Aroma and Mikan’s funeral – 55-67

prad5 6708 shion mireille

Mikan and Aroma got shot dead by Israeli police while on their way to Prism Stone in East Jeruparaem. GreenWind got shot as well when her arc ended, which is why she never appears anymore either.

It’s always funny how some medias take the side of Israel and talk about the recent spike in stabbing like if Palestinians are the aggressors. Or how they never say Israel police “killed” a Palestinian man after he attacked/stabbed someone,who didn’t die, and just say they “neutralized” him.

Not even taking into account their occupation of Palestine, and it makes me sick saying this, there’s ton of evil things Israel leaders does. Like how they always treated Ethiopians Jews like trash and sterilize their women. Or that time when they attacked a USA military ship for fun.

Israel makes me so salty I wouldn’t lick notNagisa’s salty eyebrows.

I believe in the end that “Don’t Worry, everything is gonna Happy <3” about Palestine and the world in general  so it’s why I’m not sad/mad and can still watch children cartoons.

PriPara finally got it’s act together after 55+ eps. Most of these episodes were really good. It’s the first time two or more episodes in a row were actually funny.

I was planning to catch up since September, but I also have internet problems since September so it considerably slowed me down.

Enjoy 5000 words of badly written episodic blogging.

Episode 55

prad5 55 01

Sekai wa atashi no tame ni aru made me think of Lina’s Shouri wa atashi no tame ni aru

prad5 55 03prad5 55 02 prad5 55 05 prad3 adult clones prad5 55 04 prad3 adults clones

Clones of Wakana Bell’s parents and Hijiri& Juné and Jin.

prad5 55 011

Okay clothes

prad5 55 07prad5 55 06 prad5 55 09 prad5 55 010

Really good fun episode. Fun games scene was fun. GreenWind slowly getting brainwashed into a tyrant then realizing it’s wrong was nice. I feel bad for enjoying things that developed from Aroma’s death.

Episode 56

prad5 5601prad5 5602 prad5 5603prad5 5604 prad5 5605prad5 5607

I think they’re designs for a future Jem and the Holograms remake.

prad5 5606

More mascot abuse please

prad5 5608 prad5 5609

American bullies trying to kidnap a poor girl.  Sasuga America. I can’t wait for someone at Command Center who ordered this attack to be like “I played too much MGS and I thought MSF was Militaires Sans Frontières”

prad5 5610

What am I doing here
These girls are so weak
Hurting themselves after running a bit
I go up and down Everest every day to fetch water
I wish I was home lifting goats

prad5 5611 prad5 5612

I like how Shion with GreenWind are the only one not scared.

prad5 5613 prad5 5614

Suddenly boulders of death

prad5 5617prad5 5618

Was a super funny episode. Too bad Celebrity 4 will never be heard of again like after getting party wiped in a RPG. The Prism Act was fun too. It’s the first time they used that many backgrounds at once too. After 55+ episodes they finally stopped being lazy. They actually rang the Charm Bell too. However their  wish got denied cuz they didn’t all ring together at the same time or something, not sure I got it right. Basically they can’t  solve that plot yet so they got denied.

prad5 5619 prad5 5620

Episode 57

prad5 5701 prad5 5702

After God knows how many episodes since his introduction they finally made Hibiki actually meet the other characters.

prad5 5703

The goats aren’t Japanese, they shouldn’t know the ONEGAISHIMASU way of the Japanese.

prad5 5704

Sasuga Shion noticing that Hibiki is evaluating her. Why is Shion so awesome

prad5 5707prad5 5708 prad5 5709 prad5 5710

Suddenly ghosts.

prad5 5711prad5 5712 prad5 5714 prad5 5715

It’s like I’m watching Ikki stealing the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.

prad5 5716 prad5 5717

Burst out laughing when girls in the audience started freaking out because Meganii pointed out Kaitou Genius is a man, with Leona looking around really worried.
Man this sucks though, I didn’t know PriPara world was full of yuri fanatics who get ultra insecure as soon as a guy appears. Also this may hint at that Hibiki is actually a girl, which sucks since they already did that twist with Leona.

