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prad5 movie kouji hiro space train galaxy express 999

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Hiro and Kouji do the space train totally not Galaxy Express 999 jump together in the 4th route/boys version of the Pretty Rhythm part in the PriPara movie. That pic is from the official site. Maybe I could find horrible quality photos of it on twitter if I searched hard. I don’t have the time though.

The 3rd and 8th of April 2015 were published an interview of Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu about the 2015 PriPara movie. It’s really super long and in 4 parts. Even though I summarized it, it took a while to do. He says interesting things, and is honest about how the movie is recycled stuff or how Avex forced them to do stuff.
Part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4.

My own comments are under parenthesis.


The Pretty Rhythm movie in 2014 earned more than they expected, so they decided to make a movie for 2015 too. There was the possibility of it being a Pretty Rhythm only movie at first, but PriPara started and was really popular so they decided to make it a joint with PriPara  later.
(To get this out of the way: Yes, this is official confirmation that PriPara ruined everything. We could have finally got a movie with an actual story. About Akaii Meganee finally showing her true colors and allying herself with Jin and Akaii Meganii to conquer the Pretty Rhythm/PriPara multiverse. Then Cosmo would travel to RL and AD/DMF worlds to gather everyone and stop their plan. The girls would fight Akaii Meganee in a skate battle while the boys would fight at who can do the most fabulously gay jump.  Hiro would start calling Hwong Fa homo senpai and ask him advice on how to win Kouji’s heart.
They’d start loosing but then suddenly last minute reinforcements/silver sentai member would be Kyouko Sonata and Rinne for the girls and Hijiri Rei and Jun for the boys. Then as they finally manage to deafeat Akaii Meganee, in a final twist, Akaii Meganee would reveal that she was actually a good person and wanted to gather power so she could fight an even bigger incoming menace called Ba’al, which is actually kinda an anagram of Laala. Laala suddenly appears accompanied by STMC, Invaders and other space montrosities, defeats everyone and force every little girl in the world to become an idol and remove Prism Shows and skates from history.)

Pretty Rhythm director was the director for the PriPara 2015 movie because PriPara director Moriwaki Makoto said she was too busy with the show.(He already said that on twitter. After it was decided the movie would be live centered, they chose him as he does some of the lives in PriPara (like Cosmo’s show, the haloween Making Drama etc)

They like the idea of mixing a movie with a live so that’s why they even made Akaii Meganee speak to the audience this time, saying stuff like “are you ready” etc. They put stuff like a train because Iwase Tomohiko/basically Avex told them to make it like a theme park. He’s also the one who decided to go with the 4 different parts thing among the proposed ideas. (A fine display of capitalism money grabbing sasuga Avex)

Pretty Rhythm director thinks the PriPara game is super Poplar because it’s really simple to play, and easy to talk about. When kids talk with each other about Aikatsu!, they’ll talk about the cards. If they talk about Youkai Watch, they’ll talk about the medals. If they talk about PriPara, they’ll talk about the purichikes. “PriPara” is also shorter and easier to bring in an discussion than “Pretty Rhythm”.

The movie’s ending has tons of random player characters going down a runway. You can make your own character in the game and choose their hairstyle etc because the desire of little girls to henshin has always been  in anime. Like Himitsu no Akko chan or Fushigi na Merumo. This old desire is now mixed with the current high tech. (Could you make your own character in the Pretty Rhythm arcade game? I forgot)

Kyogoku Takahiko(Love Live director who also worked on Pretty Rhythm CG since AD and PriPara CG) really likes doing butt shots, but PriPara is for slightly younger kids from kindergarten to elementary, compared to Pretty Rhythm, so for the CG parts they had to control him so he shows more happy and GENKI stuff instead of butt shots. Director said he couldn’t let him do that as a dad of 2 daughters and they’re happy he’s canalizing his desires of low angles butt shots in Love Live!
(Come to think of it it’s true: there’s the time where the camera focuses on Rizumu/Aira’s butt in You May Dream, on Mion’s in Hachimitsu Kiss, on Hye In’s in one of PURETTY’s shows,  multiples times on Bell, etc)
(If I had a daughter I wouldn’t’ show her Pretty Rhythm until I’m sure she’d would like it for the story/characters, not for the songs or fashion. I don’t want her to think it’s actually ok to become an idol or to dress like that when going outside.)

