Pretty Rhythm News February 2015 issue

prad 2014 xmas event hiro and kouji merry xmas

tfw you will never watch Hiro and Kouji’s xmas performance on a giant screen with thousands of other fans.
EDIT updated news part with PRAD bd box 2 covers revealed the 21st

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Pretty Rhythm Director’s tweets:

Someone asked him if how OTR say in their show at the end of Rainbow Live “what lies after the rainbow is paradise” is a foreshadowing of PriPara, he answered yes. (PriPara= Prism Paradise) Not sure if he’s joking or serious.

prad director hiro bday 2014 present from fan

Fans sent it for Hiro’s Birthday.

In his opinion the most tear inducing episode in Aurora Dream is episode 42. And Aurora Dream is at a level that makes Rainbow Live seem like a show for cute kids. He finished by saying Rainbow Live is soft and nice.

(That’s the part where if I was a current 12 years old kid I’d go RAINBOW LIVE FAGS JUST GOT TOLD!! or whatever kids use these days. I say “current” because 12 years old kids these days are even worse than us back then.
Jokes asides, in my case I think Rainbow Live and Aurora Dream are at the same level, with different strengths and weaknesses, and Dear My Future is my favorite among the three, with the best last cour, which hopefully will be translated in English before the world turns into Hokuto No Ken. I think I agree with him and say that there’s globally more suffering in Aurora Dream than in Rainbow Live though.
And that’s just my interpretation, but I think he says “cute kids” shows as in a lot of japanese kids shows usually have suffering and/or more serious plots. What I always say basically. That a good kids shows should have a good story and character development, not necessarily suffering mind you, but the bare minimum, showing it doesn’t take the kids watching for idiots. That’s what I reproach to pre episode 25 PriPara.)

(If you take suffering in particular, there’s a lot of kids shows who did it before. You should watch Princess Sarah if you haven’t yet. It’s one of the best shows ever. Or like you already know, a lot of magical girls show have it. When I was a kid I used to think it’s mandatory that really bad things or deaths happen at the end of a magical girls show. Which is why it’s always funny when people says Madoka revolutionized the genre. Card Captor Sakura did, and Nanoha did (though I’m just parroting people I trust as I never watched that). I love Madoka by the way, it was a really good show, but that’s it, it didn’t revolutionize anything, and it’s not how there’s semi clones of it now like wixoss or whatever that will make me think otherwise. I haven’t watched the Madoka movies and not planning to, I don’t really see the point in them besides money. Kinda like Psycho Pass s2. I liked season 1 but I don’t really see the need for a sequel. If I watched it when I was 12, I’m sure the ending would have left me unsatisfied, but not now. Maybe plot wise there’s the need for a sequel, but feelings wise or whatever how I should explain that, it doesn’t need one. Though, I am planning to watch s2 and the movie so I can chat about it with an IRL friend.  When Psycho Pass s1 was airing, I used to think Shinya would die and that Akane would become more like him. That there would be a time skip and Akane would become a hard boiled cop beating up people and being super cool and strong. Shinya doesn’t die but the rest actually does happen in Psycho Pass s2/the movie from what I’ve heard, so if there’s one reason I’d want to watch it it’s this. Anyway.)

If they made the Edel Rose girls the main focus in Rainbow Live it would have become a first class drama.

He said one of the themes of Pretty Rhythm is retribution. How if someone does something bad, something bad will happen to them for sure. I believe this is true in real life too. Also this is totally a hidden hint saying the boys manga they announced will be  RL boys VS Jin. See in the news section.

The G Reco episode he worked on as episode director was episode 13. He also was episode director for episode 16 of Gundam Build Fighters Try. He said there’s a gundam prism show in it, and he did it as revenge because they didn’t let him do a prism show in the Love Live s2 episode he worked on as episode director(see below). I haven’t started watching Try yet and don’t wanna spoil myself so I don’t know what he means.
He thinks the battles in G Reco are really well done and he always sweats watching them because of how exciting it is. I agree with him, even though almost no one died so far the battles always makes me tense. Director san says he prays each week hoping no one dies.
Obari said episode 16 of GBF Try is good. And director said working on it made him able to see “the living legend” Obari working up close.

3rd of November he twitted that Komatsu Mikako’s letting her hair grow, and that Ito’s hair must have grown by now too and must look more girly than before. Komatsu Mikako answered saying she’d like to see long hair Ito chan one day.

prad cg dance storyboard page

A storyboard page for a CG dance scene made by Kyougoku Takahiko(Love Live’s director who also worked on Pretty Rhythm’s CG since Aurora Dream). Not sure if that’s actually for Pretty Rhythm though, Director didn’t precise where it’s from, this looks like a Love Live’s girl’s legs to me.   Director says Kyougoku sensei puts more work than usual on leg shots.

prad cg dance storyboard page 02

Director said that page is for OTR’s show, that’s Kazuki. He said that because he wanted to rival with Kyougoku Takahiko,he did some focus on Kazuki’s legs.

prad cg dance storyboard page 03

But it’s no match for Juné’s legs, he said. That one is for Juné.