prad5 5718prad5 5719

Suddenly fujoshis are there as well, pairing Meganii and Kaitou Genius. That was fun.

prad5 5720

Mikan: “(Why are you even stealing tickets!!) You can’t eat tickets!!”
Mikan only had like 2 lines in 3 eps but at least they were fun lines.

prad5 5723prad5 5724 prad5 5725 prad5 5726

Akaii Meganii is nowhere near as cool at Atobe or Jun but he’s starting to climb up.

prad5 5727 prad5 5728

Meganii: “We need to find his objective and how a guy managed to get into PriPara”

Sigh I guess this confirms Hibiki is a girl then. This really sucks. It’s like how every SAO game’s plot is “lol that girl is actually an AI”. It’s like if they can’t write anything else. How disappointing. Also I’m pretty sure that Akaii Meganii and Akaii Meganee know that Leona is a guy. If men aren’t supposed to be in PriPara,why are they letting him then? That’s because they only decided on that rule now and never explicitly so before. But eh, logic doesn’t apply in PriPara so whatever.

prad5 5729prad5 5730 prad5 5731

Hiding his base of operations right in front of Prism Stone is pretty intelligent of Hibiki. He’s actually a good villain.

Episode 58

prad5 5801

Unicorn is actually a legendary mascot that other mascots respect and that’s why he randomly turned into a unicorn which is his true form.

I guess it’s nice they actually explained it, even if it’s 20 episodes too late.

prad5 5803

Faruru is such a whore. She went abroad for a few weeks and came back with a hundred out of marriage kids. In times like these I almost wish I was a waifufag and knew others so I could make fun of them.
And wow wow wow actual plot in PriPara. Mini Farurus are just like Faruru, born from hopes and dreams of girls around the world. Didn’t think they’d actually give a explanation. If I want to nitpick, I could point out it’s weird that the phenomenon always gives birth to a girl similar looking to Faruru though.

prad5 5804


prad5 5805 prad5 5806

I’m surprised Kyupikon is surprised. She should just be Kyupikon whatever the situation. Also I just noticed now but Kyupikon got a slightly american accent sometimes when she Kyupikons.

prad5 5809 prad5 5808

Eyecatch. I missed those pokémon grass fields that serve as Faruru’s eyebrows.

prad5 5810

Burst out laughing seeing this suddenly there’s evil one typical plot.

prad5 5811 prad5 5812

Ah yes born from idols with bad feelings blablabla. I see. Unicorn is kinda stupid for putting in the ticket anyway seeing how different it looked but eh logic.

prad5 5813

I don’t like idols either but that’s no reason to be so mean. zzz plot with her missing at the end. Next episode will be boring forced drama

Episode 59

prad5 5901

Ghosts again

prad5 5902

Wow Sophie you can understand her?

Laala reminding the kids what they already said the previous episode. I wish she reminded us how many episodes it has been since Sophie ever did anything instead.

prad5 5903 prad5 5904

Implying Akaii Meganee wouldn’t notice someone spying on her or rewrite reality to make a door open.

prad5 5905prad5 5907 prad5 5911prad5 5912 prad5 5913 prad5 5914

It was typical boring forced drama episode. That one time with the trilegged race was the only time so far the show managed to do an emotional scene right. Only nice thing was Akaii Meganee.

prad5 5915

Would have been better if they showed Shion fight the monster and SEIBAI it

Episode 60

prad5 6002 prad5 6001

Wow Dorothy finally gets her own Making Drama after 60 episodes? Does this means there’s still hope for a Shion Making Drama IN SPAAACE where she plays Go using planets as stones?

prad5 6003 prad5 6004

Dengeki Playstation 500, questions to Falcom president:

Q: I’d like to see the completion of the Trails series in my lifetime, but I’m not too certain I will. About how many more years until it’s complete?

A: I can’t say as far as how many years go, but after Sen no Kiseki 2, I believe we’re at about 60 percent of the whole thing.