Apparently the haloween outfits from different seasons appear in the movie. The haloween jump in AD ep30 was made by Kyougoku Takahiko, and he put a lot of effort in it which is why it’s pretty long. So it was often mentioned in talks about how it had a bad price-performance ratio. So in DMF ep30 they reused the same stage background, but it still wasn’t enough so in RL ep30 they used it again in the monitor. Then they thought” why not one more time” so they used assets of the jump again in PriPara haloween episode 17. They didn’t just do it for recycling to save money. They also wanted people to actually notice they reuse things. They barely do easter episodes compared to haloween, and there wasn’t an easter episode in PriPara because it’s more religious and they try not to do that thinking of all the different countries the show may air in. It’s also because these past 4-5 years haloween suddenly became more popular in japan. (He already talked on twitter about the haloween jump recycle thing when PriPara episode 17 aired)

Part 2

The Pretty Rhythm part is at the end of the PriPara movie, and at the end, the Pretty Rhythm heroines say that “their world is ending soon” and that “they won’t be able to dance anymore”. Those lines reflect Pretty Rhythm director’s feelings, as starting April 2015 with the start of PriPara s2 the transition from Pretty Rhythm to Pripara will be fully over.(He did say before that this movie is the last Pretty Rhythm related thing ever)
It’s a bit sad, but it’s funny to see how people who haven’t seen Pretty Rhythm will just think they’re talking about how the “Pretty Rhythm tour” thing of the movie is ending.

Still, it gives an uncomfortable feeling to hear Aira and the others say something ominous like that, which makes you wonder if the Aira in the movie is the real Aira. The director personally thinks that Aira and the other Prism Stars in the PriPara movie aren’t the ones we know from Pretty Rhythm, and that Pretty Rhythm and PriPara actually have a Matrix like system recording data. The “tour” thing and the Prism Stars you see performing in the PriPara movie are actually data stored in a virtual space, read from that system. It’s like how PriPara town in the anime is in a virtual space. Remember how Unicorn explained it’s the Japanese server and how he’d go to another one some episodes ago in PriPara.
And PriPara servers are connected to this world of data. They don’t mention those details often though as there’s no need to. This is why Aira, Mia and Naru in the movie, and conceivably Cosmo as well, are data of people who used to exist long ago. So the Saints are actually virtual idols. However, this answer are only for people who have watched Pretty Rhythm. Kids watching PriPara with pure eyes and expressions looking like Candies(an idol group from the 70’s) should stay that way. So it’s not like Saints in episode 1 of PriPara came out of nowhere. Of course there was also people who held expectations because of that, so the director made this story so they can go into season 2 of PriPara freed from their doubts/moyamoya.

Cosmo in PriPara is the Cosmo in Pretty Rhythm (episode 34 of Rainbow Live). Director says that Cosmo is a real person actually from PriPara, but she went to Pretty Rhythm’s world, and the matrix copied her data from when she was in Pretty Rhythm’s world, and by chance it mixed her stats and skills of Pretty Rhythm server with the ones saved in PriPara server. Because of that now she can do Prism Jumps in PriPara. Moreover, the Cosmo that appears in the PriPara movie is actually the data of Cosmo saved from when she went in Pretty Rhythm, not the real Cosmo, which is why she does Prism Jumps in the movie. He says they actually explain everything about Cosmo in the 1st PriPara/3rd Pretty Rhythm game on 3DS called Pripara & Pretty Rhythm PriPara de tsukaeru oshare item 1450.
Also in the PriPara movie, Cosmo’s performance is literally in space, it’s not just the monitor in the background displaying space like the TV version. They didn’t have the time to finish it for the TV version.
(Except for the Cosmo thing which is apparently explained in the latest 3DS game, Director said he made all that up by himself so don’t think too much about it. Maybe one day they’ll say something different about the Saints in the PriPara anime. I already knew that Cosmo is a slider and always talk about it, because someone told me once they already used to hint about it in the 2nd 3DS game: Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Kira Kira My * Design, which is where Cosmo first appeared. But then I also remember reading that Cosmo has a different personality than the PriPara anime in the 3DS games, so I don’t know where this fits with what the director said. Maybe the Cosmo in the games is also the virtual Cosmo made from Pretty Rhythm data.)

prad 45 mion jun skate goddess prism show origin stage in brazil

The new 3DCG parts in the PriPara movie are Cosmo’s stage, a jump she didn’t do in the tv version called “Kakenukeru! Cosmic Drive”, and when Laala and co dance together during “Realize!” they do a new prism jump called “Pretty Rhythm Paradise”. This show’s stage is “the origin of Prism Shows” stage in the mountains in Brazil that Mion goes to train to in AD and that you see again in DMF. And for Laala and co’s show they just had to edit skates on their shoes, not redo the whole models.

