PriPara – 19-23

prad5 2278


PriPara has yet to grasp it’s pride and success. I’m watching episodes in batch so at least one episode out of them will be interesting. Though I didn’t watch them all in succession. It’s actually been around ten days since I watched and wrote about episode 19-20. I usually do that with 50eps shows at the beginning but stop once things gets interesting. In PriPara I still haven’t hit that point.
Also, I don’t wanna repeat the same things over and over. For example, it’s not because I  stop criticizing the show about how there’s no rating system or actual story that I don’t mind it anymore.

Episode 19

prad5 1901

Wonder who is the boss of PriPara world Akaii Meganee is working for. Maybe they’ll tell us about it in the movie. Goddess/queen/ruler of magical world in danger is typical little girl cartoon movie plot.We had the skater constellation goddess in AD, The symphonia goddess in DMF and the prism goddess in RL so maybe we’ll get the noplot goddess in pripara.

prad5 1902prad5 1903prad5 1904prad5 1905

Mireille started PriPara in elementary school and was a renegade pripara gansta like Laala.

prad5 1906

Sophie used to be in a different elementary school than Paprika gakuen. Paprika is a elevator school with elementary and middle school together (and maybe high school) too so in these it’s hard to fit in and get friends when you transfer in. Too bad we’ll never get an episode about how everyone was already friends with each other and how Sophie was all alone until Chyanko and Sadako reached out to her.
(PS: according to episode 21, they knew each other since they were little kids. So I guess either they were already in Paprika and Sophie started hanging out with them immediately after transferring, or maybe they decided to transfer to Paprika too when Sophie did. It’s probably the latter. Anyway I’m thinking too much about that, the show itself doesn’t care about plot)

prad5 1907prad5 1908

Eh so you can’t go glowstick dress mode if you don’t have your pripass. Eeeeh so there’s ranks for managers too. Eeeeh It’s like they finally realized the show needs world building. Kuma was about to be sent to the mascot graveyard. Same place Penguin sensei got sent to at the end of RL. They cut right before showing his face.

prad5 1909prad5 1910 prad5 1911prad5 1912

prad5 1913

They’re doing the same cadrant on the screen things as during the flashbacks in pretty rhythm. It’s only at the beginning and end of the scenes though.

prad5 1915

They actually didn’t forgot about the cushion in her room and showed us when she bought it

prad5 1916prad5 1917

Okay dress.

prad5 1918


prad5 1919prad5 1920prad5 1921prad5 1922

“You’re not permitted to blink” is also a line Bell said to Otoha when Wakana supposedly did her last show in ep 29 of Rainbow Live

prad5 1923prad5 1924prad5 1925prad5 1926

Though Pretty Rhythm recycled prism jumps a lot as well by swapping CG elements, it’s  sad they’re already doing it too in pripara while we like saw 5 different making dramas so far. Though since that was for Mireille pripara anniversary maybe they won’t show it ever again anyway, so technically they aren’t “recycling” it.
I guess the game will have messages like this too. We’ll know in July when it’ll be a year since the launch.

prad5 1927prad5 1928prad5 1929

>Suddenly “bad guys” being together planning their next move at the end of the episode
It’s really looney tuney
Shion’s clothes are so nice there. Dorothy and Leona’s gangsta clothes are good too.
This whole scene was so weird. It’s like they didn’t know what to do with the two last minutes of the episode. The Gloria scene was useless since it’s not like she found about Laala next episode anyway. And she didn’t reveal why she hates PriPara, like, her best friend stole her tickets when she was a kid. It was like “Hey guys we still don’t know what we’ll do about it, there’s actually a plot in Pripara!! Don’t forget!!”

Was a pretty predictable and bland episode. There was nothing funny either, maybe except the penguin sensei cameo and the sudden “ninja” thing in the jikai.

