PriPara – 24-32

prad5 cosmo artist irua

We are entering the age of onee san.
(Kinda long. I watched the episodes on friday saturday sunday and wrote about them as I watched, and wrote the news part on sunday too.)

Episode 24

prad5 24 mireille penguinwikipediaprad3 41 08

Even in the PriPara universe Penguinpedia exists. Pic on right is from RL ep41.
Also Purikens were Purichikes. Also Mireille looks so smug in that shot. Untransformed Mireille is the best Mireille.

prad5 24 training full stolen

Another Cat’s Eye reference. Though not really as the suits actually don’t look alike.
If you’re interested in Cat’s Eye, and you should, since it’s one of the best silly clever fun comedies ever, you should read the manga. I think it’s better than the anime, and some characters like Asatani gets less development in the anime. Though maybe I think that way as I watched very few episodes of the anime in Japanese and only saw the french dub multiple times.
If you’re interested in City Hunter, and you should, as it’s one of the best shows ever, you should watch the anime instead of reading the manga. I think it’s the better version and it’s a very faithful adaptation of the manga. I haven’t read all of the City Hunter manga though, because since I already watched some episodes of the show many times in japanese and french, it feels boring reading it.
If you wanna go full hipster mode, once you’re done watching the show, learn French, and then rewatch it with the French dub to enjoy the LARSSOOON TU M’A FAIT BOBO french lines.
You can do the same with Hokuto No Ken too. Though HnK’s french dub is of a whole other level than City Hunter’s dub. It’s even more hilarious, the parodying is always on purpose because IIRC the dubbers didn’t want to dub “such a violent cartoon” unless they butchered the dialogues, so it’s literally a different show sometimes.

prad5 2401prad5 2402 prad5 2403prad5 2404

Gloria’s mom was cute.

prad5 2405 prad5 2406

Only thing that made me smile in this ep, besides the yellow subs. That episode was pretty underwhelming compared to how much they dragged on Gloria stuff. Then again I wasn’t expecting anything. I don’t feel like repeating myself though so just gonna shut up. And oh they didn’t forget the barrier thing(not pictured).

Episode 25

prad5 25 oneesans

THE AGE OF ONEESAN. The yellows subs were funny. And yeah I watched the eps subbed since I didn’t want to use my brain. Though even without subs it’s not like I have to use it much if it’s PriPara. And they finally remember the paradise coord thing this ep.

prad5 25 01

Oh it’s that sect ritual thing again.

prad5 25 02prad5 25 03 prad5 25 04prad5 25 05

Oh they remembered Kyupikon too. Even New Mew + Enka girl and notSana chan came back too.

prad5 25 06

They’re not doing duo or shuffle teams huh. Just stitching everyone together. Feels kinda lazy. Though it was obvious from the start they’d do that because of i☆Ris.
New Making Drama isn’t anything particular as always.

Episode 25 feels like if they finally decided to start the show.

Episode 26

prad5 2601

That was funny.

prad5 2602prad5 2603

Gangsta Faruru eyecatch.

prad5 2604

Wow these two girls and their dresses were super cute. Their shoes too. Hopefully they come back later.

prad5 2605prad5 2606 prad5 2607

See? They even stopped forgetting the characters too. And cool Laala mama and Gloria are doing it too.

prad5 2608 beef chicken or fish

BEEF OR CHICKEN OR FISH!!! Finally they made an actual appearance. They’ll be the ones to stop Unicorn’s evil world domination plan by manipulating Farururu. The true heroines we need.

prad5 2622prad5 2610 prad5 2611prad5 2620 prad5 2621

Impressive CG as always. Thanks Faruru for helping me learn the days of the week in jp, I still don’t know them. Also I wanted to take some usual “CG girl on drugs” pics while she blinks, but she opens and close her eyelids very slowly so it doesn’t have the same effect as the others.

prad5 2625prad5 2626  prad5 2624

The Making Drama was a bit impressive for once. The echo was nice. Sadly there’s zero ridiculousness though, like you can see in DONUTS MACARON RAINBOW KARTING for example. They gave it a feeling a grandeur but it’s not over the top/ridiculous, which is what I like so much about the jumps in Pretty Rhythm.
Basically it wasn’t made on drugs.