There’s like 7 games and they’re only at 60%. Might as well play other games for now and wait after you die and play them if you go to paradise. At least you’ll be sure the series will be over by then, and you’ll be able to play the inevitable enhanced remakes on Playstation 35.

prad5 6005

Best butler.

prad5 6006prad5 6007

Ooooh suddenly things are much more interesting.

prad5 6008 prad5 6009

Hahahahaa this is so funny. I need a webm of this.

prad5 6010prad5 6011 prad5 6012prad5 6013prad5 6016prad5 6017

Love chan is funny, has a romantic plot, and is cute. I wish she was the main character.

prad5 6014 prad5 6015

Koi=love/carp is probably the most common kanji joke in anime. At least the one you learn the earliest when watching anime.

prad5 6019prad5 6020 prad5 6021prad5 6022 prad5 6023 prad5 6024

Dorothy’s making drama is nothing impressive except Shion sitting like a samurai, but at least they finally made her one.

prad5 6025 prad5 6026

“Sekai wo neraé They actually said a Ace wo nerae reference nice.

prad5 6027

Was a okay ep. Was pretty boring until the tennis match.

Episode 61

utawarerumono 2 ad let's take back games from smart phones

There were some really funny ads for Utawarerumono 2 promotion. This one says “let’s take back games from smartphones”, and there was another saying “this game won’t make you waste your allowance”.

prad5 6101prad5 6102 prad5 6103 prad5 6104


Hibiki: “This is the super red flash your father was looking for.”
Wow they remember that too? It’s really like they finally started writing the different plot points in a book, and wrote an actual scenario with it.

prad5 6105 prad5 6106

Suddenly raep.

prad5 6107 prad5 6108

LOLOLOL WHATTHE HELL. Hibiki is such a good villain.

prad5 6110prad5 6114 prad5 6116

Little birds, today we’re flying all the way to the sun.

They actually used to do this in Pretty Rhythm you know.
Saying this will make newcomers reading think I dont’ like PriPara because it’s different from Pretty Rhythm but whatever.

prad5 6117

Wow they didn’t even last 5 lives what a bunch of weaklings.

prad5 6118prad5 6119 prad5 6120prad5 6121 prad5 6122 prad5 6123

I think I would have actually laughed to all this if it happened 30 episodes ago or something. I’m so sick of the catchphrases and personalities right now, the switching doesn’t feel funny at all.

prad5 6125prad5 6126 prad5 6127 prad5 6128

Implying Shion would get tired.
Cosmo is a slider so she’s ok. Mikan is a monster so she’s ok too.

prad5 6129

This is probably a painting again but too lazy to check. Plus it’s been weeks since the episode aired so I won’t find it immediately.

prad5 6130

I have to admit I’m a bit hyped for next episode. It’s PriPara so I’m not getting my hopes up though.

Episode 62

prad5 6201 prad5 6202

Shion is the best

prad5 6203

There’s a Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live reference in the text during the sponsors screen. (At least I want to think it is)The one on the left says “This is like a duel!” mirroring Hijiri’s line during Juné Vs Rinne.

prad5 6204 prad5 6205

PriPara laziness at it’s finest, they didn’t even bother actually writing words on the letter. Just doodles. I’m genuinely impressed.

prad5 6206

Mireille actually showing that she’s supposed to be intelligent and realizing Hibiki was the one behind Full Charged Sophie.

prad5 6207 prad5 6208

Shion is the best

prad5 6209

Shion is the best and random bishonen with Hibiki’s hairstyle during DMF. Come to think of it I wonder if there’s fanarts of Hibiki(Pretty Rhythm) and Hibiki(PriPara) together as a joke.

prad5 6210

Hibiki: “We need to find a place when we can do it without being bothered.”
Shion: “Then let’s just go to my house”
Hibiki: “You’re pretty bold”

prad5 6211

Funny faces

prad5 6212

Shion: Okay let’s begin
Hibiki: We’re doing it here?

prad5 6213

Shion: STRIP! NOW!

prad5 6214

The book is a literature book written only using difficult Kanji, so even a normal adult wouldn’t be able to read it all.