Episode 20

prad5 2001prad5 2002 prad5 2003

So Leona dresses like a girl and has an Okonomiyaki shop. Leona is actually a reverse Ukyo reference.

prad5 2004

Suddenly Shion. This episode is already way better. That’s probably why 19 was so boring, she only appeared at the end. Shion is too good for this show. I really hope s2 will feature the older characters instead of just new ones so she can stay. Also she’s wearing a prism stone top.

prad5 2005prad5 2006 prad5 2007prad5 2008

Sophie and untransformed Mireille

prad5 2009

Lucky Luke’s daltons reference.

prad5 2010

Wow another fat mom. I guess the fact Laala’s mom isn’t fat is really because she looks after her figure like how she said in episode forgot which, and not that they decided to stop being accurate and not make the owner of a restaurant mom fat. Also dat hair.
She has some kind of accent, not sure which region of japan it was again.
Also she must have been a Creamy Mami ripoff magical girl back in the days with that hair.
Dorothy and Leon’s mom is voiced by Shindo Naomi. She was pretty good as Koujiro in Hyakka Ryouran s2. Hopefully Cagalli will be playable in Z3.2 and Mai Hime will get in SRW one day.

prad5 2011

>good kids shouldn’t do this!!
Dorothy and Leona’s dad is so funny. I never get tired of the typical gaijin accent in anime. It’s one of the things that always made me laugh.

prad5 2012prad5 2013 prad5 2014prad5 2015


prad5 2016

Wow these are scary as hell. Just do good old Pretty Rhythm low budget silhouettes plz.

prad5 2017prad5 2018prad5 2019prad5 2020

>Here so it’s easier to eat

prad5 2021prad5 2022 prad5 2023prad5 2024 prad5 2025prad5 2026 prad5 2027prad5 2030 prad5 2031prad5 2032 prad5 2033prad5 2034

It was obvious they would go Yakitatte Japan there but kinda suck they didn’t go all the way. The reactions were pretty lukewarm. They’re still bringing up how Gloria hates friends and pripara but still won’t tell us why. I wonder if they’re doing that because they don’t have any sort of plot planned besides this so they’re trying to drag it up as long as possible.

prad5 2035prad5 2040 prad5 2041prad5 2042 prad5 2043prad5 2044 prad5 2045prad5 2046 prad5 2048prad5 2049 prad5 2050Laala’s mom letting her go to PriPara was nice. I took too many screenshots and now I’m too lazy to comment each scene. Sometimes I simply don’t have anything interesting to say either.

prad5 2051prad5 2053

Huh they’ll keep wearing pirate outfits huh. Still not sure what that got to do with them as a theme but whatever. Oh and then Salami smile won.

Episode 21

prad5 2101prad5 2102 prad5 2103prad5 2104 prad5 2105prad5 2106 prad5 2107

Yaaay it’s Cosmo, the other cursed one with Shion sharing the fate of being stuck in this mediocre show. Soon the age of oneesans.
>I got a meeting related to my designs so I gotta go. Cosmic see you later!
More like her planet Saturn shaped earring is actually a super computer. And it just notified her that her interdimensional sliders wormhole gonna open soon. She only comes back to PriPara universe every now and then to check up on Sophie, and never stays so she doesn’t suffer from noplot plague.
Also, Cosmo confirmed for true main character since she changed clothes for the second cour just like the main girls.

prad5 2108

I didn’t know the Sophie bodyguards besides the 6 regular girls was made up of clones.

prad5 2109prad5 2110 prad5 2111prad5 2112 prad5 2113prad5 2114

Judging from how the episode goes they’ll just reform again at the end. I actually like Sadako and Chyanko, so I’d actually like it more if they just disbanded, and reappeared from time to time like the other side characters . If they stay they’ll just forget about them eventually and they won’t be in any scenes.
Then again they’re not actually doing that with the side characters in the first place though, and forgetting them all.

prad5 2115prad5 2116 prad5 2117prad5 2118

Humans descended from Sophie is much more believable than humans descended from monkeys.