prad5 2627

Faruru confirmed for being Hiro’s descendant since she can do super prism bunshin too.

prad5 2635 prad5 2636

Eh so Unicorn is a guy huh.

prad5 2639

Oh so they only stayed all together for 2 eps. They’ll probably do it again though cuz yeah i☆Ris.

prad5 2633 prad5 2634

Like I said some posts ago, Faruru ended up doing her performance in episode 26. Was pretty predictable. It was nice but not particularly better than Salami Dressing. She pretty much won because of plot armor.
Since I guess they’ll reveal in a later episode she copies others etc, they could have done something like “because now every grade schooler from paprika goes to PriPara too there’s more power to absorb so she finally charged enough, and that Gloria was the only one actually keeping her in check.” But whatever.
Also you can tell how much they’re trying to accelerate the plot since they wasted so much time as Faruru ranked up fast and they did 2 paradise ticket things in two eps.

Opening 3

prad5 op 3 gif stolenprad5 op3 db reference mireille super saiyajin

If you didn’t think “Mireille is a super saiyan” when seeing her scene in the new OP then you failed your life.
No gif of it as I forgot where I put it.

prad5 2701prad5 op 3 shion

New OP animation isn’t anything impressive except the shots of Cosmo and Shion. They also did a space dancing thing but it’s nearly not as impressive as the one in DMF OP3 or RL OP4. The main reason I liked them is because of the show’s story and characters themselves after all. Even if there’s good animation it’s only seasoning for the story which is the main dish, something like that. Story etc is more important than the animation to me.
Also they’re not following the theory I made anymore about how even numbered OPs have long CG sequences in them and odd numbered OPs don’t or only a little bit. There’s a while CG sequence in this OP.

Episode 27

prad5 2707 prad5 2709

Kyaaaaa Akaii Meganiii saaaamaaaaaaaaa
His speech was pretty funny. I actually laughed when the girl screamed MARRY MEE at the end. Seems they’re finally tying to make Meganii replace Jun/Hiro now. Just like what I was thinking when his character got revealed when the show was about to start. Except I was 26 episodes too early.
>I have a announcement to make
Yes I noticed, PriPara finally has a plot, congratulations. Though they pretty much just forced Faruru manipulated by Unicorn into final boss position without any foundation. If they don’t do anything else the building will collapse soon. Faruru did nothing wrong, soon Laala will give her pizza and then she’ll stop hanging around with Unicorn.

prad5 2711prad5 2716 prad5 2717prad5 2718 prad5 2719prad5 2720

I still think Farurru is actually human. Also she’s actually a deep and profound character self criticizing the show for lacking character development and being catchphrases catchphrases catchphrases.

prad5 2721 prad5 2723

>Neechan needs to be at top so I’ll beat her and become top
Wow Non still as evil as ever. Maybe that’ll actually happen at the end of s1.
And this confirms that when they showed her with a ticket in OP1, they actually had no idea what they were doing.

Ending 3

prad5 2724 prad5 2725

Sophie’s smile is nice.

Episode 28

prad5 2801 prad5 2802

Yaaaaaaaaaaay a Shion episode. Leona and Dorothy got the same parfait, prolly Leona ordered the same.

prad5 2804 prad5 2806

Oh so new black kimono girl from the ED is appearing already cool. Shion’s old Go rival huh. Kagawa Iroha. She’s voiced by Ookubo Rumi who’s also Mia. Maybe they told her to stay do her voice while they were recording for the movie.

prad5 2808

I still haven’t finished watching JoJo s1.

prad5 2809

Someone needs to shop guns on her.
So Faruru just was born in PriPara world? I guess they’ll give more explanations later. Anyway. She’ll eat Laala’s pizza soon.

prad5 2811prad5 2812prad5 2813prad5 2814 prad5 2815prad5 2816 prad5 2817prad5 2818 prad5 2819prad5 2820

