PriPara – 54

prad5 5438

That Umiko programmer woman that gets introduced in vol2 of New Game! is pretty boring. I’m not a fan of weapons maniacs. Though I do like manga like Sabagebu, it’s more like there’s a good way to portray them and a bad way to portray them. Umiko feels like the kind of Japanese people who’re oblivious to the world outside their islands and thus get attracted to dangerous things because they want thrill in their lives. Plus she’s one of these elitist FPS players. Plus the author made her brown just cuz she’s from Okinawa. Plus I can’t comprehend how she can be Okinawain and still like the american army. It doesn’t make sense. Everything about her background is bad.

Anyway, compared to the rest of the manga which is really funny, it just feels weird to see such a boring character. There’s other cliched characters as well but there wasn’t one as much as her so far.

prad5 5401

They said before that Making Drama reflect your own emotions blablabla, but they didn’t explicitly say that someone can’t make one for you iirc, so I guess it’s not a retcon.

prad5 5402prad5 5403 prad5 5404prad5 5405

They talk about Fuwari like she’s a pokémon

prad5 5406 prad5 5407 prad5 5408 prad5 5409

prad5 5410

Rabicchi of truth

prad5 5411 prad5 5412prad5 5413 prad5 5414

That’s from Rainbow Live’s Prism Stone shop. Also Shion mastered the art of FREEDOM.

prad5 5415 prad5 5416 prad5 5417 prad5 5418


prad5 5419prad5 5420 prad5 5421 prad5 5422

Mikan isn’t scared because she’s thinking of how tasty the Parantulla is

prad5 5423 prad5 5424 prad5 5425 prad5 5426 prad5 5427 prad5 5428 prad5 5429 prad5 5430

Would have made more sense for Fuwari or Salami Smile to do the live but PriPara doesn’t follow common sense. They just made them do the live since they haven’t for a few eps. And why is Aroma the one to have got a new idea for a Making Drama anyway.

prad5 5431 prad5 5432

The dress itself is nice but the colors and stuff on it is urgh. The shoes too, the design is nice but the color are weird.

prad5 5433 prad5 5434

Well at least they did bother making a new making drama, even though it’s lacking in funny ridiculous extravagance as always.

It was pretty disappointing episode. It was like that episode with Sophie and Cosmo’s dad. Somehow they manage to write situations that could lead to tons of fun, but they don’t exploit them and only do ultra boring or predictable things.
Even the references to Pretty Rhythm were lazy as most of it was things they already used before in Rainbow Live like all the symphonia pictures and the Sonata statue. I did smile at Kazuki’s FREEDOM sword but I’d rather see actual jokes.

Just like episode 44, Pretty Rhythm director and Imanaka Nana were the episode directors and did the storyboard. Before the episode aired he tweeted we’d see nostalgic things in the museum.


Crunchy posted about the next new character, Kiki Ajimi. I’ll nickname her balloon.

Remember how the new s2 characters’ family name each have a color in them? Their first name have a pattern as well based on senses. Ajimi being super obvious made me realize it. I should have thought it about from the start too, since the s1 characters have a pattern in both their first and family names. (doremifasola for the first names and cardinal directions for the family names. )

Mikan is sight
Aroma is scent
Hibiki is hear
Fuwari is touch
and Ajimi is taste. Also Ajimi’s family name has yellow in it.

There’s 5 senses I think? So I guess this means there won’t be any more new characters. Or maybe there will be one more new character who will be able to burn her cosmo. Anyway this is PriPara we’re talking about, so all this never had and won’t have any actual big significance in the show. They only thing they did in s2 is each character wearing the color in their family name.

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