ReLIFE survey

relife surveyFor a few weeks now, there’s a link to a survey at the end of ReLIFE chapters on Comico. I randomly took it, and saw that there’s some actually interesting questions, so I translated it. And also because I just wanted to translate something to practice, and I like ReLIFE. You can skip questions where you need to write in Japanese.

Q1: Compared to other mangas, how much do you like ReLIFE?

I like it the most
It’s in my top 5
I like it normally
I don’t particularly like it
I don’t like it much

Q2: When do you usually read the latest chapter?

Immediately after release (from Friday at 23:00 to Saturday at 05:00)
The day it’s released (Saturday 05:00 to 24:00)
I read it every week but not at a particular time
Every now and then I read multiple chapters and catch up
I haven’t read up to the latest chapter yet

Q3 Please tell us your gender


Q4 Please tell us your age

Q5 Please tell us your occupation

Grade schooler
Middle schooler
High schooler
University/college/graduate student
Vocational school student
Public servant
Part timer
Self employed
Something else

Q6 Did you ever feel like having your own ReLIFE?

I don’t know
(can you repeat the question? I think Malcolm in the middle is one of those american TV shows in the boundary between when american tv shows used to be good and when they started to be complete crap)

Q7 Did you sympathize with Kaizaki Arata when seeing his situation before starting his ReLIFE?

I understand his feelings very well
Somehow I can relate to him
I don’t really relate to him
I don’t relate to him at all
I don’t understand his feelings at all

Q8 Which part of ReLIFE do you like the most?

Comedy scenes (things that made you laugh)
Youth romance scenes (when everyone looks happy together)
Serious scenes (lessons and advice that you found helpful)
The contrast of serious and funny scenes
Something else
(I typed (in Japanese): “Ryo and Arata’s relationship. I mean it in a normal way, I’m not a fujoshi. Like, it’s nice how they help each other, solve each other’s emotional problems.”)

Q9 Please write about a scene or line of dialogue that left an impression on you.

I wrote: “chapter 16, when Arata tells Amatsu sensei that she’s doing her best with her work as a teacher even though she’s so young. Amatsu sensei is my favorite female character. It’d be nice if she ended with Arata.”

Q10 Using this list, please do a top 5 of your favorite characters


Q11 Write why you choose number 1 and 2

Q12 Please choose two characters from this list to form the pair you like the most.For example Kaizaki and Yoake’s combination.


Q13 Did you ever buy any ReLIFE related merchandise? (you can choose multiple answers)

The comic
Stamps on LINE
Strap keyholders
Something else
I haven’t bought anything

Q14 Did you know ReLIFE has an anime adaptation planned


Q15 Are you looking forward to the anime

I’m very interested about it
I’m so-so interested in it
I’m not really interested in it
I’m not interested at all

Q16 What kind of ReLIFE’s anime related goods would you like

             I want to buy it-I want it if it’s free-I don’t really want it-I don’t need it
Anime DVD
Animation sheets
Drama CD

(It seems there’s no question 17)

Q18: do you have any suggestions or requests for the anime?

I wrote: “Please focus on the story and characters, don’t mind it too much if the animation is bad. It would be nice if it’s at least 2 cours.”

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