PriPara – 52

prad5 5202prad5 5210

Last week was Japan Expo. I haven’t gone to Japan Expo for like 3-4 years I think. Too pricey and too little to do. Sometimes there’s mangaka I like, like Ken Akamatsu this year, but for getting a sign it’s drawing lot first come first served. Sometimes just to get a chance at the drawing lots you need to buy stuff first. And premium tickets have much more tries than you, and enter the con before you. Most of the panels are boring too, sometimes the people who translate/MC the panel don’t do the job properly or talk too much. I’ll always remember that Haruhiko Mikimoto & Watanabe Takashi panel that was literally nothing.
Anyway Japan Expo isn’t worth it these days. I feel bad for the people coming all the way from other countries going there. Who don’t even know that the entrance fees used to be cheaper. It’s just like how I feel about people who only saw PriPara and think it’s a really great show. Or people who only saw Rainbow Live and think it’s the best, but RL is a masterpiece anyway so it’s ok. It’s just that there’s masterpieces more equal than others, like DMF.
I guess it’s still worth going to JE for the live concerts if you’re into that, I’m not anymore. But even then these days it’s mostly just random idol groups you never heard of before and will never hear of again.

prad5 5203 prad5 5204

Huh there’s no new OP. I was wrong sorry. Guess they’re lazy. They just added in Green Wind, Hibiki and Faruru. And yeah Faruru is coming back. It explains why they still put her in ads etc. The official twitter even tweeted about it too. I find it funny.

prad5 5205 prad5 5206

This was funny. Gave me slight Serenon manzai vibes. I probably would have stopped watching PriPara after s1 ended if not for the connection to Pretty Rhythm. Though there’s also the fact that I DO like PriPara, and it could be better than that if they put in just a little more effort.

prad5 5207 prad5 5208 prad5 5209

It wasn’t super funny but all these were better attempts than in recent eps.

prad5 5211


prad5 5212

Hibiki is like Shion, Cosmo or Iroha. Whenever he appears suddenly things get way better. Should have included a scene of Hibiki hitting Aroma and Mikan in his bike in SD for maximum tongue in cheek fun.

prad5 5213

Since she didn’t even know what a telephone is she probably lived without electricity and running water as well. They could have gone all the way with this and make her freak out about all the PriPara technology or something for jokes. I guess they didn’t think about it like always.

prad5 5214prad5 5215 prad5 5216 prad5 5217

Yay Cosmo

prad5 5218 prad5 5219

Like how everyone feared now it’s all about Green Wind and Hibiki, and Aroma and Mikan got sent in another dimension. They still appear from time to time though. I guess it’ll be like that until they join salami smile or dressing pafé in around 10 eps.

prad5 5220 prad5 5221

Mikan’s family is probably rich, else they wouldn’t be able to satiate her hunger at home.

prad5 5222 prad5 5223

Yeah Dorothy I think he’s annoying too please send him to mascot graveyard.

prad5 5224prad5 5225 prad5 5226 prad5 5227

Hahahaha Cosmo finished making her clothes but the CG team didn’t finish her transformation sequence.

prad5 5228prad5 5229 prad5 5230 prad5 5231

Her clothes aren’t too bad and do fit her. They’re not particularly beautiful but not gaudy disgusting like the majority.

prad5 5232prad5 green wind juné recycled prism live

lol recycled from Juné’s Prism Live. Her Making Drama was nothing remarkable as always.

I like the jumping clapping your feet thing she does. This probably have an actual name but I don’t care. Didn’t make the webm.

prad5 5234prad5 5235 prad5 5236prad5 5237prad5 5238

I don’t know when, but at some point after Rainbow Live ended they changed “Ethnic” to “Natural”. Also Akaii Meganee is obviously lying when she said she never saw it before, it’s all part of her plan.

prad5 5239

>Staff A: Quick! Find a solution to make Green Wind relevant power level wise without spending tons of episodes on her!!
>Executive: “power level”? Ufufufu, my cute kouhai, are you actually watching the show? Remember the first and only rule of PriPara: There is no rules. We just make up things as the show goes on. There’s no actual ranking system. Just make her jump 10 ranks in one go, the little girls will gobble it up.

prad5 5240


 prad5 5241 prad5 5242

Hibiki is so kakkoiiii.
Why was he in a bikesuit riding a bike btw? Maybe he’s the main actor of the next Kamen Rider after Drive.

There is a new ED though.


prad5 ed5 mireille sophie yukata

>Dress up Mireille in a yukata
>It’s actually her inferior transformed form
How can they do things so wrong

prad5 5244prad5 5245 prad5 5246 prad5 5247

Wow all that pandering, I was pretty surprised.

prad5 5248prad5 5249

I’m surprised Green Wind even knows how to ride a bicycle.

prad5 5250prad5 5251

Wrong Mireille.

prad5 5252prad5 5253

prad5 sophie marilyn monrot chanel ad pose

Saw this on the /ai/ thread, someone on the net figured out where the Sophie pose is from.

prad5 5254 prad5 5255

New ED sure have a lot of sexual fanservice. Since it’s summer, a lot of other anime will have OP/ED with the girls in swimsuits, so I guess they thought they shouldn’t let this opportunity slide and pander to the max to the lonely sexually frustrated types of otaku. If the PTA send them complaints they can just blend in with the others saying a lot of other anime are doing it. Though that would be hypocritical in my opinion for parents to send complaints if they let their kids in the first place dress like in PriPara but that’s another story.
It’s the first time they do something this lewd. The beach episode in Aurora Dream wasn’t really fanservicey, same with the hot springs episodes in Dear My Future and Rainbow Live. If you count goods though, there is that one Aira in swimsuit pic in the AD calendar, and the Visual Book cover with Aira Mia and Naru in swimsuits.

