Cross Ange 25 END

cross ange 2501

Was an excellent show and a really fun ending.

Episode 24 was hilarious with Tusk using psychological warfare on Embryo telling him stuff like “Ange and I did it for three days straight!” The jikai was the last one so they did the best one too, the kurou ange pun killed my sides. And then they even brought back gravity dragon too. That was so cool.

cross ange 2503cross ange 2504

Episode 25 was pretty great. The ending was more of less what I expected except Hilda didn’t die. Even the other two notAstray girls didn’t die. They actually even explained the thing with Ange and Salamandisney seeing parallel worlds back then too, while I was thinking they just put thatthere to be cool. Salamandisney got to SEIBAI stuff, Hilda and Salia turned into Ange’s red and blue upgrades, Ange’s ultimate badmouthing of Embryo, everything was pretty awesome. The only thing missing which I wanted to happen was everyone shooting their VOLTEKKAAAA to kill Embryo instead of Ange doing it alone, and Emma piloting a Ragnamail with the dog. The show was super tongue in cheek so I really expected them to do it. Too bad. Oh and they should have put some more Chtulu tombstones in that epilogue graveyard scene.

cross ange 2505cross ange 2506cross ange 2507cross ange 2508

The show’s first episode was the worst, like tons of other shows, then it got gradually better and hilarious with all the looney tunes antics. Starting the second half they ran out of money so there’s QUALITY everywhere. I thought it would be only for a few episodes, but the QUALITY stayed until the end. The final episode got some nice shots though. And I didn’t mind it though. I care about the story and characters first when watching shows. And Cross Ange was pretty good in that. The pinnacle of the QUALITY was episode 23, with the ship flying but the units launch from the ship at sea.

cross ange 2509cross ange 2510cross ange 2511cross ange 2512

The only things I didn’t like about the show were episode 1, how everything I predicted about the dragons was right, making the reveals at the half of the show pretty boring, how Salia was poorly written, but they made it hilarious so it compensated, and lastly how Tusk died then immediately came back. Momoka’s “death” was perfect, as they even showed off her frying pan before, in the ED animation as well. But Tusk’s was just there for shock value. There’s too many shows who do that these days.

cross ange 2502

In terms of characters, I liked Ersha, Momoka and Vivian the most, but every character was really good. Rosalie didn’t do much but her antics where always hilarious. Emma was super fun when she was hobo mode, Salamandisney was nice too. I really didn’t care about Hilda at first and they made me care. There was tons of feels back in episode 9. They didn’t even kill her. They did a pretty good job. And of course there was Sylvia. She’s objectively the best character in the show. From her hilarious antics, going WHEELCHAIR IMOUTO WHIPPING, and at the end turning into SYLVRAMBO. You can tell she’s part of Ange’s family. Maybe their mother started up their country by figthing and beating people up too, too bad we’ll never know.

cross ange 2513cross ange 2515

Even Perolina came back.

cross ange 2514cross ange cd mizuki nana cover

And they finally got to do their karaoke shoubu. Plus Salamandisney dress is really cute there. I need the same IRL. Also same clothes as watertree7 on the cd cover.

cross ange 2516

She’s wearing Jill’s coat.

cross ange 2518

Anyway it was a pretty great show and really funny too, with lot of tongue in cheek moments. I hope it gets in SRW for super broken Vilkiss final upgrade shenanigans. If not for the two bad things I mentioned above, it would get in my favorite shows ever list.
People who use the words “trainwreck” or “I watch it ironically” should disappear.
Without counting things I haven’t finished like Shirobako or Durarara, this is my favorite show of 2015 after G Reco.

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