Gundan G no Reconguista – 19

g reco 19 best girls conspirating

Bunch of girls conspiring.

First part was all genki and fun like the recent episodes and then that twist happened. It was really well done how Flaminia actually told everyone she’s a spy, so everyone including the audience got their guard down. She only said she’s a spy from Venus Globe but didn’t say who she’s spying for. Now that I think about it she must the one who sabotaged the Neodu when Raraiya piloted it. I’m still not sure why though, I’ll probably get it next episode when Raraiya will probably confront her. Ever since Flaminia was introduced I thought she’s get shipped with Kerbes or something, as they finally introduced another older woman who’ll hang out with them. Especially at that “tfw Kerbes and Luan are riding together cuz no gf” scene in episode 13. I guess this won’t happen now, too bad.
It was pretty weird how they dramatized Bell getting syringed, but I guess Noredo asking if he’s dead is pretty normal since she had no reason to think he wasn’t.

g reco 19 aida

Aida is still developing since that time she realized she’s just being a selfish ojousama. I’m starting to see what Tomino meant when he said he wants to show the birth of a queen in interviews before the show started. Bell also realizing that their parents may not have been bastards and that they must have been as noble as their glorious hairstyles was nice too.

g reco 19 kun kia chikkara

Since all the characters so far are all entertaining, cool and different, without being too much stereotyped, I thought the characters introduced in the late part of the show wouldn’t be as much researched. I’m glad to have been proven wrong as the 3 new G-IT people are all really cool. I like them even though they just only got introduced because they were introduced perfectly. Speaking of that, this is true for pretty much every side character, I liked Kurimmu Nikku, Mikku Jakku, and Barara right from the start because of their introduction scenes.

It was really nice how they used the juxtaposition of Chikkara and Kun each working on their looks in their own way. Simple but effective. Even though I have no particular attraction for wtrong women, Chikkara’s cute and her hair is gorgeous too. Kun is Koshimizu Ami. Chikkara is a seiyuu who haven’t done any major role called Sugiura Keiko. Nice for her. I don’t agree with what Tomino said that all voice actors sound the same. In my opinion it’s rather that it’s always the same voice actors. I wish Japan wasn’t a consumerism society and would stop worshiping money for a bit and give more chances to newcomers instead of always betting on winning horses. That’s why Bell’s voice is refreshing. It’s only one of the many small reason why I like the show though.
Their boss Kia’s voiced by Nakai Kazuya, who’s pretty popular and who’s also Witz in Gundam X. Speaking of him hopefully Witz and Roybea are back in SRW Z3.2. I want some glorious HD Airmaster and Leopard.

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