They should have went full Hikaru no Go and have Akaii Meganee and Akaii Meganii comment the match and throw a few “Sonna banana! she’s going to do THIS?!”
The white pandas were voiced by Sakuma Rei(Mion’s mom, Laala’s mom, Shampoo, Kasumi Onee sama)
Black pandas were Takano Urara (Gloria)
Tfw still no fanart of Mion’s mom and Aira’s mom piloting Gunbuster cuz seiyuu joke. I should ask someone to draw it.

prad5 2821prad5 2822 prad5 2823prad5 2824

That was disappointing. Still no Shion Making Drama where she goes to space and uses black holes and white holes as Go stones.

prad5 2825prad5 2826 prad5 2827

Shion finally got some development, it was nice they went the “has teaming up made me weaker?” route as I didn’t even think about it. I thought they’d do something about how she takes too much risks. Thanks to that though, she’ll probably rely on the others more etc so even if it wasn’t focused on that she probably realized her too much dangerous approach as well. Hopefully Iroha will appear again soon.

Episode 29

Hahaha EZ DO Gloxercise

prad5 2903

I guess since they revealed she’s not a robot, at least that’s what it seems like for now, they can show her with different clothes now.

prad5 2904 prad5 2910

Three idols in police custody for possession and usage of drugs.

artist carlos latuff 3 young muslims killed

My joke made me think of the three students that got killed in USA and how the media handled it, or in fact, didn’t handle it. For once, I didn’t do that joke on purpose just so I could mention this too.

prad5 2913 prad5 2916

If only they did the triple shoot for the Making Drama instead. New Making Drama was nothing impressive as always. They recycled a little bit of some Hip Hop Win. Or whatever the jump when they freefall in the sky was called again. It was nice how they literally did a somersault combining their powers though.

prad5 2918

Unicorn brainwashing Faruru. So Unicorn is just gonna copy pre-episode 25 Gloria and is all “friends are bad” etc. This is so uninspired. Also, it seems a lot of these manager mascots are bastards. Usagi is one, and Unicorn too. Speaking of Usagi he’s probably one of the characters suffering the most from PriPara’s noplot goddess powers. He barely does anything anymore now.

Episode 30

prad5 3001

>The previous owners of the full paradise coords were the Saints
They said in episode 1 they retired 3 years ago. And they said the paradise coord granprix thing happens every year and you can only participate once. You could say that different people won each tournament, but you get them all anyway if you win the last one. Unless I’m missing something, they screwed up.
Or maybe that Akaii Meganee is lying. After all, Akaii Meganee is Prism Decade, the puppet master and true final boss of the Pretty Rhythm PriPara multiverse.

And the “no one ever made them shine” thing sound so boring. Talk about uninspiring again. Also, since getting those is only the first step to Kami Aidoru, maybe by the end of season 2 they still won’t be there yet.

prad5 3002

Yay Iroha.
Poor Dorothy and Leona, they don’t have anyone to cheer for them besides their parents at the shop. They didn’t have any development involving a side character.

prad5 3003prad5 3004prad5 3005prad5 3006

So that’s how Faruru was born. Basically she’s a character Puruchike except in the anime. Also this means she isn’t a robot. I was right all along. All the stuff about her outfit and way of speaking was a ruse.
She learned watching Kyupikon’s arcade stock footage. I guess Unicorn doesn’t want to conquer the world then. But Faruru having the paradise coord will probably make something bad happen anyway else they wouldn’t do all this in the first place. Or maybe they’ll say the Vocal Doll is actually Laala and she’ll be the one to make the paradise coord shine. As for the miracle thing that’ll happen, I think it’ll unlock some kind of new gimmick thing, which they will do in the second season. It’ll also be a new feature in the arcade game. Basically just like Prism Acts and Prism Live. And the one who will be able to do the ultimate version of this new thing, will be the one to surpass Kami Aidoru level.