Also about Leona being a boy, he said that with this kind of crazy stuff, or all the things they let them do with the boys’ shows in Pretty Rhythm, it shows how much frightening companies Takara Tommy and Tatsunoko are. He said he means this as a compliment.

Still about PriPara, he thinks the mascot grave thing is a pretty funny idea, also he said he might have seen a mascot there that we used to see often…(penguin sensei) and he’s happy it seems Momo didn’t end up there.

It’s been ten years since Onmyou Taisenki aired, the first show he worked on as director iirc. He tweeted a lot of things related to it which I’m not gonna talk about.

prad3 beru 2014 bday t arts pretty twitter

11/11 was Bell’s birthday so there was a lot of new pics of her. Irua drew a pic of her each day from the week before to 11/11. Director said that he thinks they chose Bell’s birthday as 11/11 to reflect that she was destined to be number one. They didn’t pick 01/01 because that’s already Tatsunoko’s president birthday. (Or Takara Tommy’s, not sure. He only said “president”)
(Everyone except Bellfags just got told hard, 12 years old, etc etc)

Speaking of Irua, he/she’s (I’ll just use “they”) they’re one of those who started Pretty Rhythm with RL. Then they liked it so much they watched the first two seasons as well. Before that, they were only doing Touhou stuff. You know, that feel when there’s a really great artist on pixiv, but they only draw Touhou stuff, while everyone and their dog already does it? It makes you feel, what a waste. Well, Pretty Rhythm is so awesome it managed to make Irua draw doujins of something else than Touhou. They’ll keep releasing new doujins for a while now too.
The only artist I know who was watching Pretty Rhythm from the start is the MMM37 guy.
Also, some days ago Irua tweeted about how thanks to Pretty Rhythm they always wake up early on Saturdays. This made me laugh a lot because I’m the same. Near the end of AD I’d go to sleep really early so I could wake up as soon as possible on saturday and watch the episode. When DMF started I got behind a bit, but once I caught up around episode 14, I started doing it again. Then I did it during all of RL except when I had exams or similar important things.

Director said that Hiro is a Libra and Bell is a Scorpio so he thinks their compatibility isn’t good. But in the end, it was a problem of feelings. ( As in Bell rejected him simply because she doesn’t love him that way. Not sure if I should have translated that tweet cuz I know some little girls reading this gonna rage going WHY DIDN’T BELL END WITH HIRO)

love live s2 episode 12 storyboard by prad director cover staff list prad director

He randomly found this when cleaning. He did the storyboard for Love Live s2 episode 12.

prad5 2229prad5 2225 tatsunoko building street

He said in PriPara episode 22, there’s the umbrella Rizumu was using in AD. No way I can find which episode it was. He didn’t even precise which person’s umbrella in PriPara in the first place.

prad3 hiro 2015 valentine chocolate director and staff got from fans

Hiro 2015 valentine chocolate the staff got from fans.

prad director present from korean fans 02 prad director present from korean fans

He also received these from Korean fans.

He said a lot of things about how PriPara is super popular etc. Apparently in the 4 months after it’s start, the toys for it sold more than DMF’s toys, which were the best sellers toys in all three seasons. Also how Rainbow Live is almost ending it’s air in Korea and how the arcade game is doing well there.

He said he storyboarded some of the Making Dramas in PriPara, but didn’t say which (IIRC he did the haloween one. Possibly Cosmo’s too)

He said Pretty Rhythm’s appearance in the 2015 PriPara movie may be the last Pretty Rhythm thing ever so you should make memories of it.
Ctrl f “news” in the PriPara post here for news on the movie.
He also hinted they’ll do ouenjoueis/singing event/movie screenings where you can sing and come cosplayed etc with all 4 Pretty Rhythm parts of the PriPara movie. Judging from what they did with the Pretty Rhythm’s movie singing event, the very last singing event with all 4 partswill probably be in summer, August or so. If you plan to go to Japan and wanna go it may be a good idea to go before then.

News & random

prad3 wakana eating nikuman odeco prad3 naru rinne happ new year 2015 odeco

Odeco/Matsuura Mai posted new pics on her twitter as always. I don’t think she’ll ever stop drawing Pretty Rhythm things hahaha.

prad3 odeco c87 3prad3 odeco c87 2 prad3 odeco c87 1

She also sold stuff at C87. Speaking of that, they still do Pretty Rhythm related doujins events from time to time with the Puniket thing. Check this page if you’re in Japan and want to give it a go. Doujinshi Mugimugi is always up to date with the stuff too so check that too.

prad bd box1 cover 02 prad bd box1 cover 01

Cover of the 1st AD bluray box that got released the 12th of December. It sold 876 copies the week of it’s release and ranked 41th. Second box gets out the 13th March 2015. Also the official twitter said some pretty funny things about it. “The box is super small so you can sleep with it, or carry it with you every day”. I bet among the 876+ people who bought it(implying people only bought one copy) there’s a few who’ll actually do that.

prad bd box1 booklet 01 prad bd box1 booklet 02

The box also has a 20 pages booklet with a summary and comments from Director, CG Director, and Akao Deko (series composition). There’s also the A part storyboard of the first episode. BD Box 2 will have the B part.

