Cross Ange – 22

cross ange 22 ange not afraid any sunshine

Ange isn’t afraid any sunshine, which is why she could “Come here! Vilkiss!!” at the end of the episode.

I was stupid for thinking Tusk died. I didn’t think Momoka would die though, so when she “died” in 21 I was surprised. Now that she’s back I’m happy. Her explanation was pretty funny. Tusk’s explanation is a joke one and didn’t count since it’s in the jikai, but it fits with the tongue-in-cheek tone of the show. Though it doesn’t change the fact that all the scenes related to their “deaths” in ep 21 were stupid since no one died in the end, except poor astray girl clone. That’s the second time they do something really stupid, first was Salia and the others going stupid now this.

In the end I’m happy though, since this means they didn’t decide to remove the comedy and go 100% serious for the final episodes. The first episode was like that, trying really hard to be serious, and it was the worst.

cross ange 22 ersha 01cross ange 22 ersha 02

Plus now that the kids are dead again Ersha finally came back to her senses. Really happy about that. Ersha is my favorite character with Vivian.

cross ange 22 come here vilkisscross ange 22 come here vilkiss 2

With all the references to other mechas or classics in general, the staff must have been pretty happy to have finally put in a proper COME HERE DAITARN 3 scene. Or I guess RAAAHXEPHOOOOOOOOON if you don’t know about Daitarn 3. Though I guess there’s people who don’t even know about Rahxephon either. It’s been 13 years wow. Time goes so fast.

The only thing I have trouble with now is that they still haven’t hinted at a way to kill Embryo. I just hope they won’t do something dumb like he’s actually Aura so they’ll have to kill it or whatever. Wouldn’t make sense.
I always thought Tusk would end up dying at the end, but now that he already did and came back, it won’t happen. Also I still think Hilda will end up dying. Rosalie Chris and the others probably not.  I don’t think Salia will die either.
Anyway I’m looking forward to how it’ll end, and the inevitable 6-way Voltekka combo with all the Ragnamails. And hopefully Emma will be the one to kill Embryo.

PS: I forgot if I ever said it on my blog, but I genuinely like Cross Ange. I don’t watch it because “it’s so bad it’s good” or something stupid like that. While I do think there’s two plot points that were stupid, I genuinely like the story and the characters. Most things people think are stupid are just the show being self aware and its tongue in cheekness. Sylvia calling herself queen in this episode was another good example.  Or any scene with Sylvia actually. The drop in animation since the start of the second half doesn’t bother me either. They even put it in service of the plot too. Ange’s ultra QUALITY face when Embryo proposed to her in episode 20 was the only face that could have fit that scene.

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