PriPara – 40-43

prad5 4009

I’m not the only one criticizing ANN about how sometimes their translation of interviews are wrong, how they sometimes post completely useless things as news, or how they never post stuff about less popular things like Pretty Rhythm/PriPara. Unless it’s to announce the next season, but even then they don’t even post the details you can easily find on Animate or other sites. Which is why I started doing it myself. But for the record, the editor in chief of ANN Christopher Macdonald is a pretty nice and cool guy.  Back in january, ANN bought back a french anime magazine called Animeland that was dying for a few years now, because ANN editor in chief is friends with Animeland boss among other reasons. And so Christopher McDonald was in France, and he went to Nolife. They made him MC their daily show on Friday like what they always do with their guests. And he was cool. Plus one of his favorite shows is Bubblegum Crisis.

Episode 40

prad5 4001

So yeah now Laala is now 11 and in 6th grade.

prad5 4002 prad5 4003 prad5 4004 prad5 4005prad5 4006 prad5 4007

I think Mikan is much more scarier than Aroma. People that always smile like that are dangerous. And her mouth is always open. It’s like she’s planning to swallow the world itself.

prad5 4008 prad5 4010 prad5 4011 prad5 4014 prad5 4015 prad5 4016 prad5 4017 prad5 4018 prad5 4019 prad5 4020 prad5 4021 prad5 4022

The apple part of their choreography is pretty funny. It’s funny they made Aroma summon Mikan during their Making Drama while saying “come forth my minions” because that’s pretty much what Mikan is. She barely says anything besides food things or catchphrase, just follows Aroma around. Their team is even called Aromageddon. They were supposed to add two new characters and their cat mascot, not one new character and her two mascots. I guess if they made the Making Drama this way, the staff know themselves about this problem. Doesn’t make it any less excusable though. It’s like acting like an imbecile and saying it’s okay because you’re doing it on purpose. Maybe Mikan will get a bit more personality later. Not too much though, don’t want her to exceed the character development maximum to stay in PriPara like Faruru did. And hopefully they won’t do a super boring twist that Mikan is actually the one bossing Aroma around once Aroma stops bribing her with manju. prad5 40 aroma psychic wave

Psychic waaaaaaaabu!

Episode 41

prad5 4102 prad5 4103

>idols are supposed to make people happy, saying you’re a devil idol doesn’t work etc I guess Mireille doesn’t know about the current trend of chuuni idols, and that Aroma is a clone of Ranko in Ixmas Cinderella, which is a clone of Yurika in Aikatsu! (or maybe the other way around, I don’t really care anyway. I do like Yurika though) which is a clone of other characters who did it before and Yousei Teikoku.

I don’t like how chuuni has became a character trait now in anime now. It shows the laziness of the writers. In a show specially focused on the subject it works, but as a character description trait it shouldn’t be used. It became like “childhood friend”. People write crappy harem, and put a childhood friend, and they conveniently don’t need to write a reason why she likes the MC just because she’s the “childhood friend”. Saying a teenager character is a chuuni deep down means that they think they’re super special or have super powers like in movies, and every normal kid in the world thinks that, with some showing it more than others. There’s nothing that special about it.

Yousei Teikoku is pretty popular and yet they’ve never done a live in France. Some much less popular groups have already made it here thanks to Nolife. I’m pretty sure one of the reasons why Yousei Teikoku has never come to France yet is because live concerts organizers know that antisemitism is regarded here as a higher form of racism, and that they could get in huge trouble if some stupid people falsefully call the group antisemitic because of some of their outfits.

prad5 4104

That Akaii Meganee isn’t mocking Laala for being a monkey repeating catchphrases. In Japanese O/circle is correct and X/check is wrong, so when people lift their arms like that to form a circle it means ok.

prad5 4105 prad5 4106 prad5 4107 prad5 4108 prad5 4109 prad5 4110 prad5 4111 prad5 4112

No Sophie this isn’t your jellyfish Nagasumi antenna super powers. You could tell because you see and hear the catchphrases every single time.

prad5 4113prad5 4115

40 episodes later, Mireille still has the same Making Drama, didn’t take pics. To be fair, it’s different as they removed the looping and the teacup spin.

