to check and was pretty disappointed at how dark the show tried to be. Then the jikai started playing with Ange making fun of the show and that was pretty funny. Same with episode 2. Then episode 3 with the looney tunes like antics was hilarious. From episode 3 onwards I started to really like the show. Every episode since then has been hilarious and really interesting. I’m 100% sure the show is tongue-in-cheek.

cross ange 7 endcard salia

Behind the hilarious comedy and the abundant fanservice, there’s actually a really good story and really good characters. Episodes 6 and 7 were great, and now episode 8 was really awesome. From how the show has been turning out, I knew the beach episode thing was a disguise and that episode 8 would have actual story developments, but I didn’t think it’d be this much.

cross ange 8 pero pero kun

Really looking forward to what will happen in the late half of the show, with the normas’s upcoming insurrection and some Paramail vs Paramail fights. I’m also really looking forward to the latest developments and what could happen in episode 9.

cross ange 8 ersha cross ange lolipop 01

I’m liking everyone and I’m surprised myself I already know the character’s names. I guess my favorites are those two, Ersha and Vivian. And Salia. And Jill. And Momoka, that letter of apology she did in episode 7 was one of the funniest things I saw in a while. And the dog too. The dog is really cool. I can’t wait for him to pilot a paramail when they put their “libertas” into action. Seeing how fun and uncaring the show has been I’m sure they’ll do it. He’s not wearing goggles for nothing.

cross ange 8 ange being boss

Now for some random guesses:

Salia and Jill are sisters
Salia or Hilda gonna die. One of them will die for sure. At least I’m 100% sure Salia will die at the end.
Rival girl fighting Ange in the OP is a dragon and she’s the princess of dragons. She’s gonna kill Tusk so Ange will want to kill her. Tusk is also a dragon.
Mana is made out of dragons
In the end they’ll say dragons aren’t invading their world on purpose and get dragged in or something, if they don’t do something soon both the normal world and dragon world will merge and gonna get destroyed
Dragon princess and Ange will find an understanding and get along and save everyone at the end

2 thoughts on “Cross Ange

  1. pinktaleanime

    Don’t even get me started on this anime. Cross Ange is hands down one of my most addictive animes of all time. Though I feel sad for the Norma(s) to get treated so fucking badly, they protected the human world from the DRAGONS yet the humans still don’t freakin’ know about it and said their monsters and all. But still, really an addictive anime to watch for me and I recommend this anime to any anime freaks or otakus


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