They recycled the previous heroines as silhouettes again. It’s only the RL girls this time though. So yeah they finally explicitly said Faruru’s power is copying. Everyone already guessed it tons of episodes ago. So like I said in my episode 26 part above, they could have actually linked Gloria’s plot and hers saying that because the PriPara ban is lifted she can copy even more people now, but I guess it would have been too complicated for PriPara.
Also that’s pretty uninspiring.  There’s tons of other shows who already did the copy thing better than this. Pretty Rhythm also already did that with Kaname in AD and it was handled better.

prad5 3007prad5 3009 prad5 3010 prad5 3011

That red dress in the flashback was nice. Her new blue dress is cute too. The boots too. Also I feel like Faruru’s model has thinner legs than the others. Maybe it’s just my imagination though.

prad5 3011prad5 3012 prad5 3013prad5 3014

It felt like they just wanted to show Faruru’s 3D model doing the others Making Dramas and it lacked any overwhelming feeling or tension. If someone already did 2 Making Dramas in one show before, Faruru doing a ton would have been a good way to show her power level, but that’s not the case here. It feels forced. They’re forcing Faruru into some villain role to try to try do some kind of plot before the show ends. Also feels like a pitiful attempt at recreating Juné’s performance in RL episode 34.
It was also lazy since they just showed the Making Dramas in succession without any kind of transition between each.

prad5 30 laala faruru

I thought that Laala would shake her hand, and that the paradise coord would start glowing, but it didn’t happen.
Since they’re making Faruru win while Laala and co don’t particularly need a “loose to grow up” arc, I think they’re going for Laala will try to teach Faruru she needs friends even if she’s best. Showing the girls who are super strong at PriPara IRL and have tons of tickets that even so, they shouldn’t look down on the other players. I think they’ll do something like that.

Episode 31 (back to raws)

prad5 3101 Laala's face of despair when she gave up on the PriPara anime stainyg medriocre below average foreverprad5 3102

Laala and Sophie’s faces when they both gave up on the show getting better.

prad5 3103prad5 3105 prad5 3106 prad5 3108

I can understand Mireille being discouraged because of her calculations, but how she said “you can’t keep loosing for the fan’s sake” is weird since they should go “even if you loose the fans will still like you”. Plus they only lost to Faruru, it’s not like they lost to Nao or some random noob. Pretty funny I wrote that as it’s Nao later in the ep who says this to Laala.

prad5 3109

Hahaha sukeban Dorothy and Leona. And they remembered how Dorothy got 1000 tickets in one go. It’s nice how Gloria told them to get their act together. She’s well placed to do it seeing her involvement with them, just as they gently reminded us with flashbacks. There sure was a lot of flashbacks in this ep.

prad5 3111 prad5 3113

Akaii Meganii’s faking sickness was funny kinda.

prad5 31 cosmo01 prad5 31 cosmo02


prad5 31 cosmo03 prad5 31 cosmo04


prad5 31 cosmo05prad5 31 cosmo06 prad5 31 cosmo07prad5 31 cosmo08 prad5 31 cosmo09 prad5 31 cosmo11


Also the beginning when she swings herself is hilarious. I mean this in a good way.

prad5 31 cosmo10prad5 31 cosmo half open eyes drug face

I tried taking usual drugged shots but it doesn’t work too well with her either.

prad5 31 cosmo12prad5 31 cosmo13 prad5 31 cosmo14prad5 31 cosmo15

Her outfit is super nice too. And they even put a cosmic background for her too.

prad5 31 cosmo16

I think it’s the first time since Serena’s solos at the end of AD that they did a low angle CG shot where you can almost see below the skirt like that. In Serena’s case her legs would slowly block the view just as it would get exposed. In here, the camera isn’t low enough by a small margin.

prad5 31 cosmo17prad5 31 cosmo18 prad5 31 cosmo19prad5 31 cosmo20prad5 31 cosmo pose 2prad5 31 cosmo pose

The glass part was so cool. Needless to say that was non alcoholic because Cosmo doesn’t risk getting drunk and failing dimension travels.

prad5 31 cosmo22 prad5 31 cosmo23


prad5 31 cosmo cosmic best girl


prad5 31 cosmo cosmic best girl 2


prad5 31 cosmo skating in space


prad5 31 cosmo making drama rabu chan Irohaprad5 31 cosmo making drama reporter muh senpai and glasses girl forgot their names prad5 31 cosmo making drama gloria laala momprad5 31 cosmo making drama sophie bodyguards prad5 31 cosmo making drama eiko and rest of tennis clubprad5 31 cosmo making drama nao and classmates prad5 31 cosmo making drama salami smileprad5 31 cosmo making drama dressing pafé