In route 4, there’s the Hiro x Kouji version of Pride, but it’s in a different stage and they have different outfits than the one they showed at the 2014 xmas event. Then there’s Over The Rainbow’s Flavor performance which is normally animated. They wanted to do it in CG but the producer told them it’ll cost too much. They asked him tons of times but the answer was always no. But at least he let them put in a lot of sakuga. If you don’t remember, Flavor is the song that was in the OTR album that got out some months after the anime ended. Director said him and the anime staff (except the OTR seiyuus obviously) actually didn’t know about the song and Avex made it by themselves.

Also, OTR do a kabe don in their performance. It was super difficult to do. Kabe don suddenly got more popular than usual last year so they thought about putting one in. It was last year though, so they were worried if it wasn’t already hasbeen, but it worked super well. Director secretly went to one of the screenings when route 4 happened, he said women were silent during the PriPara stuff. Then when it happened, they suddenly all went KYAAAAA so loud you couldn’t hear the dialogue anymore. Director jokingly said it’s rude because he spent months thinking up OTR’s lines, even going to “words you want men to tell you” ranking sites and stuff. After all that research they gathered 30 lines in total, then in a last selection they chose 3 and put them in the movie. And it was super embarrassing. But at least now these 3 lines are in the Pretty Rhythm series’ top ten lines of dialogue.
(I remember seeing in Nolife’s Tokyo Game Show 2014 reports that there was an otome game stand where you could get a kabe don by a bishounen.  I wonder how OTR do a kabe don though since there’s no girl. Did Hiro do it to Kouji?! Anyway this sounds super hilarious, really looking forward to the dvd/bd release so we can see it too)

Part 3

They made Route 1 because a lot of people got into the franchise with PriPara, so it’s to show them what is Prism Shows. It focuses on Aira because if not for Aira, there wouldn’t have been more Pretty Rhythm or PriPara, and when thinking what they wanted to show the most, it was of course Aurora Rising Dream in ep50. Also in episode 50’s storyboard cover it was written by Tatsunoko boss Yoshida Tatsuo “dream for the children around the world”, which reflects his feelings and the director’s feelings. At that time one of director’s daughter was around 7 so it also reflected what he felt then. In that ep, Aira’s dad praises her and he wanted to become a cool dad like him.

Route 2 has the Prism Shows that took the most time and money to make. It’s all the shows CG director Otobe san had trouble with. Stuff like Juné’s show. They put in Grateful Symphonia stuff since there’s too many casuals who only saw PriPara or RL. Apparently there’s a lot of people who skips DMF and he’s unhappy about it, jokingly saying he’s angry. He thinks while there’s already tons of anime about friendship and UNDERSTANDING, the fact that it’s about a Japanese girl/Mia and a Korean girl/Hye In isn’t something done often. The lyrics of OP3 Life is Just a Miracle~生きているって素晴らしい~ written by  Ikehata Nobuto reflect that too (Bokura wa minna chikyuu no kazoku da yo). Sadly they only had like 2minutes for it in the movie.  Some of the staff thought they should put Grateful Symphonia in perfect tour/route3, but director thought it was more fitting as the last show of route 2. Also, they do a tree in Grateful Symphonia as “making a giant tree” was a concept already in the arcade game. It’s to represent “All for one”. And it looks simple but Otobe san said the tree was super hard to do. (He already explained the tree stuff once on twitter)

