PriPara – 53

prad5 5303 prad5 5304

It’s been forever since they showed Non and how she treats Laala how she deserves to be treated for stealing little girl’s dreams and bullying Faruru to death.

prad5 5301 akaii meganee prad5 5302

There’s a law saying PriPara is banned

prad5 5305prad5 5306 prad5 5307 prad5 5308

Dorothy is actually pretty fun they should focus more on her.

prad5 5309 bishonen suddenly

Suddenly super cool bishounens

prad5 5310 prad5 5311

That’s Eiko.
They could make her use her kunoichi skills more often too.

prad5 5312 prad5 5313

Haha pinching someone else instead of yourself sasuga Dorothy.

prad5 5314 prad5 5315

Come to think of it isn’t it actually a PriPara birthday party for Laala so everyone hid.

prad5 5316 prad5 5317 prad5 5318

It was pretty funny how they both imitated Leona. It wouldn’t have been as funny if Leona and everyone wasn’t always spouting their catchphrases too. They used the repetitiveness to their advantage.

prad5 5319

Yeah I was right.

prad5 5320prad5 5321prad5 5322prad5 5323

Nao and Kyupikon and Eiko and Rabu and Sadako and Chanko and Gloria

prad5 5324 prad5 5325

Hahaha Leona actually told Dorothy but she didn’t listen and was reading manga. So there’s times when she doesn’t even listen to Leona.

prad5 5326 prad5 5327

Side characters are brought back every xx eps, but don’t actually do anything, then fade back in oblivion. At least they did the effort of calling the seiyuus since almost all the characters said a line.

prad5 5328 prad5 5329

I wish they would have told Laala that she’s actually not the main character anymore, and then have Shion  get on stage and say she’ll replace her.

prad5 5330 prad5 5331

Akaii Meganee says she congratulates Laala as a representative of all the PriPara staff though she doesn’t have anything to offer her in particular. Does this mean this one particular Akaii Meganee they showed is the boss Akaii Meganee?

prad5 5332prad5 5333

prad5 5334 prad5 5335prad5 5336

That was nice.

prad5 5337prad5 5338 prad5 5339prad5 5340 prad5 5341 prad5 5342

Was just a little funny.

prad5 5344 prad5 5345

Nao sounded different, but it may just be that I actually don’t even remember her voice seeing how rarely she appears.

prad5 5346 prad5 5348 prad5 5350

Wow they censored Nanami’s Kyupikon. Is this the start of the scandal known as the Kyupikon gate.

prad5 5351prad5 5352 prad5 5353 prad5 5355

They have new glowstick dresses. They still change each 13 episodes or so. I don’t even care anymore though since they don’t have any actual significance plot/ranking/anything wise and they’re mostly all ugly. I refuse to believe Cosmo actually design them.

prad5 5354

Yay Cosmo.

prad5 5356 prad5 5357

prad5 5358

Non praising Fuwari and asking Laala to get her a sign instead of saying stuff to Laala. I wonder if we’ll actually see Non achieving her dream of overthrowing Laala as the main character one day.

prad5 5359prad5 5360

Reminds me of that one episode of Cat’s Eye at Paris that makes you think that Seine is right near l’arc de triomphe. Also forgot to take a pic and too lazy to reopen the episode and do it now, but Faruru disguised the robot into herself. Kinda scary.
She says she’ll visit since she’s in summer vacation. Hopefully it doesn’t mean she’ll leave again in september.

prad5 5361

I swear I heard AIRA AIRA at first instead of RAIBU RAIBU.

prad5 5362prad5 5363 prad5 5364prad5 5365 prad5 5366 prad5 5367

Mireille’s pose would get censored in France cuz they’d say it looks similar to a nazi salute.

prad5 5370prad5 5371 prad5 5372 prad5 5373

As expected Hibiki didn’t show up during the party and only sent a letter again. That way they don’t have to think about how he could act towards Laala and co.

prad5 5374prad5 5375 prad5 5376prad5 5377 prad5 5378prad5 5379

See? I knew it. This is the true form of PriPara. They make you think something fun gonna happen, but turned out this scene was just Aroma watching Green Wind at the very end of the episode.

prad5 5380prad5 5381prad5 5382

At least her smug face is funny. Her face is really funny overall which is why I took so many pics. I also smiled at “Warupuriparagis night”.

The first 7 minutes were actually good and funny for once, but then when the party started, it become the usual okay mediocre. The Kyupikon censor made me laugh, but because I imagined how Nanami’s fans reacted to it instead of the show itself.


There’s pics of the Laala/PriPara one year anniversary event on the official twitter. There was Itou Kanae dressed as Akaii Meganee.

prad5 ciao magazine june 2015 costume design contest

They started yet another costume design contest in Ciao magazine.

prad5 aroma mikan eating ramen prad5 nendoroid laala with a broom


1 thought on “PriPara – 53

  1. Joanne

    Pripara did a great job in the new glowstick dresses. SO NEW and… COOL… and… SHUT UP ITS LAME AS HELL


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