She didn’t find Rantan though (haloween girl). Poor Rantan got onikakushi’ed forever.

prad5 31 cosmo making drama in wheel

She’s in the wheel…

prad5 31 cosmo making drama end 1 prad5 31 cosmo making drama end 2


prad5 31 cosmo is so bestprad5 31 cosmos dat smile


prad5 31 cosmo best cg smile everprad5 31 cosmo glowstick dress back


prad5 31 cosmo last close up


prad5 31 cosmo cosmos lights

Notice how the light swirls around her like cosmos at the end.

(As I was pretty excited, the pics may not be in chronological order, I’m not sure.)

She said it’s her first live and she just registered. I thought they’d finally reveal Cosmo is actually a slider idol and the only one with enough power to oppose Akaii Meganee. Too bad. Since her left eye is never visible, maybe her left eye is where she hides her powers. There’s still hope.

prad5 31 cosmo24prad5 3174

Anyway, she and the others did all that to cheer up Laala and co and remind them that like I said above, the most important isn’t winning. Cosmo’s song’s lyrics are all about not giving hope and not feeling down even if you failed once etc. It’s the first time in PriPara I feel there’s an actual connection with a song’s lyrics and what’s happening in the show, instead of just random idol lyrics. And no, the “let’s aim for Kami Idol” line in one of Salami Smile’s songs doesn’t count.

prad5 3175 prad5 3176

Ah so by making the paradise coord “shine” they just mean turning it into glowstick dress mode. They should have just said so. Also it’s nice they showed us the audience actually knows she just copied the making dramas.
>Pikachu decides himself the Kagayaki Next Idol Grandprix next month will have the paradise coord as a prize
Wow. This makes it even more obvious they’re forcing Faruru into final boss. They made her win just to go in the end “lol we’re betting the clothes again next tournament anyway”. I guess you could call that plot backpedaling?

Episode 32

prad5 3201

That blue twintails iinchou is back. Also that poor guy from Dorothy’s class got remembered by the staff but forgotten by her.

prad5 3202prad5 3203 prad5 3204prad5 3205


prad5 3207prad5 3208 prad5 3209prad5 3210

Untransformed Mireille is best Mireille. I like the pink like yukata outfit too but nice she went with her father’s idea.

prad5 6 32 lawyer mireille boots change

The boots were different than in episode 6 though(left). Didn’t notice that myself.

prad5 3212 prad5 3213

Mireille is the one with the most shocked faces in PriPara.

prad5 3215 prad5 3216 prad5 3217 prad5 3218 prad5 3219 prad5 3220 prad5 3221 prad5 3222 prad5 3223 prad5 3227

That was nice. I’m happy for PriPara universe NotRizumu’s and NotHibiki’s son. The fact that she was making up transformed Mireille at first but came to like it and naturally act as was good. And since there finally was good development, the small monologue they had at the beginning of their performance had actual relevance too instead of usual random idol lines.

prad5 3229prad5 3230

Tennis senpai’s name is literally this fish. I’m happy for Rabu chan.

prad5 32 woxxy's valentines 1 prad5 32 woxxy's valentines 2


prad5 3231 prad5 3232

Cute Sophie

prad5 3233

This episode was pretty much that episode again. You know, what they did with Sophie’s bodyguards some episodes ago. It’s basically the “transfer episode”. There’s a situation and one of the main character needs to “transfer”, and then at the end of the episode they don’t and nothing changes. Sometimes if it’s done well it can  be used for the character’s development (for example Reika had one of these episodes in Sumapuri). They didn’t handle the Sophie bodyguards one too badly, and this episode 32 was pretty good. Mireille finally got some nice development.


Except for episode 32, Cosmo’s scene in episode 31, that scene in episode 29 with Faruru breaking bricks with her head, and episode 28 to a certain extent, most of the eps were still the same mediocrity as always. Faruru’s show didn’t impress me the slightest as I explained above. As usual most jokes aren’t funny too. They need to do quality over quantity.

