Looking forward to Persona 5

My body was not ready for Persona Lupin The Third edition. This is gonna be so much fun. Apparently the hero is voiced by Fukuyama Jun. I think the Japanese entertainment industry should contract less the same voice actors all the time and give more chance to newcomers, instead of always betting on money. They chose Fukuyama san cuz they know all his fangirls and fanboys gonna buy the game now.  Anyway, it feels like phantom thieves are in fashion again in Japan, with all the new Lupin The Third things besides the usual yearly ova, stuff like Rhythm Thief, anime adaptations of Kaitou Joker, Kaitou Kid, and now this. Kinda like idols. Idols exist for decades in Japan, but these past years a lot of companies noticed all the money they can milk from little girls’ parents and otaku, and all started their own idol themed thing. I think they noticed when AKB started making a lot of money, so around 7, 8 years ago,and with Idolxm@s ten years ago. So since around 2005.

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