Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Gotou Saori Otoha interview

prad3 otoha rock osstbi

(Photoshopped from ep 21. Forgot where I found it.)

1: How did you feel at the beginning about voicing Otoha ?

My first impressions of Otoha were “girly” and “docile”, but as the one voicing her I thought it would be bad if I got swayed by preconceptions. This isn’t limited to Otoha, when I play a role, I try to not anguish myself over and over thinking how I will voice them.

2: Were there parts difficult to act?

There’s how Otoha is part of the rival team but doesn’t gives off rival vibes lol. She’s always aaaalways obeying Bell san… It’s like if she’s scared of her. I didn’t know if it was the case or not at the beginning, so I was a bit troubled. I used to think that if it goes on like that, Otoha would be nothing more than a timid weak willed girl. I was really eager for her and Bell Rose to be under the spotlight, I wanted to know their real feelings. Now that we know a lot more about them, I’m now looking forward to what kind of expressions they’ll show us, I’m really enjoying the show each time.

3: People of the staff said that Gotou san may be the one who understands Otoha the most.

Thank you. I’m very happy to hear this.

4: Anything else was difficult?

Instructions-wise the thing that left me a big impression is the “はわわ/hawawa” thing. When Otoha panics or wonders about something, there was “hawawa” written on the script. At first I was instructed to clearly pronounce it “hawawa”. But I thought that didn’t make sense… I mean, when a real person panic they wouldn’t be able to say something clearly like that. I didn’t want to make Otoha’s speech and behavior too much anime like. But in the end I couldn’t manage to do it lol. I think Pretty (she calls Pretty Rhythm “プリティ—”) is a work that accurately depicts human drama, so making things as less “character like” as possible, so the show flows naturally, is the most important thing. I’m sure all the adults watching have realized our intention lol. Recently though, Otoha is trying to resist her blurting out “hawawa”. She’s doing it out of kindness and consideration though lol (because Ito kept telling her to stop apologizing etc) Once again it makes me feel that Otoha really has a gentle heart and is honest girl overflowing with love.

5: I heard there were changes in the story as the show went on, did it happen for Otoha?

Well, at first Otoha was supposed to have a split personality. At the audition there were lines related to it too, I was looking forward to the scenes with it but before I knew it the idea got abandoned lol. However, sometimes remains of it appear. For example when she did the rock “meruhien” under Ito’s instructions (episode 21). Or the “meru heeen!” when she hits Momo san with a frying pan. (Episode 29. Also she remembered that wrong, Otoha hits Momo with a serving plate. There’s also during her Hat Trick Star in episode 46 but that didn’t air yet when this book got out)
It doesn’t mean it’s her true nature at all; it’s that her emotions are big because they’re proportionate to her big wide heart. If everyone could accept and enjoy her straightforward behavior I’d be very happy.

6: Is there any scene or line till now that left a big impression on you?

When Bell was about to go to France, and Wakana was lying about her real feelings and Otoha called her a liar(episode 25). Of course it’s painful to be called a liar but the person calling is also in pain. It was very painful. I actually didn’t read much the script for episode 25. I rehearsed it only once and I was crying when checking it. I already said it before, but I think the most important when acting is to make the feelings flow naturally, so I think I shouldn’t read the script too much and practice too much or I’ll get accustomed to the emotions I must express.

7: Which character do you like besides Otoha?

Of course, Bell san. She’s full of confidence, works harder than anyone else, dignified and beautiful. She puts up a strong front, but she’s actually full of family-like feelings and has a very kind heart. When Bell san lost her confidence, saying things like she didn’t have any worth as she couldn’t stand at the top and didn’t have the right to stay, I was very frustrated at how she was deteriorating herself. That’s why in episode 25, the scene when Otoha and Wakana san confront Bell with all of their feelings… how to say it, I was very happy. Bell san staying the same Bell san is fine. This time we’ll be the one to support Bell san. I want to become the fragrance that will heal Bell san’s feelings! It was a confession of love. It was the precious story of the three of them rebuilding their bonds stronger than before. Since then, Bell san’s expressions became much more bright and she keeps getting cuter and cuter, my heart is in trouble lol. To think such days would come, I was very happy.
How Ito and Otoha formed a duo also piques my interest. Ito san taught Otoha the courage to tell others your feelings. I’m grateful.

8: When she watches Prism Shows or hear songs, Otoha remembers stories. Her imagination and sensitivity are very rich, how do you feel about that side of Otoha?

I think saying that her imagination and sensitivity are rich are amazing compliments. She’s always considerate as to not carelessly hurt others, and thinks about how she can make them happy or laugh, she always imagine the feelings of the persons she interacts with like that. I think it’s really wonderful that she’s able to be naturally considerate like that. I think that compassion also appears in the lyrics of the duo song with Ito san. (Inside the show Oto wrote the lyrics)
Humble, and always supporting people with her big love… I had that image in mind. Seeing her actions and words, and the image of the fairytales inside herself, you can feel that she’s actually a very positive thinking girl. I myself am often told that I am positive lol. Recently, I’m thinking about if I’m doing all I can in order for love to have a natural place in myself and my surroundings. Maybe I started to think like that because of Otoha’s influence. Otoha’s devoted appearance is the ideal I long for.