Anyway it was an ok ep.

prad5 5256

Next episode seems like Laala and Dorothy and Aroma doing funny things but knowing PriPara I’m not getting my hopes up.


 prad5 official fanbook dream 2 cover

They showed the cover of the book I mentioned previous post, and you can see the 3rd girl silhouettes that was in the OP. The one with pink hair and glasses. I wonder how her personality will be like. Not that it’ll matter in the end as she’ll become boring 20 eps after her introduction at most.

Source Episode 44 of PriPara ekonte/storyboard was done by Pretty Rhythm director. He was also the episode director with Imanaka Nana, a young animator according to him. Never heard of him; Though it’s not like I know animators or stuff like that. Anyway he said that as the ossan he taught him stuff, and he haven’t done that since he worked on Kekkaishi in 2006, or something like that.

prad5 faruru tshirt

12th July 2015 there’s an IRL event for PriPara/Laala one year anniversary. They’re selling stuff. There’s even a Faruru tshirt too so when she comes back, she’ll probably stay for good and not just a few episodes. Even if she gets boring like all the others.

prad5 watanabe yui mikan cosplay

There was a PriPara live concert event some days ago where Watanabe Yui/Mikan and Makino Yui/Aroma were cosplayed as their chars.  This was tweeted by Watanabe Yui; Too lazy to find Aroma pics though it’s probably there too

prad5 sophie leona cosplaying each other poster newtype july 2015

From Newtype magazine July 2015.

prad5 mireille non sophie laala poster animage august 2015

From Animage August 2015. There’s probably a scan on image aggregating sites.

prad5 aroma bday cg director

Forgot if I already posted this or not. CG director tweeted it for Aroma bday.

prad5 dvd vol9 covers faruru laala mom gloria prad5 vol 10 dvd cover akaii meganee untransformed iroha

They actually put Akaii Meganee and Iroha on dvd 10 cover.

PP11_jk_EYBA10039_sale 1_olprad5 vol 11 dvd cover akaii meganii

Cosmo and Akaii Meganii will be on vol 11

Someone on twitter made a mini PriPara gashapon
EDIT: The person bought it at a supermarket. Didn’t see the answer tweets at first.

prad5 tower record pripara even stole the no pretty rhythm no life slogan

Tfw PriPara even stole the “no Pretty Rhythm, no life” Tower Record  slogan now.

prad5 51 storyboard pic prad5 52 storyboard pic

Storyboard covers. They should have made Green Wind originate from Africa. If they made it in a really funny way I wouldn’t even have called it racist too. Even if they didn’t change “Ethnic” to “Natural”, thus implying everyone in africa is an “ethnic” indigenous uncivilized savage. Actually no, I wouldn’t have forgiven that.

6 thoughts on “PriPara – 52

  1. kiri-yubel

    Is it just me or does Hibiki didn’t seem pleased with Fuwari’s performance? and if the call to Gloria and what seen in the Next-Episode-Preview is as seems, he’s gonna make it worst then the year before. They actually said “it’s like we went back to last year” or some thing like that. Principle Gloria confiscating Pri-tickets again, Pripara shop appear closed… yikes. Is Hibiki gonna turn out like a Mafia boss? is he gonna try and make Fuwari win the whatever-you-call-it tournament by preventing any competition and having her the only contestant, winning by default!? (yeah, crazy conspiracy theory is crazy. not gonna happen.)
    But I am curious and wish this episode was subbed, I want to know what Hibiki thinks and what he said to Gloria that made her revert back to her Hate-Pripara state.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Hibiki liked Fuwari’s performance, I think he just wants her to improve even more. Your theory is pretty interesting, the way he said she should use another song and Making Drama next time gave me Jin manipulating Hiro vibes, but I don’t think they’ll make him this evil or even a villain at all, so I didn’t bring it up. But you’re right about the preview saying PriPara is prohibited again, and Hibiki is the only one with the authority to do that, so I dunno.

      I’m not sure what Hibiki’s thinking. I really like him but objectively speaking he haven’t done anything since his introduction. They also wrote the episodes so that whenever he meets Fuwari, they’re always alone together, so he doesn’t interact with Laala and co.

      For now it seems they’re going for a story with Hibiki putting too much expectations on Fuwari for his prince x princess thing, then Fuwari will get kidnapped by a masked butler goat, and Hibiki will realize the most important thing is Fuwari herself, not his imaginary perfect princess ideal. He’ll defeat the goat with a PriPara live and a Making Drama where he rides a bike in a tornado of roses, in space. But then it’ll turn out Fuwari was Lambdadelta all along and faked her kidnapping and it was all just as her keikaku to troll everyone.

  2. Joanne

    when i saw the pics of the ed, i was literally like: Pripara. Get out of the kids world before you ruin their childhoods. Go to adulthood and just make everything more ecchi you bunch of hentai producers.

  3. Mo

    To be honest this was better than dear my future because that was the worst season pf pretty rhythm. I mean it tried to be funny but just ended up being annoying. Pri Para is unfunny but not to that extent


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