PriPara – 33-34

prad5 3302

Episode 33

prad5 3303

Mai chan and Rika chan girls were cute. They were called Mai and Rika cuz that’s the names of the girls who voiced them and were modelled after them too. ctrl f dreaming girl audition in this post.
One of the reasons I always wanted the show to make people win or loose based on something, was to hear “iine are iine” jokes. Unicorn did it for the first time in the show.

prad5 3304

So the ep was rewind.  Just as I thought the show has finally become more interesting they do a rewind ep. Except for Faruru’s “tell me more about you Laala” line, nothing in episode 32’s jikai hinted 33 would be a rewind. It’s like a reverse of the jikai for ep 39 of RL that showed absolutely nothing, so everyone thought ep 39 would be a rewind until the director tweeted it wasn’t.

prad5 3305 prad5 3306

Faruru is literally insensitive.
Maybe I would have laughed to the shiritori joke if the ep wasn’t rewind.
Also Pikachu made Faruru’s making drama. If someone can make one for you they could have made each side character they meet give them a Making Drama. Sophie would have a horror parody themed Making Drama where she’s chased by Sadako. Kimono girl could have given Shion a galaxian explosion Go themed making drama.
Also, since Faruru actually took Shion’s advice and started reading dictionaries in that other ep, even if Faruru herself doesn’t have emotions or whatever, she should still know about them, or what a mom or school or a little sister is. But whatever.

prad5 3307 prad5 3308

You pretty much can’t skip episode 33 even though it’s rewind, cuz as opposed to a lot of episodes they actually put new info in it, like how people can make you a Making Drama, or that Akaii Meganee and Meganii don’t know anything about Faruru either. (Though Akaii Meganee is lying and just not telling them the truth, she plays her secret final boss Prism Decade destroyer of Prism Worlds role perfectly.)

Episode 34

prad5 3401

Faruru is one of the few intelligent enough beings to realize immediately after seeing both versions that Salami Smile Laala = Laala. I really like how Akaneya Himika did weird or loud or masculine sounding Laala voices again, like her KITAAAAAA when Faruru called. It’s fun and and at least seems she’s having fun.

prad5 3402prad5 3403

Must be PriPara world’s notOtoha’s son. NotOtoha registered him at school as Takahashi instead of Takanashi to hide he’s from a rich family. He’s full of himself because he’s rich and turned out to be the complete opposite of notOtoha.

prad5 3404prad5 3405

That teacher is cute, and this looks awfully difficult for grade schoolers. Laala’s stupid but still has pretty good idea sometimes, hiding the phone like that.

prad5 3408

Non rolling on the bar is totally 100% definitely a DMF reference when Hye In and Mia did it when they were kids. Maybe you’ll see what scene I’m talking about when DMF’s ending gets translated in 2025.

prad5 3410 prad5 3409

Suddenly deep little sister toy robot metaphor

prad5 3411

That other ep it was written Sofy, and now it’s Sophy. See, this is why you shouldn’t care how names are spelled outside Japanese. Japanese don’t care themselves. And even if they do, there’s more important things to care about in life anyway.

prad5 3412 prad5 3413

I’d like to hang out IRL with Yamakita Saki and ask her to talk in her Shion voice.

prad5 3414

Shion showing once again she’s the best character(with Cosmo) by being the first character to intimidate Pikachu and make him get off his high Ponita.

prad5 3415prad5 3416

Dorothy is a bad girl

prad5 3417prad5 3418


prad5 3419prad5 3420

Sasuga Mireille. At least she disassembled it correctly.

prad5 3421

>What’s a friend?
Dorothy: People who praise me.
Never change Dorothy.

prad5 3424 prad5 3423

I knew even Mireille wouldn’t be able to repair it. So it didn’t make me laugh. It’s still a funny joke for once though. Faruru saying right after she doesn’t need friends after all was funny too.

prad5 3425prad5 3426 prad5 3427prad5 3428

Shion trying to fix it too. They should have totally let her do it. It would have worked for sure. In the end Leona fixed it as I was expecting. And Shion looks so smug in that first pic. Why is Shion so best

prad5 3429prad5 3430

Smiling Farurururur

prad5 3431prad5 3432 prad5 3433prad5 3434

Oh a Faruru transformation scene. And they made her pose like a marionette hung on strings.

prad5 3435

Faruru’s snowdress is gaudy bling bling like most of the dresses, but it’s pretty much the only one on which it works. The fact it’s all blue also helps. It’s nice. Would buy for my wife if I get married.

prad5 3436prad5 3437 prad5 3438

Was a pretty cool Making Drama. Was the first deep meaning one since the time Sophie couldn’t pick up the key. Too bad they recycled the Faruru inside a Faruru idea again for it though.