prad bd box1 preorder aira rabichi cover 01 prad bd box1 preorder rizumu bearchi cover 02

Colored version of the bonus covers for preorders.

prad bd box1 cover 03

Inside of the box. The covers are all by Watanabe Akio btw, the original chara designer for AD and DMF. If only all the people who like him for Bakemonogatari anime or stuff like Popotan would watch Pretty Rhythm, It’d be great. There’s an interview of him which I’m planning to translate someday in the All Star Selection Guidebook.

prad bd box 2 cover mars serenon with kaname wedding dresses

Cover for the 2nd BD box.

prad bd box 2 cover magical mion prad bd box 2 cover magical kaname

Bonus preorder covers

pretty rhythm special complete cdbox cover prad

On the 14th January 2015 when the Pretty Rhythm Special Complete CD box got released, they also released a mini album with 6  songs in “super high quality” or whatever. The six songs were decided by vote. I think I saw which six songs were chosen but forgot where. You can check the tracklist of the box here.
Hopefully someone puts on youtube the Akaii Meganee x Akaii Meganii song so I can see how funny it is.

pretty rhythm special complete cdbox bonus boys cover prad

Those who preordered it got 10 bonus covers, one for each cd, with the boys instead, and a bonus CD with a roundtable chat with MARs and Director san.

They announced a Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live smartphone Android/IOS game. Official site here. Apparently there’s only RL characters but it’ll have songs from all three seasons. It’s based on an already existing rhythm game for smartphones called Shake. You can pre register for it and get a rare Rinne card. So it’s card based or something. Apparently it’ll also have a story similar to the anime, presented in a manga like form, with Rinne crash landing and you need to send her back to Prism World. Release date is 7th March 2015 the same day the PriPara movie gets released.
They also started up an official twitter with pics of the game.

Like I said in the last PriPara post, (ctrl f “news”) the Pretty Rhythm & PriPara book will have a oneshot Pretty Rhythm boys manga in it. They haven’t said which boys will be in or what it’s about.

prad special complete cd box tower record shinjuku sd wakana prad special complete cd box tower record shinjuku sd otoha prad special complete cd box tower record shinjuku sd beru prad special complete cd box tower record shinjuku sd aira mia naruprad special complete cd box tower record shinjuku sd mion aira rizumu mars

SD characters at Shinjuku’s Tower Records.

Animedia January 2015 has an interview of MARs and Director.
Maybe one day I’ll get rich and I wouldn’t have written all these “magazine xxx got a Pretty Rhythm xxx interview” for nothing as I’ll know which magazines to buy immediately.

New magazine covering 2D male idols also has stuff on Over The Rainbow. Also I highly doubt it’s the first magazine ever on 2D idols like the article says.

Akesaka Satomi on twitter.

Someone uploaded on youtube parts of the 2013 xmas event DVD.

prad3 ito 2015 bday from akiratamcat twitter

This person posted this for Ito’s bday the 14th.

prad3 juné hijiri gundam char lala photoshop by aka3taku

A lot of nice or funny pics were posted on twitter for Hijiri’s birthday the 23th of November. Check the tag 

I still haven’t read her interview in the PRASS guidebook, so I dunno if she says stuff about it, but Shishido Rumi sure is a huge french weaboo, that’s a song in french she did in 2008. I randomly saw it on her twitter. She must have liked doing Juné’s jumps.

prad3 naru mia aira seals by hnew8 twitter prad3 naru jin seals by hnew8 twitter

Seals made by this person

prad3 op 2 ez do dance aikatsu parody

Rainbow Live’s 2nd OP EZ DO DANCE hilariously remade with Aikatsu. Tfw Sakura will never make that face again. I like Mizuki so I like how they put her in Bell’s place. Best Aikatsus forever are still Ran and Hikari SHE IS A CHAR though.
Tfw Hikari will never get her own spinoff where she wears sunglasses all the time and calls herself by an alias. At least she’s the main sponsor IRL for the shops or whatever someone told me again.

prad mc kensaku prad mc kensaku in gbf try

Remember that Kensaku dancer guy who was MC for the IRL segments at the end of DMF eps? He was in GBF Try. I wouldn’t have noticed it myself if not for Director retweeting it. I haven’t even started watching Try yet too.

Seeing the Director talk about Pretty Rhythm in Korea made me check it out a bit. There’s some searches of the show’s name in Korean that led to my blog as well. IIRC they started airing the show with DMF there, I remember writing this long ago.  Randomly checking on twitter I found some funny things:

Kaname was renamed Kaili hahahaha

Rinne in episode 6. I don’t speak Korean so I can’t judge the dubbing quality but it’s amazing she sounds a lot like Ayane Sakura.

Juné vs Rinne fight that aired the week of the 30th January I think.

In comparison the Animax asia dub of DMF is hilarious.

Korean happy naru compilation.

prad3 39 hiro korean version censored prad3 39 hiro towel japanese version

Hiro’s bath scene was censored a little bit. There’s also multiple instances where Japanese traditional clothes were changed into Korean traditional clothes. IIRC Ann’s mom wears a Korean traditional outfit instead of a kimono for example. Forgot where I put the pics.

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