The show is definitely improving since episode 25, and they finally hired a scenarist, but I wonder if they’ll manage to keep it that way. Episode 32 was fine too but I’m not getting my hopes up. Plus the season finale will probably just be Laala giving Faruru pizza so I can’t say I’m excited. Things would have been more exciting if Cosmo fought Faruru. If they added with that some well done Saint Seiya reference, cuz you know, “Cosmo”, it would have been great.

I have to admit Cosmo doing a CG show and doing some skating like a Prism Show as Making Drama was an excellent surprise. Even if they added her to the arcade game some months ago in an update, I didn’t think they’d actually make CG for her in the anime. As I haven’t watched these past 9 weeks until now, I didn’t check the CG director’s twitter either so if he hinted at it I didn’t see it. Speaking of which time for news and tweets that happened since last time I posted.

News (not reposting stuff you can find on ANN, though the site is currently down so I can’t check what they wrote about and what they didn’t)

prad 2014 xmas event rainbow live prad3 seiyuusprad 2014 xmas event pretty rhythm seiyuus prad 2014 xmas event everyone

Pictures of the xmas 2014 event some of the seiyuus posted on their twitter. The one right above was posted by Shishido Rumi. I didn’t see anything particularly interesting about the xmas event. Surely the chat with the seiyuus and staff etc must have been fun, but this year no one on 2ch made a detailed thread about it. Matome blogs don’t have anything at least.

prad 2014 xmas event hiro kouji

I only found some photos the seiyuus posted of the Hiro x Kouji show, and there’s some fanart of it as well. If they release a DVD of the 2014 xmas event like with the 2013 xmas event hopefully they’ll put it in.

prad prad5 xmas event 2014 day event akaii meganee staff

And during the day event for little girls there was Akaii Meganee cosplayed staff girl at the entrance.

prad6 key visual

They revealed the 28th of January the new characters and plot that will be in PriPara s2. S2 starts in April like always.

Plot summary: In PriPara s2, a new live venue in PriPara world will open, called the Dream Theater. They will do auditions there to form new 5 person teams in order to participate in PriPara’s biggest event, the PriPara Dream Parade. Will Mikan and Aroma become Laala and co’s teammates?! Or rivals?!

prad6 character mikan prad6 character aroma

Left one is Mikan. Right one is Aroma. There’s no info for their seiyuus yet.
Mikan thinks she’s an angel and dresses in an angelic style. Removing Aroma’s curses is her mission. Mikan is mandarine in jp.
Aroma thinks she’s a demon and dresses in a demonic style. She’s a troublemaker who always wants to put curses on people.

So basically new characters will be chuuni idols, Yurika clones. Not that Yurika invented it, I’m using Yurika as an example so you quickly get it (and “chuuni” characters existed even before the word chuuni existed, like tsundere. And every kid in the world more or less has a chuunibyou syndrome. Unless it’s a child soldier) Their looks aren’t particularly interesting. I don’t find their outfits cute or ugly. Bland may not be the right word either. Hopefully their personalities will be handled well. Also they’ll probably reveal that they both really have powers later on.

I’m happy they decided to keep the older characters and introduce only two new ones for now. If they introduced any more it’ll be a disaster. I’d be 100% sure they’d fall into every typical second season trap. Focusing too much on the new characters’ instead of the older ones, resetting character development (not that there was much of it in PriPara anyway), etc etc. Basically every trap the Aikatsu s2 fell into. I remember I wrote a post about it back when Aikatsu s2 was announced, it’s pretty sad that I was right.

They say they’ll switch from 3 to 5 person teams. If you count Faruru (Faruru isn’t on the pic they revealed but I don’t see any reason why she wouldn’t appear in season 2) that only makes 9 people, so later in the second season they’ll probably introduce at least one more new character.

prad5 movie ad promo key visual whatever

New movie teaser that doesn’t say anything interesting.

