Cross Ange 14

[Zero-Raws] Cross Ange - 13 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_21.35_[2015.01.14_23.14.06]


They’re catering hard to Mizuky7 fans and stuff so I didn’t think a male character, Embryo too would actually sing to active his Voltekka. Come to think of it they should have made Hijiri do a proper 3DCG prism show in Rainbow Live. I’m still hoping for a OTR OVA with the prism king trio Hijiri Jin Rei doing a CG Prism Show in a flashback or something.

cross ange 14 op 2 02

Anyway Cross Ange is still really good, though episode 13 had Salia being stupid.  They seem to have toned down the tongue-in-cheekness a bit lately but I think starting episode 15 things will be fun again.
Comparing what happened to what I had in mind when episode 5 aired:

  • Jill and Salia didn’t turn out to be sisters. Though she does think of her as her big sister.
  • I was right about Sara being dragon princess. Though I guess everyone guessed that one. And seems I was also right about Ange siding with dragons.
  • I used to think Jullio secretary was a traitor and supporting the Normas/Jill’s spy. Well she’s a traitor but seems to be a dragon. Maybe they have two factions there.

cross ange 14 sara dominates ange

  • They still haven’t actually explained who are dragons. Probably next week when Sara beats up Ange to try to outclass the wheelchair imouto whip raep scene. That sure was hilarious.
  •  I don’t think Sara will kill him anymore but I’m still pretty sure Tusk will die.
  • Hopefully Salia won’t turn evil: It seems they’re planning Ersha, Chris and Salia going “muh Embryo sama is justice”. Salia in ep 13 was pretty stupid, I thought she sorted her issues before, but she went “why am I not the main character” again. Ange should have just killed her. Actually, no. Since I still like her.
  • I still think that either Hilda or Salia will die for sure. If Salia does switch sides, she’ll probably survive at the end so she can atone for going full stupid. So now I’m betting Hilda will be the one to bite the dust.

    Anyway hopefully things will go better than I imagine. And even if she’s my favorite character I’d be happier if they just killed Ersha or make her disappear for a few eps instead of making her switch sides for stupid reasons. They should just introduce new characters to be Embryo’s squad, since they’re already introducing new characters with Sara’s subordinates.
    Anyway that’s not like all of this already happened, I’m just speculating.

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