relife tfw kids these days duno about mds anymore relife ch 46

(I think I heard once MDs got removed from circulation pretty fast so I guess it’s true japanese high schoolers these days don’t even know about them. This sure felt weird reading this though. and funny. I didn’t expect MDs of all things in a manga. This brings back memories.)

Are you reading ReLIFE yet, it’s really great. Basically GTO but Onizuka is a high school student, without the occasional fighting and more shoujo. It starts as an hilarious comedy and then it gets even more hilarious and has pretty interesting insights too. The main character keeps comparing work life and school life in Japan, but never falls into “glorious nippon high school is the best moment of your life” territory either. Stuff like always being compared to others, bullying, female discrimination at work, how Japan pretty much worships work and how you have no value if you can’t find a job etc. It’s really interesting and deals with these subjects without too much drama or too much seriousness. Also it’s written by a woman and you can tell because of how well she displays the characters emotions and stuff. A lot of things like female discrimination are probably things she experienced herself. I just hope she never experienced some when working on ReLIFE and meeting staff from Comico or editors, this would be too sad and ironic.

It’s not super hard to follow too, so if you can’t wait and get addicted you can read it directly in Japanese. It’s published every Fridays. Just finished reading today’s chapter as I’m typing this and really looking forward to next week. It’s super popular in Japan and it’s getting justifiably quite popular on the English speaking side now too. I myself only found out about it two weeks ago or so. They also just announced an anime for 2016. Will probably be a short.

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    1. rockmanshii Post author

      MD=Mini Disc. Audio CDs made by Sony in the 90. You needed an MD player to play them. You could also buy blank MDs, put it in your player, connect it to your PC, and put/swap the things you like on it like todays usb players. They make a noisy sound when the player load the MD but I remember liking it. They were ultra popular in Japan in the 2000s, and IIRC Utada Hikaru did an ad campaign for them, or there was some of her songs’ ads with MDs in them or whatever. My siblings and I were huge fans of Utada Hikaru back then, and we wanted to be cool like japan, so we bought a player and that’s how I learned about them. Wikipedia says their production stopped in 2011, like I say in my post I think Sony removed them super fast then from the market, but forgot where I heard that so maybe I dreamt it.
      Wikipedia also says they were pretty unknown outside Japan.


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