There’s a lot of new details about the PriPara movie. It’ll be CG shows from the past seasons like the Pretty Rhythm movie. It’s also one hour long like the Pretty Rhythm movie. I think it’ll be more or less the same thing, except with PriParaa CG shows, and instead of Penguin Sensei and Momo, it’ll be Mia Aira Naru and Laala who’ll introduce each part. Cinema release date is 7th March 2015.
The Pretty Rhythm CG part and PriPara CG part of the movie are separated, there’s 10 minutes of Pretty Rhythm CG, and it has 4 different versions. The first three versions will rotate each week, while the 4th version will be scheduled at a later time on the home page. That way each week they’ll show different CG shows from Pretty Rhythm and won’t have to choose only a few like with the first movie.

prad5 movie route1 1 prad5 movie route1 2

“Version 1 Lovely Dream Tour” which will be the elementary level of Pretty Rhythm. It’ll have the easy to sing along songs of Mia Aira Naru etc.”

prad5 movie route2 1 prad5 movie route2 2

“Version 2 “Perfect Star Tour” will have beautiful, elegant and perfect performances”

prad5 movie route3 1 prad5 movie route3 2

“Version 3 Super Miracle Tour” will have funny and impressive miracle scenes”
(I’d put jumps to space and dimension breaking there)

prad5 movie route4 2 prad5 movie route4 1

“Version 4 “Mune Kyun! Prism Boys Tour” is the forbidden door! let’s go to Paradise!”

The official site says that these pics are just “images” and may not reflect the actual content. Does this means they finally made CG for Callings?! Back in December CG director tweeted that the movie will have new CG as well so I can believe.

Pretty Rhythm’s director hinted on twitter that they will later organize singing events like with the Pretty Rhythm movie last year, where they will broadcast the 4 parts in a row.

prad5 idol song collection dressing paffé dorothy leona shion

Cover of the CD with DORESSHINGU paffé songs:

1.No D&D code
3.メッセージ by シオン
4.メッセージ by ドロシー
5.メッセージ by レオナ
6.No D&D code(inst)

It was released the 11th of February 2015. It also has the usual drama cd like introduction things (tracks 3-5).

prad5 towerrecord shinjuku dressing pafé even iris idolsprad5 tower record shinjuku dressing pafé single event idols

There was also an event for it with the Dressing Pafé idols the 14th at Shinjuku’s Tower Records.

prad5 tower record shinjuku makes your pripara character into cardboardprad5 tower record shinjuku make you own character cardboard 2

You can also ask the shop to make your PriPara game character into cardboard.

prad5 cd single cover pripara idol song collection faruru cosmo salami smile

They also announced the CD single with Salami Smile’s new song, Cosmo’s song and Faruru’s song. The cover was drawn by Matsuura Mai. If you preoerder it you can get a special cover as a bonus featuring one of them. Release date is 18th of March. Hopefully someone posts Cosmo’s special cover on twitter when it’s out. I also want to listen to her introduction thing.

prad5 cd cases dressing pafé salami smile swimsuit

There’s also a new i☆Ris CD that got out, probably the new OP or something. If I got it right, these three CDs had a ticket to participate in a drawing lot. The winners will get some purichikes or whatever, a copy of the 3DS game, and cases boxes to put the 3 CDs in  (the swimsuits above.)

prad5 swimsuits way too big delete it later

Bigger version of the picture.

prad5 3ds game boys illustration

Illustrations samples by Matsuura Mai of the RL boys for the3DS game. Only Hiro is playable but seems the others will appear in the game too.

prad5 arcade 1 million registers

As of 28th January 2015 the arcade game has more than 1 million registered users.

Ad for the third update of the arcade game and the 3DS game.

prad5 febri magazine vol 27 laala faruru

Cover of Febri magazine volume 26 released the 10th of February. It’s the first time I hear about this magazine. It’s super young as it only started in 2010. It’s a “hobby” magazine.
Pretty Rhythm director(or it was the CG director, I forgot) said that those are the clothes they’ll wear in the movie. Meaning Faruru will appear in the movie too. The magazine has an interview of PriPara’s director Morikawa Makoto and an interview of Akaneya Himika(Laala)

There’s a Dressing Paffé interview in Animedia February 2015 and a Salami Dressing poster.
There’s a Salami Smile, Akaii Meganee and Meganii illustration in Animage February 2015. They also organized a PriPara illustration contest in the magazine. Results are in the March issue that’s already out.

prad mia aira naru laala animage march 2015 poster

The March issue also contains this poster. I guess I could find pictures of the others looking on twitter but I don’t feel like it. I didn’t find this one myself too, just stole it from the thread on /a/.