prad5 6215

Mireille is saying that Andou(Best Butler) is good/uma which can also mean uma馬 horse.
I’m reading Ja Ja Uma Grooming Up these days, a manga by Patlabor’s author, about horse racing and a love story/romance. It’s really incredible, oen the best manga I read. I’m currently at volume 19 out of 26.

prad5 6216prad5 6217

It’s like I’m watching Ranma

prad5 6218prad5 6219 prad5 6220prad5 6221

Then Captain Tsubasa. The Go match ended in a draw. Would have been mad if Shion lost.

prad5 6222

This first half was so hilarious I totally forgot they said there would be a festival.

prad5 6223

Bearchi Rabbitchi Nekocchi and the chinese bootleg of Magical Mion at top right.

prad5 6224 prad5 6225

Ghosts eating choco banana

prad5 6226 prad5 6227


prad5 6228prad5 6229 prad5 6230prad5 6231 prad5 6232prad5 6233 prad5 6234 prad5 6235

Hibiki told Shion to return to her roots, and he’s surprised she’s still this low rank while she could conquer everything. She first joined PriPara to beat Salami Smile, but now they’re her friends. However, the reason she wanted to beat them in the first place was to become the best in that domain, now that she was the best in Go. She wanted to become Kami Aidoru. While Hibiki is only telling her all this for his own gain, he is actually giving her good advice relevant to her, which is why she actually followed it and did a live alone, and didn’t refuse him like Fuwari did for example.
Hibiki’s speech was surprisingly well written. He also didn’t tell her the thing most evil anime characters would say in this situation: “you became weak because of your friends”, something that Iroha already told Shion once too, so nice thing they didn’t just recycle that again.

prad5 6236prad5 6237

Shion is the best.

prad5 6238prad5 6239 prad5 6240prad5 6241

Really nice CG and dancing as always. And that’s the only thing I can comment on as always as I don’t actually listen to the songs.

prad5 6242 prad5 6243

Wowow she actually drew a sword.

prad5 6244

Her Making Drama was fun. Not super over the top but enough over the top FLYING A PLANE to be fun. Too bad no playing Go with planets though.

prad5 6245 prad5 6246

That was the best episode since the show started by far.

Episode 63

prad5 6302prad5 6303prad5 6304

Shion just threw her shoe and Laala is holding it, but then next frame she’s wearing both again. There’s more fun than boring episodes now so starting now I can overlook blatant animation errors like that.
Dorothy: “Shion your feet is pretty big, wearing 24.5 shoes.”
According to this site, 24.5 Japanese shoe size is 39 in europe shoe size. I’m a black adult man, and I wear 46 size shoes. So I guess 39 is pretty big for a still growing middle school girl. Shion has pretty big feet for a Japanese girl her age.

prad5 6306

373 km because 3=mi 7=na 3=mi aka Minami Mireille

prad5 6307

I guess my brothers in Senegal don’t like ticket sharing.

prad5 6308

Hibiki hates gobi/speech habits like Transformed Mireille’s puri and I agree.

prad5 6309

Tension Hi Socks made me smile

prad5 6310

“Gobi is bad for your health. Especially Mireille’s puri which is a deadly poison” I agree so much.

prad5 6313 prad5 6314

Hahahaha lol Hibiki told his men to troll the show to hell

prad5 6312


prad5 6315prad5 6317 prad5 6318 prad5 6319

Kaijin Kuragera

prad5 6320 prad5 6321

What the hell was that. Some evil mix between Hokuto no Ken mooks(they don’t have mohawks and motocycles but it’s the way they just slide in the screen, also weird acute battle cry) and jellyfish and Akaii Meganee

prad5 6322 prad5 6323


prad5 6324prad5 6325 prad5 6326 prad5 6327

Curry Udon made her think of a Yojijukugo  so she picked that as well

prad5 6328prad5 6329 prad5 6330 prad5 6331

Hahahah in one episode Hibiki elimiated almost everyone.

