“Cross Ange is actually feminist”

prad3 artist 友弥 rinne utakata manatsu cosplay posted


I said this to someone the other day while talking about the show, and apparently a lot of fans of the show say this.
In short, it tells the muh pure waifu group of otakus to stop being stupid and stop treating women as objects. But I have to say it’s only one of the many reasons I liked the show. There’s ton of other qualities like the excellent character development (except Salia and Chris). And I wish they actually went all the way with it and dealt with how Japan treats women as a whole instead of just limiting themselves to otaku.

Like France, it may be that I’m biased about Japan because I know a bit more about it compared to other countries, but I think Japan is one of those countries who treat women the worst, at work for example. One of the reasons I’m into ReLIFE this much these days and telling everyone to read it is because it deals with that. Though at least Japan isn’t like most western countries like France, who not only treat women badly, but are hypocritical and like to criticize others about it and falsefuly say stuff like islam treats women as worthless. They say muslim women are forced to wear veils by their families and need to be “liberated”, but then expels them from school, work and society as a whole and send them back home to their families. I’m talking about mistreatment of women at work in France, but veiled women won’t even find work anyway, so technically one can’t be treated badly at work.

There’s also something you see this all the time here: people, especially women, come to France and say stuff like they’ve “emancipated” from “strict islamic rule” or whatever, calling themselves specialists and writing books about it, and getting a lot of subventions to do it. In truth a lot of them do that just so they’ll get asylum easily and just wanted to chill in France. Meanwhile if someone wants to write about the truth, they’ll leave them alone, or obstruct them. Reminds me of how some weeks ago, an imam guy who was invited on a French news channel told the journalist woman interviewing him that “France is one of the countries that follows Charia the most”, which is true. And she panicked and said stuff like “do you realize what you’re saying?” And the guy put her in her place, saying she reacts like that because she only believe what others says, instead of digging deeper herself, and doesn’t know what islamic law is actually about.

Slightly related: For years now, I often watch Arirang TV, to laugh at the new form of comedy called K-Pop boys bands’ MVs. I don’t really like K-pop but sometimes their choreography or clothes are so ridiculous I’m sure they do it on purpose. Then I feel sad and pity for them thinking of how much they’re exploited by SM entertainment and the like. Anyway. The channel also broadcast tons of documentaries about Japan’s barbarities during WW2 like comfort women and how the current Japanese government doesn’t want to apologize for it or even admit it. Apparently most school textbooks in Japan don’t mention it. I wonder if a Japanese person with Getter Guts will make an anime about this someday. Though I guess it’ll only be through a kickstarter or something as big companies won’t allow it. There’s probably a manga about it already if one looks hard enough.

Anyway Cross Ange is great and you should watch it. You should watch it yourself instead of listening to people who say it’s full of sexual fanservice & misogynistic. It isn’t any more misogynistic than the majority of anime these days anyway. Makes me think of how I recently noticed what most people probably already know: When a Japanese game company calls a female character “the heroine” in interviews, it’s literally a nice way of saying she’s here just for the main character’s lust, in some cases she won’t have a role as big as the main character or won’t even be playable.

(Just in case, I mean feminist as in the “normal” way. Not the “its ok to show your tits outside” way that some people like the femen sect use the word for these days.)

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