prad5 2119 prad5 2120 prad5 2121

>Gravure idol Chyanko
Wow now that’s something I didn’t expect.

prad5 2122prad5 2123 prad5 2124 prad5 2125prad5 2126They forgot to draw her socks when she was in the hallway.

prad5 2127prad5 2128

Akipapara huh. Also, a french traffic person would have either straight up ignored her  thinking they don’t want to waste their time, called the cops on her, made her pay for trying to fraud and wouldn’t have believe her if she said she didn’t know she needs to buy a ticket, and lastly even if they helped, they would have just given her vague and probably wrong indications about which train she needs to take instead of personally guiding her. Oh and also the train would have been late by at least 10 minutes.

prad5 2129prad5 2130 prad5 2131prad5 2132 prad5 2133prad5 2135 prad5 2136prad5 2137 prad5 2138prad5 2139 prad5 2140prad5 2141prad5 2142prad5 2143

I will now proceed to pleasure myself with these fishes etc
At least they tried to make it funny instead of forced drama.

prad5 2144prad5 2145 prad5 2146prad5 2151

Didn’t think we’d see a solo show again until Faruru’s show.

prad5 2152

Laala Mireille Chyanko and two of the bodyguards girls drawn into the crowd. Would be funny if the screw up one day and show the crowd shot of them edited in when they’re on stage doing their performance.
Also Sophie added another lines besides her kotori chan tachi routine.

prad5 2153prad5 2154 prad5 2155prad5 2156 prad5 2157prad5 2158

It looked much better than when she does it with Laala and Mireille for some reason. They still recycled the aurora dream motion but it finally looks better than it now.

prad5 2159prad5 2160 prad5 2161prad5 2162

Wow it’s Farurururu they remembered her again

prad5 2163 prad5 2164

Her eyebrows look like grass. Actually now that I take a long look at her face both her eyebrows and eyelashes are super weird. It’s cute though.
Also feels like she’s trying to sell drugs to Laala.

prad5 2165

It’s true like Laala said she talks less than a robot than before. She’s self learning.
Also Unicorn says she needs to learn more so maybe then she’ll copy every PriPara and people will only like her and she’ll monopolize and take over the PriPara world, so PriPara will get unpopular. And then Laala will give her pizza.
I still hope she’s actually not a robot and just acting like one.

prad5 21 faruru unicorn

Get lost stupid unicorn. You call Laala trash idol but you’re a trash mascot. Maybe Unicorn is the true bad guy since she’s the one who wants Faruru to learn stuff to take over PriPara.

Episode 22

prad5 2201

Was this scene with Shion and Mireille mixing their catchphrase into a “let’s win this” phrase, along with the others repeating their catchphrases over and over, is actually the staff implicitly admitting the characters are bland and nothing more than catchphrases?

prad5 2202prad5 2203


And then, Akaii Meganii saying exactly the same jajajan to both groups, is the staff implicitly admitting that they could just replace him with a gachapon?

prad5 2205

Shion doesn’t understand bishonen appeal.
(writing stuff like this is scary because if a /u/ fag or similar reads this they’ll overinterpret this way too much and think she likes girls. One day, I went to /u/,something which linked to my blog linked there, it was scary. I didn’t know people THAT delusional existed. My God.)

prad5 2206 prad5 2207 prad5 2208Why does Laala thinks every animal does paaaoooo

prad5 2209

HEEEEEEEEY IT’S THE AIRPLANE DRESS. FINALLY. I can stop watching the show now.
Jokes aside, that dress along with the giraffe dress were the winners of one of the “design Laala’s dresses” contests before the show began. See episode 5-6 post.

prad5 2210 prad5 2211 prad5 2212Sophie’s dress is pretty cute. The others’ too.

prad5 2213

Nyao, reference to Ciao magazine.

prad5 2214

Non sure likes her sister. Come to think of it wasn’t she supposed to do PriPara too judging from the first OP? Did they scrap that plotline or forget about it? Will they reveal she’s actually Faruru?

prad5 2215

Nao finally managed to get out of Time Prison after God knows how many episodes.

prad5 2216prad5 2218

I’d watch a show with the blond and blue twintails iinchous.

prad5 2219 prad5 2221prad5 2222(For people who haven’t seen this show and reading this in the future. Or simply for people who’ll still read this before watching the episode: The scene nearly isn’t as impactful as the screens makes it look.)