prad5 6332 prad5 6333

They need to be good kids and go to sleep so Kuma and Usagi will keep the live going for nighttime

prad5 6336 prad5 6337

Laala is actually cuter like that. I think it’s the first time they showed her transformed form with hair down.

prad5 6335

Only 10 people are watching PriPara

Most episodes in Season1 deserved that kind of ratings.

prad5 6340

Pegasus Ryusei Ken

prad5 6341

>Only 1 people left watching, and if it gets to 0 the program will get cancelled.
Oh I get it! So this episode is a metaphor about how the show’s ratings are probably getting lower, which is why they’re changing  timeslots.

prad5 6343

DOROTHY DOING THE OBARI POSE with City Hunter’s Kaori’s hammer.

prad5 6344

Oh the only person still watching is Hibiki.

prad5 6345 prad5 6346

I like how they swiftly evicted Aroma, Mikan and GreenWind from the live. Can’t have the living dead get on stage. It’s like if I never stopped watching Aikatsu after s1 and got to see Shion never ever doing Powapowapururin lives and being dead forever ever.

prad5 6348prad5 6349 prad5 6350

At least they got to get on the boat. The boat of the living dead where even dead characters can get on.

prad5 6351

The miracle of 1 million purichike is Akaii Meganii.

prad5 6352

Hibiki is boss. I’ll miss him when he stops being villain or if they reveal he’s a girl and stop making him act high and mighty.

prad5 6355 prad5 6356

Was about to skip ED like always but then they kept showing Amamiya kun running.

Episode 64

prad5 6401 prad5 6402

Good kids shouldn’t doodle on the street. Doodling is worse than climbing up roofs as there’s no warnings whenever Aroma does. Yellow Taste is kind of annoying.

prad5 6404prad5 6403

“She’s using so much gobi/catchphrases you can’t understand what she’s saying. It’s even worse than Mireille’s puri.” At least they’re honest.

prad5 6405

Staff1: Quick, we need to think up what kind of personality YellowTaste will have and what catchphrase she will use.
Staff2: I guess some artist’s name everyone knows like da vinci. But all the characters already say their catchphrases all the time, how can we make her stand out?
Staff3: I know, let’s make her GO FULL RETARD CATCHPHRASES!! She’ll say so much catchphrases, the other characters won’t even understand her so we don’t need to actually write how they interact.
Boss Staff: Brilliant! here’s your promotion.

Too bad I already like the nickname YellowTaste, or I’ll start calling her CATCHPHRASES YELLOW, or Autistic Da Vinci.

prad5 6406 prad5 6407

Hahaha Mikan would sell out Aroma for 3 pizza manjus.

prad5 6408prad5 6409 prad5 6410prad5 6411 prad5 6412 prad5 6413


prad5 6414

At least shes not repeating some French artist name, I think it would have made me pretty mad hearing random French all the time. I pity Italians watching PriPara.

prad5 6415

So Dedenne clone is a guard Meganii called to help them catch Hibiki/Kaitou Genius, and Yellow Taste managed to solve his mystery so she’ll become a PriPara Sukeban Deka.

prad5 6416

Eeeeh so he undresses whenever he sends out new songs. Kind of lewd.

prad5 6417

I was thinking that they’re going to do a joke saying she’s so crazy she doesn’t know how to scan purichike, but turns out it’s just that the CG team didn’t do her transformation sequence yet.

prad5 6418

I find her dancing too weird to be funny. And there’s no “so weird/ridiculous it’s fun” factor. It’s just plain weird. Crab steps made me think of Naru though.

prad5 6419

Looney Tunes reference.

prad5 6420prad5 6421

Her Making Drama is bland too.

prad5 6422

Really surpassed themselves with this. A new type of ugly.

prad5 6423

The only thing kind of amusing was how she fell at the end.

prad5 6424

Hahahahaha my sides Hibiki sending YellowTaste straight to the trash

prad5 6425

Man I wish Hibiki would stay villain forever and keep sending gobi idols to the trash. If Yellow Taste actually catches Hibiki and if they do it right, seeing him rage about being unmasked by a moron would be super hilarious.

prad5 6426

Oh so she’s actually an adult and the new art teacher, and can speak normally. Okay…
I wish they’d do less “This character who you think is X is actually Y!!!” twists when introducing new characters, and would instead think of what to do with the characters in the long run. It’s like they think doing this is enough to make the character last forever development wise. Soon once her arc is over, she’ll get run over by a truck/shot by Israel police/Sent to the abyss like Aroma, Mikan and GreenWind.