Route 3 is to show that Pretty Rhythm is an anime where the characters do those hisatsu waza called Prism Jumps when they solve their issues. Regarding what problems they should show, Route 1 and 2 are more serious stuff, so they decided to show a bit more funny things, it’s the route that impress director the most. One of the characters with the biggest problems in the series is of course Rizumu. He said Rizumu’s story is super mean and horrible. Interviewer jokingly said he shouldn’t be saying that as he’s the one who wrote it.
They showed Rizumu’s stuff because they didn’t show it in PRASS and he always thought it wasn’t fair for her. Interviewer says that if you read his other interviews you’ll notice he kinda likes Rizumu more than Aira. That’s because Aira is a “current” type of main character who’s usually happy and doesn’t have too many problems. While Rizumu is more an “oldschool type” main character that you don’t see much in shows anymore, who starts with more negative feelings.  And AD is built around that contrast between the two. Aira wouldn’t be happy if Rizumu wasn’t unhappy. And when you realize that, you feel like “is this really for little girls”.
It’s just his personal opinion, but he feels when people nowadays see a poor kid, they’d just think “nice thing this isn’t happening to me”. While before they would try to help. He thinks this isn’t something forgivable. Maybe it’s the era we live now. But before there was this feeling, like, people would do fundraising for children in Africa, but now you don’t hear these kinds of things anymore. Maybe it’s also because there was a lot of exposed frauds. But in any case he definitely feels that way as a parent.
The last thing in Route 3 is Rinne’s Gift in episode 50 of RL. It displays some of the themes of RL but it’s only one performance, so it would be nice if people watch the show too. He heard there’s a lot of people who started watching Pretty Rhythm after watching PriPara. But maybe ten main characters(7+OTR) may be a bit much for them.
If you think it’s weird Rinne was in the movie since she’s supposed to be gone, like they say in the show, Rinne is a program to propagate prism radiance. Since she’s a program she can freely move in the matrix like system from server to server. So for the director and the staff it’s not weird at all. People who saw all the series probably already guessed it, but in the end Faruru was “error data”. She’s a similar being like Rinne, and bugs happened to her. And like Rinne she isn’t a real human.

Part 4

About random jokes in the movie people wouldn’t usually notice: Apparently in route 4/boys, there’s a scene where Juné is sitting together with Hijiri. And there’s Jin sitting at Juné’s right. And to understand this, you need to figure out the secret message hidden in the boys’ performance, and director wants people to try to figure it out themselves.
(I didn’t see the movie, so I don’t know what he means. And even the interviewer who saw the movie says he didn’t even notice when Juné etc appear, so it must be something hard to see)

In the movie’s credits at the end, director is credited multiple times under different names. There’s 青葉譲/aobajo which is the name he was using back when he started doing storyboards, and the name he used when he helped write the scenario for RL. It’s also the name of his twitter account. Then there’s 日歩冠星, which he used when he drew storyboards for RL. And lastly there’s 菱田マサカズ (his real name except in katakana instead of kanji) that he used for “helping” with DMF. Interviewer says it’s funny he says “help” since he’s the director. He answers that he forgot that fact for a second there.
(Just my opinion, but Tomino is one of the most influential anime person who uses different pen names for every different thing they do in an anime, he also did it on G Reco. I think Pretty Rhythm director does that too because he used to work under Tomino.
Or maybe it’s just because it’s something a lot of authors do in Japan. Akao Deko/Hitomi Mieno who worked on Pretty Rhythm did it as well. It’s all part of the “being humble” culture of Japan I think. They want to avoid having too much credit.)

The very last thing in the movie is Laala and co and Saints performing Make It! . It was the most appropriate song to put there. Speaking of which the song plays during all the B part of episode 37 of PriPara and its almost all CG and it was hard to do.
In the movie, Laala and co change clothes using Prism Stones. It’s to show the inheritance from Pretty Rhythm to PriPara. Showing this inheritance was the big goal of the movie. And also to remember people playing the arcade game to convert their stones into purichike.
The links between the two are how Akaii Megenee is still present, and the mascot graveyard too, representing the matrix database’s trashbin. Those are the physical aspects they share. On the immaterial side, there’s how they’re both shows made with people who try to not hold back. The tone of PriPara is certainly much more bright but there’s still a few strong parts like Faruru “ceasing to function”.(hahaha “ceasing to function”).
He thinks you can feel Moriwaki’s san power as a professional of little girls anime, and you can see the beginning of a PriPara structure that could last for years and he’s happy about it.
(PriPara is brighter and isn’t like Pretty Rhythm, and I knew that before the show even started.  The thing is there’s tons of other problems with the show. For example, you could say it’s similar to early DMF with all the random things or catchphrasing, but at least in DMF it was funny. It shows once again that directors aren’t everything.)

Lastly, he also thinks it’s better this way because now all the “committees” working on PriPara focuses on the same goal. With Pretty Rhythm, they wanted to appeal to seiyuu fans (Lisp when AD started, OTR now), sell toys, sell dolls, wanted the game to become popular etc, each involved parties’ targets were scattered. Because of that it was very hard sometimes when he worked on Pretty Rhythm (I remember he once talked about how they wanted them to sell Batopons hard). Moriwaki san is one of the Four heavenly kings of  the Doraemon anime and there’s no other woman that old still being director. So he holds a lot of respect towards her and thinks he can learn from her. And she has no mercy towards the staff working under her. So in a way, PriPara is made in a “better way” than Pretty Rhythm.