They don’t need to hide from Gloria since Mireille says it’s a middle school event on the middle school grounds part, so it’s out of her grade school authority. But then Gloria whipped out that rule book only known to principals and says they need her authorization even outside grade school grounds. So the show got cancelled.

prad5 2223 prad5 2224 prad5 2225Building at the right says Tatsunoko.

prad5 2226 prad5 2227

Go Newtype Shion.

prad5 2228prad5 2229 prad5 2230prad5 2231 prad5 2232prad5 2233

NotHibiki and NotRizumu’s son moment of glory.

prad5 2234prad5 2235 prad5 2236prad5 2237

They’ll do the live in front of the school entrance. While I didn’t think about it myself, I thought Shion and Mireille would come up with something more tricky. The sign says it’s the 129th festival so Paprika must be existing for a long time. If Faruru is a robot maybe they’ll say she used to attend the school 100 years ago.

prad5 2238 prad5 2239

Side characters who also got out of Time Prison along with Nao. There’s the short glasses girl too in the background. Forgot her name or which episode she was in.

prad5 2240 prad5 2241

That twintails girl is cute.

prad5 2243prad5 2244 prad5 2245prad5 2246

Good job Mireille Father and Mireille Mother.

prad5 2247

Hey it’s Coo’s trailer. Sucks they renamed it PriPara trailer though. They didn’t show it but I guess the person driving is an Akaii Meganee.

prad5 2248prad5 2249

Another bishonen along with Dorothy and Leona’s parents.

prad5 2251prad5 2252 prad5 2253prad5 2254

I thought they would use an holographic display or something. I’m sure they have the technology to do so.

prad5 2250

prad5 2255prad5 2256 prad5 2257prad5 2258 prad5 2259prad5 2260 prad5 2261prad5 2262

The new choreography for the new songs were mentioned by pretty rhythm’s director around a month ago telling us to look forward to it. It’s pretty good. Maybe I never noticed before but they’re trying to make their hands move more now. Shion moves her hands really well there.

prad5 2263prad5 2264 prad5 2265prad5 2266

Also the way they go to each other at the beginning was nice too. I’m not sure they already did this before. Their sidestep jumping is pretty funny too.

prad5 2268 prad5 2269 prad5 2270

Eh so they didn’t end up wearing any of the outfits they tested at the beginning. Then what was the point? I guess they only wanted to show the contest dresses.

prad5 22 new dance 01prad5 22 new dance 02prad5 22 new dance 03prad5 2271

Not starting all three aligned like every performance etc is something fresh too. It’s cool they’re doing new things with the choreographies. Also the way they jump around at the beginning is pretty funny.

prad5 2272prad5 2273 prad5 2274prad5 2275 prad5 2276prad5 2277prad5 2278prad5 2279 prad5 2280prad5 2281 prad5 2282prad5 2283

Their choreography is pretty funny overall. That leg thing during the song’s refrain is pretty funny.

prad5 2285


prad5 2287prad5 2290prad5 2291prad5 2292 prad5 2293prad5 2294 prad5 2295prad5 2296 prad5 2297prad5 2298prad5 2299It’s the first time they did Tokimeki present for you as trio so they took the opportunity to extend it. That’s cool. Sophie with the pizza is super cute.

prad5 22100 prad5 22101 prad5 22102

Nice end.

prad5 22103prad5 22104

Twintails and blond iinchous are here again.

prad5 22105prad5 22108

She can’t even get close to Prism Stone shops so no wonder she literally got health problems seeing a performance live.

prad5 22109

Yay Cosmo.