Episode 65 (Timeslot change from saturday 10:00 to monday 18:30 was starting this episode)

prad5 6501

Need more Yellow Taste bullying.

New OP, too lazy to check which number it is

prad5 6502

Nice shoes

prad5 6505

It’s nice they finally made a different animation sequence rather than the usual pattern, made of recycled still shots etc. They couldn’t resist putting in Mireille turning Super Saiyan though.

prad5 6503prad op2 pripara op whatever comparison

It’s built in a slightly similar way as AD’s 2nd OP. Which is funny as they only changed OPs  in this season 2 after 26 episodes/two cours, and that’s what AD did as well.

prad5 6506prad5 6507 prad5 6508prad5 6509 prad5 6510 prad5 6511

I guess they’ll do some kind of trio shuffle teams.

prad5 6512 prad5 6513 prad5 6514 prad5 6515prad5 6516

MonParanasse made me smile. That’s pretty clever too as that’s how a Japanese person would actually pronounce Montparnasse.

prad5 6517 prad5 6518

“It’s a draw s’il vous plait!” (Just FYI, sticking “please” here doesn’t make sense.)

prad5 6519 prad5 6520

Oh, Gobi desert, nice pun.

prad5 6521 prad5 6522 prad5 6523 prad5 6524 prad5 6525 prad5 6526

Cosmo knows Dorothy’s weakness is her ego, so she just flattered her to hell. Cosmo pics are the only one I manually bother tagging Cosmo so I can find them again.
Also Dorothy is wearing Rainbow Live’s An’s clothes in that scene.

prad5 6527 cosmo prad5 6528 cosmo prad5 6529 prad5 6530

Oh they used to live together when they were studying in PuriParis.
Was a extremely boring episode even though Cosmo was there. I know it was to show it brings back their memories, but the whole Cosmo and Yellow Taste both like eggs and omurice came out of nowhere too.

prad5 6531 prad5 6532

It’s irritating how they try to force drama again because they made a Laala Dorothy Aroma Cosmo Yellow Taste team.

prad5 6536 prad5 6537

“Cosmic annoying girl goes there too”
Wowowowowowow Hibiki this is not okay how dare you put Cosmo in the trash I will hunt you

New ED too lazy to check which number

prad5 6534 prad5 6535

Boring animation sequence with stills like always. They even recycled poses from the previous one.

prad5 6533

At least there’s this really nice shot of Shion smiling.

Episode 66

prad5 6601prad5 6602 prad5 6603

I’m surprised GreenWind even wears sanitary gear. Surely back in the Alps she used to make livestock deliver their kids on a daily basis, by herself, and used only 100% NATURAL Alps protection against infections.

prad5 6604prad5 6605

Aroma finally pointed out that those teams are just for the Autumn Dream Idol Grand Prix anyway. It’s not like they’ll never to lives together ever again. And Shion Leona Aroma Mireille Sophie could just hang out together for an episode to make the Charms believe that they want to do a team together. But I guess it’ll cost too much Avex money to make a song&CG for them.

prad5 6606 prad5 6607

Oh so they are making a team too. Talked too fast.

prad5 6608 prad5 6609

Remainder for those like me who completely forgot the excuse plot, that they’ll choose the 5 girls who’ll be the dream parade center from the winner teams of each season’s grand prix.

prad5 6610 prad5 6611 prad5 6612 prad5 6613>Cosmo and YellowTaste are old and can’t keep up with the young girls
>Implying Cosmo isn’t the best anyway
>Implying she isn’t just sealing her dimension slider powers using her planet earring

prad5 6614 prad5 6615


prad5 6616 prad5 6617

Aroma putting Transformed Mireille where she belongs. Dead last.

