Gundan G no Reconguista 18

g reco bell aida comic

Source This person posts fun comics like that every week.
Big sister! I wanted to meet you!
Wai- What are you doing suddenly Bell?
That’s mean… I’m just so happy after meeting with my older sister… I’m your only little brother you know? I can at least hug you right?
…I guess so. I’m sorry Bell. As the sole survivors of the rayhunton house we should help each other
Yes big sis!

I love how everyone interacts with everyone. Episode 17 and 18 were so hilarious, and judging from the jikai it’s continuing in 19 too. This is gonna be my favorite show of 2014-2015 by far.

So contrary to what I said last time, Towasanga really turned out to be behind the moon, not on it. So the subs weren’t wrong. In any case, that was just a detail. Rewatching episode 14 made me notice a way bigger error in the subs. Mashner at the end says that if the Earthlings go to Towasanga they’ll be able to capture them there with the forces they left there, not that they’ll let the earthlings capture their forces on Towasanga. Which makes sense as next episode Mashner pursues them to Towasanga. I think that’s the only time I’ve seen such a big error. The biggest problems of the English official subs are:

1/Being too literal. An example in episode 16, Kurimu says that the Hazm government ruling Towasanga and the army have “their own circumstances”. This is literally what he says in Japanese, and they translated it as such. But in this case, the actual meaning is that the two of them don’t get along.
2/Bad grammar.

I’m sure that these two problems with the official English subs are  the main reason some people still find the show confusing. Anyone would find the show confusing at the beginning, but then around episode 4 it really isn’t. Though I wonder if people who found the show confusing past episode 4 are still watching at this point anyway. We’re already at episode 18. Time goes so fast.

Recently I started watching ths show with the official French subs instead, and they’re much better. I think the person(s) in charge of it translate directly from Japanese instead of from the official English subs, else it would have the same problems.

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