prad5 22106prad5 22107

Laala’s mom is cute.

prad5 22114

Sophie is pshuu there but she didn’t say it. She didn’t say it for a while now. Maybe they forgot.

prad5 22115 prad5 22116

That jikai was pretty funny

Episode 23

prad5 2301

Shion had the loudest cheers there. Shion yet again confirmed for best character and too good for PriPara.

prad5 2302 prad5 2303

She says she now has became all of Paprika’s principal so it confirms there’s no highschool section. Also lol at random guy referencing Kazuki’s way of speaking and going CHO MATTE YO.

prad5 2304prad5 2305prad5 2306prad5 2307

Wait, they’re presenting this so seriously. Don’t tell me this is what episodes 24 25 26 will revolve around and what they’ll do for the cour climax. There should be Faruru performance soon. At 26 at worst. So I’d like it much more if she had something to do with what they’ll do for cour climax.

prad5 2308prad5 2309

>The prize grandprix is happening soon so get ready.
Oh right, in one episode they talked about legendary tickets you can get if you win this prize grandprix thing, and then never ever mentioned it again. Hopefully  the prize grandprix will happen during the cour climax , and they’ll actually show it to us unlike the first tournament. Maybe Faruru will win.
Poor Sophie. She’s such a genius dancing is like breathing to her so she can’t do one without the other. Also she finally said pshuu again.

prad5 2311prad5 2312 prad5 2313prad5 2314


prad5 2315 prad5 2316prad5 2317Hahahaha Dorothy got counterattacked by Gloria’s PURESSHA.

prad5 2318prad5 2319 prad5 2320prad5 2321

Shion is so awesome.

prad5 2322


prad5 2325prad5 2327 prad5 2328prad5 2330 prad5 2331prad5 2332

The animation was mediocre but I’m still hyped because Shion. Nice scene.
>You can’t defeat my puriken with your weak stance
Or something like that. Not sure what Gloria said, I’m probably wrong. But I guess Puriken is pripara martial art. Hopefully they’ll tell us more next episode.
>my 20 years of feels
1/Gloria used to do PriPara and Faruru being an immortal robot stole her tickets.
2/Faruru is her daughter and got addicted to PriPara for 20 years now and turned into a non aging robot like girl stuck in PriPara forever.

prad5 2336

Looking at the tickets to figure out who she missed and if Laala does PriPara is pretty smart.

prad5 2337 prad5 2338

New double eyecatch.

prad5 2339prad5 2340 prad5 2341prad5 2342 prad5 2343prad5 2344 prad5 2345

Was funny how Dorothy imitated the transformation scenes.

prad5 2346

I don’t know why but the good kids shouldn’t do this message there made me laugh a lot. I guess it’s cuz it was well timed and I didn’t expect it. Also Dorothy and Leona aren’t fake ninjas. Their dad did stand his own against Shion so I guess that makes sense. He probably trained them.

prad5 2347 prad5 2348 prad5 2349

Aspirator chan is actually an alien life form chasing Cosmo from dimension to dimension. It has allied itself with Gloria cuz plans.

prad5 2352 prad5 2353

Dorothy is kinda scary.

prad5 2354

Girl at right kinda looks like Laala.

prad5 2355

Cat’s Eye reference. (Not really, but I like saying stuff like that in case you haven’t noticed)

prad5 2356prad5 2357 prad5 2358prad5 2359

>Love and hate are sides of the same coin. But maybe it’s too difficult for you to understand for now Laala.
Laala mom plz. Stop spoiling your daughter. She’s already stupid enough as it is. This isn’t difficult.