(One of the reasons why I’m still watching PriPara is because sometimes I get the feeling they were forced by something or someone to make the first season bad, because it was only 38 episodes and not following the usual schedule of 50 eps, or that they were too scared of making a story they wouldn’t have the time to develop. He’s really optimistic about the show so maybe season 2 will be better.)


It was long but it was funny. I’m 99% sure of what I’ve translated but I wouldn’t mind someone else reading the interview to check if I got something wrong, especially all the overly complicated matrix server thing and Cosmo.
Nothing matters in the end in PriPara, so in episode 37/38 when Faruru/Unicorn talked about the virtual Japanese PriPara thing and how there’s multiple PriPara severs for each region, I didn’t think anything about it. Didn’t think director would talk about it. But then again he said he decided all this by himself, and he doesn’t actually works on PriPara’s scenario(lol implying there’s one) so I’m not sure what to think. I mean there’s also the possibility that he said that in an humble Japanese way. Like, “I say this but this is just my humble worthless opinion”, while it’s actually what the others think as well, you know.

I guess from what he said, like how RL is in a parallel universe from AD/DMF, PriPara is also in yet another parallel universe. And the matrix server thing is connected to every of them. But then, PriPara still takes place “after” RL, since you see Penguin Sensei in the graveyard and he gets sent there at the end of RL. It’s like how RL takes place “after” AD and DMF since they mention it’s thanks to Rinne they could do Greatful Symphonia etc.

For the record, the Prism Shows in Pretty Rhythm weren’t in a virtual space. When Aira do Fresh Fruits Basketto, actual fruits appear and people eat them. If you want to go deep there’s even that special dvd episode where her dad asks her to do the jump tons of times so he can get fruits for their cake shop. Some of the bigger made on drugs jumps probably don’t actually happen though. But then again Aurora Rising Dream actually did make people fly etc, so it depends of each jump.
Anyway it’s just anime, don’t think too much about it or start arguing forever on tumblr.

Other usual news

It’s been more than a year now that Pretty Rhythm ended but it’s still living on. What director said about more people getting into Pretty Rhythm because of PriPara must be true. Hopefully they’ll watch all three seasons and see how awesome it is. And take their time doing it. Marathoning a 50+ episodes show is bad. If you watch everything in a day or two without sleep, your brain won’t have time to archive stuff. You won’t remember the show and think the characters are boring or something stupid like that.
There’s still lotsof dedicated fans like irua who release doujin or goods like pins and badges at fan events. I figured by now that if you’re actually interested in buying them you should be able to get info yourself, so I won’t post pictures this time. Just stalk the artists’ twitters and the puniket site for event dates etc.

prad2 life board game photo from siokya twitter

There’s a Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future board life game. I didn’t know.

It was Ann’s bday on April 2nd so more pics of her on twitter and pixiv.

Maidforge wrote a guide on how to start up the Pretty Rhythm mobage.
If you want to add me to your friend list, I actually don’t play the game. I really don’t like mobage stuff. They just don’t work on me. It’s the kind of games that always make me think I’m just wasting my time and they make me feel dead inside, like people on /ai/ would say. Rationally this is true for every video games ever, but I dunno, it just feels more apparent to my brain with games like these.
I did play Robot Girls Z Online for a month when it got released though. I may have even kept playing if the battle system was better and more challenging.

prad project proposal cover

The cover of the first Pretty Rhythm setting&story document back when they did the first business proposal for the franchise in 2009 tweeted by the director. He said they wrote tons of things in it that made things later easier. This is from 2009 and the arcade game launched in 2010, and AD in 2011.

prad3 wakana parents futaba unused storyboard 2 prad3 wakana parents futaba unused storyboard 1

I forgot in which news post I put it, but director once told us about Wakana’s parents in detail and how Futaba/Wakana’s mom was the strongest sukeban in all of Japan and used to “fight using a miniature tokyo tower”. Back then I thought I translated it wrong, because this sounds ridiculous, but he really meant that. Recently he tweeted these unused storyboard pages with Futaba fighting with a miniature tokyo tower. He said it’s “the  story of Futaba following the road of the lion”.
He doesn’t know in which episode he would have put it, and he probably did those storyboard pages when taking a break. (Basically he wasn’t actually planning to use them anyway, so it’s not like it got scrapped)