prad5 3440 prad5 3441

Pikachu’s an idiot so I don’t feel bad for him. Hopefully Faruru abandons him like the trash he is. Maybe he’ll change his ways then.

prad5 3442

They’re going to use the definition of a friend they each said as lyrics. So Dorothy is actually gonna say stuff like praise me. This should be fun.

prad5 3443 prad5 3444prad5 3445

The way Shion gave her sheet of paper in her usual awesome way, Dorothy saying “if Leona’s gonna do it…” or Akaii Meganii going kashkoma were all really nice touches. Small pleasant things you wish they’d do more often. And they’re reforming Iris again. It’ll certainly last until the final episode this time.


Seems Faruru will try to go outside PriPara world once the tournament is over.  Maybe they’ll make a twist, like she disappears if she goes out. Then Laala will make her reappear and give her pizza, and season 1 will end like that.

Episode 34 was pretty good, had funny jokes and plot, I was right thinking the show got better. Things are looking good for the last 4 episodes.  Watching episode 34 was like when you stumble into a manga with an imouto setting or a fantasy harem ln with non japanese words in the synopsis that actually aren’t crap, and makes you think “See, it’s not hard to do something good. Why can’t they all do it? Why every PriPara episode isn’t like that? Why we’re getting Seo Kouji rehashing Suzuka for a third time instead of good things?” One of the reasons is because editors forces same usual story and settings on authors. Mori Kaoru said so at Salon du Livre 2014. Still haven’t wrote a post about it and it’s already gonna be a year soon. Time goes so fast.
(For Doubt!, read it raw or whatever, but avoid Casanova scans at all costs. Their translation is absolutely horrible and messes up the story.)


prad6 character mikan

Mikan is voiced by Watanabe Yui. Never heard of her. She didn’t do many roles and apparently the only show I watched with her is Teekyu.

prad6 character aroma

Aroma is voiced by Makino Yui who’s Sakura in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.
She was also Mio in Needless which has a cool anime adaptation and is one of the best manga of the past decade.

prad5 arcade game 3rd update magazine pageprad5 arcade game 3rd live update tvadprad5 new faruru laala purichike for 3rd arcade game update also has ad for further new tickets that wil be in ciao may 2015

The “3rd Live” third big update of the PriPara arcade game will be in March 19th. One of the pics I found has Faruru changing her hair so maybe she will in the anime too. Maybe some of the new dresses etc will appear in the anime as well.
I like Faruru’s drillcluster hair, but that new look is super mega cute and the blue dress too, hopefully she’ll change to that in the anime. Bottom left on the third pic are further new purichikes that will be in ciao may 2015 next month.

prad5 pripara 3ds game 3d camera

They updated the official site for the PriPara 3DS game. You’ll be able to take 3D IRL pics with some of the characters, including Kouji and Kazuki. That’s what the sketches of Matsuura Mai I posted in the previous post were for. And it seems you’ll also be able to take a pic with Jin.
While Hiro is playable in the game, he won’t be able to switch clothes/wear girls clothes.

prad5 goodsmile laala figure

Laala figure.

prad5 pripara fan exchange meeting night 01prad5 pripara fan exchange meeting night 02

There was an “exchange meeting” organized by fans the night of the 21st.

prad5 arcade game cosmo talking about some live satying she already experience a live like this before cosmo time diver prism diend theory confirmed

There’s a time in the arcade game when Cosmo after watching a performance, says that it was hyper great and she already felt a kirameki like this before, but can’t remember where. I wish I had more context, like whose performance she’s talking about. I think she means the player’s and that’s when she comments about you after a performance. Anyway I just want more fuel for my Cosmo dimension slider theory.  Does this means she actually has no memories from when she slides?!

some random variety show prad3 beru mom line

One of these  japanese variety show that makes people watching them stupid had a quiz about moms or whatever, and one of the typical lines of one of the mom types was “I’m doing this for your own good”, the line Bell’s mom used to tell her, and what Bell hilariously said herself to a customer in episode 29 of RL when she becomes manager. Someone tweeted it thinking it was funny.  I found it funny too.

prad5 34 momo penguin sensei faruru shelf

Multiples fans on Twitter noticed there was Penguin Sensei and Momo toys in Faruru’s shelf. At the middle bottom. I didn’t notice it.

If I understood what he said right, CG Director actually wanted to make a CG transforming sequence for Mireille when she wore the prosecutor idol outit in ep 32, but they told him it’s not worth it to do it since it would just be used just for that one time.

