PriPara – 39

prad5 3902

Laala says she’s 11.


prad5 3903prad5 3904 prad5 3905prad5 3906

Yep that’s definitely a female korean black cat mascot. Really scary.

prad5 3907


prad5 3908 prad5 3909 prad5 3910 prad5 3911 prad5 3912 prad5 3913 prad5 3914 prad5 3915 prad5 3916 prad5 3917 prad5 3918 prad5 3919 prad5 3920prad5 3921

The transformations were cool. Mireille is still a super saiyajin.

prad5 3922 prad5 3923

They’re gonna make five people teams later, so even if you count Mikan and Aroma, there’s still 2 persons missing, so they will add three more characters later. Or they could have just added two like I expected and allowed Faruru to stay. It’s like Takara Tommy shareholders told the anime staff to kick her out or something.

prad5 3924

Eh Ran tan is on this ticket with Non too. I really liked her so if she comes back it’ll be cool. Maybe they’ll form a duo. Also those tickets with the sharing part on the side are the new Dream Theather purichike they’re releasing.

prad5 arcade game naru looking tanned girl dream theather purichikeprad5 arcade game dream theather purichikeprad5 arcade game cosmo dream theather purichike

Apparently all the tickets show your character with makeup up and the heart pupils.

prad5 3925 prad5 3926 prad5 3927 prad5 3928 prad5 3929prad5 3930

Wow now that’s lazy they recycled some of Sophie’s poses from OP1.
Animation sequence is okay like always. Not outstanding but not bad either.

prad5 3931prad5 3932 prad5 3933prad5 3934

They all got feathers or wings on their usual outfits now. They could have gave them new outfits. Also I could swear one of the girls actually called them Salami Smile.

prad5 3935prad5 3936 prad5 3937 prad5 3938

Kaisan can mean 解散 breaking up but also 海産  marine products

prad5 3939

Shaoran x Yuki

prad5 3940

Do you think these sheep and goats can turn into idols too.

prad5 3941 prad5 3942 prad5 3943 prad5 3944 prad5 3945 prad5 3946

The random background voices when Meganii was presenting the buildings were pretty fun sounding.
>We could see this from Faruru’s room
Oh so at least it doesn’t seem like they’ll completely write her off and stop mentioning her like if she never existed.

prad5 3947prad5 3948prad5 3949prad5 3950prad5 3951prad5 3952prad5 3953prad5 3954prad5 3955prad5 3956

This time they’re mentioning their goal from the start, good. I hope they’re planning something else for this season’s story though. The best 5 person team will get to be at the center of the parade and get to ring the Hajimari No Charm Bell which is a legendary thing like the Paradise Coord and it can grant you one wish.

prad5 3957

Laala thinks about toys and sweets as expected

prad5 3958

Mireille wants to be a pop judge

prad5 3959

Sophie wants to be a jellyfish, she’s already one though

prad5 3960

Shion wants to be top Go idol or something

prad5 3961

Hahahaha now that was funny. Sasuga Dorothy. Leona shares the same wish.

prad5 3962

They’ll do four tournaments, then the winning  team will be chosen among the four teams who won each tournament.

prad5 3963


prad5 3964 prad5 3965

During the transformation, they put silhouettes now instead of the clothes they’re wearing before. Her transformation pose changed as well so the others will have new ones too. Her outfit is actually cute too.

prad5 3966 prad5 3967 prad5 3968 prad5 3969 prad5 3970 prad5 3971 prad5 3972 prad5 3973 prad5 3974 prad5 3975

Laala dancing with Prizmmy holograms.
Doesn’t seem like they changed the CG. I get the feeling the hair moves a bit more though.

prad5 3976prad5 3977 prad5 3978prad5 3979prad5 3982prad5 3983

She still has the same sairum change/glowstick dress as last season so Cosmo will surely give them new ones again later. And they do it with the Sairum Charm now so maybe it’ll give them new dresses depending of the color it changes into.

prad5 3980

Still the same time travelers audience girls.

prad5-39-laala-outfit-full 1


Her leg didn’t stitch out well on this one.

prad5 3986prad5 3987 prad5 3988prad5 3989

prad5 3990

Oh so if they participate in the Idol Dream Granprix, they’ll go back to level 1. They just found a way to make the show go forever. Not sure if they’re just class switching and will get back their major class level when they finish with it or if it’s a total reset.

prad5 3991prad5 3992 prad5 3993prad5 3994

It was super cheap but I admit I laughed at them mixing their catchphrases together. IGO KOMA, PURIMAXUSU, RELAXUPSHUU

prad5 3995prad5 3996 prad5 3997prad5 3998 prad5 3999 prad5 39100

They’re pretty much like what I expected them to be. I didn’t think they were actually friends though. Chuuni idols get along.

prad5 39101 prad5 39102

prad5 39104

Next episode sounds fun.

prad5 39103

Nice SDs

prad5 39 storyboard cover

Episode storyboard cover

prad5 laala figures

Laala figures

4 thoughts on “PriPara – 39

  1. kiri-yubel

    I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about how the Prizmmy holograms were wearing red glasses.
    that’s right, the Akai Meganee tachi are are using subliminal messages to publish themselves and make the crowds subconsciously adore them, They are moving forward with their plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MUHAHAHAHA!!! ahem… yeah… ignore me…

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