PriPara – 36-38

prad5 3843prad5 3844


I’ll keep watching PriPara since I still like it enough. I’ll keep blogging it too until I get too busy IRL to do it. The last cour was much better than the rest, but season 2 will need a lot of work. Needs more character development, more screentime for the side characters, more worldbuilding, less Making Drama recycling, less catchphrases, less flashbacks and explaining taking the kids watching for idiots who need to see a scene 5 times to get it, quality over quantity for jokes. And the most important, it needs an actual story. Literally nothing happened in PriPara besides 1/Sophie joining 2/Leona’s reveal 3/Gloria and Laalamom making up 4/Cosmo 5/Faruru 6/Shion with her hair down.

It doesn’t really need drama or a main antagonist, Aurora Dream for example didn’t have a villain. It just need some more rivalry, some stakes at hand and some plot. Not sure if they’ll push up the rivalry though. Aikatsu doesn’t do that and I remember reading that the staff of Aikatsu likes it that way, and thinks it’s why it’s so popular. So PriPara will probably go this way as well. Maybe we’ll actually get one vs one though seeing how episode 38 ends but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Speaking of that I wonder how they’ll handle the passing of time in PriPara. In episode 38 it is the end of the school year so Laala will go up a grade,  Sophie will become a high school girl, and Mireille will go to middle school third year. Maybe Sophie will switch schools too since there’s no high school section in Paprika. Maybe they’ll retcon that though.

For now, PriPara copies Aikatsu which copied Pretty Rhythm, and Pretty Rhythm aside it’s not even better than Aikatsu Season1. “Season1” because if you’re new to this blog, I haven’t watched past it.

Starting 39, I’ll be posting about episodes even later than the usual, because ohys raws records from BS Japan, and PriPara will start airing on Wednesdays on BS Japan now, instead of Saturday 10am at the same time as TV Tokyo.
Nevermind about that they just released 39.

Episode 36

prad5 36 01prad5 36 02

Oh so Unicorn isn’t a bastard like I thought and was preventing Farurur all this time from getting friends so this doesn’t happen. I guess it makes sense. Meganii was funny. Faruru was born from all the foolish little girls thinking becoming an idol. That’s fine as an explanation but that’s not the kind of thing I expected, always thought someone in particular made her. The explanation was too long too. After Meganii finished Unicorn went again “that’s why I didn’t want her to have friends etc” which he just said before. Also I didn’t really care, but Laala’s voice was way too different when she started crying. Like, Akaneya Himika forgot she was voicing Laala. Maybe it’s because Laala didn’t cry much in the series so she didn’t practice doing a crying voice.

prad5 36 03 prad5 36 04

I smiled at the alarm clock and trying to glue back the ticket.

prad5 36 05prad5 36 06

Untransformed Mireille is best Mireille.

prad5 36 08prad5 36 09

Hopefully S2 has more Cosmo and she does performances again.

prad5 36 10

This episode was okay, but there was too much flashbacks and explaining. So the usual. The whole training thing was kind of unnecessary, I smiled wryly when Mireille said “we’ll do it too so we don’t drag Laala down”. As if Shion and Mireille aren’t miles ahead of Laala. And as if we have an actual way of knowing that anyway, since they barely expanded on skill or have anything resembling a powerlevel hierarchy. They pretty much just dragged it on so they could wake up Faruru in 37 instead.

Episode 37

prad5 3701


prad5 3702prad5 3703

I found it weird that Mireille’s parents where at Laala’s house at first.

prad5 3704

But then they showed that Laala arrived last. Mireille diligent as she is probably left her house long ago, so her parents went to Laala’s restaurant. They sure have a lot of free time for an attorney and prosecutor though.
I don’t think they showed them wearing these clothes before. They should have done a closer shot.

prad5 3705

They could have moved her to her bed or something instead of letting her there for days. I wonder if some random girls new to PriPara got scared and left after seeing a dead little girl right at an elevated place at the entrance like if she was sacrificed in a ritual.

prad5 3706 prad5 3708

Oh Cosmo made a different hair accessory for each cool.

prad5 3709prad5 3710

Hahahaha Laala was getting anxious and about to start some unneeded drama and then Shion and Dorothy literally slapped it out of her.