prad5 6618 prad5 6619 prad5 6620 prad5 6622


prad5 6623 prad5 6624

Mfw Akaii Meganee already mastered the art of shapeshifting and probably conquered billions of goat planets in the ragnagoat war. And wow they didn’t let papa goat in, so I guess PriPara really is women only. Even for goats. Goats must have their own share of yuri fanatics insecure whenever males goats appear.

prad5 6625 prad5 6626

I wouldn’t leave them alone with Mikan

prad5 6627prad5 6628 prad5 6629 prad5 6630

As much as I want Hibiki to forever stay the way he is, it’s gonna be so fun when he gets ultra butthurt for being unmasked by “stupid idiots”. I hope he’ll throw a nice SONNA BAKANA as well.

prad5 6631 prad5 6632


prad5 6633 prad5 6634 prad5 6635 prad5 6636 prad5 6637 prad5 6638 prad5 6639 prad5 6640

Hahahaha oh wow so Shion Leona Aroma Mireille Sophie don’t even have CG in the end.

prad5 6641

Lol we’re getting STILLS SHOTS IN CG now.

prad5 6642

Their clothes didn’t change into the autumn dream parade coord so they didn’t get to ring the bell either. Hibiki is surprised a team with Shion and Sophie didn’t win.

prad5 6643 prad5 6644

If no team gets the costume and rings the bell, the whole yearly Dream Parade will be cancelled because no team was chosen in one of the tournaments.

That’s stupid, and is just there for forced drama to make the little girls go eeeeh before the end of the episode where Laala’s team will ring the bell anyway. They could just pick a team anyway even if no one rang the bell. Anyway.

prad5 6645 prad5 6646 prad5 6647 prad5 6648

Cosmos got the best end of transformation pose so far.

prad5 6649 cosmo prad5 6650 prad5 6651 cosmo prad5 6652 cosmo push prad5 6653 prad5 6654 prad5 6655 prad5 6656 cosmo

Prism Acts in CG really are nice.

prad5 6657 cosmo prad5 6658

Cosmo should have been at center instead of YellowTaste.

I wish they’d do more with Kaitou Genius. Make him more Lupin.
Speaking of that I’m pretty mad Persona 5 got delayed. And the third PV was really underwhelming too, they entered typical promotion with it. It’s just all the character’s popular seiyuus saying cool sounding one liners. Maybe it’s because of the delay that I’m seeing what I don’t like about the game now, but I wish they would have tried to give a chance to newcomers or less popular seiyuus.  I wish the rehashing and typecasting of the same seiyuus over and over would stop. Except for Sugita. Sugita is ok. And  I wish I could stop the whole pandering machine and have stories where the boys/girls aren’t specifically made to attract boys/girls customers. Lastly, I want pikachu’s seiyuu to stick to only voicing pikachu. If there’s one typecast voice I’m sick of, it’s her. Mascot characters were a mistake. They’re nothing but trash.

Persona 5 will probably have a Zenigata clone as well. A police detective who chases you and will join you later. They also need a Fujiko clone, as An doesn’t seem like the femme fatale type that sometimes double cross you.

Episode 67

prad5 6701 prad5 6702

COSMIC OMURICE DA VINCI are supposed to do an introduction live but Dorothy doesn’t want to do it because Kaitou Genius will steal the outfits. That’s actually pretty intelligent. Just don’t go out with the cards and keep it at home or something and no one will be able to steal them.

prad5 6703prad5 6705

And also it would just make Leona and co feel bad that they lost. And Mireille Sophie and Aroma haven’t been even once in a winning team. Dorothy is saying really logical things there.

prad5 6704

Hibiki is saying Shion and Sophie lost because TRASH IDOLS like transformed Mireille were dead weights in their team. I like the whole genius vs hard working theme he brings in his talks since it makes it feel like a sports show. If it was a sports show he’d realize that Shion is a genius AND a hard worker though.

prad5 6706 prad5 6707

Yeahyeah don’t deceive the fans blablabla but then you’ll get your outfits stolen.