Episode 42

prad5 4201

The shop lady gave the bread to Sophie for her graduation. They mentioned at the beginning of s2 that it’s a new school year and Laala is a 6th grader now, but they didn’t say anything about Mireille and Sophie so was wondering when they’d bring it up. Mireille is now in 2nd year middle school, and Sophie is now a 3rd year. I remember demonstrating how there’s no high school section in Paprika, so Sophie won’t be in Paprika anymore in s3. Unless they retcon that, or Gloria or someone creates one, or if s2 doesn’t last a year in universe and they’re still in same grade in s3. Or they could make S3 about new characters. But I think they’ll wait until 2017/s4 minimum to remove Laala and co and do new characters.

prad5 4202

Sophie’s eyes are scary there.

prad5 4203 prad5 4204

I like how Mireille got up elegantly befitting the superiority of untransformed Mirelle, and how Shion got up in a stylish and swift way, like a warrior going up a horse departing for battle. Shion is so awesome she makes an episode ten times better just by getting up from her seat.

prad5 4205 prad5 4206 prad5 4207 prad5 4208 prad5 4209 prad5 4211

Do you think Sophie’s dad being an adventurer is a jab at how Ichigo’s dad is also an adventurer?

prad5 4212 prad5 4213

Oh, this is a “transfer” episode again. First time they did it was with Sophie already. Can’t they think of anything else for her?

prad5 4214 prad5 4215

The bow thing was nice. I guess it wasn’t in episode 40 because they didn’t finish it yet.

prad5 4218 prad5 4219 prad5 4220 prad5 4221

Mikan’s Making Drama was nice too. Also doesn’t Mikan kinda looks like Aira in CG? Or maybe it’s because the fruits made me think of Aira and FURESHU FRUITSU BASKETTO

prad5 4222

What if the show continues till they all go to Prifornia university.

prad5 4223

Yaaaay Cosmo finally. It’s an episode about Cosmo and Sophie’s dad and she hasn’t appeared yet so I was getting worried.

prad5 4224

The short transformation scene was nice.

prad5 4225 prad5 4226 prad5 4227 prad5 4228

Sophie’s dress is nice.

prad5 4229 prad5 4230 prad5 4231 prad5 4232

Making Drama was ok.

prad5 4233

That’s Sandro Botticelli’s Allegory of Spring. Someone pointed it out on twitter, I knew of the painting but totally forgot the name. I don’t know anything about art pictures except the ones often referenced in anime like the scream.

prad5 4234prad5 4235prad5 4236prad5 4237prad5 4238prad5 4239prad5 4240prad5 4241prad5 4242prad5 4243

It’s like I’m watching City Hunter.

Was okay. Could have been a million times better though. I don’t get how they managed to make the episode this unfunny, when it had an over the top Japanese dad coming back from Brazil, voiced by Inada Tetsu aka UNIVERSE!!, and who kinda looks like davy crockett. It started so well too, with his dynamite entrance and everything.

Inada Tetsu tweeted “be sure to watch PriPara tomorrow” the day before the episode aired, hinting he’ll be in it. In other tweets after the episode aired he said he had fun doing it.

Note: It’s weird how they say Purajiru for Brazil, Purifornia for California, but still used Canada instead of Canadapara or something for Dorothy and Leona back when they were introduced.

Episode 43

prad5 4301 prad5 4303

Akaii Meganii jumping out in a parachute and posing wasn’t done in an enough ridiculous over the top way.

prad5 4304 prad5 4305

What is this social segregation.

prad5 4310prad5 4313 prad5 4314 prad5 4315

Poor Sophie, she wanted to run. I’m sure they would have won if they let her run.

prad5 4316

Dorothy must have used an incredibly shrewd and wicked trick to manage to catch Shion.

prad5 4317

Enka girl and New Mew couldn’t run sadly. Nanami just flew off for some reason hahaha.

prad5 4318 prad5 4319 prad5 4320 prad5 4321 prad5 4322 prad5 4323 prad5 4324 prad5 4325

Who would’ve thought we’d see Shion doing Limbo.

prad5 4326 prad5 4327

Maybe Mikan will start going out with a guy after billions of rage inducing misunderstandings, get pregnant and then prematurely halt her career as a PriPara idol, giving up participating in the PriPara olympics, in order to take care of her daughter.

prad5 4329

Wow mean.

prad5 4330


prad5 4331 prad5 4332 prad5 4333 prad5 4334 prad5 4335 prad5 4336prad5 4337prad5 4338

So Aroma isn’t the sportive type.

prad5 4340prad5 4341 prad5 4342prad5 4344 prad5 4345 prad5 4346

I honestly think the end of the race was the most engaging scene since the beginning of the show. Needless to say I wanted Shion and Dressing Pafé to win, but it made me want to root for Salami Smile too, and even Aroma and Mikan. It was more emotional than any pseudo tournament or forced drama so far. IT felt like there was something at stake. It made me actually care about them winning. Something this easy to do, took them 43 episodes to do it right. And I’m not sure if they’ll ever will again.