9: How do you think things will go for Otoha from now on ?

I think it would be perfect if Otoha stays the way she is right now. Otoha naturally thinks about her surroundings, she has the purity needed to express nice things beautifully and does everything possible using her love and “meruhen♪” to do it… I can’t say anything else lol. I think this is Otoha’s true nature. We grew together and a lot of things happened… I wish she treasures this true nature, and always keep acting this way no matter what happens. I wish from the bottom of my hear that Otoha’s world is always full of happiness.

10: Do you share Otoha’s fixation on pouring tea from high above like a waterfall? (Seriously what the hell is with this question, she’s been showering Otoha with praise for 30 minutes now and now this. It’s longer than Naru’s interview but they could have put more interesting stuff. 30 minutes because that’s around the time it took me to translate the two last questions)

I wouldn’t say I have an obsession over it. I like milk tea though. I drink some every morning. I’m often told that I should be careful and not eat too many sweet things, so I’m planning to reduce the number of sugars I put in lol… I thought about Otoha telling me “but then it isn’t’ milk tea ~” and it surprised me lol.

11: Speaking of which, in the solo collection CD’s extra DVD you prepared tea for Uchida Maaya san right?

That was just industrial straight tea put in a pot, I didn’t prepare it. It was that kind of act. I never intended to trick you into thinking that! Sorry if you had expectations about it lol.

12: Anything happened during dubbing sessions which left an impression on you?
(Random note: the other day I finally understood why in Japanese, anime dubbing is called afureko/after recording: since in anime you dub after making the animation it’s “after” recording.)

The first thing coming to mind is how everyone is getting along. There’s a lot of girls, so the mood is always gorgeous and cute. I’m part of it as well, I think there’s also a lot of people who’d simply observe the situation, I think that’s their nature lol. If there’s a girl a bit worried, I suddenly hug her and do this and that …(yes this sounds gay but some of the questions are so boring I dont’ have the energy left to try to rephrase it differently)
This would be accepted with a smile, and they’d tell me they’re happy etc. They’re all nice girls. We’re all happy spending time together. I don’t know if I can do it as well as Otoha, but I think I’d be nice if I could return the happy feelings everyone gives me.

13: A word to the readers to wrap things up ?

Every character have undergone a nice development. In order for everyone to be more and more “happy naru”, I think there’s still a little they need to overcome. I will be very happy if you root for us. I hope everyone and the readers feelings will become happy naru.


That was a bit longer than the Naru interview. I’m gonna do either Ito or Rinne next. Also I just noticed, but in all the seiyuu interviews, they call the other characters besides their own with “san” or “sama”. Japanese are so polite.

Oh and if Otoha is your favorite girl in the show, sit down and read for a minute about how my opinion is fact and how your tastes are horrible and how you’ve been wrong all this time and should feel ashamed.

I like everyone, but Otoha is the one I like the least along with Ann. At the beginning of the show, I used to hate her because of her horrible screeching voice. It’s one of the worst acute anime voices I’ve ever heard. Thankfully Gotou Saori changes that around the second cour and it isn’t as annoying as before. Her hawawa is really annoying as hell too, and she herself admits in this interview it’s too “anime like”.
In terms of character development, it’s not at the void levels of Ann, but her character development pretty much ends after the Bell Rose arc and she just becomes a support character for Ito. By then, she almost does nothing but write Oscar x Marie Antoinette fanfics in her head. And even then this actually rarely happens so she doesn’t even serve as good comic relief. Just like she also says in the interview, Otoha at that time was already perfect and didn’t need to change. But in a sense, “perfect” was her limit. She couldn’t attain the INFINITE POTENTIAL of Bell or the others.
In terms of looks, her clothing around the seasons isn’t bad. Her Prism Live dress is my favorite one after Juné/Rinne’s too. I’d totally make or buy one so my wife can wear it if I get married. Her clothes aside, what makes me rate her low is her hairstyle. The extremities look like haystacks. They’re definitely haystacks. What kind of girl would tie her hair into haystacks. It would be 1000 times better if she just let it down. Still not better than Wakana with hair down or Juné with hair down though.
Anyway, behold my flawless tastes:
In terms of looks,cuteness, clothes:
In terms of personality, story, character development:

Are you mad yet? If you disagree come at me.

5 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Gotou Saori Otoha interview

  1. mohamed o

    Well that’s rude . You should respect other’s opinions. I admit she is not my favorite but you can’t say everyone who likes her best has bad taste. (I hope that part was sarcastic ) in my opinion
    June was much worse in everything but character development, story and personality.


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