Pretty Rhythm only doujinshi event planned for the 5th of March 2016

prad doujinshi event 5th march 2015 irua

It’s called プリズムショーの世界へようこそ!/ Prism Show no sekai e youkoso / Welcome to the world of Prism Shows! They even did a twitter account for the event and a website.

It’s organized by some person called Inoji and his friends like Irua etc. Irua also drew the advertisement poster above.

It’s different from the Prism Jump doujinshi events I sometimes mention in my news posts because those are part of a larger thing called Puniket. This time it’s a Pretty Rhythm only event. (Speaking of Prism Jump events, the latest one was the 21st of September 2015, 5 days ago.)

I like Irua because I saw them grow, going from being a noob who only saw Rainbow Live when it aired, to watching the others seasons and understanding how awesome Pretty Rhythm is. I also like how Irua because they started drawing lotsof Pretty Rhythm stuff after watching it, while they used to be one of those artist who only draw Touhou stuff all their life. Pretty Rhythm is good enough to make one of these Touhou diehard fans stop.

It’s similar to how I kinda care about Prizmmy even though I don’t care about their songs. Because they’re kids I saw grow with the real life segments at the end of episodes. (Well they’re still kids though. They’re like 14 now.)

I feel like the guys organizing this like Pretty Rhythm way too much for their own good. What if no one attends and the event is a flop. They’re also excluding PriPara, which could get them guaranteed attendance seeing how popular it is. I’m genuinely scared for them. I hope at least enough people and circles attend so they get back the fee they payed to rent the space. Though I don’t know anything about doujin events and such and never attended one, so I don’t know how expensive it is to rent something. I guess this is also why they announced the event so early. March is in 6 months. Time flies though.

I think they chose March because March will probably be around when the Rainbow Live Blurays will be announced, so it should make people remember about Pretty Rhythm and advertise the event as well. And there’s another Prism Jump Puniket event on March.

There will probably be reprints of older Irua and others’ doujins along with new ones, so if you’re interested and planning to go to Japan around those times you should definitely go.

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