MechaTsuku contest finals

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I think I heard about this contest when it started, didn’t care about it much. Now that it’s in the final stage there’s actually some pretty cool things that got out of it.
I’m totally not allergic to CG mecha (I like Cross Ange, Valvrave, Gargantia, or even early CG stuff like Divergence Eve or Vandread. Though that’s because I like anime based on story etc rather than visuals)  but funnily enough the two projects with CG in them look incredibly boring, I wonder how they got in the final stage of the competition. I’m not gonna bother commenting on them.

Enthusiast could be fun if they do a sports mecha mixed with politics and stuff. The first thing I thought of is Rideback.  Hopefully someone will pick up the manga one day, and the other stuff by Kasahara Tetsurowho also has really cool mechs. Enthusiast has worse mecha designs than Rideback though. Maybe if they include a backstory saying hero was a high ranked salaryman before switching to mecha bike racing, and that late season a new rival who works at the same company comes to beat him and bring him back, using a new prototype model backed with money from the company, or something like that, it could be fun. It could be good or bad.

Day Break Dean Drive could be really good if they do a mecha shoujo. And it could definitely turn this way since the two allies of the main girl are guys. If they add some 80 sports anime touch to it and make it into a sports shoujo mecha anime, put in some drama and balance it with funny moments, basically Pretty Rhythm with mechas, or Gunbuster keeping the sports aspect, it could become one of my favorite shows ever. There was some mecha with female protagonists recently like Mouretsu Pirates and Rinne no Lagrange. While Mouretsu Pirates is one of my favorite shows, both shows didn’t deal into sports and lack the romance aspect as well. Cross Ange currently airing got Ange x Tusk, but it’s not the same kind of romance I’m talking about, and lacks sports as well.

dean drive mechanic girl dean drive mc girl funny face

Dean Drive has cool looking mechas, a not bad sounding premise, and cool things in general. There’s even a cute mechanic girl, and they bothered showing her in the promo, meaning she will have screentime. The character designs looks simple and effective. The girls don’t have that glossy skin thing or too white skin thing. The guys look cool and simple too. MC’s funny expressions when the explosion’s blast push her away, or when her cake gets stolen looks there would be silly fun. Hits all the right spots with me. Maybe I’d have liked it even more if the heroine was a bit older, like 16-18. Since she’s 14, judging from the promo it feels they’re going to do a lot of whymustIpilot angst. Maybe there won’t be any though, who knows. Anyway this one’s my favorite by far.
Oh and if they want to put in suffering hopefully they don’t do it like most shows these days and do things other than character deaths or rape attempts. Pretty Rhythm, Princess Sarah, Nobody’s Boy Remi etc. Tons of other ways. Hopefully the two wingmen don’t die.
Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a crappy madoka magica clone too.

Finally, Star Storks feels the most secure to me. Doesn’t feel like it takes risks. It’s not bad but not particularly super interesting either. It has the highest chance of being good without being great or bad.

The contest will be decided by promo video views counts, so in order to “vote” you need to share the video of the project you like. Dean Drive is leading for now, by 1000+ views. I really hope it wins. And I really hope they do at least 2cours with the winning project, or else the idea will be wasted and it’ll be meaningless. 1 cour anime has a way bigger chance to be screwed up. Contest ends the 31st March.

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