prad5 3711 prad5 3712

Sophie said she’ll “win”. Don’t think there’s any deep meaning here. Just her dropping cool one liners.

prad5 3713

Gloria’s hair was funny.

prad5 3714prad5 3715 prad5 3716 prad5 3717

Is it me or the CG got even better. Or it’s an optical illusion because for once they are wearing kinda normal dresses and not gaudy blingbling things.

prad5 3718 prad5 3719

I like how they made Dorothy slide on the ramp instead of going down normally. That’s typically the kind of stupid rash thing she’d do. Then again she’s a ninja so there’s no way she’d fall. And then Leona does it since Dorothy does.

prad5 3720

Dead Faruru in CG.

prad5 3721 prad5 3722

>Penultimate episode
>Everyone together in the ultimate dresses
>Literally about to revive someone

I’m not even mad, wasn’t expecting anything anyway.

prad5 3723prad5 3724 prad5 3725prad5 3726 prad5 3727prad5 3728prad5 3729prad5 3730prad5 3731prad5 3732


prad5 3733 prad5 3734

I wonder if Eiko’s tennis clubmates will actually do something in S2 or will they forget them even more. There’s Nao and Iroha too.

prad5 3735prad5 3736 prad5 3737 prad5 3738

It’s obvious Faruru would come back anyway so I was wondering if they’d do a “it’s not working” moment and they actually did. Wasn’t really necessary.

prad5 3739 prad5 3740 prad5 3741 prad5 3742 prad5 3743 prad5 3745 prad5 3746 prad5 3747 prad5 3748 prad5 3749

>Actually anyone can do Prism Voice if they have strong enough feelings
Well okay. Why not. They probably will never bring up Prism Voice again in S2 anyway.

prad5 3750

That girl is scary.

prad5 3755prad5 3756prad5 3757prad5 3758

Unicorn melting was funny.

prad5 3759prad5 3760 prad5 3761 prad5 3762

I like the drills cluster too but I think she’s cuter like that. Tic Tac Flower Making Drama was nice too.

prad5 3763prad5 3764 prad5 3765prad5 3766 prad5 3767prad5 3768prad5 3769prad5 3770prad5 3771 prad5 3772

Her dress was already in Glowstick mode but she did Glowstick change and switched to another dress.

prad5 3773


prad5 3775 prad5 3776 prad5 3777 prad5 3778 prad5 3779 prad5 3780 prad5 3781 prad5 3782 prad5 3783 prad5 3784

Nice ships.

prad5 3785


prad5 3786


prad5 3787

BEEF OR CHICKEN OR FISH at the left. The big dress enka girl with New and Mew is here too.

prad5 3788

I like how you could hear Nanami scream KYUPIKOOOON KYUPIKOOOOOOOON. Also there’s even notSana chan on the boat at the far right. DMC girl too.

prad5 3789

Kappa. There’s even the cutest background girls ever from episode 26 at the left. I knew they’d show them again. 

prad5 3790

They even remembered Ran tan. Also glasses girl and reporter girl.

prad5 3791

There’s young Gloria, young Laala mom and non too.

prad5 3792 prad5 3793

Was a pretty good Making Drama. Too bad we’ll never see it again.

prad5 3794

Faruru is cute.

prad5 3795prad5 3796 prad5 3797 prad5 3798

That was nice.

prad5 3799 prad5 37100

Wow everyone got a paradise coord dress. In the end it’s like the Faruru special live was a big event where they distributed free rare tickets for everyone. Too bad it won’t actually change the balance in power or anything. I bet they won’t even show random girls wearing Paradise coords in the background in future episodes to show that this event actually happened.

prad5 37101

It was a pretty good climax episode.

prad5 37102prad5 37103 prad5 37104prad5 37105

Episode 38

prad5 3803

Now that I think about it as we’re getting a new OP next episode, did they actually wore these in the show?

prad5 3801prad5 3802prad5 3804prad5 3805prad5 3806prad5 3807

I didn’t notice before because of her tiara thing, but that haircut makes her forehead look huuuuuuge. Also her PriPara account reset so she’s starting from level 1 again.