Didn’t take pics of doresshingu paffé’s performance.

prad5 2363

Been a while since she brought out her Go stone.

prad5 2364

Girl in middle got Naru’s hairstyle.

prad5 2365prad5 2366 prad5 2367prad5 2368

Leona and Shion and Dorothy all trying to cover their friends was nice.

prad5 2369prad5 2370 prad5 2371prad5 2372prad5 2373prad5 2374 prad5 2375prad5 2376

That was a really good and heartwarming scene. Maybe the first time I thought a particular scene in PriPara was especially well done.

prad5 23 tickets

You can see a Rabu chan and a New ticket here. Rabu chan doesn’t go to Paprika since she had a interschool battle with Eiko/tennis girl. New and Mew are in high school, and there’s no high school section in Paprika so they don’t go to Paprika either.
Either they just put random tickets they already used in this scene, or these are the tickets  Laala and the others received when they met these characters. However, New never actually gave her ticket to Sophie. That’s an oversight of the staff.
Or I guess if you really stretch it, some random girl doing PriPara who attends Paprika is friends with New and got her ticket.

prad5 2378


While I believe in the second one, I don’t think Laala and Gloria will end up being related. I think it’s just a self reference. You know, when in shows some older character looks exactly the same as a present character during flashbacks. They did that in Pretty Rhythm too.

Was a nice episode. The SHION and the end especially were good. They did a good job with the girls’ interactions. Rivals like that always end up becoming friends with each other so I was wondering when it’ll happen for real. That scene at the end did a pretty good job.

Jikai youkuuuuuuuuu

They’ll actually finally reveal Gloria’s past so this finally seems interesting. Seems PriPara is finally getting a story. I’m sure I already said that though so not getting my hopes up .

News & random

The xmas event is in a week now so they revealed new things.

They announced the 3DS version of PriPara for March.

prad5 i☆Ris 2nd live aniversarry stolen from animate

From the event the 23rd of November for i☆Ris 2nd anniversary. They also revealed the  3rd OP song there. More info in jp here if you’re interested. I’m not.

prad5 movie key visual prad5 movie promo 1 prad5 movie promo 2

They officially said Aira Mia and Naru will appear in the PriPara movie. It’s Saints though, so they’re not the same persons as in their respective series. Actually regardless of whether they are or not, they probably won’t even mention it in the movie and play minor roles. They’ll just make them act based on their respective personalities, without mentioning past characters or events. Basically like in All Star Selection. Also they removed the skates from their outfits so they probably won’t even do Prism Jumps in the movie. Hopefully I’m wrong. The 3DS game will have the PriPara girls do Prism Jumps so maybe they’ll do some in the movie.
Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu is the director for the movie because PriPara director Moriwaki Makoto she’s busy working on the tvshow.
CG Director twitted the movie will have new CG. 100% sure it’ll be the PriPara girls and Saints dancing together. Hopefully it’ll have more than that.

prad5 xmas event faruru purichike prad5 xmas event laala mireille purichike

Purichike for the xmas events. Like the ANN article explains, the ones with Faruru double as tickets to access the event. The other ones are the ones you can get. Faruru has already started her world conquest IRL.
Check previous episode post for more info on xmas events.

prad3 prad5 xmas event hiro kouji teaserprad3 prad5 xmas event 2014 hiro x kouji teaser 2

Teaser images tweeted by staff. They will show  a new “premium special Hiro x Kouji Prism Show” CG performance at the xmas event.  CG director said it’s something you’ll only be able to see at the event. Komatsu Mikako/Ito chan said that it’s super sugoi and stuff. I wanna go to the event…
Also Pretty Rhythm director tweeted they’ll announce something nice at the event. OTR ova?! Jin no Gyakushu movie? Pretty Rhythm will finally get in SRW?!?

prad5 xmas event limited postcards 2 prad5 xmas event limited postcards

Postcards that will be sold at the xmas events

prad pretty thyrhm pripara all star tshirt sold 2014 xmas event

“All Star” tshirt which will be sold at the event. I wish I could to the event and ENJOY MYSELF TOGETHER WITH US
There’s other tshirts you can see here.

prad5 prism stone survey october november 2014 01prad5 prism stone survey october november 2014 02prad5 prism stone survey october november 2014 03prad5 prism stone survey october november 2014 04