prad5 4347 prad5 4348 prad5 4349 prad5 4350 prad5 4351

Raburi Furowa Shinderella was ok.

prad5 4352

It’s their signatures appearing behind.

prad5 4355 prad5 4356prad5 4357

Episode 43 was good.


prad5 key visual everyone plus fuwari

They released the info about the new characters:

prad5 fuwari official site

Midorikaze Fuwari

“As a PriPara princess candidate, she comes to Para Inn(パラ宿) from Europpara after being invited by a mysterious prince. She’s a girl whose charm resides in her naturalness”

Dunno what Para Inn/パラ宿 is. Or maybe it’s read as Parajuku and is the town of Laala and co. No idea what a PriPara princess candidate is either, I guess they’ll explain it later, then forget about it like with prism voice. Europpara is Europe. Judging from Unicorn saying he’ll go to another PriPara by helicopter while inside the PriPara in Laala’s town, it seems all PriPara are connected in the PriPara world. Maybe you can go in PriPara in Laala’s town, travel all the way to another continent’s PriPara, then get out there, so you’re at the actual continent? She’s voiced by Sato Azusa, never heard of her. According to wikipedia she started voicing in 2012 and almost only did side characters.

prad5 fuwari satou azusa akaii meganee cosplay

Fuwari was revealed the 16th of April at the summer 2015 Takara Tommy group business meeting. Sato Azusa was present there, she said boring typically japanese seiyuu event lines like “I always wanted to do a role like that,  I have a 3 years old niece watching PriPara, I’ll do my best for her” blablabla so not gonna translate it all.

prad5 hibiki official site

Shikyouin Hibiki

“He is the grandson of the president of Paprika holdings, the company owning Paprika school. He’s in first year of high school. He is a big movie star in Europpara but is currently on a break. He won the “Mr Universe World Prince of the year” and thus owns the title of “best prince”. He got to know Fuwari at Parupasu, and decided to invite her to Para Inn/パラ宿 as a PriPara princess candidate. He also later transfers to Paprika school as a representative of his grandfather. “

He’s probably the one who’ll make a high school section in Paprika school. The problem I wrote about earlier is solved. Seems he’s partnered up with Fuwari until they do the 5 person teams so I bet they’ll recycle jumps or some of the chemistry between Otoha and Beru/Ito. In fact they already started recycling with the prince princess thing.

He’s voiced by Saiga Mitsuki who familiar with voicing effeminate males/masculine females/bishounen characters  like Enzan in Rockman Exe or Lin Shaolee in Black Cat.

I didn’t think that not only they would add another male character, but one who actually dresses like a male idol, unlike Leona. I know PriPara though, so can’t say I’m any excited. After the reveal, they used the fact that Leona is actually a guy in only one episode focused on him, and I can only think of one joke when it was used: when he was about to help Laala get changed when she was sick. I’m looking forward to Hibiki but definitely not getting my hopes up. And I’m sure even if he ends up being a good character, they’ll manage to ruin him just like how they’re ruining Shion with no plot and no development and nothing.

As a side (useless) note, just like how Salami Smile and Dressing Pafé girls family names have kanjis for cardinal directions: Laala=Center, Sophie=North, Mireille=South, Shion=East, Dorothy+Leona=West the four new girls’s family names have a color kanji in them. Aroma is called Kurosu Aroma and Mikan is called Shiratama Mikan. Aroma=black, Mikan=white, Fuwari=green, Hibiki=purple (Useless note because you’re super naive if you think this will have any incidence to the plot, which is near nonexistent anyway)

I’m betting the two five persons teams will be: Laala Mireille Sophie Aroma Hibiki Shion Dorothy Leona Mikan Fuwari Logically you’d think Mikan will join Laala and co and Aroma will join Shion, but I think Aroma will have an episode where she’ll say she doesn’t have any friends besides Mikan, or that she just wants to be friends with Laala, and will join their team.

Hibiki and Fuwari will appear in the show in June so in episodes 49-50.