Asumi Kana(Aira) is going to be in the Persona 3 stage play as femMC. Asami Tano will be in too as Mitsuru, I’m happy for her. Before starting voice actor work, Asami Tano used to be the MC of a Japanese produced show airing on Nolife, called Kira Kira Japon. It dealt with tourism spots in Japan etc. The show was produced by DLE inc. so they also aired Taka no Tsume. Sadly Kira Kira Japon’s life was short, it only aired from April 2009 to January 2010. Shortly after they started another Japanese produced show called Japan in Motion that pretty much replaced it , and is still ongoing today.
TLDR I actually knew Asami Tano before she even voiced Cure Sunny and just wanted to brag about it.

May issue of Dengeki Girl's Style magazine released 19th March 2015 cover

There were interviews of Over the Rainbow and Callings in the May issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style magazine released 19th March 2015.

prad3 over the rainbow hiro kazuki kouji poster April 2015 issue of Animage released 10th March 2015 there was also an aikatsu poster with yurika

The April 2015 issue of Animage released 10th March 2015 also had an OTR interview and poster you can kinda see above.

The other day I learned that Mia’s motto kidoailuck is actually referencing a yojijyukugo:
She contracts “気合Kiai, 度胸Dokyo, 愛/Ai/Love and Luck” to make Kidoairaku, but there’s also a yojijyukugo written as 喜怒哀楽 which is read kidoairaku that means “emotions”.

Seems they do ACTUAL Prism Shows competitions in Korea. Funny and scary. Funny because I don’t know how you cannot laugh at this. Scary because that’s just my personal opinion that kids shouldn’t do stuff like this. They probably don’t have fun and got forced by their parents for the money if they become famous actors or singers. Plus they’ll end up exploited by SM entertainment or something.

prad3 korean goods juné tapestry

They’re releasing different Pretty Rhythm goods in Korea, and one of them is this cool Juné tapestry. The tapestry is A1 size. Dunno where you could buy it if you’re not in South Korea.

prad3 korean goods juné tapestry pic from irua twitter

That’s a pic Irua san on twitter posted, a friend of them in Korea bought it and took the pic for Irua san. Pretty Rhythm director was pretty impressed by it too and tweeted about it. Some korean fans bought and send one to the CG director too.
The twitter link is dead now though as Pretty Rhythm director deleted his tweets at the start of April 2015. He did that because April is the start of school year in Japan, and also the start of fiscal year. That’s because Spring starts in April and Japanese people are really into renewal and starting anew etc.
I saw the tweet anyway because while only post now,  I write my posts little by little until I have the time to finish them completely. I also check director’s tweets often because I know he deletes them all sometimes, rarely. Happened once  during Rainbow Live’s run.

Come to think of it, all the director’s tweets I’ve translated in my posts during Rainbow Live’s run have been deleted now. Almost everything he said are in the 3 guidebooks though, which I’m partially translating. I’m a bit busy though so I don’t think I’ll translate them before July or so if God wills it.

For reference, here’s the list of what I’m planning to translate:

RL guidebook:
Uchida Maaya interview, Tomatsu Haruka interview, director&Tsubota Fumi interview, CG director interview, Okama interview (I’ll try to scan and post the pages too so you can actually see the the designs’s progression he talks about) Matsuura Mai interview.
PRASS guidebook:
Over The Rainbow interview, Shishido Rumi interview, Itou Kanae interview, director&Tsubota Fumi&Iuchi Shuji interview, Matsuura Mai interview(again, I’ll scan and post the pages else you can’t see what she’s actually talking about), Akao Deko interview, Watanabe Akio interview(again, with scans), director&CG director&Kyougoku Takahiko interview (this one is the most interesting in all the books imo as they talk about all the crazy on drug jumps)
They’re all at least 3 pages long though with a lot of paragraphs on one page so I’ll probably summarize instead of literate translation.
Visual book:
Director’s interview on each season, the small paragraphs about what could happen to the characters ten years later, the Asumi Kana&Ookubo Rumi&Katou Emiri interview
Not sure how much I’ll translate as from what I skimmed it’s mostly stuff already said at twitter, at the events etc. I’ll still do it though as my japanese is better now, in case I mistranslated something back then.

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