prad5 6708prad5 6709

Best Mireille and Shion
Shion says that she’ll make Kaitou Genius the rust of her Shinai. It’s from the saying 刀の錆”Katana no sabi” ,you’ll make someone the rust on your Katana, meaning you’ll kill them, because blood will make the Katana rust. Shion adds that shinais can’t rust though as they’re made of wood.

prad5 6710 prad5 6711

Maybe the police pic is referencing something, I don’t know.

prad5 6712

Mireille”Don’t hurt yourself trying to catch him”
Shion”Huh it’s the first time you’ve said something nice to me”

prad5 6713

After the PriPara police there’s the PriPara nurses.

prad5 6714

I don’t get the joke she did.

prad5 6715


prad5 6716

Laala’s dad is still alive

prad5 6717

Oh just as I was complaining Hibiki should be more Lupin, he finally does the disguise trick. Nice.

prad5 6718prad5 6719 prad5 6720 prad5 6721

That’s what you get for making idiot Laala in charge of the tickets.

prad5 6722prad5 6723 prad5 6724 prad5 6725

This triggered me because these 2 girls retarded enough to lean that low on the balcony and get pushed off ,are wearing dresses Aira and Mion wore.

prad5 6726

That whole chasing Kaitou genius sequence was nice. The ep was pretty boring until it happened. YellowTaste switched the tickets with fake ones but then was stupid enough to say it right away in front of everyone so they got stolen.

prad5 6727

QUALITY little girls

prad5 6728prad5 6729 prad5 6730 prad5 6731

When confronting Kaitou Genius/Hibiki, Laala had one of those rare moments  where Akaneya Himika speaks like an adult. Though Hibiki tells her she’ll be too stupid to understand his PriPara revolution.

prad5 6732

Meganii says they won’t cancel the Dream Parade as at worst they can rewrite the system to reprint the stolen tickets.


prad5 6733

RANTAN IS BACK FROM THE DEAAAAAAAAD.  They should make a plot saying that she really is a dead ghost and that’s why she can only appear once a year on Halloween eps. Though I’m exaggerating, as she was on the boat at the end of S1. But then again, that boat fleet revived Faruru and was connecting the dead and the living.

Speaking of which, they’ll probably recycled the Haloween Prism Jump from AD again. Looking forward to what they’ll do with ti this time.


They still haven’t said that Hibiki is actually a girl so I really hope he isn’t. Maybe the revolution he wants to do is to make guys be able to do PriPara. Then they’ll add male characters in the arcade game or something.
Anyway I think villain Hibiki is objectively the best written character so far. Like at the start of s2 with Aroma, you can tell they actually spent time thinking what to do with him, opposed to the others who are catchphrase spouting machines.

YellowTaste leaves me cold. They tried too hard to make her look crazy because she’s an artist, but at the same time it feels like they barely tried. Gonna take a popular example most people reading this blog knows: Otome in Aikatsu is a good example of how to do a slightly crazy genki girl. I liked Otome right away despite her ear destroying acute voice. YellowTaste here is just bland.

55-58 were fun. Then 59 with Garuru was boring forced drama. Then 60-63 were fun. Shion Vs Hibiki/62 is s a masterpiece and the best episode so far. It’s been forever since sexual innuendos actually made me laugh. Audience ratings metaphor/63 was pretty good too. Then 64 was boring because I don’t like YellowTaste. 65/Cosmo Vs YellowTaste was surprisingly boring. But thanks to this now Cosmo is an actual main character now. 66 was fun and 67 as well.

It’s the first time I watch episodes in batches and there’s more funny than boring episodes in the lot.


prad5 cg director sophie bday 30 july 2015prad5 cg director fuwari bday 11 august 2015prad5 cg director cosmo bday 12 september 2015

CG Director posted these for the different character’s birthdays.

prad5 irua cosmo bday 12 september 2015

Irua also drew this.

Check ANN, Crunchyroll etc for news. The 2nd PriPara movie got out saturday 24 October 2015, and they announced a third movie at the same time. It’s an original story and not a slideshow so maybe I’ll watch it.

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