End of October start of November, they were doing a survey at Prism Stone shops, to ask what kind of accessories and new parts would you like to see in the PriPara arcade game. This nice person on twitter took pictures of it. They used to do online surveys all the time during Pretty Rhythm’s run, most of the time at the end of each cour. It asked stuff like which character do you like, how do you watch the show(TV, niconico, etc), if you play the arcade game, if you own the DS/3Ds game, if you’d like bluray releases, etc.  I linked some of them in my Rainbow Live posts.
1 is what kind of glasses you’d like. 2 is funny accessories. 3 is make up. 4 hairstyle&color. 5  what haircolor suits this girl. 6 eyelashes. 7 write what kind of part you’d like. Drawings are OK. 8 Write your impressions of the game.

Talking about episode 22’s CG, Love Live director Kyougoku Takahiko said you can see they tried to do new things with the new performances. I’m not the only one thinking so.

prad5 21 storyboard

Episode 21’s storyboard cover posted by PriPara’s director Morikawa Makoto on twitter. There’s others on the twitter account.

prad5 salami smile cd cover sohpie

That was posted by Kubota Miyu/Sophie. She got the Laala Mireille Sophie CD with the special Sophie cover.

They announced the CD for Shion Drothy and Leona’s songs will be released February 11th. They didn’t reveal the cover yet.Track list:
1:「No D&D code」
3:メッセージ by シオン
4:メッセージ by ドロシー
5:メッセージ by レオナ
6:「No D&D code」 (inst)
7:「CHANGE! MY WORLD」 (inst)

The 3rd ED will be by Prizmmy and feature a choreography of some talent girl called Jessica. I already knew the 3rd ED wouldn’t be animation since they said before the show even began that the girls who won the Dreaming Girl Audition contest will appear in it(see previous post) but I’m just saying it again in case you forgot.

prad5 non tower record shinjuku

Non cardboard ad at Shinjuku’s Tower Record.

prad5 arcade game shion heart

Cute Shion from the game.

prad5 arcade game faruru 01 prad5 arcade game faruru 02

Random cute pics of Faruru ingame posted by this nice person.

prad5 arcade agme bday laala 2014

Posted by the staff for Laala’s bday.

prad5 laala bday 2014 by cg director

CG director tweeted this for Laala’s bday. There’s fanart and other pics posted by i☆Ris if you look for the   tag on twitter.

prad5 faruru salami smile dressing pafé purichike prad5 faruru purichike

Some new Salami Smile, Dressing Paffé and Faruru Purichike that’ll be released the 26th December or something.

prad5 ciao magazine january issue laala faruru

From Ciao magazine Jaunary issue (released in December)

prad5 puchigumi january issue puchigumi 6 years anniverary event at prism stone shop shinjuku

Puchigumi magazine January issue announced there will be an event celebrating the 6th year old anniversary of the magazine at the Prism Stone shop of Shinjuku the 28th December.

prad5 irl clothes sophie 2nd cour prad5 irl clothes shion 2nd cour

Prism Stone shops IRL are selling clothes worn by the characters in the anime. Left is Sophie’s 2nd cour clothes and right is Shion. There’s other pics on the official twitters. I picked my two favorite characters.

Compilation of the hints pointing out Leona is a guy

Gonna do another post on Pretty Rhythm centered new things later normally.

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      Her brand is “prism stone ” so it did not surprise me. I am just glad hire is in the new pripara 3ds game. Not only that but prism shows are back.

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi, I’ve been reading this for a while, and I’m extremely grateful for your information about Pretty Rhythm/Pripara. I gave up on Pripara for a while to, but it’s gotten a lot better again. In this episode alone, Cosmo performs, CG and everything. Also, its showing new characters for the next season, and that looks interesting too. So what I was wondering was if you could start posting information/opinions on Pripara. I don’t care if you just do one or two paragraphs to summarize, or all the episodes. I just really want some type of news in general. Thank you.


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