They also announced the PriPara & Pretty Rhythm Perfect World This is Animation book for early March. It’s 90% PriPara stuff though so not sure I’ll buy it. No cover yet. It will contain these things: purichikes for Laala you can only get by buying it, a Salami Smile + Dressing Paffé poster, new info on season 2, an “i ☆ Ris special gravure interview”, an history of the franchise from Pretty Rhythm to PriPara, and the only interesting thing in my opinion: a manga featuring the “Prism Boys”.
That’s not an Hiro Kouji Kazuki participating in Prism King Cup OVA like I excepted but it’s still better than nothing.
That’s the only thing interesting to me so not planning to buy it for now. Even if it’s s only 9€ (shipping will make it more expensive too)
I’ll just buy it later or hope in the 1% chance that someone scans the boys manga.

prad5 one of the manga tankobon cover

Cover of one of the manga adaptations’ tankobon.

prad5 dvd 5 animumo cover kyupikon prad5 dvd 5 shion cover

DVD 5 has Shion as cover. The special cover from Animumo has Eiko on it.

shuukan go news paper prad5 shion 02 shuukan go news paper prad5 shion

There’s a weekly newspaper focusing on Go called 週刊碁. In it, there’s a corner called Go Go Girl which is probably about trying to make girls interested in Go. They’ve started a collaboration with PriPara starting February 2015 and they’re using Shion for the corner. There’s an article about it on their official site.

prad5 cg director shion bday

CG director tweeted this for Shion’s birthday the 5th of January.

prad5 dorothy leona bday cd director 5 february prad5 dorothy leona bday synsophia twitter 5 february

He also posted this for Dorothy and Leona’s the 5th of February. Right pic is from the SynSophia twitter.

Pretty Rhythm director tweeted Cosmo’s last pose in her performance is a tribute to the ice figure skater Asada Mao.
Akesaka Satomi(Cosmo) tweeted how she used to voice penguins in RL so she didn’t think she’d be able to sing in the show someday. She was cosmic really happy to be able to sing as Cosmo and it’s her first time singing like a cool onee sama like that.

prad5 30 storyboard

As always, there’s storyboard covers on PriPara’s director Moriwaki Makoto’s twitter.Not gonna post them all.

c87 akaii meganee meganii kuma prad5 cosplay SHONATiN

This cosplayer and his/her friends were doing it again at C87.

December Ad for the arcade game when they added Faruru.

prad6 poster wonder festival 2015prad5 shion nendoroid

I don’t think they announced anything PriPara related at Wonder Festival 2015. There was only this poster and the i☆Ris live they did. There’s other nendos besides Shion’s. There was also some scary esthetic surgery looking PriPara cosplayers.

prad5 manga shion valentineprad5 kyupikon manga

Random pages of one of the mangas someone nice on /a/ posted. At least I think that’s where I found them, it’s been a while.

prad3 prad5 valentine 2015 laala rinne cosmo

Tweeted by the staff for valentines.

prad5 salami smile dolls

They’re going to release these dolls in May. You have to preorder them in advance till the 1st of March. All three are sold together for 8000 yen I think. Seems it’ll also have a fourth one they haven’t revealed yet.

They released lots of badges, stickers, tapestries etc which you can findon CD Japan. No idea if that’s the cheapest place to get them internationally though.

guilty gear xrd jellyfish pirate june notlaala

That’s June, the navigator of the Jellyfish Pirates. Her redesign in GG Xrd makes her look like Laala. I really like Guilty Gear, hence why I was watching Xrd vids and noticed that, but I don’t play fighting games anymore. Not that I was ever good anyway. I’m not planning to buy Xrd either.

prad5 2225

That street in PriPara episode 22 with the Tatsunoko building on the right, it was a recycled background from Pretty Rhythm. I forgot which episode though and too lazy to find a pic.

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