Cross Ange – 18

cross ange 18 op 1

The OP had some new scenes again. Like all the submarines stuff, the stuff copypasted from late SEED ops, or the black Vilkiss actually staying black during his Voltekka.  Even though they announced the OP would be complete by episode 17, it wasn’t the case. This is getting ridiculous, it’s been a while I saw a show that had so much development hell. They really need a Miyamori Aoi.

cross ange 18 op 2

Hahaha oh wow. Even her new mecha thinks Hilda will die. It’s probably the new Para Mail at the left in the OP’s last shot.
Usually I’d think it’s kinda sad Fukuda is ripping himself so much because of how well SEED and Destiny sold, but he definitely really really likes Seed, so he’s not only doing it out of self appreciation. He just really like the shows he worked on. Seed, Syber Formula etc. Which actually isn’t different than tons of other people.

cross ange 18 3 new girls that are going to die

That’s what I was thinking, but then they introduced these three new girls from the ED.  Hopefully Fukuda isn’t not gonna go full SEED and will make them pilot mass produced Vilkiss and then die in the last episode.

cross ange 18 rosalie

I never said how much I like Rosalie. Her looney tunes traps for Ange in episode 3 were hilarious, and she’s always been pure fun since then. Hopefully she’ll be able to get back Chris and live happily. At least I don’t think she’ll end up dying. Unlike Hilda or Tusk.

Emma’s scene was pretty funny and also touching. Maybe in a Druaga no Tou’s anime like twist, she’ll become the hero who’ll end up finishing Embryo for good by blowing up his brain in a jar.

cross ange 18 viviand mask my sides

And then this happened. I was raging at how Jill was acting so this caught me by surprise and made me laugh a lot. This is the PURAN BIII Tusk was talking about!!! Still tongue-in-cheek as always.
While Jill going crazy is way more justified than Salia going muh embryo sama, it could have been handled better. I’m still upset about Salia being forced into a villain. Ersha and Chris both have their reasons but Salia’s doesn’t make sense except being purely selfish and wanting to be the main character. And regardless of her reasons, when Ange dropped her in the sea, she could have just get recovered by the submarine instead of getting conveniently saved by Embryo(which they’ll probably show us next episode). I still think it’s stupid how she pretty much accepted Ange as Vilkiss’ pilot and then got mad about it again a few episodes later like if she forgot her character development. She’s also one of those who knew about Libertus before hand so she probably heard about Embryo before too. I guess she just wanted to be the main character that much. I still think it’s really bad handled though. Hopefully they’ll give us more reasons for her actions next episode. And speaking of next episode:

cross ange 18 sylvia whipping loli counter attack cross ange 18 jikai ange high on drugs

Seems they’ll visit Salia and the others, and Ange will get brainwashed by mana powered drugs or whatever. Maybe next week is the week Tusk will finally bite it. Seems fun. Not that I hate him, I quite like him. He’s literally the only anime character  in years that managed to make me laugh at “randomly falls and grope a girl”.

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