There’s going to be an event the 12th of July to celebrate Laala’s one year anniversary debut. Crunchyroll already wrote about it.

prad5 harajuku april 18 2015 otona tournament prad5 harajuku april 18 2015 otona tournament 2

The 18th of April there was a PriPara tournament at Prism Stone Harajuku for people over 18 years old. 87 players in total went to the shop, while they were expecting 32 people maximum to show up, so they did a lottery to pick 32 people for the tournament. Matches were one on one, the player with the higher score would proceed to the next round. Songs were chosen randomly. Players would exchange purichike after the duel. For the final, the two players could choose the song, they both picked the new Dream Theather mode and the new OP as song. The winner, “opera san”, won with 27192 points against “momiji san” who got 27184 points. Opera san won by only 8 points. Translated and summarized from here, there’s more pics too. It’s pretty nice they aren’t alienating the adult fan base or anything.

prad5 joypolis cg hologram

PriPara started a collaboration with Joypolis. From 18th April to 10th May at 14:00, 17:00 and 19:00 everyday (and 11:00 on weekends) they’re doing CG hologram lives. There’s also other things naive parents will waste money on for their kids like taking photos or overpriced PriPara themed menus/drinks etc. Sega’s Joypolis amusement parks are one of the first things I learned about IRL Japan when I was a kid.

prad5 pripara official fan book manga faruru sports prad5 ciao manga sophie shion sports pair

In the manga in Ciao magazine and the PriPara official fan book magazine, they also did a sports competition. Faruru participated and Sophie and Shion paired up.

prad5 cosmo cosplay niconico chokaigi 2015

Cosmo cosplayer at Niconico Chokaigi 2015.

prad purichike cake

Purichike cake.

Along with Kyupikon, there’s also Doki now subbing PriPara s2. I dunno both groups, so I don’t know if they are made up of childish people who will compete with each other or not. Seeing how these first episodes of s2 were, I don’t think the show will get any better than s1 anytime soon. You should know what I’m talking about already, not gonna repeat myself(One thing I’ll repeat for newcomers is that I knew full well PriPara wouldn’t be like Pretty Rhythm). Because of this, I bet either Doki or Kyupikon will stop subbing the show in the long run. The Kyupikon guys are aware of the show’s true nature though, since they joke about Nanami’s(and every side character) abysmal screentime, and still decided to sub it anyway. So I’m betting they’ll be the one to keep going, while Doki will stop.

Crunchyroll actually posts PriPara news pretty fast when they’re out, using the official twitter as their source. They posted about the new characters the day they respectively got revealed. They don’t post about completely useless things for overseas watchers like the Joypolis collab though. Sometimes their translation is a little derpy (“The character is a Princess candidate comes from Europe invited by a mysterious Prince”) but it’s just grammar errors and perfectly fine unless you’re a bastard who likes complaining about every little thing. So I think I’ll just post their links now if they already wrote about something.

prad5 cosmo hygienic towel prad5 sophie hygienic towel

A twitter user pointed out there’s a brand of hygienic towels called Whisper and one of their products is called Cosmo. Another one is called Sophie. It even corresponds to their colors too. Not sure if those products got out before or after PriPara. Is PriPara actually the deepest anime ever?

5 thoughts on “PriPara – 40-43

  1. kiri-yubel

    So far I’m not really impressed with Aroma and Mikan. Aroma acts like she’s a rich brat IRL who’s used to get whatever she wants and pretends it’s a devil’s curse to make it more fun for her. and Mikan acts like she’s Aroma’s servant IRL, like Mikan’s family served Aroma’s family for generations and so Mikan was taught to do everything Aroma tells her to and that she don’t need to think and just obey.
    If they end up making Aroma have a story like Maria from Umineko, and Mikan as actually smart, I’m really going to be disappointed. the way Aroma acts it’s obviously NOT escapism . and Mikan definitely ISN’T faking her lack of brains.
    the new opening:
    Green silhouette -Midorikaze Fuwari
    Purple silhouette – Shikyouin Hibiki
    Well, that only leaves the Yellow silhouette (and the other new characters to complete the teams to 5’s).
    I really hope Shikyouin Hibiki will have something to do with Leona. Leona is a guy who dresses like a girl and up until now the only male idol we saw. to have a male idol who acts like a male will probably raise some issues with Leona.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      They haven’t shown Mikan and Aroma outside of PriPara or actually told us anything about them, maybe they looks completely different outside or younger like Laala.
      And yeah right there’s another silhouette in the OP they haven’t shown yet. I forgot. So yeah maybe you’re right, they won’t do 2 five persons team like I think but three and add even more characters later.
      They don’t do anything so far with the fact that Leona is actually a boy so I don’t think Hibiki will see him as a rival but who knows.

      1. kiri-yubel

        I saw episodes 44-45 and now Aroma and Mikan don’t seem weird at all, the way they act make perfect sense. I should have seen that coming, it’s so simple! I can’t believe I haven’t even thought about it.

  2. Amii

    In the 3DS game they seemed to hang around Parajuku a lot, so I imagine it is that. I like the new characters but so far they’re a bit underwhelming. Blonde girl looks cute though!


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