PriPara – 35

That was kinda gay.
I didn’t make this webm.

prad5 3503

They need one person each to take care of Faruru’s drills.

prad5 3504

Mireille’s or Dorothy and Leona’s parents are so cool, too bad they don’t show them more, and never will. Laala’s dad seems interesting too. There will never be an episode about how he goes back to Italy and turns out his family is part of the mafia, and how his sister/Laala’s aunt is an idol gangsta in Italian PriPara.

prad5 3505


prad5 3506

Rabu chan doing an Ace wo Nerae reference.

prad5 3507

Cosmo’s outfit looks cute they should have shown it in full.

prad5 3508 prad5 3509prad5 3510

The choreography was nice. They had actual more moves together compared to the first time they did a live all together. They actually moved as six instead of 3+3. PriPara still has the best CG on TV anime right now.

prad5 3511

Farurururu on drugs.

prad5 3512 prad5 3513

Meganii should have screamed a good MASAKA!? there or something.Wasted opportunity. Kind of like the whole show.

prad5 3514 prad5 3515 prad5 3516 prad5 3517 prad5 3518 prad5 3519 prad5 3520 prad5 3521 prad5 3522 prad5 3523 prad5 3524 prad5 3525 prad5 3526 prad5 3527 prad5 3528 prad5 3529 prad5 3530 prad5 3531 prad5 3532 prad5 3533 prad5 3534 prad5 3501

>Call her friends to gang up on a poor little girl with no friends
>Beat her up to death in front of her parent
Laala is the most evilest idol ever.

It was obvious Faruru would “die” (she’ll come back next episode) but I didn’t think cutting her purichike would be what would do it.

Besides that nothing really funny or interesting happened in this episode. They’re just finishing Faruru’s story, like checking it on a checklist. It was well executed though.


prad5 33 recording mai rika

Mai and Rika at the recording for episode 33.

prad5 movie iris pretty rhythm director

The movie got out the 7th. That’s i☆Ris and Pretty Rhythm director.

They’re planning to open “PriPara character shops” , shops focusing on selling PriPara goods. You can see the tons and tons of goods they’re planning to bring out on the Takara Tommy official site.

CG director joked saying you can only see a trap in a bunny suit in CG in the PriPara movie.

prad5 dorothy leona shion derssing pafé poster

Dunno where this poster is from.

prad5 laala leona poster animedia april 2015

April issue of Animedia has a Laala x Reona poster. Probably someone will scan it later.

For my own convenience, and also for people who like Pretty Rhythm but don’t watch PriPara, I’ll talk about Pretty Rhythm focused things in another post later maybe perhaps soon.

8 thoughts on “PriPara – 35

  1. Elizabeth

    Thanks for doing this, even though Pripara isn’t your favorite show right now. It’s fun reading your posts, and getting information!

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      No problem.
      I still write about it because I still like it you know. That’s why I still point out it’s faults. It’s like IRL and how you’d tell someone you care about what they’re doing wrong.
      I also enjoy the references to Pretty Rhythm etc.

  2. Joanne

    I kinda feel like its gonna end like this:
    Step 1: Revive Faruru.
    Step 2: We see the creator of the Vocal Dolls.
    Step 3: We beat the creator of the Vocal Dolls

    Boom. Next Season.

  3. IvaniSamaTVHD

    I just noticed some inconsistencies on the eyecatches. It’s not very important but… Like, Laala and company except sophie have their idol forms in cyalume coord, but sophie has the outfit that she uses when performing Taiyou no Flare Sherbet. And on the second arc, Solami Smile changes to their team cyalume coord. BUT when Dressing Pafé gets their new cyalume coord, their eyecatches don’t change. They’re lazier in this anime I suppose…

  4. Unknown

    Hope you read this
    This is kinda off topic but anyways here it is
    I keep seeing posts that you say that DMF has no english dub yet, too bad because there actually is a english dub but its only for asian countries. Animax Asia dubbed Aurora Dream to Rainbow live back-to-back and i think the dub is pretty great.
    Heres a sample of DMF dub, you can search it around online anyway lol


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