Tickets for the first showing of the movie sold out super fast. Pretty Rhythm director said he’ll be there for the first screening event instead of PriPara director because she’s busy working on the show. Apparently PriPara is getting even more and more popular. I really don’t care about sales and rankings and things like that though. I’m not even mad at how PriPara is outselling Pretty Rhythm so much even though it’s not even 10^-3 as good. Just felt like mentioning it since I often see CG director or other staff members retweeting articles about how Poplar PriPara is.

4 thoughts on “PriPara – 33-34

  1. Bryan Wilkinson (MicroBry)

    Ha, I was looking up some PriPara stuff on YouTube the other day and came upon Iwamura Mai’s entries in the Dream Girls Audition. You can see why that kid won the role–she both nailed the voice acting as well as put on a really impressive recreation of Laala’s CG dance of Make It:

    I looked into it a little further and found out she also performed well in a prior competition for Dear My Future and was on the live portion briefly as a result. Her mom’s a total anime fangirl and got Mai interested in performing through Macross F (Mai has a small collection of Ranka Lee stuff) back when she was in kindergarten, lol. I would totally not be surprised to see Mai performing professionally in a few years from now, she’s already pretty active in her training and performs with a local mascot character and such. Her blog and twitter got inundated with fan art of her character after that episode, too.

    They actually did sub the episode of DMF with the rolling on the bar scene, but yeah, they still have the final cours to finish. I’d watch the rest raw, but I have a friend doing the series with me who would rather wait, and doesn’t want to move on to Rainbow Live until it is finished. I may soldier on ahead with both though. Very eager to see how it goes.

    As it is, the Kiteseekers sub is “characteristically” wretched (even worse than their Aurora Dream sub) and not really worth the wait. I get the impression whoever edits their scripts never compares it to the actual spoken dialogue/on-screen text. Ai-dle’s is “galactically” far better, but they are pretty much pacing Kiteseekers, though they pulled ahead briefly for a short while.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Yeah Mai has been at it for a while, I saw her too in the DMF live part when it aired, she didn’t win the final round of that contest though, in episode 38. I remember it well since it’s also the episode where DOUBLE DESIGN NTR and everything happens. I used to watch the live action parts, then skipped them, then started watching them a bit in DMF. The ones with the IRL PURETTY were fun. It was cute how they struggled to talk a bit in Japanese and such.

      I also randomly stumbled onto her videos and stuff multiple times but I never actually read stuff about her as I’m not too interested to be honest, so your comment is the first time I read about her in detail. The story with her mom is really nice. If I have a daughter I’d do the same. Not sure I’d let her actually go the idol/talent path though but that’s another story.

      I don’t like badmouthing people, but I don’t like lying either, so I have to say I honestly think Kiteseekers are acting like idiots. There’s also how they seem to only release episodes when the guys of ai idle do. I don’t know what they’re thinking.

      Somehow from what I experienced, and I’m not the only one, sub groups subbing “kids” shows are always weird or do stupid things. It’s kinda similar to shoujo/yuri scanlating groups. Maybe it’s a curse or something.

      Maybe ai idle will finish subbing the show this year. I believe in them.

      1. Bryan Wilkinson (MicroBry)

        Yeah, I’ve watched a few of the live bits now and then and looked for the Mai ones which happened to be amidst the most recent subs. And yeah, as I expected it really looks like shit starts to get real in DMF around this point, doesn’t it? Can’t wait to see the payoff…

        I’ve not watched a lot of fansubbed kids’ shows in recent years so I don’t have a lot to compare to. At least the Aikatsu subs I’ve been watching from Mezashite have been pretty well done. Though now I think of it, I may have seen some of what you mean in another kid’s show or two.

        Yeah, I’ll give KS credit that at least they included the live bits and that if not for their subs, I’d likely have missed all the Aurora Dream omake specials…which would have been a huge loss (especially given how much DMF expands upon many of them). The scene with Jun and Kei and the lightbulb alone made it all worthwhile. But some of their scripts were just bizarre…like how they really, REALLY didn’t want to write “happy-lucky” for the longest time.

        But yeah, since I last wrote, I finished AD and am caught up to the subs on DMF. So far it’s been amazing stuff, even if they went a bit crazy with the cast expansions for the Korean side. I just found out a net-friend has been into PriPara and Aikatsu lately but didn’t really know about Pretty Rhythm, so I’m sending her off to work on her Prism Jumps.

        Oh well, I do like Naisho’s work better from what I’ve watched of them, even if they are burning out lately. I’ll look forward to their RL sub.

  2. moh

    I found thair song, I think

    even if it is not this gives us an idea what the stage is going to look like.


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