prad5 3808prad5 3809 prad5 3810prad5 3811

Laala and co are at the same level as New Mew now.

prad5 3812prad5 3813 prad5 3814prad5 3815 prad5 3816prad5 3817 prad5 3818prad5 3819prad5 3820prad5 3821

She got weird taste now.

prad5 3822 prad5 3823 prad5 3824 prad5 3825 prad5 3826 prad5 3827

Haha apparently she can’t copy people anymore. Meganii actually explained it properly too, wasn’t expecting it. She’s a normal girl now.

prad5 3828


prad5 3829 prad5 3830

Wow Laala are you serious. It’s obvious there’s other Prism Stone shops with other PriParas. It’s true they never actually said other PriPara exist to Laala but they did show us to us viewers.

prad5 3832 prad5 3833

lolwat. Also that’s Akaii Meganee piloting. Akaii Meganee is MacGyver.

prad5 3834 prad5 3835
>Oh yeah I used to be a pegasus, totally forgot
That really came out of nowhere.

prad5 3836prad5 3837 prad5 3838prad5 3839 prad5 3840prad5 3841

Was an okay epilogue episode. There was absolutely no need for Faruru to leave though. Unicorn wanted to leave because he said he’s a failure as a manager and to atone for not letting Faruru have friends etc. Faruru said she wants to stay with him. In that case they could have just both stayed.

I think it’s because Faruru went over the maximum amount of character development to be allowed to stay in the show.

prad5 3842

>Your groups are breaking up

prad5 3843prad5 3844



There’s some new info about the new girls in S2. S2 starts in a few hours though so no point posting it. Also Aroma will join Dressing Pafé and they’ll rename themselves Aromageddon, which is actually a pretty cool name, much better than Salami Smile at least. Shion and Dorothy definitely won’t allow a name change at first so Aroma will definitely do something to persuade them. If they handle her interactions with Shion and Dorothy well it could be actually pretty fun.  Also there’s a new cat mascot voiced by Konno Hiromi, who’s recycled from the Korean girl’s mascot in DMF, Mimmy or something, forgot it’s name, except they turned it into a girl and it’s quite scary.

They announced the PriPara Music Collection to be released on June 16. It’ll have all the songs and OST. A DX version will also have two DVDs with the performances. The usual like what they did with Pretty Rhythm. No cover yet.

I haven’t read anything in particular about the movie so don’t have anything to say. It’s just a song compilation like the Pretty Rhythm movie. Maybe it also has a hilarious sentai parody at the end though. Also the movie has Cosmo’s performance.
I’ve seen things about the Pretty Rhythm parts but I’ll put it in another pretty rhythm focused post like always. Not done with it yet.

prad5 3ds game cosmo ad

The 3DS game got released. Not like you can play it though since Nintendo are now region locking scum.

A 3DS eshop endless runner game is doing a collab with PriPara.

prad5 faruru drawn by manga artist

Faruru drawn by the artist of the PriPara manga in Ciao magazine. Pic is from this twitter.

The PriPara character shops I was talking about in my previous post opened the 20th. Pics of the one at Tokyo Dome here. More pics here.

prad5 cosmo cardboard tower record

Cosmo cardboard at Shinjuku’s Tower Record. Pic was tweeted by Odeco/Matsuura Mai and taken by her niece. She said her niece is a Cosmo fan. She has the best taste.

prad3 prad5 naru laala 3ds game odeco prad3 hiro playing prad5 3ds game

Drawn by Odeco/Matsuura Mai for the 3DS game release.

prad5 arcade game shion white dress café moka cream coordprad5 arcade game dorothy leona clover idol coordprad5 arcade game faruru unicorn fancy coordprad5 arcade game sophie queen heart coord

Some of the new clothes they added to the arcade game at the end of March. Shion is cute so I wanted to post her pic.

prad5 sophie cosplayer at animejapan2015

Sophie cosplayer at the PriPara stand of AnimeJapan2015

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  1. Msk

    Yes they did ware them… Multiple times…you just watched an episode with them warring it.

    Ps the reason she left was not because she thought she was a failure but because she had a new assignment.


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