Gundam G no Reconguista – 14

g reco 14 mikku jakku

Another awesome episode like always.

The new OP didn’t particularly impress me, however I was pleasantly surprised at how it includes sound effects like in good old OPs.

Laughed so much at KURIMU NIKKU and MIKKU JAKKU’s antics again:
KURIMU: “Only 3 MS? They’re idiots!”
MIKKU: “Don’t let your guard down! They’re only sending 3 because they’re confident !”
*immediately shoots them down*

This is still my favorite show right now by far, all those great character interaction, those hilarious comedy moments, that interesting story, all these cool battles each episode that don’t feel like filler and beautiful animation. This is definitely being the next entry in my list of best shows ever after Pretty Rhythm. It’s gonna suck when the show ends.

Oh and in other news I’m not gonna post about PriPara anytime soon, got stuff to do. Got exams after xmas vacation. Watching the eps and writing about them doesn’t take long but it takes me a while to look for interesting bits and news to write about. Especially since there was the xmas event so there’s lot of things to say.

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