Gundam G no Reconguista – 21

g reco 21 noredo slingshot

I didn’t think the day would come when Noredo would be ultra cool with her slingshot à la Nina in Rose Guns Days. AND DAT CAT.

g reco 21 gisela blush

Gisella’s scene at the start was so funny. I guess the other blond girl who’s sometimes with her at navigation and who never speaks isn’t her daughter, and she’s not married. Or maybe she’s crazy.

g reco 21 best girls undercoverg reco 21 g lucifer noredo manny

I noticed best girl’s hair is growing back, hopefully at the end of the show she’ll have long hair again. Assuming she doesn’t die, since piloting something called G LUCIFER sounds like a huge deathflag. She’s my favorite character so I really really hope she doesn’t get a double death with Mask or something like that. It was pretty fun how they just walked in, took it and left. Maybe Tomino wanted to do a deep tongue in cheek critic of gundamjacking and kids falling into cockpits.

g reco 21 bellri 3000m

I like how they showed Bell was paying attention to the class about the Venus balls. Sasuga tobikyusei. There was tons of really awesome scenes in this episode but I don’t have pictures to show since was watching official french stream.

g reco 21 gay guy voiced by seto kaiba

That Rosenthal guy was fun. I thought he had Tsda Kenjirou/Seto Kaiba/Fire Emblem voice at first since he does a lot of flamboyant gay characters like Fire Emblem, which I really liked, but seeing the credits turns out it’s not him.

g reco 21 kia cockpit deathg reco 21 kung reco 21 kun 2

And I was pretty sad for Kia, he was a really cool guy, though he did want to genocide earth. I liked him a lot even though he was only there for three episodes. It was the first non-mob character death since forever too. Seeing Kun being helpless watching the man she loves die was really sad. The way they showed his cockpit slowly getting flooded as well was impactful. I like when they show pilots deaths from the cockpit. And yes I’m sure he’s dead, I don’t think the typical “don’t see the body so not dead” rule applies in g reco.

g reco 21 flower bombsg reco 21 tfw noredo couldn't feed bell fish

Yup, Kia was a nice guy. Tfw him and Bellri and the others will never get to eat delicious Venus fish together.

g reco 21 attendent hitting her head

It was really hilarious when the attendant hit her head.

g reco 21 la gu 2

Haha La Gu is Koyasu. Was wondering if he’d appear in G Reco or not. And wow is hair is the most fabulous. I didn’t think a character topping Ringo’s or Bell’s parents would appear. The show keeps surprising me with the characters. And yet again, just like with every side character so far the introduction of La Gu was perfect. I’m already in love with him. We black people will be space aristocrats with fabulous hair in the future yay.

g reco 21 buffet 01g reco 21 buffet 02

>People are mutating.
>I’m a bit less than 200 years old.

g reco 21 aida bell shocked

WHAT THE HELL. That ending sure left me speechless. I couldn’t have seen this coming. I don’t have any idea how the show will go for these last episodes.
Maybe everyone will die. Maybe everyone will live. Maybe everyone will become immortal. I have no idea. Anything can happen.
Also, Kia’s line in episode 20 about the “people of Rosario Ten seeing a 2000 years long dream” suddenly makes much more sense now, instead of some random 2deep4u useless line. And I guess it explains the scene in the episode with the old guy screaming for his mom, who don’t look any older than him.

g reco 21 jikai notyazan is backg reco 21 noredo manny piloting

YEAH NOTYAZAN IS BACK. And Noredo piloting looks hella fun. There’s only four episodes left. Hopefully Kia dying this week isn’t the signal starting up the Genocide Self. I don’t want Manny and Kerbest to die Tomino plz don’t kill anyone.

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